Mocking: Tavon Austin

April 13th, 2013

The only reason Joe is posting this is Joe knows it will make many of his readers’ Saturday, despite the fact Joe thinks the following is absurd and the source of the information is, well, dubious.

ESPN draftnik Todd McShay claims if he were Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, he would pick West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin at No. 13.

That is, if the Jets don’t procure the No. 13 pick.

“I’m told they love Rhodes and they love [West Virginia receiver] Tavon Austin,’’ McShay said. “If both of those guys are on the board and they don’t get Revis, I don’t know which they’d go with.’’

So, which way would McShay go?

“I would take Tavon,’’ McShay said. “I have Rhodes in the second round, so I’m the wrong guy to ask. I’d much rather get Tavon, who is a playmaker. This draft is deep in cornerbacks. They can come back in the second round and get a good starting cornerback.’’

This is why Joe doesn’t respect mock drafts from McShay and others. This tells Joe that McShay hasn’t studied the Bucs roster nor their offense or hole-filled defense.

So the Bucs are going to draft (and pay) for a No. 13 pick and have him sit on the bench? That’s what would happen. The Bucs don’t employ a three-wide set most of the time. So to justify drafting Austin, he would have to play before Vincent Jackson and/or Mike Williams.

Yeah, right.

Sure, Sullivan could go three wides, but that means the Bucs would abandon being a run-first offense. This just in: the Bucs have a pretty talented running back in Doug Martin, who they are paying first round cash.

Oh, and do you really trust Josh Freeman to run a three-wide set? Joe’s not convinced Bucs coach Greg Schiano does.

Austin may very well be the next Jerry Rice for all Joe knows, but he does not fit in with the Bucs. Unless you are going to scrap the current offense or get rid of Jackson, Williams or Martin.

76 Responses to “Mocking: Tavon Austin”

  1. stevek Says:


    You made my Saturday Spring Cleaning. 🙂

    In all seriousness, Austin is the better player and would be the pick. Your opinion is valid, but we can get a good CB in round 2. No need to REEEEEEAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH for one.

    Adapt or die, you don’t think Sulli would change the offensive looks to have Doug, Tavon, V-Jax, and Williams all on the field?

    Try to envision the trio of receivers and the Muscle Hamster. This will put us over the top.

  2. stevek Says:


    We shouldn’t draft entirely with the “system” in mind. Every now and then there is an exception to that rule, and the “system” extends itself to accommodate such an asset.

    Why wouldn’t we adapt the “system” to be the best team possible?

    Austin would fit right in. If he were a Guard, different story. We can use another play maker.

  3. stevek Says:

    Who is to say that Austin is the pick, so our offense looks much better to a FA QB next year?

    Yeah, that could be another possibility? Who knows, but if we got Josh another toy, there would be zero apologizing for his lack of consistency/wins at the end of the year. It would be a true: playoffs of leave scenarion. Drafting Austin would be a great way to get to the very bottom of the question: Is Josh Freeman a Franchise/Playoff QB?

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    Freeman set franchise passing records out of two-WR/ two-TE sets last year. Our offense, WR in particular, was not the problem and there will be defensive players sitting there at 13 that have the same value or better than Austin. If Austin was 6’1+ then there is an arguement here, but his height does limit him to the slot and gimmick plays. Percy Harvin is three inches taller and 10 pounds heavier, so that’s not even a good comparison.

    You know what’s the fastest way to get mis-information out there these days? Tell one of these high profile draft “gurus” or their “scouts” that you love or hate certain players. Any time I see somwhere that the Bucs love (insert name here) it screams smoke screen. Nobody holds their cards closer than Dominik, any info out there is info that he wanted the media to get ahold of and run with.

  5. JonBuc Says:

    Interesting point(s),SteveK. It would be fun to watch at least. I haven’t given up on Freeman and hope he succeeds. This is/would be his last, best chance.

