What’s The Rush On Darrelle Revis?

April 13th, 2013

Joe knows many Bucs fans are jumping up and down at home wanting Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis so badly the neighbors are calling in the guys in a van with white gloves to control things.

Now Joe read an item in a recent BSPN NFC South blog that makes a helluva lot of sense to Joe: Wait until the trading deadline.

stone (tampa): why not hold off on revis and trade up for milliner this year, then attempt a trade for revis later in the season for next years pics after we have seen revis in action still knowing the jets dont want to resign him, that is if we would even need revis at that point?

Pat Yasinskas: That’s something I think Bucs should at least consider. No guarantee Milliner is going to be anywhere near as good as a healthy Revis. But Revis may not be the same guy he was before. Cost of getting Milliner also would be less — both in draft picks and salary.

Joe can’t believe he didn’t think of that before. The risk to trading for Revis now is that there isn’t one person walking the face of the earth that can state if Revis can cut, backpedal, stop-and-start on a dime like he used to. Doctors can tell if he knee is structurally sound, but now how it will react on an NFL field?

Look, as Joe has written before, the Bucs are not going to hoist a Vince Lombardi Trophy just because Revis is on the roster. Wait to make sure he is still the Revis of old.

Of course, if he is, the price likely jumps up. And of course, the Jets are salivating over the Bucs’ No. 13 pick this month.

57 Responses to “What’s The Rush On Darrelle Revis?”

  1. Fatmosh Says:

    Terrible idea: it removes Revis for a good portion of ’13 and introduces him into a new defense mid-season.

    Plus, like you said, if he’s healthy his price goes up even more.

    It also makes it less likely we’re a playoff team this year and makes it more likely we’ll reach for CBs in the draft.

  2. Fatmosh Says:

    Also, it puts more pressure on Freeman to force things on offense because his defense isn’t any better than last year.

    I think we can all agree that the fastest way this team becomes a contender is with Freeman progressing at QB and not having to start that process over again.

  3. AmbushBuc Says:

    Trading up to get Milliner this year would mean moving up into the top 5. To do that we’d probably have to give up our #13 this year and our first rounder next year.

    Option #1: trade two first round picks for Milliner. Have no first rounder next year.
    Option #2: trade this year’s #13 for Revis, still have a first rounder next year.

    How is option #1 better than option #2?

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I can see no other piece to the puzzle we need as bad as a shut down corner.
    So, the best way to be sure we get that is to trade a draft pick for Revis, even if it is our number one pick this year.
    Can you think of any number one pick we can make this year, that will make us as good or better, as a healthy Revis will ?

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Don’t do anything until after the Draft. Dom needs to go in and work his magic draft shuffle and get 3 good starters, DT, CB & LB. worry about Revis later and don’t give up more than a 2&3 next year for him. I might draft Landri QB from OK if he is available in the 4’th round.

  6. lurker Says:

    “the guys in the van with white gloves”

    are they furniture movers? perhaps antiquities dealers.


  7. Joe Says:


    You are on a roll man. Some good one-liners of late. 🙂

  8. Dylan Says:

    In my eyes just like @joe said who can predict revis will cut and be back to form? Well lets just say if your going to say that, then who are you to say the bucs can not host a Lombardi trophy if they did get revis? Generally the same idea, it’s more impossible to predict a teams record then star player in this league who is getting the top doctors available and newest technology available to help revis recover to old form. Look at the Seahawks last year! Who saw them making the playoffs!!!! Let alone being top 3 in almost everyone’s power rankings. If you f*cking add a healthy darrelle revis (Monday should anwser alot of questions) how can you say bucs can’t make some serious noise. As Greg schiano said, get into the tournament and anyrhit can happen. Look at the Seahawks, look at the 49ers when they fired mike singletary. A idiot can tell how bad the bucs front office wants revis. Every needs to just chill out if the trade happens, it will happen before the draft day 1 ends. But every bucs fan like the true smart ones are, are praying the jets are stupid enough to let revis walk. Why would you trade your first round pick next year when lets say the bucs could be 7-2 or 2-7 for a player who is about to hit free agency once the season ends??? That makes absolutely no sense. If your 7-2 you don’t need him, if your 2-7 your keeping the pick. Bucs need revis and they need to just deal the 13th pick and that’s it. Revis ask any coach or nfl player does way more for your team then any corner in this class will year 1. He lets you load the box, lets you blitz all you want, creates easy mis matches. Players of this caliber DON’T GET TRADED often at all.

