Josh Freeman And Accuracy

September 24th, 2013
Yes, Vincent Jackson has a lot of drops. So too does Doug Martin. Unlike other NFL QBs who are victimized by drops, somehow Josh Freeman cannot overcome them.

Yes, Vincent Jackson has a lot of drops. So too does Doug Martin. Unlike other NFL QBs who are victimized by drops, somehow Josh Freeman cannot overcome them.

Joe just looked up quarterback stats and man, Freeman’s are just brutal. He leads (cough) the NFL in inaccuracy with a galling 45.7 percent.

Friends, that’s begging to be thrown out of town, especially in a contract year.

Yes, yes, yes. Joe knows Freeman victimized by drops. Please cite another NFL quarterback who has perfect receivers.

Joe has been trying to find accurate stats about dropped passes and cannot. The sites he finds are either wildly inaccurate (listing Vincent Jackson with two drops for example) or are simply not updated.

The thing Joe found that was interesting, most sites had Denver receivers, specifically Eric Decker, with a boatload of drops. Funny, Joe doesn’t hear people screaming from atop the Rocky Mountains about how those drops are killing Peyton Manning.

Joe knows Tom Brady has been a victim of a lot of drops. He somehow finds a way around them. That’s what good quarterbacks do.

Another funny stat: teams that appear to put the ball on the ground a lot are a combined 6-0.

Let’s be generous here. If we add the drops that Doug Martin and Kevin Ogletree have, along with Vincent Jackson and a few others, (why are people outing only Vincent Jackson for dropping passes and not Martin?), let’s give Freeman, say, 10 more completions, shall we? That gives him 53 completions on 94 attempts.

Freeman would still be in the bottom rung of completion percentage at 56.3 percent.

Sadly, this just reinforces something Joe has long thought about Freeman: He struggles to overcome adversity. He gets rattled.

Somehow, guys like Manning and Brady fight through adversity and, at times, make their teammates better. Has Freeman ever made his teammates look better? Not since 2010. It’s really the other way around. Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik has tried to stock the offense with stud players to make Freeman look better and play better.

To be fair, with tight end Tom Crabtree’s injury, Freeman has only three reliable targets, and two of them are having lousy years (see above) catching the ball. Hopefully, when Crabtree gets better, it will help Freeman out more as that should be a reliable fourth target.’s Gregg Rosenthal is of the mind a quarterback change for the Bucs is near.

Tampa’s offense struggled. Quarterback Josh Freeman was hurt by drops, but his shaky accuracy is the real issue. Rookie Mike Glennon was spotted warming up on the sideline in the second half. Coach Greg Schiano stuck with Freeman, but a signal-caller switch is coming. Bank on it.

Joe doesn’t see that happening. No, sorry Mike Glennon Mob, Freeman will likely be starting for the foreseeable future.

As for the distant future, 2014? Barring a major turnaround by Freeman, Joe’s not banking on it.

73 Responses to “Josh Freeman And Accuracy”

  1. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I have been a supporter of Freeman for a while, but he has been an embarrassment this year. It just looks like he doesn’t care. If Glennon’s not the guy, why the hell did we waste a 3rd round pick on him when we have other areas of need? How about we trade Freeman and a draft pick to Washington for Cousins. Freeman can bro it out with Raheem and we can get a QB who actually wants to play and win.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    I just dont get it. Even if Glennon SUCKS worse than Freeman, woulnd’t it be a nice change? Watching a 5th year QB, with so much potential, crap himself every single week is depressing.

  3. Joke Says:

  4. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “He struggles to overcome adversity. He gets rattled.”

    Some guys have it, some don’t.

    He also struggles to hit people in stride, or in position to get the YACs.

    I don’t even know if that type of field vision can be coached. As a Nole fan, I can’t remember the last guy who could get the ball to the receiver, not when and where they are open, but, where the WILL be open. Jameis has that, EJ didn’t, Ponder didn’t. Freeman does not.

