Arizona 13, Bucs 10

September 29th, 2013

“Where was the Bucs offense, Honey Badger?”

Mike Glennon was not the answer today, unless you’re asking, ‘what’s wrong with the Bucs offense?’

The offense was beyond dreadful.

Idiotic Jeff Demps wasn’t the answer, either, moronically returning a late kickoff from nine yards deep in the Bucs end zone, which helped Arizona win the field-position battle late in the game en route to the winning field goal.

Joe feels lousy for the Bucs defense, which stuffed Arizona over and over and over again. Arizona was 0-for-6 on third down in the first half, when it was shut out and punted six times. It was a complete defensive effort, and the Bucs were led up the gut by Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David and Dashon Goldson. Joe would like to issue a “thank you” for Arizona completely avoiding Larry Fitzgerald in that first half. Darrelle Revis fear was in full effect. And Revis proved later it was justified with his first interception in red and pewter while covering Fitzgerald.

But how much can you expect a defense to do? Fitzgerald, of course, eventually made a couple of plays.

Conservative Greg Schiano calling a fake punt — a Dashon Goldson run — on 4th-and-inches at his own 25 yard line in the fourth quarter? Quite a surprising set of balls there by the head coach leading to a 22-yard gain by Goldson. But it made no difference.

The Schiano media circus is now in full gear. Schiano is now a whopping 0-6 in close games during his Bucs tenure. The head coach said the move to Glennon gave the Bucs the best chance to win today. Joe ain’t buying it.

The Bucs have lost nine of their last 10.

Stick with Joe through the day for much more out of this game. 

120 Responses to “Arizona 13, Bucs 10”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Gotta give us credit for one thing – we sure do find creative ways to lose every week.

  2. blackmagic00 Says:

    If Coughlin gets fired and Schiano gets fired I want Coughlin.

  3. Raphael Says:

    I thought it was Freemans fault……..Wrong !

    Schiano is an Epic fail. He has destroyed this team. FIRE HIM NOW !

  4. Pruritus Ani Says:

    This one is a kick in the gut like the Jets loss

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The defense played well. Offense was too conservative but it was a rookie’s first game, so I get it.

    What really cost us that game was Dashon Goldson and his penalty. Again.

  6. Fish Says:

    I don’t want much more out of this game…

  7. BucfaninMi Says:

    The Oline sucked!! Some contract restructuring needs to happen. They suck!

  8. Deminion Says:

    Well another loss…. Not suprised Im never a guy to say fire acisch but even Raheem had more of a killer instinct then schiano 10pt lead and play calling is super conservate u play to win get Schiano outta here we need a real coach u cn say freeman was the problem I can’t tell when we lose 3 close games u gotta point at the coach

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    He had to throw it, no choice, even with no protection. Could not take the sack.

    It was a good learning experience, for his FIRST game of his career.

    He had NO run game. Less of a run game than Free had all season.

    I feel horrible for our defense, that this happened to them again.

    I feel horrible we lost in this manner again.

    Again, it sucks because some people who claim this team are sickly enjoying this and that is so so so sad. I think that Glennon show’d enough, he can only grow from here.

    Better a rook make rookie mistakes than a 5 year vet.

    Schiano, may just lose his job.

    Not sayin I agree one way or the other, just the truth.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Successful fake punt and then run the ball on 1st….we run on 1st & 5…..Martin stopped all day long….sure Glennon threw 2 picks….but our offensive scheme & playcalling has been bad all 4 games.
    Someone has to answer for this….

  11. Tony Says:

    Fumble at midfield up 10-0 by Martin was the momentum shift. That single play was it.

  12. Jarrett Says:

    atleast this loss puts us closer to firing Schiano, drafting a real franchise QB, and getting a new head coach. This team under his regime is by far a JOKE.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    blackmagic00 Says
    “If Coughlin gets fired and Schiano gets fired I want Coughlin.”

    No way we get Coughlin. Ever.

  14. Buc Neckid Says:

    It’s gonna get loud in Tampa over the next two weeks

  15. snookau Says:

    Raphael: Schiano and Freeman both suck. Freeman probably is still sleeping. Coke head.

  16. Walter Says:

    Glennon looked like an All-Pro!

  17. NJBucsFan Says:


    You’re confusing a big set of balls for desperation.

    Schiano is done. He’ll resurface at some middling college and do well there. Maybe Toledo or something. NOT NFL material at this time.

