Tim Tebow And The Bucs

April 13th, 2013

The creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com, the great Mike Florio, discusses the possibility of Tim Tebow winding up on the Bucs roster in this NBCSports.com video.

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50 Responses to “Tim Tebow And The Bucs”

  1. Andrew 2 Says:

    He’s grasping at straws. Why does anyone regurgitate his BS?

  2. That Guy Says:

    Florio and the Joes are trolls made for each other.

  3. biggun Says:

    Very interesting indeed… I could see this happening and maybe why not?

  4. Kurius Boy Says:

    After he said Tebow supplant just Freeman as starter, i stopped watching. Waste of time

  5. crazy Says:

    Play him at fullback.

  6. build thru the draft Says:

    I hate this offseason more than any other i can remember…thats the most ridiculous thing i ever heard, free threw for over 4,000 yards and still got crucified but tebow is gonna come here and take our qb’s job…just because you say it florio doesnt mean you know what your talking about….stick to the news because your theories are idiotic

  7. rhenry Says:

    I like Tebow, just not as a quarterback. The guy is a class act and proven winner. Maybe he could play tightend?

  8. build thru the draft Says:

    you tebow guys need to stop, a class act doesnt win football games….do you know how many players out there you can say that about that start and can actually play football? who wants a quarterback that cant play the position, our tight ends cant play tight end so were gonna get tebow to do something he never did….he doesnt play fullback either, we need experience and the ONLY position he knows is QB and having tebow isnt gonna equal more wins

  9. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Having Tebow WILL pack the stands, guaranteed. It will also start a big time QB controversy, we do not need.

  10. Mavsmoney Says:

    Why can’t he play on special teams and as a #3 qb since we stopped carrying them on the active roster?

  11. chris Says:

    This is just a hoax for a damn story. Media is just stirring up attention because the negotiations are taking so damn long.

    The point is: I think the real hang up is Revis and his choice of whether or not he wants to go to Tampa and the Jets trying to find a 3rd party to drive up the asking price.

  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    Build thru the draft.

    Buuut- he has a Better record as a pro, than anybody the Buc Roster! And he took his terrible team to the playoffs, and he won a playoff game against the Steelers! And he went to the AFC championship.

    The league is obsessed with measurables. You can’t measure a mans heart, or will to win.

    There are alot of things to like about Tebow. If the jets had used him as they said. He would be effective. The guy is a great option on goalline plays. The wildcat would never run better than with Tebow at the helm.

    I wouldn’t write him off. Everyone says he can’t do it. But every time he plays- he has a winning record.

  13. J 2.0 Says:

  14. build thru the draft Says:

    We were like last in tickets sold last year probably most black outs of any team but we still have 30million in cap room, glazers arent going broke because they stadium is empty. tebow does not make us a better team, bucs fans are getting more pathetic and desperate with each RUMOR floated out there, who uses a qb on special teams or full back. were run first say something credible like using him in offensive packages like denver did

  15. build thru the draft Says:

    lol thats a big butt Capt. Tim

    listen thats all fine and good what your saying about his record and heart but we have enough problems if he cant run the offense in place why do we need him….denver had to tailor their offense to suit tebow…tebow can have all the heart in the world but he aint beating out josh freeman for starter with that byron leftwich wind up. tebow hasnt won one single game in a pro style offense not tailored for him which is why he sat the bench last year. as bad as sanchez was they wouldnt let tebow throw the ball….enough said

  16. The D Says:

    Capt Tim,

    Vince Young has a winning record and hes out of football.

  17. build thru the draft Says:

    And vince young is just as hungry to prove himself without all the distractions and without the expectations, if he beats out free i would be ok with that

  18. Cmurda Says:

    Joe or others,

    The talk yesterday was possibly trading Sanchez to the Bucs. Idadick would look like a genius getting out of that contract and the Bucs would have to part with less compensation to the Jets. The question I have is the salary is guaranteed for Sanchez but could he either 1) restructure his contract to a more cap friendly number or 2) Can we cut him and save any cap?

  19. NunPuncher Says:

    When football season starts Florio will be focused primarily on fan attendance.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    Tebow brings baggage that Josh doesn’t have- like playoff experience. And no, I don’t want this to happen- even though I’m a fan.

  21. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I’m kinda with Capt. Tim on this one.