  5. Joe Says:

    If Glennon’s not the guy, why the hell did we waste a 3rd round pick on him when we have other areas of need?

    Guys, this team is built to win now. Or next year. Do you honestly believe that Glennon can lead the team to the playoffs with zero experience? Or even next year with limited experience?

    Joe thinks it is fair to say that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s jobs are on thin ice as a result of this epic meltdown of a season. Do you guys really believe they would stake their careers on a rookie?

    Glennon was drafted for down the road, two or three years from now.

  6. Joe Says:

    I don’t even know if that type of field vision can be coached. As a Nole fan, I can’t remember the last guy who could get the ball to the receiver, not when and where they are open, but, where the WILL be open. Jameis has that, EJ didn’t, Ponder didn’t. Freeman does not.

    Xavier Lee.


  7. Splengo Says:

    I’m with Couch Fan. The sooner we get Freeman out and Glennon in, the sooner Schiano can apply for the UT job. Can’t wait!

  8. BirdDoggers Says:

    If the team continues to struggle and Freeman can’t improve on his lackluster numbers, a change would realistically have to happen. I don’t think Glennon would give the team a better chance of winning at this point. However, if the losses keep mounting, Schiano will no other choice but to shake things up.

  9. Joke Says:

    I really don’t understand what happened to Free and the Bucs’ offense. Put up huge numbers for a stretch last year. I didn’t get to see any of that because I was out of the country.

    I caught the last 4 or 5 games of last season and he looked abysmal, and then he continued to look abysmal this in preseason and so far in the regular season. What happened? What changed vs that string of huge games last year?

    The Bucs did the right thing in drafting Glennon. We had to give Josh a fair shot this year (too much potential to give up on) but we also had to have a plan B if he came out playing like he has. I figure he’s got no more than one more game like the last 3 before he’s benched, unless he can rip off two or three really good ones beforehand.

  10. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:



    Also, re: built to win now. Sure, at 0-3, it’s reasonable to think that. But, if they continue to go winless, what choice do they have? I’m just not sure what the tipping point is. 0-5? 0-7?

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    You’re correct this team is built to win now Joe. Thats why Glennon has to play when the season becomes totally lost. You have got to see what you have with him to see if he can be a starting QB for this team. If he isn’t then you have got to target one in the offseason. Unfortunately that means draft because the FA crop is brutal and there arent many options to trade for. So if you play Glennon and he isn’t starter worthy, the team will end up picking in the first 6-8 picks, where you need to be to get an instant impact QB. And who knows, maybe Glennon could be the guy. The last former NC State QB drafted in the 3rd round is doing alright.

  12. Bobby M. Says:

    For every dropped ball by Jackson or Williams, those guys catch ridiculous circus catches to keep drives alive. You can’t assume the drops to be catches without applying the same methodology to at least some of the catches that should have been dropped.

    Drops are not what kill Freeman’s completion %, his inability to recognize and adjust to a defense are what keeps him from being Brady or Manning. Those guys can run the offense on their own, Freeman panics if the headset fails. When do you ever see him directing traffic at the line or making adjustments, calling an audible? He cant read the defense, and even when he has guessed right, he locks in on his receivers tipping his hand at where he’s about to throw. The difference between QBing in college vs the NFL is similar to the difference between checkers and chess.

  13. Nick2 Says:

    Josh Freeman as I have posted before is LAST in quarterack rating. How long can the Glazers hold onto a quarterback who sabotaged last year with consecutive 4 interception games during a playoff run and now has completely imploded at the beginning of a promising season. As fans we have to demand a quarterback change. We are paying for a product and where I stand is if a product is garbage then you should not buy it. I am tired of Schiano telling us they will get it right. Its too late with Josh the guy has killed us too seasons in a row people.