  9. Sunny Says:

    Be Calm

  10. Andrew 2 Says:

    Let him play the year for the Jets, prove he is the Revis of old…nobody will trade for him besides us.

    Sign him to that massive contract next offseason and keep our picks.

    If we really want Revis thats the strategy that is best for us in the long term.

  11. Andrew 2 Says:

    Why trade a ton of picks for half a season when we can get him for no picks next offseason?

    Where you think the first place he’ll look is? Here where the money is.

  12. DjoshFreeman Says:

    if we don’t trade for revis then we definitely aren’t going after Milliner…that would make no sense and as a gm Dom knows he can’t afford to give up too much unless its a guarantee…it’s revis,Rhodes,trufant,(or if somehow star falls you never pass up a talent like that)…those 4 are our options and our biggest needs are cb and now a dt.eiffert and tavon are great but don’t provide what we need most…stocker with another year and ogletree will be fine.i say Rhodes if we don’t trade for revis.we trade 1 pick and that’s it…keep the others and KCBO…Keep Calm and Buc On

  13. phattitudes Says:

    This is the EXACTLY what the Bucs should do. First of all they have 3 or 4 starting positions (CB, DT, OT, TE) currently open that need addressing in this draft. Trading high picks for an unknown health risk means those can not be addressed. Proceeding with the draft opens up the possibility of the Bucs making draft day trades (either up or down) to get the players they want. The Bucs are not 1 player away. They still need to fill out this team with quality starters. This is not the time to make a trade for that one last piece to put us over the top.

    I believe the biggest need is for a DT. That player has a significant role on every defensive play while a CB doesn’t. It all starts with the line. It has to stop the run and be able to pressure the QB. Until we get that fixed, it doesn’t matter who the CBs are.

    Waiting has all the advantages. Unless the deal is a real steal, they should hold off. The Jets are the ones who have to make a move or lose him. The Bucs have all the cards in this situation and this draft offers quality selections even into the 4th round. They could stock up on talent and potentially still pick him up once he shows he has returned to form.

  14. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^^I disagree…if Milliner falls past 6, we could move up for as little as a 4th or 5th rounder…the Cowboys moved from 16 to 6 last year for a 4th rounder.

    Im not saying its the best option but it is an option to consider

  15. Andrew 2 Says:

    Does anybody here believe the Jets will re-sign Revis if he isn’t traded? I say NO

    Does anybody here believe another team will trade for him? I say NO

    If the answer is No to both questions, trading for him means giving up all those picks just to have him this season instead of next. We would be the high bidders if he were to hit FA, he knows that, and we’re the first place he looks.

    He knows we’re willing to give him 15 mil(according to reports) all he has to do is play out the year, come get his money..and come to a team that still has all its draft picks and a great young core.


  16. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Andrew 2
    Agreed 100% Keep the picks, build your team through draft like last year, and get Revis for no picks next year after you’ve seen him play. Good sense. There will still be no other team with as much cap space as Bucs

  17. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Goodluck trading a 4th or 5th to move up over 7 spots IF milliner drops.no team would do that it would take a 3rd or higher and that’s too much to give up and if it wasn’t then revis would be a Buc alreadys

  18. Andrew 2 Says:

    @phattitudes…I understand your opinion and a lot of us agree with you, even I do to a point.

    We only have 2 major needs starting TE and starting CB

    every other position including DT, LB, OT, WR all have a guy or guys who could get the job done if needed. Landri and Gibson could get the job done as well as Miller and Gibson did last year….

    You grab a starting CB and TE, in some order, in rounds 1 and 2…then you go BPA on all our secondary needs in rounds 3-6….lot of good OTs DTs LBs RBs who could be brought in for depth/competition purposes.

  19. Andrew 2 Says:

    @djosh freeman…you can say that if you want…Dallas moved up 10 spots for Claiborne last year for a 4th rounder.

    I said he has to fall past 6, so in the 7-9 range which would mean moving up 4-6 spots

    for instance Buffalo would be a perfect trade partner at 8

  20. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The key here is the price for Revis. I am not too sure the price changes much regardless of the time factor unless he comes back and starts getting torched by WRs…which is highly improbable.

  21. RastaMon Says:

    Pick @ #13…this team has more questions than answers…

  22. phattitudes Says:

    I am not so sure his price goes up if he shows he is fully recovered and back to form. For his price to go up their needs to be at least two bidders. Who are they. The Bucs need not wait until the deadline if they see of him enough in training camp and preseason games. Waiting until after the draft is critical because it allows them to evaluate how the team is shaping up and what they would be willing to sacrifice to pick up Revis. Even if the Bucs do nothing and Revis goes to free agency, they would still be in a good position to get him at no cost in terms of draft picks. They hold the cards.