  18. tone850 Says:

    FIRE SULLIVAN!!! Get a OC that can put together a game plan! Schiano needs to stay away from the offense completely!

  19. Bucfan#37 Says:

    In the second half play you could see this loss coming.

  20. blackmagic00 Says:


  21. Sam Says:

    Glennon mob idiots… are your talking points….

    Clearly this loss was Freeman’s fault.
    All the distraction hurt our preparation.

  22. champkind Says:


    Coughlin is not coaching anywhere but NY next year. If they choose to fire him, they will simply have him “retire.”

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We just seem to find a way to win. Horrible call on Goldson…but didn’t matter…we were toast by that time anyway.
    Right about the fumble….crushing!!!

  24. BamBamBuc Says:

    Lets start the Glennon excuses now… He’s just a rookie… The scheme is horrible… Schiano is too conservative/aggressive… O-line is bad… Any more?

  25. Barry Says:

    Wow not only do the Bucs stink, but 43,000 at the game sucks too, Tampa Bay has the worst fans in the Nation, not just the Bucs but the Rays as well

  26. Mike J Says:

    Take away the long, Martin, who seemed disinterested today, was 26-33 rushing. That pretty much sums it up.

  27. GenocideD Says:

    Walter, do us all a favor and shut your pie hole.

  28. Tm Says:

    This coaching staff continues to have no clue on running a professional offense. Completely inept and will not change with schiano, Sullivan and others in over their heads. There is not one coach on offense which others team will hire when they are eventually fired.

  29. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    Fire Schiano!! i cant watch these games where you have no clue in how to change the game plan in the 4thQ. So many play where there catching the ball because were in zone.

  30. Saskbuco Says:

    At least he completed over 50% of passes…right?right?right?. What a crock, Schiano is so over his head and lost, it’s not even funny. Make matters worse our key Vets will not want to be here when we REBUILD again this offseason. Yes, it’s only one game but come on, best chance to win, not a CHANCE!!!! It’s so painful, Martin wasn’t going anywhere but run him into the dirt for a 1.6 yard average? Thought we were giving him less carries? bad play calling, bad execution, bad football. The time is now, but will never happen, the FAN BASE craves for him to be fired but they won’t do it. Promote Wannstead to HC, fire all the rutgers coaches, McNaulty GONE, Garrett (non Rutgers) GONE. Defenses have figured us out since th

  31. ryan Says:

    Lets get the Cowher rumors started!

  32. White Tiger Says:

    Did you really think I wasn’t going to say “I told you so”?

    Lets see, different QB, same HC, same OC, same o-line mistakes, same WR drops, same result…

    Definition of insanity – continuing to do the same things, the same way, with the same people, and expecting different results.

    Guess what Buc fans – it’s pretty obvious – it isn’t the QB…

    For those of you who think this is just one game and the rookie QB showed some good stuff…

    This game was specifically targeted to maximize Glennon’s opportunity – he was given a dumbed down offensive playbook – against a terrible opponent (due to missing 4 Outside LB’s)…it will NOT get better against better opposition – it’s going to get ugly against Carolina after the buy…

    So if it’s not the QB – who is it?

  33. tone850 Says:

    John McNulty needs to be the OC!! it’s who should of been our OC had AZ let him interview. get rid of Sully.

  34. Walter Says:

    Lol and I was called a fool for not drinking the Glennon kool-aid.

    How’s my ass taste?

  35. Nybucsfan Says:

    Glennon sucks good call putting free on the bench

  36. b Says:

    another week and another loss… every time we go in the half with a lead i know it wont last. thanks for the consistency 2014 bucs!!

  37. MR.T Says:

    Give the cards credit of making half time adjustments to get their offense going and for taking advantage of the turnovers they got while we couldn’t get anything going in the second half. Oh well, another 4th qtr meltdown. Lets hope during the bye that can find a way to finish games, if not it’s going to be a long year..

  38. thomas Says:

    Glennon gives the coach the best chance to win now. What about him does he give them the best chance to win. Love the Buc’s , but Coach an GM has to Go.

  39. Raphael Says:

    Walter …lol !

  40. Houstonbucsfan Says:

    It was the wright, ogletree show today. Which sucked by the way. I understand they are trying to ease Napoleon into the system but the way this team is built, for as long its built, there is a really small learning curve for Glennon. I hope he does well after the bye week.