  14. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    We need a combo list of:

    1) Next year’s available FA QB’s
    2) Possible QB’s available for trade (Cousins, etc)
    3) The top QB’s in the draft (Bridgewater, etc.)

    The thing is, they need to fit the system. A guy like Matt Flynn is not a downfield passer.

    And, TB is assured a compensatory 3rd for Freeman, correct?

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    At some point Freeman will get hot for a few games, win us a few games and essentially blow any chance we have at a top QB if Glennon is not the answer. Freeman will screw us!! Don’t let it happen Coach!!

  16. BFFL Says:

    Shiano’s job is in serious jeopardy if Glennon looks bad..That’s why Shiano must make sure everything is perfect when he makes the switch. Like a healthy OL, healthy recievers, the return of crabtree and 2 full weeks of preparation. Expect to see Glennon for game 5 unless Freeman can consistently move the team to the endzone this week.

  17. Joe Says:


    Thanks. Saw that site last night. Can’t be accurate. Vincent Jackson himself has at least five drops this season. Doug Martin maybe more. No way the Bucs only have seven drops as a team.

  18. Adam L. Says:

    We are dancing around the word. Let me come out and say it.


    Josh Freeman is soft.

  19. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Dominick drafted Glennon, and Freeman. Wouldn’t the guy the hired the coach and drafted the players be held responsible at all?

    If we are going to not give Schiano credit for guys like Doug Martin, I don’t know why we would fire him for the busts. Dominick signs off on everything, or so I have been told.

  20. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Freeman wasn’t accurate in college, hasn’t ever been accurate here. Why in his 5th yr are we all still talking about potential. He is what he has always been inaccurate. I don’t know Glennon isn’t the answer, I don’t know if he is. But I do know Josh is 33rd in accuracy again. Out of 32 teams that is worthless. Too much talent on this team to let Josh throw passes out of bounds and in the dirt.

  21. BirdDoggers Says:

    I agree that Glennon wasn’t drafted to be the QB right now. He is a project that could hopefully pan out in the future. Good teams draft QBs they feel can be developed into a solid backup. New England drafted Ryan Mallett to backup Brady, 3rd round I believe. The difference is no one would begin to think Mallett was drafted to take Brady’s job. The difference is Schiano doesn’t have the track record and true franchise QB that Belichick has. Dominik and Schiano opened the door for speculation when they made the Glennon pick. They might fall victim to their own plan and be forced to start a rookie for the sake of fixing what’s broken. I still believe Freeman gives this team the best chance to win now. At some point, someone has to be held accountable if the meltdown continues. I’m sure the Glazer’s aren’t satisfied. That’s my take anyway.

  22. Splengo Says:

    No! No! No!

    Don’t believe Couch Fan. Freeman wants out now too. His camp is already preparing for his release. That’s why Schiano is stalling. He knows once he goes Glennon, he cannot go back to Freeman. This friggin thing is the Bataan death march.

  23. Mike J Says:

    Bottom line is, if the season is tanked, Glennon needs some starts in order to ascertain if he truly is the quarterback of the proverbial future (which I doubt). This looks to be a loaded 2014 draft for QBs if the young guys come out.

  24. Couch Fan Says:

    Splengo stop ruining my good reputation!! Start Glennon! GO BUCS!!

  25. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I saw something on Michael Bennett, how he’s already got 2.5 sacks in 3 games and 7 tackles. And his Seahawks are 3-0. Well I did some fckin around on Google, and came up with this GEM of an article from non other than……JoeBucsFan:

    Bennett explained why he’s skeptical of New Schiano Order tactics and said he doesn’t believe it’s an ideal method for grown men

    “The coaches are very different. You know, Coach Schiano is more hard-nosed, military-type guy. And Coach Carroll is so laid back, it gives the guys chances to not be on their back but still coach them at the same time,” Bennett said. “Because I think a lot of players, they’re adults, too, and when you treat them like kids they get offended by that. You know what I mean? Because players, you know, they got their mortgages, they got their kids, they got wives, they got family, they got things they can do.