  23. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @Andrew 2

    Right but this isn’t last year…precedence doesn’t mean anything in the draft.every nfl team knows we need a cb and we have the money so they would want the house for a top 10 pick…as far as our needs, it’s cb! dt! cb! We have three tight ends and 1 dt and 1 cb…stocker,crabtree,nobles…all we have are McCoy at dt and wright at cb.

  24. Kryq Says:

    Milliner, is not great he’s the best corner in this draft but not great. He’s an average corner at best. I wouldn’t trade up for him ill stay where I’m at or trade back and collect more picks and take the best player available.

  25. DjoshFreeman Says:

    How much more can his price rise? He’s not joe flacco hahahah

  26. Curmudgeon Says:

    I mean, if they’re gonna wait until the trading deadline, why not just wait until free agency 2014 starts? Then we can get him for no compensation to the Jets, and he will find out that his market price really isn’t 15 million, so we can pay him less than the rumors say we’re willing to pay right now. The speculation is ridiculous and I wish we could go a day without hearing of this. We don’t need to be shizznitting our pants to get Revis. He’s not worth 15 million even when 100%… and no way you give up a #1 pick for a guy coming off an ACL injury… no fuzznucking way… If Dominik does it at that price, I want him fired.

  27. 76buc76 Says:

    No way the Cowboys moved up from 16 to 6th for a 4th rounder. Didn’t we get a second rounder to move back a couple spots last year? If we only had to give up a 4th rounder to move from 13th to 6. Of course we take it.

  28. Jacko101 Says:

    Hears a thought, Idzik doesn’t trade Revis until later in the season and another team offers more picks. We don’t know the mind of this new GM I don’t understand why Dom is willing to give up the house 1st
    , 3rd and 6th picks? I say forget the Jets Use our first in who the hell we want give them our 2nd if they want it and next years 1st or 2nd depending on how Revis plays. End of story

  29. Jacko101 Says:

    I meant Here’s* a thought

  30. Andrew 2 Says:

    We have more than Gerald McCoy at DT…we have Landri and Gibson…I know theyre not huge names, but we’ve heard time and time again, this defense doesn’t value NT very much. They play tilted nose. Millers nothing special. Very little drop off from Miller/Gibson to Landri/Gibson…could easily bring in a 3-5 round DT prospect to help compete…Brandon Williams, Kwame Geathers, etc etc

    @CB We need a starter to go with Wright and we need depth…but LJ could very well compete with our 2nd rookie CB for the nickel job. He may even win the job.

    Our TEs are horrible and we could really use a big 6’6 athletic freak TE. Remember how much success Josh had throwing to Winslow? Imagine a better TE, with no knee problems, who can practice and doesn’t have an attitude problem.Eifert in the 1st or Ertz/Escobar in the 2nd would be great.

    1. Xavie Rhodes CB
    2. Zach Ertz/Gavin Escobar TE
    3. Brandon Williams DT
    4. B.W. Webb CB
    4. Reid Fragel OT
    5. Quanterus Smith DE
    6. Keith Pough LB
    6. Knile Davis RB

    Problem solved much better team

  31. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @andrew 2

    Great points…winslow was a huge POS so if a guy like eiffert or escobar can come in more power to them but idk how i feel about our 13th pick goin to WR or TE…would love our first two rnds to go the way u projected.i do see us taking a tyrann Mathieu in the 4th and possibly a guy like Lattinore somewhere for insurance but I like Webb and Davis.

  32. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^^you could take out some of those players and substitute other ones it was more the general point

    you get a starting CB early(first 2 rounds) you can get a good depth guy in the middle rounds

    you go te early(in the first 3 rounds) the rest of the picks can be best players available at secondary needs

    theres a million diff. combinations that could be great for us…no need for some of these guys to panic

    I personally think Rhodes is the pick at 13, but if he is gone or the FO likes Eifert more…then I’d be ok with it.

  33. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Like your draft Andrew (execpt for pick 5).

    The Bucs trading up to get Millner is a great idea… especially if they jump ahead of the Jets. They won’t haveto give up 2014’s 1st to do so.

    Then, after the draft, trade next year’s 1st for Revis but only when he is healthy.

    That way the Bucs end up with BOTH Milner AND Revis.

