About This Schiano-Freeman Strife…

September 22nd, 2013

Joe has heard this time and again about how Bucs coach Greg Schiano doesn’t like Josh Freeman.

Naturally, these rumors were hatched by out-of-town reporters with the proverbial “sources,” yet for some reason, these grizzled, veteran, sage scribes can’t get these sources on the record. Not one of them.

Joe always thought they were bulls(p)it but with all the drama around the Bucs recently, Joe was having second thoughts. Well, Bucs commander Greg Schiano all but put those rumors to rest today in the collective Bucs fart in Foxborough.

The offense, again, struggled, especially in the second half. The game got out of hand in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter, Schiano had ample opportunities to insert Mike Glennon onto the field to get a few regular season snaps under his belt.

Schiano stuck with Freeman, instead.

Albert Breer, of NFL Network, Twittered during the game how Glennon was warming up. But Schiano — again — dismissed any quarterback controversy when, per Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud, Schiano stated that pulling Freeman for Glennon didn’t cross his mind, and that Freeman gives the Bucs the best chance to win.

Does that sound like a coach who wants to Pearl Harbor his starting quarterback and is looking for the first chance to bench him?

Joe has a hunch Schiano is going to use Freeman to the bitter end because now the focus of the team has gone from a playoff hunt, to people trying to save their own arses.

And Schiano isn’t going to walk the plank for a rookie third-round pick of a quarterback.

43 Responses to “About This Schiano-Freeman Strife…”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Glennon has to start after the bye if they lose next week or even if they win and Freeman is terrible again. The majority of the fan base has seen enough of Josh Freeman and its obvious his time is up in Tampa. He’s the worst QB in the league statistically at the moment. He can’t get over the 50% completion mark when 60% is what an average QB does. Its just brutal to watch.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    I’d like to know how the Glazers feel after writing Free’s game check every week. I wonder if THEY think he earned his money….

  3. snookau Says:

    One good thing about sticking with Freeman til the end is that our new coach will have the #1 pick in the 2014 draft.

  4. Raphael Says:

    Joe, those drops were for TD’s , not just a first down…thats big..
    A Real TE and a real 3rd down receiver would help tremendously …..

    freeman is a hugely talented QB , and had a bunch of passes right on target today

  5. Kalind Says:

    I’m done with Schiano too. Guy is a horrible game planner. I don’t know why. But Sullivan, Sheridan, and Schiano need to go. Maybe before the season ends.

    I’ll give Dom two more seasons. I have been a huge Dom supporter on these here pages, but I can’t get over the lack of CB depth, WR depth, and a viable TE. Those are on him.

  6. Bucfan66 Says:

    Schiano is a smart man. He knows that public opinion about Freeman has gone past the point of no return regardless of whether he “likes” him or not. Might as well save some face and make it seem like he supports Josh for the next game or two.

    Meanwhile, his master plan of having Glennon start is unfolding quite well.

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    His master plan being what? Playing him and letting Josh show how much he sucks?

  8. Kalind Says:

    Raphael, come on bro. It isn’t about the drops. Brees, Brady, Peyton, Rodgers all have drops. Everyone has drops. You gotta pull things together. Stop the bleeding. Freeman is a scrub. He’ll be lucky to back up Terrelle Pryor next year. The guy gets rattled, he gets flustered, and he makes awful decisions. He can’t drag this team across the finish line like the good abs. I’m done with excuses. Play and perform. He’s tried and failed too many times

  9. Clintro Says:

    If we start Glennon the season is over…. I swear people and their love for back up QBs. Did you guys see him in preseason against people that are now bagging groceries and shooting on their couches? SMH!

  10. Kalind Says:

    Playing Glennon was never the ‘plan’ this year. He wanted to go to the playoffs and win. And if they were doing that, Glennon wasn’t coming in. Schiano is about out of time too. He can’t afford to be playing games like that. ESP when the team is in freefall

  11. Couch Fan Says:

    Season is already over when Josh Freeman is your starting QB.

  12. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Starting Glennon too soon will ruin both Glennon and the Bucs’ 2013 season. It’ll also make Schiano look too eager to get “his guy” into the starting role at the expense of the team and reinforce the naysayers’ opinion that he’s a control freak and inflexible, caring more about his way than the success of the team. He’s not stupid enough to start Glennon too soon.

    However, holding onto Freeman too long makes Schiano look fearful of change and intentionally ignorant about Freeman as a player. It also makes him look like he’s making a play for his job at the expense of the team’s performance and future. He’s also not stupid enough to hang onto Freeman past his expiration date.

    So the question is one of timing. He’s going to replace Freeman with Glennon. That’s a given. But he has to time it perfectly in order to strike the best balance between starting Glennon too early and hanging onto Freeman too long. Your guess is as good as mine as to how Schiano will judge that the time has finally come to make his move.