    “So they know it’s their job and they know when they make mistakes. But it’s a coach’s job to keep them honest, you know what I mean. But when a coach is just too much on them, I think the players rebel. Because, you know, they’re going to be like, ’Why is he on me like this? It’s my fifth year in the league. I know more than him.’ Guys are just like, you know, it just becomes a big conflict, I think.”

    None of this surprises Joe. However, Joe is troubled hearing it come from Bennett, who is a very level-headed guy. Bennett also appeared to be the textbook Buccaneer Man under Schiano. He was hard-working, versatile and he played through an injury and took on a tremendous number of snaps.

    Current Buccaneers surely share Bennett’s attitude. But Joe has no problem with that. You don’t have to love your boss. Numerous hard-nosed NFL coaches have achieved greatness, including Tom Coughlin winning two Super Bowls recently. Schiano’s tactics can work. Joe’s more skeptical of Schiano’s ability as a game-day coach. (You can hear the Bennett audio below.)

  26. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Wait, why can’t he go back to Freeman after he sits? I said this on another thread. If Free continues blowing, sit him down and check out the rookie.

    If the rookie looks totally overmatched, then reinsert Freeman (soft joke!). Maybe the benching will inspire him to try to salvage some sort of FA contract for next year.

  27. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The reason Jackson’s drops are pointed out is because the bucs were only throwing on 3rd down the first 2 games. Drops on 3rd down kill drives. Jackson’s performance week 2 was atrocious, between drops and falling on his face on crucial 3rd down plays is unacceptable.

    Freeman is playing like garbage, we all know this. But when he does make a good throw the rest of the team needs to take advantage. If only 50% of Freeman’s throws are accurate then those good throws need to be caught.

    Regardless of what you think of freeman, he is the qb of the bucs. The team needs to perform around him for the bucs to be successful.

    Obviously if we had a better qb then the few drops here and there can be forgiven. But with what we have those guys need to execute even if the qb isn’t.

  28. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Also lol @ joe for comparing freeman to Peyton manning and Tom Brady. I mean I understand you want to aim high but there are only 5 players in the echelon of qb. To expect freeman or any qb to be a hall of farmer is absurd. It’s great to want, but let’s start writing articles when we are a little more level headed. 😉

  29. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Are you going to post that same exact thing in EVERY SINGLE THREAD GOING FORWARD?

    I read last night, and now you have put in every single thread today. We get it, dude.

  30. Adam L. Says:

    The correct word is “soft.”

    “Powdered and pink” also comes to mind.

  31. Splengo Says:


    You’ve been hanging around Couch, haven’t you? Freeman is inconsistent, he’s not crazy. You guys can ‘t stand around in a circle and have happy time and then want to take the residue back. Got a grip, dog!

  32. thomas 2.2 Says:

    The analysis is really simple: Schiano does not believe that Freeman is the long-term solution but he does not believe that Glennon, today, gives the team the best chance of winning.

    At 0-3 most of us realize that playoffs are very likely to be unattainable – Schiano for good reason isn’t ready to accept that. Injecting Glennon tells the players that this is a rebuilding season which can frustrate development.

    The problems with this team (which should be 2-1) are this: 1) kicking game is subpar which costs less than elite teams games and in this case 2 so far; 2) the quarterback play is bad (bevause Freeman is pouting and inconsistent) and you cant win without solid QB play; 3) the head coach makes the wrong in game decisions, i.e. the final series vs the Saints.

    Schiano’s strengths are assembling and molding a team. He is below- average in game – coule that with a 4th string inaccurrate kicker and bad QB play – you are in for a long year.

    If the team goes to 0-4 or 1-5/6, Glennon will get starts.

  33. Bobby Says:

    Look, I’m not going to make excuses for Freeman but I am going to point out one thing when it comes to statistics….you have to look at the big picture. Sure other QB’s have dropped passes but let’s look at this honestly.

