Mark Sanchez To Bucs Doesn’t Add Up

April 14th, 2013

Joe got a good laugh Friday when he learned the hot rumor out there had the Bucs and Jets talking about sending butt-fumbling quarterback Mark Sanchez to the Bucs in a package deal with cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Well, not even the thick-skinned Gotham media can swallow this, though Joe got a phone call from an NBC employee very late Friday night swearing that the great Mike Florio, the messenger of the rumor, was talking to a very credible source.

It seems Brian Costello of the New York Post is aghast anyone would suggest this move.

It is hard to imagine any scenario where the Buccaneers would want Sanchez because of his price tag ($8.25 million base salary). Tampa also has leverage because they are the only team seriously interested in trading for Revis. If they are willing to put the right draft pick combination together, it seems like this deal will get done. They would not have to sweeten the deal by taking Sanchez off the Jets’ hands.

No, Joe doesn’t believe Sanchez is coming to the Bucs, for all the reaons Costello pointed out, and more.

Yes, Joe knows Bucs coach Greg Schiano wanted competition for quarterback Josh Freeman. Joe isn’t sure Sanchez is the competition Schiano had in mind.

21 Responses to “Mark Sanchez To Bucs Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Mark Sanchez…forgetaboutit

    Revis & Tebow – Makes perfect sense. Wow that sounds familiar, I wonder who FIRST mentioned that combo trading pair…wait…wait…I NOW I remember it….MR. LUCKY DID!

    Revis upgrades the Bucs’s secondary

    Tebow sells more tickets and yes actually teaches Freeman better work habits. Just think about this, Schiano (Bellicheck’s buddy) takes Tebow and trades Timmy to the Patriots for picks in the draft.

  2. HFXBUC Says:

    I’d take Sanchez if it means giving up fewer picks in the Revis trade. I’d immediately cut Sanchez and eat the 8 million (easy for me it’s not my money). It’s cap space we aren’t going to use this year and it saves us a draft pick… Done.

  3. Meh Says:

    If we trade for Sanchez then I’m giving up on Dominik. I just don’t believe this for a second.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mr Lucky, kudos to you for making the suggestion before anyone else. I figure someone aside from yourself should pat you on the back. 😉

    I’m of the opinion that, although it might sell more tickets (a huge plus) to have Tebow here, and I would rather have him as a backup than Dan-0, the drama might be too much.

    And Josh Freeman’s work habits are fantastic already.

  5. Big Picture Guy Says:

    I’m sure Sanchez was discussed during the trade talks at some point, and the conversation probbly went down something like this:

    Idzik: “Well I hear you guys want QB competition, how many more draft picks will you guys give me for Sanchez?”

    Dominik: “Bwahahahahahah. Yea right.”

    So yes, it is conceivable that Sanchez was discussed.

  6. Fatmosh Says:

    I’ll take Revis and Sanchez’s salary for zero compensation. DONE 😉

  7. Sunny Says:

    Tebow makes as much sense as the Butt fumbler . . . I think butt fumbler might actually be a better qb anyways as joe has pointed out the bucs do not have to sell tickets it is a very very little part of their income if there is another valid reason I want to hear and free work ethics are fine

  8. lurker Says:

    teboner makes no sense. what work ethic does teboner have…he doesn’t even work!

    didn’t we trade our troubled wr for some other’s troubled we before? not that i think freeman is troubled, just rehashing history.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Sunny, while I would agree that owners have other revenue streams that are bigger than ticket sales, like TV, to say it is a “very, very little part” is not true at all. If the Bucs could sell 10,000 more tickets a game at an average of $50/ ticket, that would mean an additional $4 million dollars in the Glazers pocket over a season, something I’m sure even a billionaire wouldn’t mind having. That being said, I don’t think bringing Tebow here to do that would be smart. I’m just saying I think ticket sales are important to owners.

  10. stevek Says:

    Tebow could be a running and read option QB.

    If Freeman stinks it up for 4-5 games, then Schiano can play conservative with Tebow and pound the rock.

    What a better way to celebrate getting back a pro bowl G, an an All-Pro G, then to let Tebow run the read option. Martin would have more room to run too.s
    AS far as Sanchez is concerned. I will get him for a reduced price (jets eat 50% minimum), and shop him around to gain picks/future picks/elite and expensive talent.

  11. Mr Lucky Says:

    PS – I’m out of the country for the upcoming week so leave a message…..BEEP

  12. mindyr Says:

    I agree about them never trading Sanchez or the BUCS taking him BUT I am worreid about giving up next years first round draft pick. Because as bad as Sanchez was I do not see where Freeman is really any better. Sanchez has won more games Freeman has won nothing and I worry if he will ever so if we need a QB next year no first round pick could hurt

  13. Sunny Says:

    The current tv deal is for 4 billion dollars so yes 4 million is a drop is the bucket . . . By having tebow the first game freeman throws 2+ picks everyone is going to want to put tebow in . . . May even put billboard up so it creates a distraction like he did in Denver and New York . . . The only reason jets have cut him is he will cost 2.5 million and he is not good in the first place so do the bucs want a player who will shake their current starter? For a minor 4 million dollar gain( not jumping into your math but I don’t think the avg us $50)

  14. Sunny Says:

    As for the read option it will not be as dominant this year as teams are senting coaches to college to figure out how to stop it a whole offseason will help stop it this a tend like the wildcat that will die

  15. Rob Says:

    Tebow makes far less sense than Sanchez, unless you’re looking to spend a year or two turning him into a fullback.

  16. lurker Says:

    there are not enough gator fans to equate to an extra $4 million. everyone else has a brain and knows that teboner sucks…just like most uf qb’s in the nfl
    (e.g. though grossman was the best of this group: Rex Grossman, Shane Matthews, Jesse Palmer, Danny Wuerffel, and Steve Spurrier)

  17. Tbuc Says:

    Duminik won’t sign a proven vet corner but he’ll trade for butt fumble? He really is a rockstar of ineptitude. Jets are stuck with a bad QB with a bad deal.

  18. Eric Says:

    If I remember right dominik wanted Sanchez instead of Free.

  19. Patrick Says:

    Nice! we’ll have two of the worst quarterbacks in the league on our roster!

  20. Gus Says:

    @Mr. Lucky where are you getting that Freeman doesn’t have good work habits. From everything I’ve heard, he has excellent work habits.

  21. BrianW Says:

    It would have to be an NBA style salary dump to make any sense. We’ll give up less in compensation for Revis if we tale Sanchez off their books. Then the Jets can use that money on other FA’s and draft picks. It makes a little bit of sense for both parties, but it would be a first in the NFL as far as I know. Hey, it’s not my money!

    BTW, both Tebow and Sanchez are better than Orlovsky (probably?). BUT…. why give anything at all for Tebow when they will cut him anyway? Tebow shouldn’t cause that much distraction, any real fan knows he’s a backup at best. It maybe a few more years on the bench before the media circus subsides though, unfortunately for Tebow , and the teams that could use him but are scared of him.