    Tebow would not compete for the starting QB spot, but he might be used as TE or in goal line situations. Remember the NO game where we could not score in four attempts from the one yard line after the huge reception by Vjax? Tebow can run and is hard for DB’s to tackle. The fact that he can throw, albeit not that well, adds another threat the D has to defend.

    Full disclosure, I was a Tebow fan when he was at FL, but even I could see that Urban Meyer did not prepare Tim for the NFL. However, Tebow would be a “Buccaneer Man” and would not be in jail, court, night clubs, strip bars, or suspended.

    What Tebow can add to the field, the coaching staff would have to figure that one out, and they might not be willing to do so. The Glazer’s on the other hand might like having a “high character” person on the team who would most certainly add more fan interest to the team.

  22. youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    to : build thru the draft

    amen brother. Your posts are one of the few that are well thought out and make sense.

  23. 4everBucsFan Says:

    What’s the worst Tebow could do? Beat out Orlovsky? If he’s not a threat then whats’s the harm in letting him compete in camp. No Guarantees….

  24. youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    Sanchez’s contract is fully guaranteed. If he gets cut he gets it all. He’s not going to agree to renegotiate. He has his own winning lottery ticket.

    Sanchez and Tebow are Jet problems. We’re not going to make them Buccaneer problems.

    Let’s move on from this non-story….please.

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    the young bucs do not need to be exposed to the Tim Tebow Circus.

  26. MegaDaveUK Says:

    This is a far better and far more attractive idea than Sanchoke. I swear to god if we actually agree to Sanchez, i’ll shave all of my immense amount of hair off and become a monk.

  27. OptimisTroll Says:

    Only if Tim Tebow happens to be a first-rate cornerback.

  28. Free's A Boob Says:

    The Village Idiot doesn’t win games…or get to playoffs. Tebow did

  29. dmatt Says:

    What else does Tebow must do to prove the critics wrong again? He’s proven to be a winner on every level when give a chance. History has proven that you don’t have to have a rifle arm to compete in this league. He won games in high school and took his team to the championship. He won at Florida and won two National Championships and the Heisman trophy. He set records with his arm. Florida’s starting QB Chris Leak couldn’t do what Tebow could do…win. Tebow relieved Leak in a game they were losing,and once again, came from behind and won. Until Tebow arrived at Florida, Leak couldn’t give the Gators a spark n a desire to win…consistently. In Denver, he came from behind in six different games, won as a second yer player. Once traded to NYJ, he arrived to a team full of drama and conflict. If not for his Christian belief, he would have been influenced to make negative comments about Sanchez n others on the team. He’s humble and just the type of player the Bucs need. There’s no place like home. U got away from the Wicked Witch of the West…Elway, so, please get away from the Wizard of Rex. Come on back home to ur fans n family Tim, fill up the stands and do what you did the last time you played for your Florida team. Once again,show the critics u r a winner. “Tebowmania”

  30. Jbsk Says:

    I find it funny some arn’t willing to give some players a chance to make the team out of fear that they will. In my book that’s biggoted thinking. What ever happened to “may the best man win”? I believe we are going to see a very interesting and intertaining training camp.

  31. Jbsk Says:

    @that guy. So you don’t like joe or this site, please don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  32. ekko90 Says:

    Freeman needs to go! Yes he put down some numbers, but those numbers can be miss understood. How long ago has the Bucs been to a play off game under Josh Freeman? He through a good number in total for the season, but he was terrible through out many of the games he played. He made simple rookie errors that he shouldn’t have made last year. With Josh Freeman, I have not seen a good progression and he is just an average quarterback. Tim would bring in fans, and he would definitely do justice for the team. I don’t understand you people and why you want to stick with someone who isn’t taking the team anywhere. The quarterback is the heart of the team. Tim definitely has what it takes, and he needs to be played.

  33. St Augustine Says:

    @chris apple: i think the word ‘distraction’ is a cop out (not saying you said this). Competition breeds success. Josh is a professional and he should know his only worse enemy is himself. In other words, do what you need to do to avoid a qb controversy. There’s nothing wrong with a backup that can potentially be your starter (Tom Brady and Kapernick comes to mind). in any regards I read a lot of your post and enjoy them. You’re good people. Go Bucs!