    Rams lead with 11 drops in 141 passing attempts
    New England is next with 10 drops in 127 attempts
    Then come the Giants with 10 drops in 114 attempts
    Then Detroit at 9 drops in 121 attempts
    KC has 8 drops in 105 attmepts
    Then Tampa at 7 drops in 94 attempts.

    Now, since there were six drops in Sundays game and 5 the game before I don’t know where they got 7 drops but maybe if the ball just goes through the receivers hands like it did with Tim Wright in the end zone they don’t count it as a drop. My point is…the less attempts you have the more drops are going to hurt your percentage. Freeman has attempted just over 31 passes a game. There is NO TEAM IN THE NFL with a winning record that has a QB with that few passing attempts other than the Colts and they have Andrew Luck and Seattle and with that defense they don’t need many points at all. On top of that both Luck and Wilson are well over 60% completion. I don’t know if there is a correlation in those stats but it does seem to suggest that this is indeed a passing league. Freeman is just not good enough to have so many drops with so few attempts.

  34. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Joke Says

    That chart is not accurate…ironically. Or it is not updated as the season goes on. The Bucs have that many or more per game.

  35. Justin Says:

    Everyone just go to Steve Whites twitter page. He’ll show the absolutely critical plays the Bucs didnt make on Sunday. Tim Wrights failed attempt at a beautifully thrown ball, VJ drop on a missile slant pass (wide open field in front of him) and the VJ tough grab on a possible 40 yd TD pass.

    We have to make at least two of those plays. We CANNOT make 0.

  36. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    It’s called being a paid professional under contract. If Nancy can’t nut up after having a few games off, then he has WAY bigger problems than Schiano. Maybe he can dry his tears with some of that $26,000,000.00.

    He could be an adult, and reflect on why he got benched in the first place, and motivate himself just a hair.

    Or, we could go the Splengo route and keep fluffing up ol Softie’s puh-swah a little more. My god, am I old or are people that soft?

  37. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Look, I’m not going to make excuses for Freeman but ”

    The start of every Freeman post since 2009.

  38. dp4life22 Says:

    Though freeman played better on Sunday, except I dont understand some out routes where he threw floaters up, very dangerous and Talib got one.

  39. Tony Says:

    Even Freeman supporters can’t make the argument he should be given a new contract. I’m telling you, this area has a problem that no one is willing to talk about. Freeman and Rah have one thing in common. Schiano and Glennon have one thing in common. The majority of people rallying around Freeman were Rah supporters. Throw into said scenario a disciplinarian type head coach that is not like Rah and Freeman and you begin to understand the problem. Why is Mr. King such a strong Freeman backer? It ALL adds up if you just take a step back and look at it. It’s a complete shame and it’s the farthest thing from how I live my life, but it’s the truth.

    Also, Schiano pissed off the local media early and national media with the kneel down play…add in that he coached at Rutgers (same conference as the pathetic joke of a college team in the area) and it just adds fuel to the fire.

  40. bucrightoff Says:

    Of course Michael Bennett enjoys Seattle more. Who wouldn’t enjoy a coach who actively encourages PED use?

  41. lightningbuc Says:

    Oh man, now the Freemanites are calculating drops per pass attempts, as if to say JFro is affected more by drops than other QBs.

    Hey, at least Page caught that 2 yard rocket that JFro threw on 3rd and 5.

    Derek Dimke Mob (has Lindell been cut yet?)

  42. BucShoty Says:

    Freemans jerseys are already half price at most places online, thats some serious writing on the wall when his jersey is same price as player not on team anymore

  43. trusomaroff Says:

    This is the first time I can remember being a bucs fan not looking forward to the next game. At all. It’s embarrassing what we are putting on the field. I honestly don’t even care of we win or not

  44. Broy3434 Says:

    It’s quite simple. Freeman isn’t a nfl quarterback. He shows flashes of birlliance(none this year) and then shows how bad he is the other 80% of the time. GLENNON NEEDS TO START. Can’t be any worse than freeman was in the first two games.