  6. Tee Ware Says:


    Tavon Austin is a sure bet to be productive …as a slot guy, as a punt returner and a kick returner….If we draft him Josh Freeman best friend will be field position. Which was horrible last year. You say we don’t run alot of 3 receiver sets (thats because we don’t havea 3rd receiver ) .We basically run the giants offense and they use 3 receiver sets all the time because Cruz is great in the slot…Also if we draft Tavon Austin and run these 3 receiver sets. .Doug Martin will be a 1650-1900 yd back Next year…With that being said, I think we will Get Revis here within the next 12 days AND we will still have our 13th pick and we will Take Austin. .IF he is still on the board. ..If he is Not we will Take Eifert or Trade Back.

  7. Meh Says:

    I just totally disagree with you on Austin, Joe. I’d rather have a CB, DT or even Eifert, but Austin would not be a bad pick for us at all. A slot receiver that can get great YAC? A potentially top of the league returner? That solves 2 major problems with our team. I think he’s a bit of a reach at 13, but I wouldn’t be surprised or upset with that pick.

  8. chris Says:

    Josh Freeman could have all the weapons in the world. His problem is he doesn’t utilze them all at once. He doesn’t see the field very well. It’s like almost consistently, pre-snap, he picks his first read and doesn’t come off it. He won’t go through progressions or look off WRs. He struggles in that area.

    Austin is going to be a bust.

  9. 4everBucsFan Says:

    As much as Tavon appears to be the next coming of Percy Harvins and any team who drafts him will get what seems to be the holy grail of the draft it does not fix our defense.

  10. J 2.0 Says:

    Josh has enough toys. Josh will be good this year, improving on his 4000+ yards and 28 TDS!!! The only offense we should draft is OT, TE, and RB. And that is only after addressing DT, CB, and LB early.

  11. J 2.0 Says:

    Also Joe,
    That buff old guy in the Cenegenics add creeps me out. Just saying.

  12. Tackleblockwin Says:

    @stevek—I was just about to post everything you said, then I read your comment. Excellent observation. I really do want to see Freeman succeed though.

  13. Steven Says:

    I think you’re not seeing the broader picture, Joe.
    Having Tavon here, doesn’t mean he could only be used in the three wide set. He would take over kick and punt return duties (oh how long has it been since we were actually excited to see the upcoming return…peanut smith?) and finally give us a threat there.
    In addition to that he can also line up in the backfield behind or next to Freeman. It’s not only about him getting all the balls, but also about the defense always being careful about not letting him run freely…which would open up various possibilites to cause mismatches and help everyone on offense. Just look at how the Packers use Cobb, the Pats use Hernandez and how Harvin was and will be used.

    I would rather have Tavon than Rhodes. There are so many quality CBs in later rounds (Webb, Poyer, Banks, Trufant, etc.) but very few elite offensive playmakers like Austin.

    For further reference, please read this article by Greg Cosell about the changes in today’s offenses:–nfl.html

  14. Macabee Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Tavon Austin would do more for the Bucs than any one single player in the draft. Were it not for that barren wasteland we call a secondary, he would clearly be the pick.

    However, I only think it possible if 4 things happen: (1) the trade for Revis happens before the draft. (2) we did not have to give the 13th pick to get Revis. (3) one of the highly-rated LTs ie Lane Johnson did not fall to 13. (4) he is still there at 13 when we pick.

    If I’m forced to bet, the stars will not be aligned that way on April 25th. All I ask is the football gods not allow him to be picked by a NFC-South team.

  15. tamparob Says:

    McShay is probably the least reliable draft “expert”. Wasn’t he the one who told Jevan Snead he’d be a definite 1st round pick? Not sure of his qualifications or why he’s considered an expert. I’m not taking a position on the Austin pick– everything we hear now is just a guess anyway– but McShay is hardly an expert. He’s a brilliant guy because somehow he’s getting paid big bucks to do what we’re doing on this site for free (speculating about the draft) but he’s got no better info than any one of us.

  16. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe your spot on. All these mock drafts are just crap shoots.

    There is no way these mockers can study every need of every team and come up with reasonable selections beyond the top 5 picks. They seem to try and use “clues” from “resources” that say very some generic comments like “we like so and so very much” and think they have something worth publishing.

    Would the draft please hurry up and get here so we have some concrete facts to discuss!

    Feed me more Joe.

