Bucs Own The Cellar

September 22nd, 2013

To make matter worse today, especially for the optimists that still cling to a Buccaneers turnaround, the Carolina Panthers steamrolled the Giants 38-0 this afternoon. That puts the Bucs alone in last place in the NFC South.

Joe finds it hard to believe a Mike Shula offense could be so prolific, but that’s what transpired.

The Saints also won easily against the Cardinals, who head to the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway next week.

As bad as the Cardinals looked, there is at least legitimate hope for the Bucs to rebound and head to the bye week at 1-3.

16 Responses to “Bucs Own The Cellar”

  1. Jrock Says:

    Yeah, I had hope this week too. That hope is gone, what are we playing for at this point? Pride?

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    This headline actually made me chuckle a little bit. We’re pretty terrible right now lol

  3. BucsQcCity Says:

    We can’t win if we don’t score and continue to go for it on 4th down while there’s NO NEED to do so.

    I was hoping for a win and I believed in it but bad coaching, bad freeman, bad special teams, bad wr plays was too much in NE.

    I’m a buc fan but i clearly don’t get what’s going on with the direction of the team

  4. Jerry Says:

    Either go for it on 4th or do a punt. Lindell is not going to make a 50 yard FG.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Fk it! Tank for the best draft pick….the seasons over. But I’ll still watch the D.

  6. BUCTROOPER aka Adam L Says:

    0-4. I’m sorry. You can’t beat the Jets and a rookie QB, the Cards will kill the Bucs. Darnell Dockett will literally make Freeman cry.

    I will predict we will see Glennon in the 2nd half.

  7. Turk Says:

    Yep…the “WHINE” Cellar! And all our grapes are sour.

  8. Jerry Says:

    Glennon can’t fix the coaching problems. Those problems wont go away until the end of the year.

  9. bucrightoff Says:

    Jacksonville at the moment has 12 plays for -7 yards. Teddy Bridgewater is theirs. So its the battle for Boyd and Hundley and Mariota and Manziel.

  10. eDDyk0k0 Says:

    Raheem in his second year = 10-6
    Schiano so far= 0-3

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Schiano is in an extremely difficult position. You could say he’s between a rock and a hard place:

    On the one hand he’s got Freeman who everyone can finally see is NOT a franchise quarterback, does NOT have the leadership qualities necessary to lead a group of NFL players and who has absolutely horrible accuracy and lacks even the most basic consistency. Oh, and he’s never been a winner at any level.

    On the other hand he has Glennon, who is a still-wet-behind-the-ears rookie that isn’t even close to being ready to be a capable starter. Even a first round pick like Aaron Rodgers needed 3 years as a backup before being ready to explode onto the scene. And you think a third round pick like Glennon is ready right now? Not even close.

    This is the thing: Schiano is going to lose a lot of games in the near term whether he plays Freeman or Glennon. So what does he do? What choice does he have? The near term is a no-win situation for him. He inherited a bad QB and has another who isn’t ready. Since there aren’t any veteran QB’s on the market that could step right in and win games he’s pretty much in a trial by fire. I don’t envy the man.

  12. mark Says:

    Many of you guys are missing it…maybe Dom myopia…but if anyone goes this year, it is Dom…Freeman, Talib, Wright, Bowers, Winslow…on and on. Average drafts. Poor evaluator of talent. My first move in the offseason, if Free doesn’t turn it around, is to hire the best GM money can buy…completely evaluate the staff and team….look for a QB that is steady if not spectacular, and move forward. Otherwise, we are just taking two steps back and, in some ways, starting over again.

  13. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Its gonna take the rest of whats going to be a slow, ugly season for you guys to realize where the real problem lies.

    BUT, its only gonna take the players one more pathetic loss to figure it out.

    And the Glazers already know where the real problem lies. They’re just concerned right now about how to get rid of “the problem” while still giving the fans optimism so that they keep buying tickets and merchandise.

  14. Pete I Says:

    The only legitimate hope this week is that the game is blacked out so the poor coaching, poor quarterbacking, poor play, poor eveything is not wasting valuable nfl tv time.

    Since its throwback week, even bucco bruce has to be embarrased to be associated with this bucs folly. And thats saying alot for bruce whose seen his fair share of piss poor bucs coaching, quarterbacking and everythng.

  15. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Since its throwback week, even bucco bruce has to be embarrased to be associated with this bucs folly. And thats saying alot for bruce whose seen his fair share of piss poor bucs coaching, quarterbacking and everythng.”

    I rock my Bucco Bruce fitted almost everywhere I go. And at this point, I just wish someone would say something. So I can pretend he’s Couch Fan or SteveK and cave his face in…… But yeah, never be ashamed to be a Bucs fan. After today, Im gonna wear my sht everyday just daring someone to start sht. I havent had a drink since July 30th. A cig since 2012. I just need that one dbag to unleash on. And I can only hope that its couch or stevek.

  16. Marc Says:

    Absolutely embarrassing game today. I just sat back and laughed at our ineptitude.