  45. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Ive been a Freemanite, and I can admit that he’s played worse than most starting rookie QBs this year. Excuse: no TE or slot WR as his safety net. (Thats on Dom. He spent almost $150mill on Revis and Goldson, so he couldnt afford to go out and pay veteran TE money, it wasnt about our offense not using the TE position. It was about not paying for a starting TE, DE, WR depth. But I kind of understand, because we’re gonna have some big contracts to give out to our younger talent).. Anyways, bottom line, Freeman’s been bad.

    So what now? I’ll back whoever is under center. But what if we look as anemic with Glennon? Then the MGM will blame Sully. Former Freemanites will blame Glennon. The players will blame Schiano. Schiano will piont the finger at a lack of offense (Sully) and talent (Dominik) – like he mentioned yesterday.

    All I want to know is, what the Glazers plan on doing?? If AZ is a repeat of the last 3 weeks, its time for the Glazers to make a move.


  46. Bobby Says:

    @Oil Derrick Brooks…listen, I know you live your life by feelings and lack any objectivity at all so I understand. My posts are meant for those who look past their own feelings and take all things into consideration. You can realize Freeman has to go without being so blinded by your personal feelings that you can’t even carry on a conversation that considers mitigating circumstances. You are like Raphael on the opposite side. You offer nothing but babble to the forum. Believe it or not, a lot of people realize that we need a new QB without blaming every team problem solely on him. Dry your tears long enough to realize it’s just a game dude.

  47. Bobby Says:

    It’s called ‘simple math’ lightningbuc. Could be over your head.

    “Oh wow! Now economists are trying to say that if you steal $2 from someone who only has ten dollars it hurts them more than stealing $2 from someone who has $20! What idiots!!”

    LOL! Again….think before you hit the submit button.

  48. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    If we draft Bridgewater or whoever the fck at QB, I might have to step away from this team.

    I’m not gonna put up with a 7th year of rebuilding… What am I, a Browns fan?? Sorry, but I don’t have THAT kind of patience.

    I say we find a proven Top 10 QB via a trade or FA, draft that TE from Washington, and spend the rest of our picks on the Oline and DE.

    If Schiano’s still around, he might want to think twice about promoting his Rutgers buddy McNulty to OC. Schiano’s gotta learn how to look beyond his inner circle for good talent (players & coaches).

    I hate that I’m already talkin about 2014, its sad.

    Schiano – just get us a fckin win this weekend…. Just one fckin win.

  49. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “This is the first time I can remember being a bucs fan not looking forward to the next game.”

    lol. I feel you. But I had this same kind of feeling at the end of last year…… And at the end of the year before that.

  50. Architek Says:

    Well you know what, go ahead and start the volts-wagon because Schiano will burn with his qb!

  51. Bobby Says:

    @MakaveliTheDon… “I say we find a proven Top 10 QB via a trade or FA, draft that TE from Washington, and spend the rest of our picks on the Oline and DE.”

    And how is that going to happen?? The only reason Peyton Manning hit the blocks was because of his injury and the fact that Andrew Luck was available in the draft. Top 10 QB’s just aren’t available via trade or FA, unless they aren’t top 10 anymore.

  52. Architek Says:

    I don’t even watch or listen to this season commentary this is the. It’s disgusting edition of the Bucs since the early 90s

  53. mvermulm Says:

    Bucrightoff brought up a good point regarding Glennon. NCSt said goodbye to Russell Wilson when he decided he didn’t want to play baseball anymore because they liked what they had in Glennon. Wilson ended up transferring to Wisconsin, and we know how that has turned out so far. Glennon obviously has potential (as an FSU fan, I’ve seen it), so I’m all for seeing what we’ve got before we’re forced to make an uneducated decision next year… again.

