Center “Only” For Jeremy Zuttah

August 21st, 2013

jeremy zuttahBlistergate likely has many Bucs fans expecting Jeremy Zuttah to again ditch his job at center and move to left guard if/when Carl Nicks is unavailable Week 1 against the Jets.

Hold on, Zuttah told Joe today.

Zuttah has been playing center exclusively this season and is not taking reps at left guard, and moving there is not in the plan to the best of his knowledge.

Would moving to left guard be second nature, Jeremy?

“No second nature,” Zuttah said. “I mean you do something else for so long that if you have to switch you need reps to get back to it. As of now I’m only playing center.”

Ted Larsen would be next in line behind Nicks at left guard. Bucs fans would be hoping he could recapture his 2010 form their when he spent a chunk of the season there when Zuttah moved from guard to center for injured Jeff Faine.

Zuttah went on to make it clear that he wants to settle in at center this season and master the position. Joe hopes Chucky’s final third-round pick gets the chance to do just that.

7 Responses to “Center “Only” For Jeremy Zuttah”

  1. DHutch Says:

    I for one believe Nicks will not complete the entire season.

  2. Mr Sanchez Says:

    hell I don’t think nicks will play 4 games.

    that being said he would probably be a liability @ runs to the outside. I just can’t see him coming in banged up, out of shape and he has a widdle bwister….and pulling to block anyone.

    We may give up a decent amount on pass blocking and inside runs, but if we know it going into it they can gameplan for it. and free is supposed to be rolling out right?

    hell free won’t make it 4 games.

    once their both done and glennon goes in and reads the d quick he’ll have it out before the pressure gets there. as it should be.


  3. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Mr Sanchez

    What fantasy are you living in? Four games then Glennon and a Championship? Lol. Wow.

  4. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Larsen at LG..(smh)…Josh I feel for you-young man. Because they are coming

  5. Mike J Says:

    Recent play indicates the line is better with Larsen at center & Zuttah at guard.

  6. Snook Says:

    Just plan on Larsen at LG. Nicks wont be playing for awhile. If at all.

  7. DHutch Says:

    Yep. Forget the Mike Glennon talk. That’s just plain foolish. I expect the same line as last year with the exception of Davin Joseph. This still should be an improvement overall.