Warren Moon: Freeman Must Improve Dedication

August 21st, 2013

Fran Tarkenton may think Josh Freeman is “God awful,” but fellow Hall of Famer Warren Moon disagrees.

Moon, now a broadcaster for the Seahawks,  joined the Ron and Ian show this morning on WDAE-AM 620 and said he likes Freeman’s talent and on-field and in-the-facility leadership but doesn’t believe Freeman is as “dedicated” as he needs to be and “likes to hang out a little bit too much.”

Joe’s not sure where this take on Freeman’s dedication comes from. It’s the same stuff Boomer Esiason spread last year. None of it jibes with Joe’s observations and knowledge.

Geez, is Freeman not permitted to drink beer on his off days? You can catch Moon’s whole interview below. Moon also goes into the Xs and Os of his personal tutoring of Cam Newton, and more.

38 Responses to “Warren Moon: Freeman Must Improve Dedication”

  1. Terraj Says:

    From someone who has seen Freeman hammered multiple times, I can tell you he’s not a beer drinker

  2. tim Says:

    I always love how these random nfl experts always have these out of the blue ideas. Seems like everything we hear from the team is the opposite

  3. traew01 Says:

    Is it pile on Josh Freeman week? My god. If memory serves me correct JF wasn’t giving up 500 yards a game passing. The guy had one of the best seasons a Bucs QB ever had last year. Give him a defense and don’t make him feel like he has to win games on his own and he will be fine. He is getting better and better, and the poor guy hasn’t even taken a regular season snap yet.

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    Still dont understand why people want to throw in what he does on his own time into the conversation.

    I’m critical of his on field play. That’s the only thing that matters to me as a Fan unless he’s doing something just completely stupid or disgusting.

  5. Rob Says:

    Biggest question I have about Freeman is concentration / focus for a 16 game season. Clearly has the talent but appears to drift at times. I also think a championship quarterback needs to have some fire to keep his teammates accountable. He’s almost too chill and think it hurts him when things go wrong (as they always do in football)…

  6. Tiny tim Says:

    Funny, the word out of one buc is Freeman is the first to arrive and the last to leave. I guess that’s not good enough anymore.

  7. Bucs34 Says:

    Who does not have an opinion?

  8. Morgan Says:

    Anyone wonder about Josh’s fundamentals and who is keeping him straight? Also heard Dexter Jackson (MVP-type) say that there are QBs who telegraph what they’re going to do and makes it easy for defenses to defend. Wonder if #5 does that and who is there to tell him how to fix it?

  9. BigSombrero Says:

    I think certain guys like Moon or Boomer may question his dedication because he hasn’t played well. Look, with any job or occupation, if you are struggling, then you just put in even more time until you get it right.

    As an NFL QB, if you aren’t playing that well and people see you going out and getting drunk every weekend instead of focusing on improving, questions will arise. Not saying i’m mad that he’s having a good time but some great players may frown on it. Some guys spent their off time getting better and just don’t see that extreme dedication in Freeman which by all accounts, isn’t there. You look at a guy like Jerry Rice and how he spent most of his off time and compare it to Free and anyone can see the difference.

    Again, i’m not really critical of him party

  10. BigSombrero Says:

    *partying but he definitely doesn’t have what it takes to be one of the greats. He isn’t made of the same stuff.

  11. Morgan Says:

    tim Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    I always love how these random nfl experts always have these out of the blue ideas. Seems like everything we hear from the team is the opposite

    Local media (radio) are bringing these Hall of Fame “experts” and asking them their opinions. What do you expect them to say if they see #5 playing under his potential?

  12. BigSombrero Says:

    @morgan – You wonder if Free telegraphs his throws? Pick a game and watch his head. 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t move from his first option.

  13. Eric Says:

    Send him up for a week to Foley Alabama to hang out with Kenny Stabler.

    Can learn how to play great in the clutch and drink.

    I’d love to see Moon play under Rah when he starts rambling on about his grandmother running like a bulldog and stuff. Unworkable.

    I recall that McKay wanted moon back in the day when he left Canada. Oh how that would have prevented lots of humiliation.

  14. Ivan Says:

    Sad thing is that most people forget that the defense lost several games. Josh did give away a few also. But the thing is other QB’s in their 4th year have showed improvement in decision making, and game management (i.e Flacco, Ryan, rtc) Josh hasn’t. Makes you think how long of a leash he has this year.

  15. FlBoy84 Says:

    Everybody can have an opinion. Whether it’s an informed one or not is another question.

  16. Morgan Says:

    BigSombrero Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    @morgan – You wonder if Free telegraphs his throws? Pick a game and watch his head. 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t move from his first option.


    Actually I said telegraph the intentions – including who he plans to pass to.

  17. bob Says:

    freeman is the best we got, so he should play as much as possible in these games that dont count, if he gets hurt thats just part of the game. he is having problems reading the D fast enough , only way to fix that is to play.

  18. BIlly Bob Says:

    Freeman is aloud to drink beer. Should he drink Beer? Obviously “NO”. The dude is an elite athlete. He also has to work on sharpening his brain and reaction time and quciken his perception speed. I don’t think sitting on the couch chugging a 6 pack will help with those

  19. Andrew 1 Says:

    I think what hes trying to say is that if you want to be a Franchise QB, there are NO days off. sounds harsh, but it seems like thats the type of dedication its take to be one of the best QB. zero days off.

