Barron Is Emerging

September 22nd, 2013

Mark Barron isn’t perfect, but you can see he’s evolving into the high-impact safety the Bucs craved when they drafted him with the seventh overall pick last year.

Yes, Joe is taking pause to find a happy thought out of today’s embarrassing loss to the Patriots.

Barron picked off Tom Brady in the end zone and was the Bucs’ best safety on the field. He led the Bucs with eight tackles — along with Lavonte David — and had half a sack.

This happy thought won’t help Joe sleep tonight, but it’s something.

8 Responses to “Barron Is Emerging”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Defense has played well enough for us to be 3-0. Offense is lucky the Jaguars exist so we aren’t the worst.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Our defense was solid today against Tom Brady (arguably the greatest quarterback in the NFL). They’re not the problem at all. Sure……maybe at the end they got tired, but what do you expect when your offense can’t ever give your D a rest??!!

  3. trusomaroff Says:

    Love Barron he really is getting better every game. Really enjoy this defense as a whole now. I almost feel more comfortable being on D than offense. Sad. But reminiscent of the bucs glory days of the late 90s

  4. GenocideD Says:

    I thought Goldson looked timid. Thanks Goodell for making our impact player double think every move.

  5. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Thats great and all Joe, but I could give a fucck right about now. ^^ like Genocide, where was Goldson??

    Patrick: “Our defense was solid today against Tom Brady”

    you’re smokin some ajax laced crystal meth. since belicheck adjusted in the 2nd quarter, which Shia-Oh-No couldnt do all game, Brady carved our D for the rest of the game.

  6. Adam L. Says:

    Barron better emerge. Only wasted a 7 overall pick on him. He’s late emerging if u ask me.

  7. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Adam L.

    “Barron better emerge. Only wasted a 7 overall pick on him. He’s late emerging if u ask me.”

    See JBF?????? ^^^^^ THIS. Wanna do an ’87 styled poll???? Is Adam L an ignorant ass moron, or is he just a Tiny Dicc Troll?

    1 for Ignorant ass Moron
    2 for Tiny Dicc Troll

    I say 2!

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    A bright spot- sorta like sticking a lil plastic rainbow on top a cow pie! Lol

    But yeah- he really has improved over last year. He’s a lot more comfortable in the box.

    You didn’t see Goldson as much, because the patriots attack you with 5 pass options- 3 WRs, a TE, and A pass catching RB.Goldson was in coverage all game

    The idiots! They’ll never win any games like that!!

    We have 2, and only 2 receiving options-Jackson and Williams! No 3rd Wr, no slot Reciever, no TE, and no pass catching back!! EVER!!

    And look how great we’re doing!