  41. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Looks like AZ made the necessary adjustments at the half. Our coaching staff at least on Offense did not.

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You could see this coming the way we stalled our drives with constant running plays that didn’t work

  43. Raphael Says:

    Snook au … Does your mom know your on the computer ?

  44. matthew veal Says:

    I don’t know how to communicate this to the buccaneer management and the advertisers. I could care less about watching the bucs in their present form either live or on tv.
    if you hire tebow and put him in the game, I will buy tickets. even if he loses, he is my guy. I just don’t care about these other guys. sorry. I gave them another chance, only to see another choke that I was expecting. at least Culverhouse and McKay gave spurrier a chance. the goodwill from the superbowl has been spent. as far as schiano. nice man. paid millions, but cant see what the fans can.

  45. underdogs Says:

    Walter is so happy!

  46. BirdDoggers Says:

    What’s Schiano’s excuse this week? Rookie QB?

    Two things I’ve learned after the first four games:

    1. The offense can’t score.
    2. Schiano has been outcoached in each game.

  47. Ian Says:


  48. JonBuc Says:

    We want Wanny…so does Revis no doubt. Have a little fun the rest of the year and get busy looking for some fresh answers at coach and most likely GM.

  49. RBellBuc Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    September 29th, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    It was a good learning experience, for his FIRST game of his career.

    That attitude is exactly what Schiano was banking on when he decided to bench Freeman this early. Cop out and some people like you take it hook line and sinker. \

    Schiano is bush-league, and is now 1-10 . He has ruined this teams chances with his melodramatic BS all summer. He will lose his locker room. He needs to go if we still have time to salvage anything.

  50. Walter Says:


    Damn straight I am!! Closer to saying bye to Schiano! 😀

    GO BUCS!!


  51. blackmagic00 Says:

    Schiano should have at the very most started as a coordinator before head coach. We do not have a head coach anywhere on this team. What a joke.

  52. Raphael Says:

    Schiano is the worst coach in Franchise history….at least the other did not destroy the team like he has.

    Btw Talib is leading the league in Int’s

  53. White Tiger Says:

    What really cost us the game is the two interceptions thrown at the WORST times. Now the question the tape will show – did a receiver round off a route/cut a route short – when the QB was throwing to the correct spot – or did the QB throw two bad balls?

    I’m betting the receivers were not in the right spot – and the ball went EXACTLY where it supposed to go.

    Which should indicate all you need to know. The QB is still not capable of carrying the team – neither is the running game, nor the deffense…

  54. James Marlow Says:

    I do not normally question a professional coache’s play calling, because I am not at the practices, meetings, or consulted about the gameplannig. However… WTF are we doing on 2nd and 6, back to our end zone, throwing with a rookie. Yes a good throw more in front of VJ and I’m singing another tune, but gee wiz… Get us to 3rd and short and we can attempt a higher percentage pass for a 1st down. P.S. Demps Football IQ is zero… Did they speak to him prior the kick off. This is awful.

  55. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Walter

    You rooting against Glennon just to proove yourself right….what kind of fan are you?

    How about rooting for an OC that let him throw more on 1st down….how about 1st & 5….we run….

    With your logic…we need to cut Doug Martin because he couldn’t run.

    Keep rooting against Glennon and you can lick your own azz again!

  56. BustaCherry Says:

    I just started to post on JBF, so I’m not looking for a debate. But it’s obvious who the problem is on this team. It is not Glennon.

  57. Illuminati Says:

    @ Walter

    How’s my ass taste?

    You tell us. That’s where your head is.

  58. Fritz50 Says:

    Well, that proved , pretty conclusively, that Glennon is not a savior. So, how many games do he & Demps have to blow before the Bucs go back into panic mode.Of course the Glennon apologists will point out all the ways the rest of the offense let him down. But others will point out that winning games is all that matters. It seems to me that Sullivan is out of his depth, & Schiano has no-one better to turn to. It’s all pretty ironic. Time for another rebuild…LOL

  59. tone850 Says:

    It’s the damn play calling people. No flow, no strategy. We’re going to run the ball to establish the pass is not a strategy. I can’t watch this offense anymore, no matter who’s the QB until Sully is gone and Schiano leaves it alone.

