Media Does Push-ups For Schiano

August 3rd, 2013


The New Schiano Order hit the media workroom today as several members of the credential media beat writers dropped and gave Bucs coach Greg Schiano two or three.

In practice today, Schiano had a competition of sorts to break up the monotony of training camp with his players. If the offense or defense did not succeed in reaching a goal, the team had to do push-ups. In a show of solidarity, Schiano himself called the players into a huddle at midfield and Schiano dropped and gave the Bucs 20.

This seemed to motivate the pen and mic club. Upon Schiano entering the media studio at One Buc Palace for his daily press conference, Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger quickly barked an order, and roughly six to eight reporters dropped to the floor and began doing push-ups, to the delight of Schiano.

Even WHBO-AM 1040 reporter Jenna Laine, a former fitness competitor, performed one-handed push-ups.

“Well-orchestrated,” Schiano said, beaming with a wide smile. “Good job guys and ladies.”

Schiano has an excellent working relationship with the local pen and mic club. Schiano never tries to bulls(p)it the press and takes time to explain details when asked. Reporters greatly respect that.

Enough for scribes to do a push-up, for a few, probably the first in years.

No, Joe was not among the push-up group, only because he was not tipped off about the display beforehand.

3 Responses to “Media Does Push-ups For Schiano”

  1. Bojacksonsucks Says:

    Someone should’ve gotten it on video so we could over analyze, critque and dissect how out of shape the media is. Well outside of Jenna Laine who is a beast with fitness.

    I’d say Isbits could do 3 push ups before being winded. Tom Jones 1 and a half before he passes out.

  2. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Was this a show of solidarity by the press or was it a show of defiance against a perceived over-bearing tyrant? With reporters, who knows their real intents and motives. Had Joe heard what their motive really was, he still may not have participated. Of course this all speculation. I’m just doing exactly what most reporters do, speculate.

  3. Biff Barker Says:

    Nice to break up the monotony with a little bit of fun.
    May the Biffer kindly suggest to Joe that he get some coaching on push-ups with Jenna..