  54. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    If what you were saying was occuring in his 2nd year, or 3rd year, or 4th year, or if I hadn’t heard people talk about the need for him to have a first rate line in order to play at the highest level, or a legit #1 WR to play at the highest level or a TE, or for the defense to play better, or for the kicker to make it…and so on.

    The reality is, even when the balls are caught (NOT DROPPED), it’s even then not well placed. And that’s not including the balls in the dirt, or the balls going up about 8 feet high.

    So, forgive me if I had heard that before. Maybe not exactly your post, but, it is LITERALLY always someone else. It’s never his fault. Never has been, never will be.

    And, sure, I see other issues. I see missed kicks, I see drops. I see penalties.

    But, riddle me this Bobby. Can you honestly say that any other singular problem facing the team today has been an ongoing issue for now going into 5 seasons? Can you? He is just as he was in college. He is the constant, not the other issues.

  55. PRBucFan Says:

    I guarantee you that if Free keeps blowing it up there will be a QB change.

    Bank on that Joe, we’ll wager on it 😉

    Schiano wont be the one with the say on it, the ownership will make that call.

    Whose a better option you ask??? ANYBODY with the way he’s playing

    The team will lose belief in him eventually and once that happens, it doesn’t matter what he says or does it’s hasta luego Free. It won’t be even to the slightest degree about Glennon being the answer at that point. That wont matter.

  56. Theodore Says:

    Freeman would have a much higher (almost perfect) completion percentage if it weren’t for things out of his control:

    1. Drops
    2. Bad scheme
    3. Not having a true TE
    4. Carl Nicks out for two games
    5. Hostile northeast road games
    6. Scary lightning at home game
    7. Tom Brady is dreamy and distracting

  57. Pete I Says:

    Um… Ok, so freeman gives us the best chance on winning. when will that be exactly? I’m waiting…still waiting…

    Can he start this week or will his overthrows and interceptions calender be full? Oh… I see…well later perhaps.

  58. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Start Theodore!!

  59. lightningbuc Says:

    Scary lightning at home game


  60. Bobby Says:

    @OilDerrickBrooks…There have been other issues but Freeman has been inconsistent throughout his tenure here, no doubt about it. I have come to the conclusion that we just need a leader at QB who will get in peoples faces and pull the offense together when it’s struggling. All the great QB’s just have a charisma that makes the offense believe in their ability to get the job done. I think Freeman had it in 2010 and for awhile he had it last year but it’s just not there all the time. You have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you and Freeman just lacks the confidence to be a ‘consistent’ leader.

  61. bucrightoff Says:

    I’ve been pumping Jose the janitor’s tires but I gotta say Theodore is making me a believer in him.

  62. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Agreed. And accuracy. That’s my #1 trait for QBs. That was my first fear when he was drafted, lack of it.

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You wanna know why Freeman has so few pass attempts? It’s because we normally 3 and out. You know why? Because Freeman can’t move the ball. If his completion percentage was anywhere near the rest of the league, we would have more first downs, and thus he would have more attempts. Follow me?

  64. Bobby Says:

    @Hawaiian….no, the reason is that we run the ball on first and second down 99% of the time and our offense is so predictable Tom Brady would have a difficult time but you are right in that Freeman does not seem to be able to finish drives this year. Freeman would have a lot more opportunities if we ran play options on first down just to keep the defense off balance but that seems to be too much of a challenge for Sullivan. For a West Point grad he lacks a strategic mind for the game of football.

  65. Bobby M. Says:

    FYI on ATTEMPTS for FREEMAN, his best statistical year was when he had the least amount of attempts per game. That was under Greg Olson, completely different regime and offensive style. What happened the next year in that same offense, he threw for 22 interceptions. WHY? Because teams figure him out and Freeman cant adapt. He doesn’t orchestrate the offense, he merely does what “Madden” suggest he runs. I do think a tight end would be more beneficial to him than having both Jackson and Williams, that is likely what the team wants to see before pulling the plug on him for good.

