No Surprises From Glennon

September 29th, 2013

Greg Schiano said he expected Mike Glennon to play smart and throw accurately today. The rookie did that — a little bit.

Overall, Glennon looked just like what Joe figured: inconsistent and overwhelmed at times. No surprises. Glennon was rattled in the second half, making too many mental and physical mistakes.

The scouting report on Glennon painted the third-round pick as a pocket statue who had big-time arm strength. And Bucs fans saw not just zip on his throws but also some deft touch early. Yes, Glennon also was immobile. Among other wheels-free moments, Glennon’s intentional grounding early in the second half, because he was stuck backpedaling inside the hash marks, was evidence.

That penalty seemed to shake Glennon and he didn’t recover. His first of two fourth-quarter interceptions was intended for Vincent Jackson. It was a dreadful throw to an open receiver.

Glennon finished 24-for-43 for 193 yards and two interceptions against a below-average defense.

Glennon’s development should be aided by the bye week. Unfortunately, he won’t go into the break with a healthy dose of personal confidence — and the confidence of his teammates.

68 Responses to “No Surprises From Glennon”

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sale Team to Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr.(He knows how to win)

    Time for a fire sale
    (Start with)

    Mark Dominik

    Trade (Grab whatever value you can)
    Josh Freeman
    Donald Penn
    Carl Nicks
    Vincent Jackson


    LETS GO!!!

  2. buc4lyfe Says:


  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Lol-I wish the yougman the best

  4. Bill Says:

    Yea!! lets hear it for the awesome Mike Glennon, this guy rocks.. take that Josh Freeman, our team is awesome!! yeah baby, yeah!

  5. RastaMon Says:

  6. FR Says:

    “No Surprises From” college coaches

  7. BamBamBuc Says:

    Accurate? I saw just as many missed swing passes and overthrows today as I have every week for a while. He wasn’t exactly accurate.

  8. Walter Says:

    Lol Glennon gives us the best chance to win….. on opposite day

  9. Greg Says:

    Freeman was not the answer and we needed to make the change.
    Its just sad that we will be 0-5 after the bye week

  10. James Marlow Says:

    I do not normally question a professional coache’s play calling, because I am not at the practices, meetings, or consulted about the gameplannig. However… WTF are we doing on 2nd and 6, back to our end zone, throwing with a rookie. Yes a good throw more in front of VJ and I’m singing another tune, but gee wiz… Get us to 3rd and short and we can attempt a higher percentage pass for a 1st down. P.S. Demps Football IQ is zero… Did they speak to him prior the kick off. This is awful.

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    And it should have been 3 picks. The first was dropped, and was a horrible decision on the run.

  12. FR Says:

    A lot of empty seats at Tampa

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

  14. Killian Says:

    Sullivan has proven that his play calling abilities are lacking. How many times has he sent Doug Martin up the middle in stacked boxes. I’d say there is hope for Glennon. Our O line is incompetent, where were the blockers on the screen to Martin. Find a more creative offensive coordinator and we would have won 3 of our 4 losses.

  15. Nate Says:

    No, Glennon did not have a great game, but I think Doug Martin easily had the worst day of his career. He was AWFUL!!! The O Line did him no favors, but his running was awful, his blitz pick-up was horrendous, and he dropped another pass. To top it off, he fumbles a ball that is shoved right in his stomach. This game was on Martin more than Glennon.

  16. Saskbuco Says:

    Never trusted Freeman to throw for a 1st down and win the game, but has his guy Glennon throwing when we should be running and lose the DAMN GAME!!!, the TE was non-existing for 3 weeks, now gets involved. VJAX had career year last year with Freeman, he’s not going to be a happy camper going forward. Hate to say it but if we don’t have a win bye the deadline, call up your buddy Bill (If Dom and Schiano are still here and prob will be) see if you can get their 1st rounder and possibly Mallet for Vjax, let him go to a real QB and have a legit shot to win. Not sure why I’m typing any of this, will go back later and look and SMH at it, but just venting and spewing garbage at this point, sorry my bad……………………………..go bucs!!

  17. JK Says:

    Stinkin Gruden!!

  18. Phenom4 Says:

    I miss Freeman!!!