  34. Biff Barker Says:

    I like Tebow’s head and heart much more than Freeman’s. The arm is the issue.
    But since VJax and MW already play jump ball, I’d give him a one year shot.

  35. Kevin Maaser Says:

    If the bucs get Tim tebow I’m ready to go buy my tickets. Otherwise there is nothing to look forward to this year , we need larger than life players, we had a whole team of them in 2002

  36. Kevin Maaser Says:

    Sapp, brooks,alstott all played with her. We need players to believe in. Tebow could be a buccaneer man , a player we could be proud of.

  37. Kevin Maaser Says:

    Played with heart

  38. Kevin Maaser Says:

    Instead we have freeman who laughs on the sidelines when he throws an interception

  39. Youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    Yeah, all 32 teams player personnel departments are wrong about Timmy but the people posting on this site know better and Tim is the man.

    All I ask is to take a minute and think before you type.


    We’re only fans. There are many reasons we don’t get paid for our opinions.

  40. Buc'N'iT Says:

    Makes more sense than Tavon Austin at 13,

  41. solinor Says:

    DMATT is the only one who makes any sense here. Sadly everybody else looks down upon Tebow because not of his play, Dmatt just explained his success very clearly above. It’s because of his faith. Yes, I said it. It’s because of his faith is why you all can’t stand Tebow. Can we all just admit that? Lets start being honest.

  42. Pete 422 Says:

    Tebow doesn’t have the skills to run the Buc offense which is predicated on throwing the ball downfield. TE/FB is the place for him.

  43. scubog Says:

    Having never missed a Bucs game and witnessed how our fickle fans respond to things involving our QB’s I will make this prediction if the former Bronco and Jet makes it to Tampa. The first time Tebow trots on the field the crowd of Gators would cheer wildly and predict stardom now that # 15 is finally getting his chance. First Down-They’ll look bewildered when he misses a wide open V-Jax down the sideline. Second Down-Cries of Tebow Tebow will ring out as he hands off to Doug Martin and delivers a block as # 22 gains 9 yards. Third Down-They’ll begin to mumble as he fumbles the ball taking a snap on a designed QB sneak. Many will blame the center. Next series. Tebow throws the ball right into the hands of the defender who races in for a “pick-six”. Bucs go on to lose the game as TT completes only 7 of 24 passes for a mere 62 yards and runs 12 times for 27 yards. Fans seek divine intervention as they leave the stadium and instead of Tampa……..Bay; begin chanting Jesus……….Christ! Careful what you wish for.

  44. Jbsk Says:

    @scubog You need to stop smoking that bad stuff, it has to be that because we all know you are not a bigot !

  45. Youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    @scubog – that was brilliant…….and pretty darn accurate

  46. Pablo Escobar Says:

    Anyone who thinks Tebow is a better quarterback than Josh Freeman or even Mark Sanchez is a loser. He’s a physical runner, an inspiring speaker, and a good person. The problem is he is bad at quarterbacking. I do not understand why people cannot understand this. It is not hatred. Please do not give the 7-4 Broncos record as evidence.

    Nevermind, I am tired of this argument. Do what you want.

  47. Vic66 Says:

    @pablo^^. I didn’t know there were any BUC fans down in Medellín . Some others of us is tired of the argument and belittleing of players. Lets let them compete with each other and may the best man win. No player should ever fill threatened by competition unless they doubt themselves or know they are not as good.

  48. Camilo Herrera Says:

    I am in 100% agreement to bring both Revis as well as Tebow to Tampa! In terms of Revis we truly seem to not have many options left with all other real threat CB’s having already been signed, Revis is coming off ACL surgery and even after that he is still a shutdown CB. He will be a successful player in the Bucs system and as for the money, at least the guy is only a problem with that he wants to get paid as would anybody else and has never been a problem that involves criminal charges of any sort like Talib or suspensions like we had with Wright. Revis would become such an impact on the Tampa D that ownership as well as Buccaneer faithful would become forgiving towards the expensive price tag.

