Lavonte David 2.0

June 5th, 2013

Ric Flair’s biggest fan in the Bucs’ locker room, Bucs middle linebacker Mason Foster, chatted with reporters after practice yesterday and a top subject was another Bucs linebacker, Lavonte David.

Foster, who was David’s roommate last year as the two developed a strong bond, sang the praises of his comrade and how that extra year being around each other may make it painful for opposing running backs.

“You feel more familiar with the players around you and the calls,” Foster said of being with David and the second year under the New Schiano Order. That offseason leading into the second year is when “you get to polish things up.”

Then, Foster, who Joe thought was on the cusp of eating pineapple early last season, had good news for Bucs fans and a warning for opponents: David is even better than last year, if one can imagine.

David having a year of experience means “everything, man,” Foster said. “We are close as friends, close as teammates. We kind of feed off of each other after spending a year with each other. I think we understand when he’s going to take his shot and when I’m going to take my shot. It helps us make us make more plays.

“[David]” is a lot strong in the weight room, he’s talking a lot more, he is Lavonte 2.0. He is bigger and better.”

13 Responses to “Lavonte David 2.0”

  1. big007hed Says:

    He was my favorite Buc last year! I loved seeing the play making ability from the LB spot again… Missed it ever since #55 left!

  2. Kurius Boy Says:

    Sounds like a Pro Bowl will be in his future if he’s anything better then last year

  3. Deminion Says:

    Watching David play last yr was remarkable.. I’m not being a prisoner of the moment but he looked like one of he best LBs in the league last yr

  4. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Can’t wait to see this defense this season. With all the new players and the drafted guys coming to form. This defensive minded head coach has the tools to fix all the ills. NOW FIX IT GREG!!!!!!!

  5. Joc Says:

    The guy is a liability in coverage.

  6. Joc Says:

    Meaning foster – david is baddass

  7. You Go Joe Says:

    I was watching through NFL Rewind the San Diego game last year, and David was all over the place. Stopping runs, catching the screen pass and also putting pressure to the QB. David is on my favorite defenders on the bucs.

  8. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    I hope they will be a formidable pair for years to come. It seems we have a good crop of players assuming starting roles. That’s fantastic. Now, we just need to get through the season without significant injuries and in next years draft we will be almost solely predicated at building and providing depth.

  9. Architek Says:


  10. Raphael Says:


  11. Mike J Says:

    Some nice highlights at BucsNation. It’s borderline amazing how this guy simply appears out of nowhere on a play and makes a stop.

    Joc , ” He showed well in coverage as well, as he graded at +3.0 and allowed only 0.94 Yards/Cover Snap, good for sixth at the position.”

    Chosen Pro Football Focus’ prototype will backer.

  12. Mike J Says:

    Joc, saw your explanation. This is not my day for reading posts accurately, apparently. Apologies.

  13. john Says:

    haha mike i would call someone out as well if i thought they were doggin 54. the cat is special.