  60. Qwertyuiop Says:

    I feel really sick after this game. Like I’m about to throw up. You know what I’m done with Schiano. He’s not an NFL coach.

    Just look at the chiefs 4-0 with a good coaching staff..

  61. Danny Says:

    Toes on the unemployment line!!!

  62. RBellBuc Says:


    It’s no different than you rooting against Freeman all summer.

  63. tone850 Says:

    And anyone who says bring in Tebow is a complete moron. Even the patriots, who are a pretty good judge of talent, cut his ass. That should say something.

  64. BucfaninMi Says:

    In the 3 games they were in, the D let the opponents score with ease, that not the QBs fault!

  65. Architek Says:

    Fire him and his staff – keep the defense and OLine.

  66. Joke Says:

    Anyone see the major, major hold on McCoy on the game-tying TD?

  67. rdbucfan Says:

    You Joshstraps are funny. Glennon actually had a 55 percent completion percentage made a couple of Freeman mistakes I mean rookie mistakes. He played well at times and bad at times. He did have some drops just like Freeman the difference is that most of his passes were on the money.

    This loss was on the offense mainly the rookie with the late interception in his own territory. The pass interference on Banks was a joke and a gift to AZ. That pass landed at least 5 yards out of bounds.

    They blitzed the rookie a lot more than they anyone blitzed Freeman and he had a better completion percentage. I’m don’t understand why they didn’t try Demps a little more at RB the way they were getting penetration and hitting Martin in the backfield.

  68. Raphael Says:

    Rbellbuc ….right on brother …exactly

  69. Walter Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan @Illuminatti

    Hey don’t get all pissy at ME, I didn’t throw 2 fourth quarter INTs in crunch time. That was Glennon.

  70. tone850 Says:

    @ BucfaninMi:

    when the offense is going 3 and out. not giving the punter decent position to set it back, and turning the ball over. It does become a problem game after game. Defenses are set up to fail in the NFL with all the new rules because the NFL loves high scoring games.

  71. Marc Says:

    This team is so hopeless, it’s become comical.

  72. PRBucFan Says:

    The irony of any Freemanite calling anyone out period for excuses is just hilarious.

    Especially when you lived and breathed excuses for Freeman for how many seasons now?

    I forget? He’s been looking worse than Glennon looked at any point in this game for how long now?

    Glennon may not be the answer, he may, it’s too early to tell.

    The move was never about him being the answer anyways,
    it was about Freeman NOT being the answer and his time being up.

    So for myself, I’m fine going through growing pains and rookie mistakes.
    Change is refreshing, one thing is for sure is that we were never going to find the right guy as long as we held onto the wrong guy. So at least we are moving in the right direction. If it’s Glennon great, of it’s not great, atleast we will be pursuing the right guy now.

  73. Raphael Says:

    All the Freeman haters don’t know what to say now…

    Glennon was a hall of famer in the first half …then ..not so much.

    VJ was hurtin and really should not of played today

  74. blackmagic00 Says:

    The team needs to stay together till some good coaching comes. I was one of the ones on this site looking to chop gruden and now I’m eating crow on that one, however with the talent we have gruden would not be 0-4.

  75. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Wow…two games now lost by our two best players. First Levonte’s bone head play against the Jets and now Martin’s fumble.

    The Bucs were moving and in good field position.. They had their hands wrapped around the Cardinal’s throats…all they had to freaking do was run the ball and avoid turnovers. Martin’s play was the SINGLE play that lost this game for the Bucs.

    And make no mistake After that point neither team was going to ‘win” this game. But either could have “lost” it.

  76. Walter Says:


    Speaking of V-Jax: I wonder how mad he is that he came to Tampa. And Revis. And Nicks. And Goldson.

  77. ryan Says:

    Anyone buying that someone stepped up at bought all the tickets to keep showing home games? Sounds like Schiano talked the Glazers into getting the tickets sold so he could showcase Glennon. In hopes that he’d be the answer and get the fans behind him.

    0-2 Coach

  78. mord Says:

    Well, the 2015-16 season is sure to be interesting.

  79. ryan Says:

    StPeteBucsFan is a moron.

  80. Illuminati Says:

    Peyton Manning threw three picks in his first NFL start, and his team lost that game. In fact, Manning threw 11 picks and only three TDs in his first four starts. And his team lost all those games.

    I can’t believe they actually let him keep playing and improving. What shortsighted fools.