  34. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^it was more the general point of getting our biggest needs CB and TE out of the way then having a ton of flexibility

    You meant Quanterus Smith tho? He’s a stud had 12.5 sacks last year before getting hurt. Ive heard good things medically. He blew up Alabamas O Line all game when they played Western Kentucky…was more a point that we can get a Depth DE in the mid-late rounds…after the 1st 2 rounds…its all about depth/competition at positions of need

  35. Ricky Says:

    I’ve been saying this the whole time. Smh

  36. DjoshFreeman Says:

    ^^quanterius is raw and a great talent that played at a school not known for football…FO has to try and balance whats best for our team this year and future as well as please fans.only consensus I have read is whether its revis or Rhodes or milliner it’s a corner back.first two rnds it’s cb that’s our want and focus…nothing less than another cb will please the fanbase

  37. CMAK Says:

    #June1st #RickyBobbyRamblings @Joe I’ll keep saying it till I eat crow. 😛

  38. Biff Barker Says:

    I doubt we take a TE early, it’s not a sexy job on this offense Besides, do they wants to take reps away from Martin?
    I’d rather consider a mauling center or right tackle.

  39. bucobruce Says:


  40. AmbushBuc Says:

    “the Cowboys moved from 16 to 6 last year for a 4th rounder”

    No, they didn’t. They gave up their 2nd rounder to move up.

    And if we want Milliner we have to go higher than 6. Some mock drafts have him going to Jax at #2, many others have him going to Cleveland at #6.

  41. Cmurda Says:

    Guys with the white gloves? Those are the pallbearers arriving a year too early for Josh Freeman.

  42. Jacko101 Says:

    The Lions and Browns want to trade down so if Milliner makes it there IDK if his ceiling is that much better than Rhodes. I mean ugh I think back to that ATL game that they pretty much LET us win and yell.

  43. Macabee Says:

    Free Agency

    I have a very simplistic approach to the pursuit of Darelle Revis. I would send a letter to the Jets explaining our interest in trading for Revis, but only after the 2013 draft. After the draft, I would be willing to discuss compensation for Revis with a deadline set at the start of training camp. Only game in town will still get Revis, I’m positive!

    We have re-signed Wright and should wait after the draft to around May 15th to start a 2nd FA following release of players forced out by new draftees. Most of the teams under the cap like Miami and Cleveland have spent out and we should have an advantage to pursue the best available players.


    Unless a true “game changer” falls to us out of the top ten, I’m looking to trade down for an additional 4th round pick. If there is an unexpected QB that moves into the top ten, we might see an unexpected gem at 13. If Tavon Austin is there at 13, we will have no problem finding a trade partner to move down. Rams, Vikings, and the Steelers will pay dearly to get this guy maybe more than a 4.

    RD1 – DE/DT Margus Hunt
    RD2 – CB D.J. Hayden/HOU
    RD3 – CB/KR/PR Tyrann Mathieu/LSU
    RD4 – OT Brennan Williams/UNC
    RD4 – RB Stephan Taylor/STAN
    RD4 – DE Quanterus Smith/WKTY
    RD5 – DT Nicholas Williams/SAMFD
    RD6 –WR Rodney Smith/FSU
    RD6 – SS/LB Cooper Taylor/RICH

    1. Margus Hunt has the size, speed, and strength to play inside and out. Get DE and DT with one pick.
    2. Tryrann Mathieu in the slot is a ball hawk, need Barber to mentor
    3. Either Stephan Taylor or Leveon Bell for RB
    4. Ask USF coach Willie Taggart about Quanterus Smith, hurt now but worth preseason PUP
    5. Need to replace Cody Grimm. Just see tape on Cooper Taylor, big and fast, you will like
    6. Nick Williams, small school, rare find

  44. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I wouldn’t get Revis at all. We don’t need the best CB in the league. We need two good CBs and a pass rush.

    Andrew, other than GMC we don’t have an acceptable DT. The Bucs DO value a good NT, they just don’t have one. Dominick and Schiano have made it clear that they want a guy next to GMC who can rush the QB and pull double teams. Only McCoy currently does that.

    And TE is not a need. We have a couple and will likely bring back Dallas Clark after the draft.

  45. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Well Revis reports Monday. We need spy footage Joe. ……Get in there!

  46. Nate Says:

    move on from revis im telling you bucs fans!

