“It’s A Virus”

September 22nd, 2013

As Derrick Brooks famously says, “It is what it is.”

To which Joe always asks, “What is it?”

The answer: A miserable team.

The Bucs are 0-3. The playoffs are a pipedream. The difference in the Bucs being a good team and what a good team is, the Patriots, was on full display today.

Joe knows he will hear countless times about dropped passes the Bucs had today. Yes, there were. The sad thing is, the Bucs just need a reason to crumble, and they do. It’s as if Joe can picture Bucs players sitting in front of their lockers, faces in towels, sobbing, “We had dropped passes.”

Well, so too did the Patriots. Know what? They corrected their mistakes. NFL analyst and member of the Buccaneeers Radio Network, Anthony Becht, called out the Bucs on this notion afternoon after the game.

“We should win that game. Well, you cannot say that anymore,” Becht said. “We don’t have the consistency. Those [Patriots receivers] rookies caught the ball. They made plays.

“We are not a very good team. We are not a playoff team. We do not deserve the playoffs the way we have played. It’s not warranted. Is the defense better? Yes. Is is top notch? No.

“If you don’t execute, you will not win, and you will not be a playoff team. This team is not executing. This team is talented. They should be making plays. They are not. They are not executing and this is why they are 0-3 and the rumors will keep swirling. This is what happens to losing football teams. It’s a virus.”

5 Responses to ““It’s A Virus””

  1. Architek Says:

    Pat Kirwan looks like the oracle from the Matrix in predicting a losing team! Imperfectly genius’.

  2. RCS Says:

    So many people calling for the coaches head.
    Schiano said the coaching would improve and it did. There were no dumb timeouts due to subbing errors, no bad clock management, he trusted his QB, and they did cut down on the penalties.
    However he can no control dropped passes, flase starts, and holding.
    If you replace your HC every 2 or 3 years you will always be in the position the bucs are in. You have to give a coach time. Schiano was told to come in and fix the culture and Defense he’s done both. Now he needs to fix the Offense. They need a TE, QB, and LT

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Architek

    I was thinking the same thing. He called it. I figured lack of depth would be our downfall…but depth is WAY down on the list of things wrong with this team.

  4. Architek Says:

    LOL @ Sensiblebuc

  5. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Its gonna take the rest of whats going to be a slow, ugly season for you guys to realize where the real problem lies.

    BUT, its only gonna take the players one more pathetic loss to figure it out.

    And the Glazers already know where the real problem lies. They’re just concerned right now about how to get rid of “the problem” while still giving the fans optimism so that they keep buying tickets and merchandise.