  81. Ed Says:

    This team can’t score whether it’s Freeman or Glennon. The offense sucks. Changes need to be made in the coaching staff. The offensive line was blown up by the Cards today. The wideouts are getting no separation. Glennon was no worse than Freeman. I see some of the offensive players quitting. It comes back to the coaches, they are getting nothing out of the offense. How much longer will Glazers put up with this product? Shiano appears to be in deep trouble.

  82. PRBucFan Says:

    But any who, it’s obvious that change needs to occur here.

    It’ll be an interesting ride to see the decisions that the Glazers make as far as coaches and the gm goes during this season.

  83. Frank Pillow Says:

    As usual we made ZERO adjustments on either side of the ball and gave the Cards the old “line up and run it” over and over again…on both sides of the ball. The play calling on O continues to put players in positions to fail. Schiano too is proving to be the worst game manager in the NFL.

    If only ownership would put us out of this misery…please fire this amateur, install the mustached one As interim HC and start your search now…this is a KC situation. Talented but poorly managed (GM) and coached.

    On D, this was one of the better games McCoy has played as a Buc. #93 was unblockable straight up/firing the gaps…so we stunted…again and again. Seeing the DEs get jammed in the middle on their inside twist is vomit inducing. Thankfully the LBs came to play and the DBs. Losing Barron really hurt in the 2nd half. Nice to see Revis getting back to Revis…Fitz is going to get his plays. D’s effort was solid.

    On O, the line in terrible…simply terrible. Zuttah played most of the game 2 yards back where he regularly spent time with Penn. Both of those guys were outmatched, physically. Martin couldn’t get to the 2nd level and Glennon took shot after shot. Yeah, he’s a statue. Yeah, he threw the pics. Not having a TE to work the middle will cripple his development.

  84. Walter Says:


    So Glennon is Peyton Manning now?

    Lol sad. This is what the Bucs fan base is left with, hoping that the back up QB is the answer. Just like the good ol’ days!

    I think I mentioned this before:

    Glennon = Jimmy Clausen 2.0

    We’ll draft the answer this offseason. Glennon will make a nice clip board holder. Until then, we get to see him be terrible.

  85. tha truth is ... Says:

    Glennon played like a rookie, suspect play calling with far 2 many pitches and sweeps 2 Martin when tha inside runs were clearly working, no speed and piss poor separation from tha wide outs and u have a recipe 2 be 0-4. Hats off 2 our defense. I feel sorry 4 all of there wasted efforts week in and week out. Lookin like a real reality that we’re in tha Clowney sweepstakes

  86. Buc power Says:

    I get sick and tired of watching every other team get better but us this is ridiculous glazers quit being cheap get a real damn coach and a real staff!!!

  87. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Lovie smith bring you n a qb maybe bridgewater am take this team over the cusp like geuden did wit dungy squad 1 -9 that’s worse then Rah…. that speaks for itself

  88. Stephen Ross Says:

    Deja P-U.

  89. PRBucFan Says:


    It’s ironic that into his fifth season some people were still clamoring for Freeman to have more chances and after Glennon’s first start EVER the same people want to call for Glennon’s head.

    Lol, fools

  90. Curtis Says:

    Fire Schiano, Lane Kiffin style! I have never seen a team find creative ways to lose every week.

  91. blackmagic00 Says:

    As a freemanite I’m ok with glennon. he showed some good stuff, but the play calling IS atrocious.

  92. Illuminati Says:

    @ Walter

    I’m not comparing Mike Glennon to first-ballot HOFer Peyton Manning. I’m comparing rookie Mike Glennon in his first NFL start to rookie Peyton Manning in his first NFL start.

    If you can’t see the difference, then please refer to my earlier comment about the usual location of your head.

  93. Illuminati Says:

    When the coaches tell the rookie QB that all they need him to be is a game manager in his first start, then make him throw 43 times, and make him throw high-risk passes in dangerous situations, it ain’t the rook’s fault.

  94. rdbucfan Says:

    Walter = Miguel “Little General”

  95. Buc power Says:

    Call Lovie right now get it signed and sealed get this clown coach outta here he’ll be excellent at Barnum and bailey!!!

  96. Raphael Says:

    Prbucfan…. I thought even the most dense fan could see the problem is not the QB …. Thanks for proving me wrong

  97. Walter Says:


    No, I understood the comparison, what I don’t understand is the connection between the two.