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Lol. Not going to happen. -BucBon

    chris Says: April 13th, 2013 at 8:57 am

    “Josh Freeman could have all the weapons in the world. His problem is he doesn’t utilze them all at once. He doesn’t see the field very well. It’s like almost consistently, pre-snap, he picks his first read and doesn’t come off it. He won’t go through progressions or look off WRs. He struggles in that area.”

    That’s because Josh is a play-action-type of QB. He really isn$t getting to use his top skillset. I believe that once he gets the hang of Sully’s offense they will turn him loose to use his feet more.

  18. Neil Says:

    It’s difficult to draft for depth at a position when we need starters in others. Of course nobody will deny Austin’s skill set and he could be an asset to the team, but unfortunately we have glaring holes at CB and DT, as well as RT and TE. Our wideouts are a strength. But of course injuries could occur and I don’t think anyone would feel confident with TQ, Steve Smith, or Ogletree out there starting. I think the argument against the Bucs going after Welker in FA was that Freeman is totally inaccurate to get the ball to him. Think of how many wild catches Jackson and Williams had to make to bail him out, Dallas Clark as well. Unless we never plan on throwing the ball to the Tight Ends, I can’t see just having Crabtree and Luke Stocker out there. Austin is electric and one of the more exciting guys to watch in this draft class, but when it comes down to it, we didn’t lose games last year because of our 3rd WR. Dominick is always wheeling and dealing on draft day, if there’s not a player at 13 that we covet, I could definitely see moving back and accumulating some extra picks.

  19. stevek Says:

    “Relax” on the CB front, everyone.

    We are going to draft BPA, Austin >>> Rhodes.

    If we were really that bad off at CB, it would have been addressed in FA.

  20. J 2.0 Says:

    “There is no doubt in my mind that Tavon Austin would do more for the Bucs than any other player in the draft.”

    WHAT!?!?!?! How the F*** do you know?

    That is ridiculous and you know it. It blows my mind that anyone is taking this seriously. If Sheldon Richardson is there or Star Lotulelei is there, it doesn’t matter if Tavon Austin is available. DT/CB/LB and even TE are all waaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than drafting a gimmick slot receiver.

  21. Bucs or gtfo Says:

    Hey guys I think I found Mikeintampa2 on twitter but he wont answer me back because he’s a p****. I’m pretty sure he’s been around the web with the name “Tampa 2” as well and trolled on other bucs sites/articles.

  22. J 2.0 Says:

    I could be wrong, but I always thought “MikeInTampa2, Dini’s Biceps, JustinP’sDwindlingradiocareer, Ron’sDrinkingProblemandIan’sGayLisp” were all the same guy. I usually ignored his comments. until yesterday when he crossed the line with his assinine Dungy remarks.

  23. Andrew 2 Says:

    @Joe your wrong, like most of the time…you refuse to look at the real world, you make a fantasy world. A guy who could be a slot returner, punt returner, kick returner and sometimes run the ball will get enough touches and time on the field to warrant a selection. I don’t think they will now though because of Eric Page, hes a serious under the radar stud. He was very similar to Austin in college with a little less speed. Before the page signing I could have seen this, but not anymore. Also, theres always more than one way to accomplish the same goal, i.e. getting better as a team.


    This won’t happen anymore guys, it had a 33% chance with Eifert and Rhodes, before the Page signing, no chance now. Page is the perfect slot/return guy or us….and Ogletree, Underwood, Owusu, Smith…can fight for the last 2 roster spots and we will be sitting good.

    50/50 chance Eifert or Rhodes, Id imagine Rhodes, if hes gone Eifert for sure.

  24. J 2.0 Says:


    I’m not a “Draft Austin” guy by any means, but to compare Eric Page to Tavon Austin is inaccurate. Eric Page is taller, but much slower and coming off of a major injury. Page can play the slot, but his 4.53 40 time is a little off from Austin’s. Just throwing it out there.

  25. Macabee Says:

    J 2.0,

    J 2.0 says ” I could be wrong” and yes I could be wrong too. But at least you and I are both honest enough to admit it!

  26. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Really? Gimmick slot receiver? I guess Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Percy Harvin and Victor Cruz are all gimmicks as well. Tavon will be an impact player in the NFL.

    I think if one of the top DTs are there we take him. Otherwise we go Tavon Austin. Either way we go CB in the second.

