Schiano: “Don’t Buy The Hype”

September 24th, 2013

The leader of the New Schiano Order seems to have heard the fan and media buzzing about Darrelle Revis allegedly being unhappy about playing too much zone defense.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 last night, Schiano told a fan caller, “Don’t buy the hype” when it comes to that chatter.

Revis, Schiano said, is in “1-on-1 man coverage” for “a high percentage of the time.”

Schiano explained that he would never ask a cornerback to cover 1-on-1 for an entire game, and that Revis will always have some snaps when he’s in zone coverage, and some where he’s in man and his teammates are zone, in addition to the defense playing a man scheme.

“Sometimes when enough people say it,” referring to Revis playing too much zone, “people believe it’s true,” Schiano said.

So there you have it. Revis, who played every defensive snap Sunday by Joe’s count, is being used the way a $1 million-a-game cornerback should be.

7 Responses to “Schiano: “Don’t Buy The Hype””

  1. TBuc_40 Says:

    This is the single biggest problem with the Bucs. You have too many impressionable people and publicity hungry columnists commenting on the coaching, the players, the scheme, the etc.

    Our offensive scheme would cause any QB’s stats to look off. How many deep balls do we throw, how many throw-aways do we have, what are the calls on each play, what flexibility is there to change the play? We, as fans, do not know those answers and for anyone not in a Bucs offensive meeting to say that they do is inaccurate and just trying to stir the pot.

    Our expectations were way too high to start the year. We were a playoff team, now we’re as bad as Jacksonville. Both were BS.

  2. BC Says:

    I call BS – Revis appears to be in zone coverage many times a game, then is covering the opposition’s #3 wideout for most of the other plays. This appears to be another case where Schiano is out-coached. Why isn’t Revis moving around to matchup against the other teams best wideout???

  3. Dorian Says:

    (edited for hate speech). Just because Schiano says it doesnt mean it’s true. (edited for hate speech)

  4. bucsQcCity Says:

    Well I did see at least 2 completions when revis leaved the receiver to stay in its zone.. As someone already said, you don’t pay 16M to make him play zone. You pay him to play 10 on 10 without their best WR. It can’t be simpler than this…

    I’ve totally lost confidence in this coach. And for people that are hyping the improved pass rush we have when we compare to last year here are some points you should consider: 1) Clayborn was out most of the year 2)Bowers was still recovering 3) we had crash test dummies as DB 4) We had Miller instead of Spence who was a serviceable player but not near the potential we can see from Spence.

    He should bench Freeman now. There is absolutely no evidence this year that he has improved or the team will be worst with Glennon at the helm. Now we are at rick of losing Martin because everyone in the universe knows that he’ll get the ball 40+ times a game..

    I’m not even mad anymore, I’m completely depress about this team.

  5. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Schiano explained that he would never ask a cornerback to cover 1-on-1 for an entire game., and that Revis will always have some snaps when he’s in zone coverage, and some where he’s in man.”

    Well no matter he wants to slice it, our DBs got sliced the fck up. By a bunch of nobodys and rooks. So maybe he should have played 1-1, when he played zone. And vice versa. Maybe he should have zigged, when they zagged.

    Last week was a legitimate TEAM loss.

    Schiano – just give us one fckin win this weekend. I got tired of making excuses for Free. Now Im getting tired of calling you out. With the “Rutgers South”, “Tampa Bay Rutgerneers”. You’ve now lost 8 of your last 9 games…..

    Just one fckin win…

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Brady sliced em the eff up to the tune of…225 yards? You mean less than Geno Smith had? I think some people need to reevaluate their definition of sliced up. Getting sliced up is when Nick Foles throws for almost 400 on you.

  7. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    hey bucrightoff, here’s an interesting article I came across last night. here – take a look:

    Michael Bennett has already got 2.5 sacks in 3 games and 7 tackles. And his Seahawks are 3-0. Well I did some fckin around on Google, and came up with this GEM of an article from non other than……JoeBucsFan:

    Bennett explained why he’s skeptical of New Schiano Order tactics and said he doesn’t believe it’s an ideal method for grown men

    “The coaches are very different. You know, Coach Schiano is more hard-nosed, military-type guy. And Coach Carroll is so laid back, it gives the guys chances to not be on their back but still coach them at the same time,” Bennett said. “Because I think a lot of players, they’re adults, too, and when you treat them like kids they get offended by that. You know what I mean? Because players, you know, they got their mortgages, they got their kids, they got wives, they got family, they got things they can do.

    “So they know it’s their job and they know when they make mistakes. But it’s a coach’s job to keep them honest, you know what I mean. But when a coach is just too much on them, I think the players rebel. Because, you know, they’re going to be like, ’Why is he on me like this? It’s my fifth year in the league. I know more than him.’ Guys are just like, you know, it just becomes a big conflict, I think.”

    None of this surprises Joe. However, Joe is troubled hearing it come from Bennett, who is a very level-headed guy. Bennett also appeared to be the textbook Buccaneer Man under Schiano. He was hard-working, versatile and he played through an injury and took on a tremendous number of snaps.

    Current Buccaneers surely share Bennett’s attitude. But Joe has no problem with that. You don’t have to love your boss. Numerous hard-nosed NFL coaches have achieved greatness, including Tom Coughlin winning two Super Bowls recently. Schiano’s tactics can work. Joe’s more skeptical of Schiano’s ability as a game-day coach. (You can hear the Bennett audio below.)