Worse Than 2011?

September 22nd, 2013

“At least when I started 0-3 I had broken down Byron Leftwich for a quarterback.”

Joe vividly remembers the 2011 season, the season that ultimately ended in a gruesome 10-game losing streak, costing Raheem Morris his job.

You know? Roughly a quarter into that season, the Bucs were talking playoffs. This season? It has started 0-3 and counting.

In 2011, the Bucs beat the New Orleans Saints in a close game at home to raise their record to 4-2… and would not win again. The team left for London — to friggin’ London! — to play the Bears and the Bucs lost their spirit, lost the game, and ultimately lost their season and coaching staff.

Right now the Bucs, one could argue, could start this season 0-7. Then what?

Surely, the Bucs will have a new quarterback next year, but here is the thing. If you look at this roster, the Bucs are better than they were in 2011. On paper. The Bucs have Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, Dashon Goldson, Lavonte David, Darrelle Revis, etc. Yet the Bucs appear to be giving that 2011 season a run for futility. This could be one of the worst seasons in Bucs history, certainly since Father Dungy arrived in Tampa Bay.

Just know this: Team Glazer has never made a coaching change until a head coach had at least three years under his belt at the helm of the franchise.

45 Responses to “Worse Than 2011?”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    The biggest constant between 2011 and 2013 is Josh Freeman playing like total crap in both seasons. Defense is substantially better than that atrocity to mankind we fielded every Sunday.

  2. Adam L. Says:

    Pretty close….. three games straight now, Schiano is handing out points at the end of halves like Obama hands out phones.

  3. mark Says:

    So if they give Shiano another year, it has to be Freeman and Dom. if the team can’t get it together. Then you have high draft picks, but is there a veteran QB out there that can stabilize this team. I can’t imagine Shiano going into likely his last year unless it turns around big time, and that likely doesn’t mean Glennon.

  4. mark Says:

    Nice political garbage, Adam….seems your political philosophy and the Bucs are equally successful this year.

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    Two HC’s Gruden for the O and Dungy for the D, andno GM, JG&TD know what they need to win!!

  6. Nate Says:

    The spelling in these posts by Joe are like the play of Josh Freeman and the Bucs’ coaching schemes… Sloppy, inconsistent, and at times, don’t make any sense. LOL… I kid Joe. Just trying to get a little bit of a laugh on such a bad day!

  7. BucfaninMi Says:

    Thank you Mark.

  8. Joe Says:

    but is there a veteran QB out there that can stabilize this team.


  9. BucfaninMi Says:

    @ Nate, it’s prolly hard to write after watching the Bucs.

  10. Illuminati Says:

    You can tell Joe is hustling to crank out game-day posts. 10-game losing stream . . . a quarterback into the season. And who is Dashon Jackson?

  11. Joe Says:

    Joe has fixed the spelling errors. A too early pull of the publish button. Thanks.

  12. mark Says:

    Joe…I don’t know…but we better start looking and thinking about it very soon.

  13. Nate Says:

    There were miscues on the offense all day by everyone. What I didn’t get was the Defensive scheme as the game went along to play our pass coverage 10 yards back like Brady was throwing to 4 Randy Moss’ out there. To me, that is what got Brady in his groove. Before then, we were jamming/manning up and Brady was holding on to the ball and getting sacked… Then all of a sudden we started playing off and giving all these underneath routes. I also saw, at least 3 times, when the WR Revis was guarding just cut inside for a wide open catch because Revis was playing zone and did not pursue the WR. Horrible coaching!!!

  14. Oregano Says:

    Great talent on this team. Why does it look so hopeless?

  15. Eric Says:

    I don’t think Wyche lasted three years with the Glazers. But he was with the Bucs longer than that.

    You know we all hated the idea, but Mike Sherman has done a nice job with Miami’s offense with a QB less experienced than Josh.

    He would be way better than what we have, which is unmitigated disaster.

  16. RCS Says:

    Are THEY better? YES !
    Is FREEMAN better? NO !

  17. Splengo Says:

    Where is Chris? Chris come out and play wherever you are. I’ll be waiting for you down by the schoolyard.

  18. bucrightoff Says:

    The nice thing if Schiano does get fired is this will be the most desired job. Just a QB away from being a playoff team.

  19. Adam L. Says:

    I would like to remind everyone that Freeman gives us the best chance to win.

  20. mark Says:

    Eric…I don’t think the Glazer’s hired Wyche….wasn’t Tony the first coach they hired?

  21. mark Says:

    I still think Dom is the guy on the Block, along with Freeman of course.

    Dom drafted Free…he hired Rah…he couldn’t really assess if Free was the Franchise guy…he hired Shiano…his drafts have been average, considering the draft positions he has had to work with. We are in a position under the cap where we will have a hard time paying top dollar to any quality QB. Winslow…Talib….Wright….guys, it is time to ask….is Ron Wolf still around. Just kidding about him, but Dom just hasn’t gotten a team together that seems to jell…and it isn’t just coaching.

  22. Adam L. Says:

    The Glazers inherited Wyche. They flirted with Parcels and Spurrier. The joke was Dungy was the third choice.

  23. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Trade fro Ryan mallet n hope bellicheck hook u up on the cheap maybe a 2nd n 5th round then dump schianos ass im tired of being restrsined with inconsistent coaching an im tired of being out schemed WEEKLY everybody likes to blame free he stink n up the joint to but so is the offensive scheme of nothing and a constanst defensive zone with arguably the best defender of this generation of the squad… Im bleeding from a open wound sundays are so F’ing long now an its still September this cant b life!!!