  19. buccin cane Says:

    A little off subject but not really….did anyone else see the goldson hit at the end of the game…..the officials explanation was “did not give the reciever a chance to become a runner”… So he’s jus supposed to let a reciever come down IN bounds wit the ball. This pansy ass NFL is becoming unwatchable besides the fact that my beloved Bucs jus flat out sucks… tums and beer on me all day

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sometimes it takes a disaster to force changes…I think we are in disaster mode.
    Why would you take a huge gamble on a fake punt…be successful only to run,run pass punt?
    This offense hasn’t performed and its not all the QB..
    The playcalling has been predictible all year.
    Arizona told us how they were going to defend us and we still run, run, pass, punt.

  21. tone850 Says:

    Why are they letting a Rookie QB throw the ball 43 times?

  22. Nate Says:

    This offensive line has been the biggest waste of money! I don’t want to hear anyone in that organization talk about the O line being a strength of this team. They are one of the highest paid in the league, but have been getting manhandled all season. They’re either never all healthy at the same time, or they are and just blow out loud.

  23. Teacherman777 Says:

    Glennon sucks.

    Leonard is starting at CB.

    Schiano favors kisasses.

    I like the Seahawks approach- hippy-new-age.

    Not this kneel down blitzing maniac.


  24. bucsfan1979 Says:

    I think Glennon did ok for his first start. here comes all the freeman lovers. everybody going to say bring freeman back what a joke….

  25. Leon Says:

    Goodbye Schiano and that bum Glennon with you! Thanks for costing us our season!

  26. Chuckyfan Says:

    Mike Glennon < Chris Simms

  27. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon looked terrible in the second half. Maybe we should have glennon start games, then let freeman dominate 4th quarters like he usually does

  28. JonBuc Says:

    I’d bet my entire life’s savings that Glennon will be no better than a fringe back-up QB if not out of the league w/in 4-5 years. I wish it were different. You cant win a SB with a Gangly Giraffe @ qb. Schiano should be coaching at Army or Navy…seriously.

  29. bucsfan1979 Says:

    The cards said that they were going to go after doug martin all week but our head coach still uses him down after down. he looked gassed Schiano need him to rest doug for 2 or 3 plays. damm he is a bone head…

  30. RastaMon Says:

    stands were EMPTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. passthebuc Says:

    I think all that are jumping on Glennon should review the game tape. The OL was not giving him much protection in the 2nd half. He’ll be fine in a few weeks. He gets the plays off much faster than Freeman who was always snapping with a second to go and if not it was a penalty or time out. Still without the timing, he isn’t waiting till the receiver hits the spot, he’s throwing ahead of the receiver. Glennon will not be a problem.

  32. tons Says:

    Soooo, who yall going to blame it on now??? I guess that was freemans fault too!!! Lmao.

  33. BucFan20 Says:

    The run game helped again as usual. Where is this big bad line? Penn blown away on the inside on the goal line sack. Martin missed 90% of his blitz pick ups. Put the makeshift line back we had last year. At least there were holes for Martin . I also expected brain farts from people. But remember our great RB fumble? That was on him not Glennon.

  34. bucsfan1979 Says:

    @passthebucs. you are right on but these so call fans will not review the tape and see this.

  35. Leon Says:

    Glennon fans are so clueless.. he threw game away he was awful!

  36. Mikeck Says:

    Joe, I know you didn’t want glennon to start, but he is a hell of a lot more accurate than freeman. Needs to get the ball downfield. Josh couldn’t hit the side of a barn and was hardly more mobile

  37. bucsfan1979 Says:

    LEON>> How in the hell did he threw the game away becuase he did a freeman throw. hell you top QB’s in the NFL do that at times not all the time but, at times

  38. Barry Says: website will soon be offline for good

  39. al121976 Says:

    Turnovers cost us this game but what the hell is the offense doing? run on first down swing pass or short pass on second and then hope for the best on third.i just don’t get why schiano is taking the heat all the time when the offensive play calling sux.

  40. richardtyson Says:

    I pray we lose the rest of our games. We don’t know how to draft unless we have a top 5 pick in the draft. I figure we will need the top 5 picks for the next 5 years. By then we will have a small window to win again. Hope I’m still alive to see it.

  41. bucsfan1979 Says:

    I don’t understand everybody including the media. Our beloved bucs are done for the season but, can’t we all just give our new QB some support????? oh right wana bee fans can’t do that. ONLY true bucs fans like my self and others can support the new guy. this is only 1 game big Frickin Deal People.

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I know he’s had his problems.

    But from a football stand point Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr. will bring back some well deserved leadership & respectability to an organization. That’s been severely lacking it since Malcolm Glazer’s unfortunate stroke back in 2006.