  13. deathaneers Says:

    What was the point of wasting a draft pick on Glennon?

  14. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Schiano isn’t out of time. Stop your whining.

    Joe, any news on injuries to Jackson & Williams & GMC?

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    We have a 2% chance of making the playoffs, haven’t scored an offensive TD in 6 quarters, still have 0 TD drivers longer than 43 yards. I’d say the season is more or less over.

  16. Bucfan66 Says:

    Exactly, FLBoy. It’s a done deal, just a question of when.

    If we lose against Arizona and Freeman plays poorly, then Schiano will pull the plug. Book it.

  17. deathaneers Says:

    I don’t want Freeman to suck or MY Bucs to lose games but Freeman sucks and THEY are losing games. If the play calling and Freeman are this bad next week against a bad Cardinals team it is time to do something.
    No playoffs since 2007 is way to long. Hell, even that game against the Giants was BAD.

  18. Splengo Says:

    Sorry Buccan66,

    Schiano isn’t smart enough to plot an elaborate scheme. Oh he’s going to play Glennon soon enough, but Schiano will be the same game manager he is today and Glennon will be the same QB we saw in the preseason.

    This is the Bataan death march.

  19. Patrick Says:

    It’s been embarrassing to be a Bucs fan since January 16, 2009.

  20. Disgusted Season Ticket Holder Says:

    1-8…Tired of making other teams highlight reels. Just win already!!

  21. BigSombrero Says:

    Disagree Joe, I think he is benched by the bye. They probably hope he had a few good games to give him some possible trade value.

  22. Jerry Says:

    Told you we shouldnt have fired Gruden.

    You were all sick of mediocrity. You wanted to draft a young QB.

    You got your wish.

  23. Illuminati Says:


    If we start Glennon the season is over

    Yes, because with Freeman, the season seems to be right on track.

  24. Illuminati Says:

    Waiting until after the bye week to start Glennon would be a huge mistake. Start him against the Cardinals. Freeman is not salvageable at this point. I don’t care how raw Glennon is, I don’t know of any NFL QB in the modern era who has turned in a QB rating below 80 for eight straight games, which Freeman has now done.

    Holy futility, Batman, stop the bleeding and start Glennon.

  25. Sambizle Says:


    That is the worst post I have ever seen. Glennon sucks…WHO EVEN GIVES TWO S##Ts, when he comes in??? Unless you’re a Troll trying to start crap you’re a total idiot.


    U agree with him? Yu’re WORS!!!


  26. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Hey Joe, million dollar idea, breakthrough sht. Let us leave video comments! A certain time limit. Cause I just want to see a video of the MGM all together in their circle jerk formation. Celebrating the end of Freeman……million dollar idea Joe….youd be a fckin sports website pioneer!

  27. Adam L. Says:

    Glennon must have ALS if Freeman is the Bucs best chance to win. You can’t tell me Glennon is incapable of 50% passing.

    You do realize that as Bucs fans we are no relegated to BEGGING AND PLEADING for a FIFTY PERCENT PASSER???

  28. SSG Mike Says:

    I think the Bye week is the best time to start the Glennon era and I’m not a Glennon fan. Josh Freeman will get his shot with another team. He may come back to bite us in the ass, maybe not. Ultimately the issue here is the coaching and management. Schiano is way to “My way or the Highway” for his own good. Does not know how to use his players to there strengths offensively and a little on defense (see Revis playing zone). I do think he may stick with Josh as Joe said, Pearl Harboring a decent maybe even with the right coaching above average QB. Hopefully Josh will get a shot at a decent team needing real QB competition. Schiano will probably save his butt by playing #5 til the bloody end but then again would you want “Vanilla Sky” Sullivan as your interim HC or maybe Butch Davis? I’d like to see Cowher or Billick. Both have pretty good results from average QB’s over there careers (see: Kordell Stewart, Charlie Batch, Trent Dilfer). Open the wallet “Pep Boys” and let’s get it done. Another Question, was Glennon part of the plan prior to the draft or was he just a solid prospect at QB at that draft position? We all know Orlovsky was never an option which is sad because we are paying a guy to what coach/hold a clip board for league min salary $555k. Hell I could do that. If he’s that good of a QB coach hire him in that capacity and add a viable veteran or another prospect. Just Sayin’. Go Bucs! Bring on the grocery bags of the 80’s.

  29. Pete I Says:

    Till the bitter end is joes new view on freeman and schiano.

    Great…that will encourage ticket sales. How did last weeks game not get blacked out?

    Please football gods and make sure next weeks game is blacked out, as this train wreck is unwatchable.