  20. Solaire of Astora Says:

    This is probably the first time Warren Moon didn’t cry racism over a black quarterback. Mark this date down it is history

  21. Splengo Says:

    Warren Moon is someone I respect. Warren will go to great lengths to defend a QB like Josh because of his own experience. I don’t think Moon would say anything like that if there wasn’t something to it.

    I don’t personally get the correlation between partying and not being able to read a defense, but whatever it is Freeman needs to get it fixed quick and in a hurry. I would like to see the guy succeed.

  22. Mr Sanchez Says:

    @ morgan

    hell anyone watching TV can tell who free is going too …and we can’t even see his eyes.

    someone said it best the other day. elite talent, but no football IQ

  23. BigSombrero Says:

    Exactly what I was getting at Andrew1. The great players in NFL history gave off the feeling that they were willing to die to become the best. That is absolutely not Freeman. I think thats what this whole lack of dedication thing is coming from. Freeman isn’t lazy, he just doesn’t have the stuff that makes the great players great.

  24. Tiny tim Says:

    Jim Mcmahon was a known partier. I guess that’s why he was not good enough to read a defense and win a superbowl. Oh wait a minute……….. Brett Farve was known to pound a few in his day. I guess that’s why he never could read a defense or win a superbowl. Oh wait a minute……..

  25. Eric Says:

    How about Mickey Mantles 536 home runs. I heard he liked to drink.

  26. stevek Says:

    Tiny Tim,

    “Oh wait a minute”,

    Freeman is yet to taste playoffs, but you compare him to Super Bowl Champions, oh wait a minute?

    Freeman has the physical talent, does he have the brains to take his game to the next level?

    Can’t wait to watch in 2013, with full expectations on his shoulders. Finally, answers about the QB position.

    May the best QB win, Freeman gets first crack followed up by Glennon, may the Bucs make the 2013 playoffs and find themselves a bonafyde NFL “franchise” QB… It doesn’t hurt to dream.

  27. stevek Says:

    Professional Athletes can party all they want and they won’t get slack for it, as long as they win.

    Freeman should: never miss a game for a gun range accident, put down the FIFA Soccer Video Games, party a little less, UNTIL he can: audible, complete 60% of his passes, and not make excuses.

    How about Freeman gets rid of all “miscommunications” in 2013 and replaces them with expectations.

    Here is the thing, if Freeman wasn’t phyiscally able to do it, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

    So far, up to this point in Freeman’s career, he is just good enough to break your heart.

    5 years and counting, time to get back to the playoffs. Heck, I’d be stoked to see Tampa Bay play 16 MEANINGFUL regular season games.

    We need to compete, be in the hunt and make the plays necessary to take us to the playoffs.

    Either Freeman is a part of the solution, or part of the problems.

  28. Mr Sanchez Says:

    why is ha playing soccer instead in Madden?

    there’s a valid question. @ least on madden he might learn something.

    course maybe he gets beat on madden as well LOL

  29. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ BigSombrero

    thats not to say that he cant come to the realization of thats what it takes to be one of the best QBs in the league. I think part of why he isnt like that now is because he is still a 25 year old who wants to have some fun in his life. I am and would be the same way at that age. I think the older and more mature that he gets, the more he will realize that is what it takes to be the best. pretty much have no life.

  30. Tiny tim Says:

    @ Stevek and any other person who continues to blame freeman for the bucs not making the playoffs………..Bite me. Its a flipping team game. A team game where the defense on this buccaneer team has never been good. Take a look at McMahon’s numbers and it should be obvious of just how it takes a “team” to make the playoffs.

    News Flash mr. sportscenter. There has never been one qb in history to make the playoffs let alone win a superbowl by himself. Stop expecting freeman to do. Get a clue.

  31. grif4foozball Says:

    Hey,tiny tim,sounds like a man-crush u have there.If u can’t see how bad free(wo)man is,all I can say is love is blind so go bite your boyfriend moron.

  32. ryan Says:

    I dont understand why the morning shows in Tampa feel the need to bring in “experts” who obviously dont follow the local teams besides from looking at the box score.

  33. Architek Says:

    I tell you guys, you all may not like the constant criticism about Freeman personal life but in these smaller circles that we aren’t privy to something’s going on behind the scenes.

    Eventually it will surface but in so many words where there is smoke there is fire.


    Tiny tim, you make to only point that really matters,… IT IS A TEAM SPORT !!!!!!! for crying out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  35. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    McMahon and Favre were closers.


    Think anyone in Seattle is accusing Wilson of spending too much time knocking them back? For $20mil a year, is it that farfetched to want a guy that’s hungry like that?

  36. MegaDaveUK Says:

    What the deuce?

    Since when has Josh Freeman been a partier, a socializer, a NON hard working QB?

    This is the first time in 4 years i’ve heard ANYTHING about Freeman partying too much, or not being “dedicated” enough to the Bucs – can anyone actually give me an example of when he’s been this undedicated? Sorry Mr Moon, much respect – but talking outa your butt will only land you a job with ESPN

  37. scubog Says:

    Warren Moon has no idea how “dedicated” Josh Freeman or any other player is that he hasn’t been around. He can echo rumors, opinions, speculations and general observations made by others; but Mr. Moon is personally in the dark. Is that a pun?

  38. stevek Says:

    Tiny Tim,

    Keep on celebrating mediocrity, go ahead.

    I am a die hard Buc fan, and I want another super bowl trophy in the case at One Buc Palace.

    What will it take? Better than the 34th most accurate QB throwing the ball, that is for sure.