  24. OviedoBucsFan Says:

    Hey Joe, has a search party been sent out to find Daquan Bowers? This is the guy Schiano said would have a “Breakout Season”, “High Hopes” etc.etc.etc. Is he still on the team? We wasted a second round pick on this guy? The Patriots second string quarterback (Mallett) was picked AFTER we picked Bowers.

  25. Patrick Says:

    They should’ve gotten rid of Bowers and given Mike Bennett his dough.

  26. OviedoBucsFan Says:

    At least Freeman will not have far to move, Jacksonville is only about five hours from Tampa.

  27. OviedoBucsFan Says:

    I agree 100% with Patrick.

  28. Eric Says:

    It’s like watching a train wreck and can’t stop it.

    We’re back to the pre Dungy era.

    Hopeless. Three games in and were finished.

    What legit coach would come here?

  29. Joe Says:

    Trade fro Ryan mallet

    TRUST Joe, you will be praying for the return of Freeman if that happens.

  30. Patrick Says:

    Florida officially has the 2 worst teams in the NFL: JAX and TB! At least Miami is looking okay!

  31. Patrick Says:

    Why Joe?? At least Mallet was good in college

  32. Patrick Says:


  33. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Welcome to year 6 (and possibly 7 & 8) of rebuilding Bucs fans! Give the MGM their wish and put in the Great Albino Hope!

    Goodluck Freeman! Wherever you go.

    Glennon, warm up that twig, and put on some mass. Dont fucck up. Or do. Cause if you do, at least then we’ll be able to get rid of the real problem. Schia-oh-no.

  34. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Ryan Mallet?? sure, why the fucck not.. (snorts a line)

  35. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Its gonna take the rest of whats going to be a slow, ugly season for you guys to realize where the real problem lies.

    BUT, its only gonna take the players one more pathetic loss to figure it out.

    And the Glazers already know where the real problem lies. They’re just concerned right now about how to get rid of “the problem” while still giving the fans optimism so that they keep buying tickets and merchandise.

  36. Oregano Says:

    Mallet was plagued by the same rumor that condemned Warren Sapp. He was the best QB in the draft that year.

    Sapp turned out ok

  37. buc4lyfe Says:

    it’s all freeman’s fault

    it’s his fault for dropped passes
    it’s his fault for the bad defensive play calling
    it’s his fault we didnt resign michael bennett
    it’s his fault we we still dont have a decent tight end to throw to
    it’s his fault that they cut underwood to have paige backing up the worst slot receiver we’ve had in a while.
    it’s freeman’s fault that we pay a million dollars a game for revis to play off of rookie wide outs
    it’s freemans fault for leonard johnson playing the slot
    it’s freeman’s fault that schiano couldnt move ronde back to slot corner or find a place for him in the defense that would be better without him

    they should be begging him to come back

    It’s freeman’s fault that we didn’t draft a tight end with our third pick
    no instead we get a quarterback that isn’t ready to start and can’t help us win now…

    yea it’s funny how raheem morris was a better coach than schiano even without all these weapons on offense and defense

    WITHOUT GERALD MCCOY, VJACK, DOUG MARTIN, CARL NICKS, WITH FREEMAN AT QUARTERBACK. blame freeman all you want but he’s not the only one that sucks out there

  38. buc4lyfe Says:

    wait let me get this right….we want glennon to come in and thinking we’ll get a top pick in the draft with him at qb but he’s better than freeman? everyone in the building will be fired if they draft another qb next year. schiano took a chance on who he considered his guy so that’s his success is tied to glennon just like raheem was tied to freeman, no way do they let him draft another qb.

  39. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    logic doesnt work around these parts of the internets. you gotta be inbred and insane to get approval round chya!

  40. Adam L. Says:

    LoL all this offensive ineptitude is completely overshadowing the lack of production by Da’Quan Bowers

  41. buc4lyfe Says:


    I guess your right, joe gets alot of hits but seems to be GED heavy…basic boom boom bus with tinted windows mentality, we lost 23-3 lets bench the quarterback…it’s not like it really takes rocket science to see Schiano’s been outcoached since he came into this league. Yea MARK DOMINICK YOU GO IF FREEMAN GOES, YOU CANT EVALUATE TALENT WHICH IS WHY WE GOT THIS DICTATOR MASQUERADING AS COACH. HE’S GIVEN US THE PUBLIC SCHOOL GYPSY CURSE, HE’S GOT OUR FANS SPEAKING GIBBERISH.

    His is college coaching at its worst

  42. Fan Since '76 Says:

    This is an organizational thing. No coincidence our decline has coincided with a) Mr. Glazer’s health problem; and b) Glazer’s acquisition of Man U. Think about it, the franchise is now run by absentee/distracted/preoccupied owners, and a coach and GM no other team would hire. If the Glazers are sincere about fixing this thing, they need to hire Bill Polian. Not even sure that will work but he has the background and experience to run a franchise on his own.

  43. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    Its refreshing to see someone else who can blame someone other than Freeman, even though I admit Freeman has not played well enough at all.

    I got a lot of enemies on this site, as Im also the much hated TonyTwoCents, but let me just say Dom was rushed into hiring a headcoach when he picked Schi. And us fans, me included, wanted a disciplinarian to whip the yungry kids into shape. So on the surface, Schi seemed liked the perfect fit. And hes a smooth talker. He always says the right thing. I think he conned us. Straight up.

  44. Ty Says:

    Thank u buc4lyfe and makaveli finally glad to see some fans that are actually payin attention to the game instead of reading stats

  45. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @Ty, the SMARTEST bucs fans avoid these comment sectons like the plague! so realize that most fans really know whats goin on. the ignorant ones congregate here, and dudes like me and buc4lyfe try to talk some wisdom into their thick azz skulls, but we fail 99% of the time. But sometimes, that 1% gets it, …….and it makes it all worthwhile!