“I’m Going Full Tilt”

June 5th, 2013

There’s only one reason legions of Bucs fans are fantasizing about a Super Bowl run this season; his name is Darrelle Revis.

Without a healthy Revis, well, the Bucs secondary might look much like it did last season, more painful than watching Sabby The Goat take an angle on a ball carrier. So Revis’ health is critical.

Is he healthy? Revis isn’t cleared to play football, but he’s feeling ready, so Revis told media at One Buc Palace yesterday. Electronic media czar J.P. Peterson of TampaBaySportsCentral.com followed Revis around practice yesterday and documented his every move. You can catch the video here.

“I’m going full tilt and I’m cuttin’ because I feel good. So I’m cuttin’ and runnin’ and doing what I have to do,” Revis said. “But I still have to listen to [Bucs trainer] Todd [Toriscelli] and go through the process for them to clear me to get back on the field.”

Opening kickoff is in 93 days.

16 Responses to ““I’m Going Full Tilt””

  1. Mjmoody Says:

    There’s only one reason legions of Bucs fans are fantasizing about a Super Bowl run this season;

    Guess I’m not in the legion. #22 has me more hopeful than #24 does. Also, #93, #94, #91, #54, #59, & #38…if that’s the only side of the ball the legion is considering.

  2. flmike Says:

    Even if Revis isn’t fully healthy, with the addition of Goldson and the drafting of Banks (who is NFL ready) the secondary is vastly improved over last season, sure I would love to see Revis running out of the tunnel with the flag at the Bucs home opener, but I’m confident in Banks’ and Wright’s abilities to play solid at CB.

  3. Sneedy16 Says:

    Revis will be ready. I will take a game or two to get back into football (contact) shape, but his speed should be there.

  4. Mike J Says:

    Er,Mjmoody, didn’t the Bucs have pretty much the best offense in team history lst year? 13th in scoring & 9th in Total Offense in the NFL??

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    There’s no way Revis will be fully himself in game 1 as if nothing ever happened. After watching many past ACL tears (besides Adrian Peterson) it’s obvious he won’t be 100% until midseason or after, and there’s no way he makes the Pro Bowl until 2014. Fortunately for the Bucs, Revis at 90% is better than anything we’ve had in quite awhile here.

  6. Mjmoody Says:

    Hey Mike J, yes they did. Do teams not get better when their key players return and have another year in the system? Did you not see something special in #22 last year?

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    For those with unrealistic expectations about Revis’ recovery, here’s a quote from Dr. James Andrews (the most widely respected surgeon in the NFL):

    “The last thing I’d want people to be thinking is people are coming back quicker and quicker,” Andrews said. “It’s hard to predict recovery from an ACL surgery, and to say that we’re getting them back quicker than we used to would be false information from my standpoint.”

    Here’s the link if you want to read the rest of his interview:


  8. Mike J Says:

    Mjmoody, sorry, I guess I misinterpreted the gist of your post.

  9. TrueBlue Says:

    Did I miss the Jets going to the Superbowl? Revis was a member of that team for years. I must have been watching Star Trek reruns. Anyway, it’s good to know we can pencil in the Bucs for a Championship now that Revis, by himself, will get us there.

    Who writes this ridiculous stuff?

  10. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Not sure if there are any Madden fans here but I just found a video with Trey Wingo and Doug Martin talking about the latest edition:


    Doug Martin talks about his favorite evasive moves as a ball carrier. Probably fairly interesting even if you don’t play Madden.

  11. the_buc_realist Says:

    Even if Revis is not ready for the first couple of weeks, i don’t think the fans will be upset at all. Buc Fans are so used to the boy-genius GM’s first and second round picks missing alot of games to injury. So this will just be status quo for Buc Fans

  12. Buc'It Says:


    Nobody cares about your quotes. Nobody also cares about how ‘you’ think it’s impossible for Revis to make the Pro Bowl in year 1. Who are you exactly make such statements? I’d rather take my info from reporters/Revis/my eye test. Its OTAs and he is running/cutting already. He is practically full go on his own terms just has to get released by the team trainer. Football shape? I’m pretty certain that can be handled predominently I’m training camp which is when all indications show him returning.

  13. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    He quotes a doctor in his post. He is just saying that a well respected doctor is saying that there has NOT been very many advancements in ACL recovery lately. Just that different people heal differently. While it takes Adrian Peterson 6 months to recover and have a career year, that doesn’t mean Revis should be expected to do the same. (Although Revis had a less significant injury and much more time to recover.)

    To be clear, I think Revis will be fine. I also think FLBoyInDallas makes a great point about ACL recovery expectations. In the past it used to be two years to “fully” recover and a complete year before they could even play.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    @Moron (aka Buc’It)

    Those aren’t my quotes. Read it again, this time with comprehension.

    Your “eye test” is absolutely meaningless. Less than meaningless. I’ll take the opinion of the most highly respected surgeon in the history of the NFL over your own ignorant homer opinion all day every day, and twice on Sundays.

    Stop living in a fantasy world and step back into reality.

  15. Fritz50 Says:

    “that there has NOT been very many advancements”

    Sorry, that’s NOT how I read that quote. The gist, as I read it, is that patients aren’t coming back QUICKER, doesn’t mention increased/decreased effort required, or anything about increased/decreased pain endured, during the process. To read that quote as indicating that there have been no advances in the ‘state of the art’ for ACL recovery is simplistic, at the least.

    Also, I’d bet your world respected Surgeon isn’t ‘IN’ the NFL, thinkin he prolly just works on a lot of players, at all levels. After all, football prolly generates more knees to practice on than any other activity out there, lot’s of work is how you get good.

  16. Buc'It Says:


    I read your post just fine, wasn’t that hard. Note I used the word “quote” indicating it wasn’t woods of your own. I could careless about what any doctor had to say and I’m pretty sure we all know who he is so you’re not breaking any news kid. I simply stated I don’t believe in quotes cause just as you state one acl case defers from another, the same quote can’t be applied to all cases. Seeing is believing is a universal train of thought that 99.9% of people live by so though my eye test isn’t 100% medically (I never said it was) your eyes don’t lie.

    So the next time your pathetic mind tries to formulate a smart comeback to something that clearly went well over your head, ask questions to save face.