  30. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @SSG Mike

    refreshing take, even though I dont agree with all of it.

    my conspiracy theory ass, thinks that with McNulty in, and the preseason talk of Sully moving on to a HC role after the season, I think Schiano decided to override the offensive playcalling, (like all those go’s on 4th down). how else could Sully go from a top 10-12 offense, to what we see now??

    Schiano wanted McNulty his first year. Now he’s got him, and I think its his plan to turn him into our next OC, regardless of what happens to Sully.

    The problem is, our WRs have sucked monkey balls since PJ Fleck left. So Im not sold on McNulty. And Im def not sold on Schiano.

    “Greg Schiano’s Gotta Go”

  31. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    *we had the 9th best offense

  32. Adam L. Says:

    By the way… All those stories in the media about turmoil in the locker room and infighting between the players and the coach?

    I believe every single word of it. Every. Single. Word.

  33. niko Says:

    Excellent observation JOE…which makes you wonder, how bad is Mike Glennon?
    Is he the Glennon who we saw vs Washington?
    or is he really sticking with Freeman because its the right thing to do?

    Schiano is a Belichikonian….who comes from a tree that doesnt really change QBs alot. Yes Schiano swapped them at Rutgers, but I think the whole media angle about Schiano not ready for the pro game is a big myth too. To be a head coach, you have to deal with more than just students. Staff…etc. Im sure he knows how to deal with more than just 20 year olds.

    Im waiting the whole year to cast my opinion on everyone at ONE BUC, but I would not be surprised if there could be a house cleaning down there if the Bucs finish 5-11 or worse.

  34. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Joe said:

    “Joe has a hunch Schiano is going to use Freeman to the bitter end because now the focus of the team has gone from a playoff hunt, to people trying to save their own arses.”

    I think its obvious that Schiano will wait till the bye. If he pulled him today, the media storm over Tampa would go bananas. So like Ive been saying, its in Schiano’s best personal professional interest that Freeman doesnt do well, so that into the bye, Schiano can groom “HIS” project QB for the next 2 years. Buying him more time. At the cost of putting us fans through 1-2 more years of rebuilding.

    So unless Glennon hits it off from the start like Matty Ice, I dont think the Glazers will be happy with the fanbase jumping ship and not selling out if Glennon is no better than Free.

  35. jose Says:

    This team needs a spark! And is not Freeman,after watching today game I must say that the offence does not have a vocal leader and it needs one,someone to get players fired up and going strong and VJ and David are not it. It needs to come from the Qb.

  36. jose Says:


  37. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    We need some nasty motherfu(kers. We had some…..Blount, Talib. But they were too much of a threat to our HC’s ego. So forget their talents, they had to go!

  38. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Sciano’s Gotta Go.

  39. Nick2 Says:

    Glennon would be hard pressed to play worse than Freeman is. Freeman hasn’t played a game with over 80 for a quarterback rating since last year. Glennon did it twice during the preseason. I just think Josh has to sit the bench. His play since his back to back 4 interception games has been the worst in the league. I like Josh but he needs a new coach and city to see if he will make it in the NFL as a starter. He had everything on the line financially and he couldnt get it done. Its time to move to Glennon. I believe Glennon will not be as bad as half of the fans believe. I think its way too early to say Glennon will have zero suceess this year. I also believe Schiano is starting to believe that Glennon might save his season. If not Schiano has too much time on his contract he gets one more year either way.

  40. Adam L. Says:

    I agree with NICK2.

    Do you realize how HARD it would be to UNDERPERFORM Freeman at this stage?

  41. Ty Says:

    Glennon would be hard pressed to play worse than freeman…lmao…did u see him in preseason against 2nd and 3rd stringers…haha…when u ppl egg what u wish for…u will want freeman back…Glennon is admitting the season is over…smh

  42. Kalind Says:

    I just don’t have the words to explain how bad a job I think Schiano is doing. There. Are. No. Words. This guy was given blank checks for free agents, high draft picks and they still stink to high heaven. Who is that on?

    It’s on Freeman certainly. He’s the Luke Stocker of qbs.

  43. NY Buc Says:

    It seems like hatred for the HC and GM are not unique to Bucs fans. I get a chuckle reading the NY papers calling for Tom Coughlin to get canned because he’s “lost the team” and is “getting outcoached”. Sound familiar? While the jury is still out on Schiano as a NFL coach, I don’t think anyone can argue that the Dom+Schiano drafts have yielded a greater number of productive players than the Dom+Morris drafts did. We saw a Bucs team that folded and quit (2011), this 2013 team is still playing hard (D got tired from being on the field too damn long). I’m more concerned over Sullivan and Freeman, for whatever reason those two don’t seem to be on the same page this season. Hopefully it gets fixes so the offense can start putting more points on the scoreboard.