    This isn’t Manchester U. You can’t just buy up a bunch of High priced free agents and figure O well- now have a team..I have and always will LUVMYBUCS, as I’m sure we all do. But its time Brothas

  43. jarret Says:

    So clearly all the losing going on is not Freemans fault. This coaching staff is a fucking joke and needs to be fired. Start sweet talking Freeman to stay and get ride of Schiano. This guy is garbage and needs to go back to his college coaching so he can try and build on his 1 game over. 500 record with Rutgers.

  44. RBellBuc Says:

    Schiano has possibly destroyed a young QB’s career with his college antics, and his alpha wolf mentality. Now, we are sitting at 0-4 going into a bye hoping that a rookie with 4 years less experience can eke out our first win. The Bucs let the media control their team again this summer and almost by default we have become a non factor even though we have so many pro-bowlers. This team should have closed out all the media and kept all things internal. Instead Schiano said just enough and made just enough facial expressions for the media hounds to pounce. That opened the door for all this dramatic BS. Rookie coach doesn’t know how to handle the press. Sometimes you have to tell them to screw off while your smiling or they will interpret it as something else.

  45. Illuminati Says:

    @ Leon

    You are either:

    A. Being sarcastic
    B. A troll
    C. Dumber than a bag of hammers

    Which is it please?

  46. Leon Says:

    How right into Peterson’s hands twice.. Bucfan wake up don’t naive. He took 3 sacks looked awful with plenty of time and was the reason we lost! Now Schiano and Glennon can go together.

  47. Tony Says:

    I thought Glennon was fine for his first NFL start. Yes, he was overwhelmed in the second half and that was to be expected. He has real potential. Lets give him a chance.

  48. ChanEpic Says:

    I find it pretty hilarious that people are saying Glennon had no time, the OL sucked as if it isn’t the same OL Freeman had. OK, there buddy, let me clue you in to something. This team has given up…

  49. Leon Says:

    Illuminati your name says it all you fool, maybe you should watch some football before open your mouth..

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Well said brotha

  51. bucsfan1979 Says:

    Leon>>>> yes he took sacks becuase the bucs O sucks i do agree with you about coach but not Gleenon 1 game are you for real. WOW!!!!!

  52. Patrick Says:

    Just give me back 44 year old Garcia. Last quarterback to lead us to the playoffs!

  53. Leon Says:

    He should never have been starting anyways! He was below average in terrible QB class, Free gave us our only chance. Oh well New coach New QB soon enough

  54. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Tim Ruskell and Lovie Smith please!!!!!!!

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    on Ed DeBartolo Jr.

    Ed DeBartolo Jr. made his name as one of the most successful owners in NFL history with the San Francisco 49ers during the 1980s and 1990s, becoming the only individual owner to win five championships. He has since traded in the NFL limelight for a focus on powerhouse real estate deals, with holdings in excess of $2 billion.

    The shopping mall magnate took over his father’s DeBartolo Realty Corp and captained the merger with Simon Property Group in 1996 to create the largest public REIT in North America. In 1998, DeBartolo pled guilty to a felony, admitting he failed to report a bribe request from then-Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards that came when DeBartolo was trying to get a riverboat casino license. The NFL fined him $250,000 and suspended him from running the 49ers for one year.

    In the year 2000, 6 years after their father’s death, DeBartolo and his sister Denise York finalized the separation of their father’s estate. DeBartolo got full ownership of the family’s real estate holdings, while his sister became the owner of the 49ers. Today, “Mr. D” has his hand in a number of other businesses as well, including DeBartolo Development, DeBartolo Sports and Events, and the food chains Famous Famiglia pizza and PDQ.

    He co-founded a charter school in Tampa Bay with former Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks, contributing $18 million to acquire the land and renovate the property for a the new school campus. He also sits on the board of directors for the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla.

  56. tbfan4eva Says:

    I’ve been trying to tell everyone that this coach sucks. This whole offensive scheme sucks there are no easy throws for the QB. Freeman wasn’t playing well and had lost confidence which seemed to be the coach’s plan from the beginning of season so he could justify getting his rookie on the game. Newsflash rookie QB sucks most of the time one good QB class comes in and does well and everyone forgets like 50 years of historical evidence. Now we are stuck with a rookie QB at the helm and a highly drafted QB that has almost no trade value right now b/c our “coach” has done his best to make him look like the next Jamarcus Russell. If Josh wasn’t the guy we should’ve traded bin in the off-season when he was actually worth something way to waste the ownership’s money with that move. Better get your draft research goin now so maybe we don’t blow that top five pick we got coming.