    One more tid bit, the year Brady replaced Bledsoe, the team started the season 0-2 and were 1-3 through the first 4 games. They won the Super Bowl that year and the rest is history.

  66. Bobby Says:

    What’s up with these filters??? My post just disappeared when I hit submit… oh well.

    @Hawaiian…The reason Freeman has so few pass attempts is because we run
    on first and second down nearly all the time. We normally are NOT 3 and out. We’ve had some good drives but we can’t finish a drive. We had 125+ yds of offense in the first 13 minutes of the game against the Pats. We came away with 3 points. That’s pitiful. If we had an OC who knew how to keep a defense off balance with play action on first down occasionally, Freeman would have more attempts.

  67. Bobby Says:

    So now I post and my first post is up!! AArrrrrGGGHH!!! Oh well…

  68. bucrightoff Says:

    The filers are kinda weird. Sometimes you get straight up blocked, sometimes your comments gets delayed with no notice, sometimes it says your comment is awaiting moderation and sometimes it goes right through. Its like the Josh Freeman system of moderation: Absolutely no consistency.

  69. Pelbuc Says:

    Cleveland will have the best chance to land the best QB in next year’s draft as they now have an additional 1st round pick from Colts. Let’ say Bucs lose to Arizona, then give Glennon the bye week to get more prepared and let’s see what the kid can do. Bucs would have 12 games to see if he’s a starter or back up and before the trade deadline, get whatever you can for Freeman. Use that pick to move up in the 1st round to get your QB. Also, if the Bucs don’t win at least 7 games, fire everyone, except Bryan Cox. Also fire GM. Bring in Lovie Smith and an established OC,DC and GM.

  70. Vorblaw Says:

    Joe Says:
    September 24th, 2013 at 10:50 am

    If Glennon’s not the guy, why the hell did we waste a 3rd round pick on him when we have other areas of need?

    Guys, this team is built to win now. Or next year. Do you honestly believe that Glennon can lead the team to the playoffs with zero experience? Or even next year with limited experience?

    Joe thinks it is fair to say that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s jobs are on thin ice as a result of this epic meltdown of a season. Do you guys really believe they would stake their careers on a rookie?

    Glennon was drafted for down the road, two or three years from now.




  71. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If you don’t think we go 3 and out a lot then you aren’t watching the games. Granted we didn’t in the fort half against the Patriots, but we did in the second half. I believe 4 times in the second half. We run the ball because that’s the only thing we do with any success. Doug is the second leading rusher in the NFL, with a good YPC. Freeman is throwing with 1 on 1s everywhere because the teams are stacking the box. But go ahead and believe what you want.

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    We do not run on first and second down all the time. We’ve thrown the ball 94 times and run it 80 times (by the way, 80 rushes is 15th in the league and there are 5 teams – including Seattle – that have thrown the ball less than us), so unless you use a different type of math I’m not familiar with, that’s not possible.

    We have run a total of 181 offensive plays this season. Only 4 teams have run less – SF, NYG, Oakland, & Pittsburgh. We have the least amount of first downs of any team in the NFL (tied with JAX). So for you to say we don’t go 3 & out is statistically inaccurate.

    Look, there’s no excuses. Freeman is absolutely horrible. Don’t blame the coaches. Don’t blame the playcalling. Don’t blame anyone but #5, because he is at fault for the crap he’s put on the field. The thing that drives me crazy is the blind loyalty towards him versus the loyalty towards the team. Are you a Freeman fan or a Buccaneer fan? He is putting up historically bad numbers that would make JaMarcus Russell look like a great player. Let that sink in for a moment.

  73. GRIF4FREESUX Says:

    @bucshoty,lol…I burned my freeman jersey that I bought after the 2010 season immediately following the jets game.