  47. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    @Andrew 2

    You’re wrong about the Cowboys moving up for Claiborne. They gave up a 2nd round pick, not a 4th. The Bucs would have to give up at least a 2nd rounder to move up high enough to draft Milliner. Is Milliner worth a 1st and a 2nd round pick? Why not just give up the 1st rounder for Revis and keep the 2nd rounder? Sounds like a better deal to me.

  48. Gus Says:

    I don’t like this idea. If we try during the season I am almost certain other teams will get involved with the trade and the picks will skyrocket. Now or not at all

  49. Jerry Says:

    There is going to be way too much pressure on Freeman. Look the reality is that we dont have 3-5 years to build. Freeman’s contract is up next year. So is Mike Williams. VJax has maybe 2 years before he starts to get on the downside of his career.

    If we dont open the playoff window this season…it might never open. And we will end up starting from scratch in a few years.

    We don’t have 3 years to wait for rookie corners to develop.

  50. Brandon Says:

    Joe can’t believe he didn’t think of that before. The risk to trading for Revis now is that there isn’t one person walking the face of the earth that can state if Revis can cut, backpedal, stop-and-start on a dime like he used to. Doctors can tell if he knee is structurally sound, but now how it will react on an NFL field.

    Joe must not read the posts on Joe’s own web site because if Joe had, Joe would have seen in the reader’s post on Joe’s web site, that Brandon frequently mentions that nobody, including Darrelle, knows how he will do as far as playing.

    Sometimes Joe is sarcastic when using phrases like “didn’t think of that before.” –Joe

  51. Brandon. Says:


    Based on your picks after round 1, you clearly have a decent amount of knowledge of prospects… based on your round 1 selection of a 26 year old stiff that didn’t even do particularly well in C-USA, and was by far the worst DL prospect at the Senior Bowl, constantly getting pushed around and not getting off the ball, it seems you absolutely nothing about the draft

  52. gracelivin Says:

    Let me preface this by saying I just finished watching and analyzing every 2012 Bucs game. I was trying to see what the major malfunction of this year was and a good way to fix it. Most big plays happened because we had no over the top help or the play went through the middle of the D, no LB drop depth. I believe the pick up Goldson will cure most of that problem but to make our defense really top-notch we should make the trade for Revis, even at 75% he is better than most in the NFL, along with Wright, Johnson and Barber our secondary will be more than formidable. We then need a coverage LB to come in and repace Foster on passing downs, and lastly we need middle push on the DL, which we can get in the draft. On Offense I think Freeman will be all right, he is a bit inconsistant but most of that came when he tried to press because of need to pick up big yardage. I think we need to let him run more to make plays instead of sliding everytime a person is within 5 yds of him, in ’10 he was very effective running the ball, this also put pressure on the opposing D, not just pinning their ears back when he drops to pass. We are going to be contenders this year, no doubt in my mind.

  53. Paul Says:

    We could’ve upgraded 3 positions for the cost of Revis’ salary and then just focus on the draft. I hope he is worth it, it’s a big gamble. It’d be an awesome deal if he isn’t past his prime now.

  54. Jbsk Says:

    @graceliving. Great scouting report for a blind scout! Freeman a bit inconcistant hell! He can’t throw the short ball – throws in the dirt – throws jump balls – does not run the ball because he does not like too(admission on the Josh Freeman radio program WDAE ). Need I say more?

  55. gracelivin Says:

    @Jbsk, you need say more, you look at some bad plays and let them outweigh his good plays. He throws jump balls because that is the design of the plays, so stated by the coaching staff. sorry not around to hear radio broadcasts, just made a statement he did better when he ran. His biggest problem is he rushes himself when he doesn’t need to, but usually it seemed he did this because the bucs are slow calling plays; getting out of the huddle so the snap is rushed, I think most of that was sulley’s fault, many time they came out of the huddle with 15 sec or less to survery and make line and audible calls, so he rushed to get the ball off then couldn’t calm himself. That is why 1st qt was usually good, when they were in the script

  56. teacherman777 Says:


    Why couldnt we win the Super Bowl even wothout Revis?

    Why so pessimistic? We were a few lays away form being 12-4 last season.

    With Darrel Revis, Dashon Goldson, Nicks and Joseph back, and 3 good draft picks, we COULD TOTALLY make a run IN the playoffs!

    Why not!?

    Damn. Where is the hope?

  57. NYCbucman Says:

    I say u have to trade for Revis now! How we we even know Revis will want to even come to Tampa when he is a free agent? Plus some other team very well might overpay for him, like Dallas or Washington.. So there’s more of a guarantee trading for him then there is of getting him as a free agent..