  57. Raphael Says:

    freeman is way better than anybody else on this team, and is better than Carson palmer….good luck to you jf5 , I am sure you will end up on your feet again….

    Schiano has single handed , destroyed this team , who the hell plays zone coverage a lot of the time with Revis on the field, the guy is a joke of a coach.

  58. bucsfan1979 Says:

    oh wow this was his first game LEON FREEMAN sucked it up. i am not a in the Gleenon Mob but, we all need to give him a chance to see what he does after the bye week. my name tag says it all. i have herd people cal the bucs yucks, suckeneers ECT… but, when you are a true fan you don’t give up. How long have you watched the bucs????

  59. Goodolebucfan Says:

    We want Lovie we want Lovie!

  60. Bobby Says:

    If Arizona has a below avg defense then our offensive line is totally inept. I can’t believe how many times it looked like a jail break. The draft next year needs to focus on replacing Penn and getting some quality depth there.

  61. Ty Says:

    I find a lot of ppls comment funny…u say Freeman suck be cause he made mistakes..but Glennon sucks it up and it’s because it was his first game and the o line sucked..smh…don’t understand that..Freeman came in against the packers in his first game and won…the problem is the coaching…should fire schiano and sweet talk Freeman back into the line up…if not throw the season away and forget about all the players we signed cause they won’t want to be here next year

  62. D-Rome Says:

    I was at the game today. I had a good time with friends but honestly that game was a disgrace. Where are all these Glennon doofs now….you know, the ones who thought he would perform better than Freeman. Two INT’s in crucial situations?

    Ultimately, I don’t blame Glennon. I blame Schiano. This is a performance based league, right? Again, the offense was nothing special I saw Glennon make several passes that got the received to the line of scrimmage. Yeah…..awesome!

  63. Bobby Says:

    Glennon showed me more in his first start as a rookie than Freeman has in 10 games. Glennon will be fine. If he can learn from his mistakes (yes, he’ll make plenty of them) then he has the tools to be a very good QB. He gets rid of the ball quickly and cn make all the throws. He was getting blitzed so much and our O-line was so porous that his internal clock started to run a little quick and he started to rush his throws in the second half. He certainly had no running game to help him out. Our O-Line should be lined up and bitch slapped by the entire defense.

  64. Capt. Tim Says:

    Been on the Boat all day. Beautiful day on the Bay. Relaxing and stress free

    So, what’d I miss? Are we “winning with Glennon”?
    Glennon fans making excuses for Glennon, that they refused to give Freeman??

    It’s ok. I told you lil Zombies. It’s not either of their fault.

    Wise up!!! Listen to the Captain!! We need to keep Freeman and Glennon.
    Need to fire Dom and Schiano.

    Every S.O.B here has voiced there opinion.
    Pretty obvious I’m the S.O.B who knows what I’m looking at!!!

    All you ignorant hateful bastards should apologize to Freeman. You were as wrong now, as when you hated the Bucs drafting him

    This team has two insurmountable problems. And they both were polo shirts!!!!

  65. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Teacherman777 Says

    If you think play calling was conservative with Schiano you will hate it with Smith.

  66. Steve Birch Says:

    That was against a terrible defense folks. Four of their starters out also. Obvious his play was bringing down the play of Martin. If he was throwing the ball more than 3 yards than Martin may have had some room.

    We are in the age that non-mobile QB’s cannot help the team. I cannot think of one that can’t even bootleg to the side to avoid an intentional grounding call. The Statue Of Glennon now showing in Tampa Bay.

  67. teacherman777 Says:

    schiano favors character over talent…

    he likes glennon because he is a “good ol boy”

    a typical gringo…..a frat boy in polo shirts….

    glennon is a kissass….

    and he sucks!!!

  68. Samson Says:

    Bring back Freeman.
    Fire Schiano and Sullivan.
    Stop running Martin and use him for
    play action passes so he can open up passing
    and running game.
    Stop the stupid zone defense. We can’t stop
    any decent quarterback with it especially in final
    two minute drives. Three times lost in final minute!
    Our defense ain’t that great.
    Put Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson on same side of the field
    once in a while and lay it up there with Martin underneath.
    Need better pay calling utilizing and taking advantage of our players ability!