Ogletree’s Work Ethic Makes Chemistry “Easy”

August 21st, 2013

There’s really only one new wide receiver in the mix for playing time this season. That would be Kevin Ogletree, the free agent pickup out of Dallas who has taken most of the reps at No. 3 receiver.

Yes, Ogletree dropped a Freeman first-down pass last week against New England, but at least he was in synch with Freeman on that route and finished with a strong game.

Joe asked Freeman about building chemistry with the new guy today, and Freeman said that’s not an issue.

“Kevin’s a tremendously talented guy, a hard working guy. When it comes to developing chemistry, you know, that makes it easy for me as a quarterback, when you have a guy that works like that, a guy constantly chatting it up about different looks about different angles,” Freeman said of Ogletree. “He’s a smart guy. He’s very intelligent and understands the game. So developing chemistry [with him], on top of him just being a great dude in the locker room, you know, it’s been really easy.”

Joe will have his eye on the Ogletree-Freeman connection on Saturday night in Miami. Freeman needs to build quick confidence in Ogletree for the Bucs to have a more diverse offense, especially considering they don’t have a dynamic tight end to lean on.

Joe likes what he’s seen from Ogletree, but his resume suggests he has a lot to prove.

4 Responses to “Ogletree’s Work Ethic Makes Chemistry “Easy””

  1. Mr Sanchez Says:

    yeah chemistry works well when you’re playing your own team mates.

    let’s see it on the field.

    OG has looked good, but that drop was not just a drop. it was a drop, a drive killer AND he did not manage his feet to stay in bounds.

    he owes free a steak for that one!

  2. DHutch Says:

    He does have a lot to prove Joe. I’ve watched him in Dallas. He has talent but totally disappeared last year. He was even replaced by two other receivers.

  3. Fritz50 Says:

    So, what’s the guy supposed to say…gee, the guy’s a slug ho did nothing last year, & dropped the only viable pass I made last week?!? These statements are pure filler, I think. The jury’s still out on him, could go either way.

  4. scubog Says:

    Fritz: Wouldn’t it be great if the media asked questions for which we all didn’t already know the answer and if coaches and players answered them like Realist, Mean D, Robert, 1987 and some others would? No matter what the subject of the question, Realist would have a remark about “Pop Star”. Mean D would drag Freeman through the mud. Robert would make his response short and sweet with “everyone sucks” and 1987 would go off with a profanity laced tirade. Scubog would give some smart ass retort.