    Peyton Manning was a #1 Overall Pick

    Glennon was a 3rd round Pick in the weakest QB drafts in years.

    There’s no connection, other than Glennon is a rookie, in which case, your comparison can be used for any Rookie QB.

    Maybe you need to take YOUR head out of YOUR ass.

  98. Raphael Says:

    Walter……kicken arse ….lol

  99. Walter Says:


    Lol nice try, but I’m not Miguel, I just found his nickname for Schiano to be rather fitting. He is a little macho-man HC.

  100. PRBucFan Says:

    ^^^ Have fun following Freeman to his new team.

    Freeman is NOT the answer

    That does not mean there are not other problems, but you can’t snap your fingers and solve everything at once.

    One step at a time, one problem down, the others will be solved in time.

  101. Patrickbucs Says:

    @ Barry what seat were you in the last 2 games? I’m having a hard time to keep going to these home games. I wonder what our home record is since the start of 2003? I used to think we woukd never lose, now not so much:)

  102. White Tiger Says:

    @Illuminati – so, because Peyton and Glennon lost their 1st games on their first start with their new teams – they are the same?


    I think that is what losers tell themselves when confronted with the error of their beliefs – it’s psychosis. Usually people who keep believing something that is clearly not so, aren’t proven correct.

    The offense was stripped down in order to give the rookie his best chance not to make a mistake. The O-Line caused him to rush throws or get killed, the WR’s ran incorrect routes resulting in interceptions at the MOST inopportune times, and we lost a close game…again.

    You see the pattern but you do not accept the conclusion – that’s a delusion.

    That is what the franchise depends upon – and definitely what the HC is counting on – but if what I say is true – then we will not win more games than we lose, and we may not even win more games than last year.

    That means the owners bought expensive players to “win now” – and now they’re going have to blow the team up, again.

    We’ve ruined the relationship with Freeman, and the poor handling/lack of respect for what he’s accomplished as a starter for this franchise will result in guaranteeing that we will get NOTHING for a first round draft pick. Which means Schiano’s ego negatively impacted the franchise. Losing elite picks costs us today AND tomorrow. It results in strengthening other NFL teams – it is a severe impact that MUST be addressed.

    That is Aqib Talib and Josh Freeman – we are weaker – our opponents were made stronger – and we STILL employ the guy who did this to us, and he continues to lose – doing stuff his way.

    Say goodnight Greg…

  103. PRBucFan Says:

    Walter is no fan of this team,

    No point in even addressing him anymore Illuminati. I know I won’t be.

  104. coolman Says:

    stop it guys schiano is not a nfl coach he is too conservative schiano nds to be a defense coordinator thts it. He tries to run the offense by over ruling mike Sullivan play calling get an offensive minded coach in here now Glaziers

  105. Joke Says:

    That was a little less than I was hoping for from Glennon. He never made them pay for the heavy rush, and he threw 2 INTs (I was hoping for just 1).

    Could’ve been enough, but not quite. First half his throws were accurate and on time. Not sure what happened, but I think he might’ve been aching from all the hits and lost a little something.

    The special teams and 4th down decisions lost us this game as much as anything else. We punted 4 times from our 45 or farther downfield, and they ended up with the ball on 18, 20, 8, then 20. That means on average we were kicking from their 48 and on average they got it at their 17. That is ABYSMAL. And stupid. We should’ve been going for it on 4th downs. And that doesn’t even account for the fact that Schiano declined a 5-yd penalty that would’ve given us 4th and 4 at their 45 (he preferred to leave them at the 18) and that we took two intentional delay of game penalties; counting that in we were really on avg at their 44 and them getting it at their 17.

    Giving the ball back like that is just stupid.

    Demps was an idiot for returning _any_ of the 3 KOs.

    ALL of the above is completely on the coaches. Wannstedt needs to go, obviously, but Schiano is equally to blame. I actually like our roster as-is — just add a real TE next year — if it’s run by an entirely different coaching staff.

    I had a sneaking suspicion after preseason that we would be terrible this year. The Cardinals are terrible. We are worse. (Although there’s room for improvement; Glennon will get better.)