    As for that Q.B. that is a former Heisman Trophy winner and won two National Championships while At Florida which I understand is “college” football but also turned a 1-3 N.F.L. team around and won a playoff game vs the #1 ranked N.F.L defense at the period in time the question is Why not Bucs? Why not? Will the guy sell seats? Of coarse, Is he a good guy? Of Coarse, we all already know this and this should not be the reason why he should come to Tampa. He should be included in this trade because he will put pressure on Freeman and if Freeman truly is good enough to be an N.F.L. QB then he should have no problem being able to succeed he has all the weapons needed something neither Sanchez or Orton had. Also if he is needed not by a fan vote but by a coaches decision I do believe he can get it done, when he started in Denver everybody said that Spread Option would never work in the N.F.L. that the N.F.L offensive systems could never change to that style , well guess what the spread option has taken over the league since then. With him at Q.B. Doug Martin would be a 1,500 yard rusher behind that O-Line that would open up the passing game without a doubt. The guy wins everywhere he has been, and isn’t that what it’s all about? At $2.1 million WHY NOT BUCS? WHY NOT?

  49. Youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    Why not? Cause he’s not an NFL network and this team does not need the three ring circus that he brings. Even the Jets realized he was a disaster, which is why they did not give hime one snap even when Sanchez was in full melt down. They went with Greg McElroy for christ sake!

    Fortunately for us, none of us on this message-boards are evaluating talent for our football team.

  50. Christopher Says:

    @Build …Tebow doesn’t win games? Denver 4-21 before Tebow went 9-7. A *criticism* of him I hear is “oh, he only wins games. but can’t play QB”. Can’t use the “can’t win” thing against him.
    & he’s got a rating one point less than Andrew Luck, & better than Peyton & Elway had their 1st 16 games…but he can’t play QB?

    @Chris…Freeman has not had any competition in 4 years, & he hasn’t made the playoffs, has a losing record, & his QB rating dipped below 80 for the first time (career-wise)…you sure we don’t need a QB controversy? Because he could end that controversy by playing better, & maybe something hyped behind him gets him to do it.

    @Build, Tebow ran a conventional offense in ’10, & had a better rating (82) than he did with Fox’s uber-conservative BS. All you’d have to do is put in a little read option, which just changes how a QB hands off, that’s it…
    & I love how Ryan’s handling of the Sanchez/Tebow situation is proof of anything…Sanchez had one of the bottom three QB ratings, yet Ryan kept riding him right out of the playoffs. Rex Ryan’s a good DC, & maybe a not so good HC (hiring Sporano to run an offense?!?). If ‘ol Woody J. up there was a competent owner, & actually made his own money (& didn’t live off his ancestor’s baby powder), Sexy Rexy would’ve been gone…

    @DMatt…no offense man, but being a good teammate is what prevented Tebow from speaking out against Sanchez, not simply because he’s a Christian.

    @Solinor…you’re probably right, but I bet half the people who hate the “Christian Tebow thing” go to church. & from Cris Carter & Kurt Warner on down, football players have been open about their faith. Tebow says the JC shoutout once before a presser, & that’s it. But the thing is, Tebow has been SO overhyped (“the best college player ever!”), that 1)people think he has more experience than he does, & 2)people are sick of the pedestal, & want to see him fail. It’s a truly weird foible in humankind, & I for one am kinda sickened by it. Teebs has the objective stats & production to be given @ least a 1A job in the league, & I think he’s headed to Canada if he’s lucky.

    @Pete…Tebow’s best throwing results are throwing downfield. Witness the Pit. playoff game, where he set some record for most completions over 25 yards.

    @Pablo—winner here! ;oP Tebow HAS a better rating than Mark Sanchez, because as much as you people love to kill the guy on his one suck stat (completion %), he generally doesn’t turn the ball over, which is THE #1 stat in football, really. & he’s 4 whole points behind Freeman in passing rating, even though Freeman has 3 years more experience as a starter.

    @Camilo…you sir are a god & a scholar ;o)

    & finally, @youpeople—Tebow wins, he won on a team that was the 2nd worst team in the league the year before, has credible stats as a young QB, & the Bucs & Freeman are just treading water, sadly. I’ve said before, if Freeman can’t handle “the Tebow circus”, then he can’t handle the playoffs. The Tebow circus has died down from a year on the bench, & the Jets are living proof of “don’t play him @ your peril”. I love how you’re siding with one of the worst circus shows ever (the Inheritor/Cap Guy Blowing Up the Cap/Rexy/Line Coach Running the Offense/Butt-Fumble debacle) as proof that Tim Tebow sucks. & they only ran McElroy out there because they were out of the playoffs, they’d drafted him, & wanted to see what they had (he played awful).