  106. BucsAblunder Says:

    The final result of this game is exactly the same as had Freeloss been the QB. The only difference is that Glennon was playing his first NFL game and looked like a rookie whereas JoshKabob would have been a 5th year QB who looked like a rookie playing in his 1st game. Josh had ample opportunity to prove he could get it done and failed. No running game makes it a long day for an inexperienced QB (or Josh Freeloader Freeman).

  107. BucsAblunder Says:

    While we are firing people, we also should consider firing the entire Offensive Line after that display…..

  108. Walter Says:

    Lol now I’m not a fan because I don’t believe in Glennon or Schiano.

    This is rich! XD

  109. rdbucfan Says:

    Raphael, Walter (Miguel) and the rest of the Joshstraps.

    Freeman’s (5th year player, 16th game in this offense) 1st start 2013 stats

    15 of 31 48 percent for 210 yards 1 TD 1 INT

    Glennon’s (rookie, 1st game in this offense) 1st start 2013

    24 of 43 56 pecent for 193 yards 1 TD 2 INT

    I’ll take the rookie every time.

  110. Alex2013 Says:

    Gooooo Bucs’ Glennon Rules!!! 12-4 season is around the corner…

  111. PRBucFan Says:

    But I digress, off to do something else besides focus on the Bucs.

    I’m actually not enjoying this like some of these people.

    So see ya Buc fans, have a nice day. It will get better eventually, and a big fuc(K) you to those who really do enjoy the fact that the Bucs are suffering like they are.

    Can’t wait to see ya go root for whatever team Freeman joins next.

    We will be better for it as a fan base.

  112. Jeff78280z Says:

    Ok so some of you like to compare Glennon to Freeman? Lol Freeman would have lost this game too. But in more of a gut check horrible fashion. Freeman is not the answer.

  113. Walter Says:

    ^^^^^^. WAAAAAAAAAH!!!


  114. Walter Says:

    ^^^^^ that was for you PRBucFan.

    We should be used to losing by now, we root for the Bucs for godsakes.

  115. rdbucfan Says:

    Walter you’re the one that’s butt hurt that Josh got benched by the coach that you hate. I’m pissed the Bucs lost and you’re gloating. Way to be a fan. Smh!

  116. Illuminati Says:

    @ White Tiger

    so, because Peyton and Glennon lost their 1st games on their first start with their new teams – they are the same?

    Uh, no. I’m not even really comparing the two QBs. I’m comparing fan reaction. If Colts fans had been whining that Peyton Manning sucks because of his crappy first few starts, they would be idiots in hindsight, wouldn’t they?.

    Bucs fans who draw the conclusion that Glennon sucks after one shaky start are idiots now. No hindsight required.

  117. buc4lyfe Says:

    Lol freeman’s first game was a comeback win against the green bay packers for the record but stop talking about this guy because it’s over for him here 23-42 isn’t impressive, no back shoulder deep passes but they let him make high% throws but like I said good or bad qb play isn’t the problem, it’s in game coaching, it was pretty Damn cocky to have that kid throwing at the end of the game as if he’s trying to prove himself right. This was the one situation he should have ran 3 times and punted at the end of the game like he makes Freeman do. One team made halftime adjustments and ones who lost us the game

  118. Fritz50 Says:

    “In the 3 games they were in, the D let the opponents score with ease, that not the QBs fault!”

    Sorry, the D didn’t turn it over on their own end of the field, late in the game. I’m not saying bring Free back, his time is come & gone, just that Glennon has a lot of learning to do. I’m also afraid of injury, Glennon is just plain ‘stickman’
    Thin. And for Schiano to imply that if Glennon DOES go down , he’ll start Orlovski over Free is just plain moronic! Is there ANYONE here who thinks that increases our chances of a win?

  119. Samson Says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that our defense is still underperforming?
    We are getting KILLED with our zone defense as Carson and Brady picked it apart almost at will. Are you all watching the same game I’m watching? Revis is completely taken out of the game in the zone defense. Aquib Talib look awesome last night for the Patriots and saved the game in the end zone on the last play. What a difference in attitude under the right coaching environment. Doug Martin is not a fullback and will continue to get smashed at the line of scrimmage because we don’t make holes big enough for even him. He is gonna get hurt soon. We need to do more play action with him and utilize his speed and toughness in the open field! We did that a couple times in the first quarter but forgot about it the rest of the game. I hated their play calling. I think Sullivan has been a major player in why the team is 0-4. He and Schiano must go.

  120. Samson Says:

    Bye, bye Bucs