  27. rhenry Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the Bucs draft Austin as insurance or an eventual replacement for Jackson or Williams. Williams is unsigned and Jackson is getting older. An injury to either one of those guys would be devasting to our offense.

  28. Andrew 2 Says:

    @J 2.0 you are half right and half wrong…what I said is still correct

    Page tore his ACL last July, he will be fine by the time the season comes.
    Page is 5’9 180 lbs…basically same size, and more importantly the same type of player.

    He doesn’t have elite speed like Austin, neither does Wes Welker or Danny Amendola etc, etc.

    Page was a small school guy, thats why he was undrafted. Had he gone to a big time school, he prob. would have gone before the 3rd-4th rounds.

    3 years in college 80+ rec. 1100+yards 7+tds every season

    We tried to sign him as an UDFA but the Broncos ended up getting him, we waited a year and signed him again. Clearly we were very interested.

    I agree he is not Tavon Austin…but Austin requires a high first round pick to get, Page is already signed for the minimum. Very low risk/high reward..go look up his stats and highlight films, you’ll see his play is similar to Austin

    Also he’s a great returner like Austin, he had 5 ST returns for touchdowns in college and averaged over 27 yards per KR on 80 returns in 3 years.

  29. Andrew 2 Says:

    The pick will be Eifert or Rhodes. I am telling you guys…not a DT, DE, WR, LB, OT or anything else…Eifert or Rhodes…and we should be very happy with either.

  30. J 2.0 Says:

    @Andrew @ Macabee @ Stevek and @ most everyone

    I appreciate that all of you are knowledgible and back your arguments up with facts. Even though we disagree sometimes I appreciate that you all keep it classy and knowledgeable and at the end of the day we all want the Bucs to win. Go Bucs!

  31. Andrew 2 Says:

    Shledon Richardson doesn’t play Nose, he is a 3 TECH a.k.a. Gerald McCoy’s position…do you people not understand differences at similar positions.

    Not every DT is a NT, not every OT is a LT, not every LB can play inside, etc etc etc

    Sheldon Richardson doesnt fit the role we need

  32. Andrew 2 Says:

    Eric Page stats
    2009: 82 rec. 1159 yards 14.1 avg 7 td, 18 kick ret. 457 yards 25.4 avg 0 td, 9 punt ret. 97 yards 10.8 avg

    2010: 99 rec, 1105 yards 11.2 avg 8 td, 28 kick ret. 871 yards 31.1 avg 3 td, 19 punt ret. 72 yards 3.8 avg

    2011 125 rec. 1182 yards 9.5 avg 10 td, 34 kick ret. 856 yards 25.2 avg 1 td 18 punt ret. 10.9 avg 1 td

    What you guys think?

    And any of you guys on PSD, if you are this is bwallstreet

  33. Andrew 2 Says:

    also another little tid bit.

    Walter had heard a few weeks ago we were interested in Austin, probably same time McShay did. Thats why he mocked Austin to us for a couple weeks.

    His sources have told him Austin is no longer an option, I believe due to Eric Page.

    “I’ve been told not to mock Tavon Austin here after doing so for a couple of weeks, so I’ll listen to my sources. ” – Walter

  34. chris Says:

    Tavon Austin is going to be a player that shows up more on the injury report than the stat sheet.

  35. Architek Says:

    Dude you need to layoff the caffeine for brunch.

    No one knows what the Bucs will do but rest assured they will make a decision they believe helps them now. Problem is Dominik needs to really look at what his missed on in a down market to get starters at CB for a lower salary.

    Either way it comes down to Gosh Freeman – soon to be Freed Man. No matter what you surround him with, there aren’t options to transplant brain, heart, and courage.

    2014 draft can’t come fast enough to get a QB. Believe it or not I would like the Bucs to research Matt Barkley who I think is going to be a stud.

  36. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Joe

    I’m not at all endorsing picking Austin at 13, I don’t think it’s a good idea with all of the needs. However, you can’t assume going to 3 wide sets would mean abandoning the run game. Last season right on this very site, Carlson (or perhaps Steve White, I can’t remember) suggested the Bucs go to more 3 wide sets to give Doug Martin some advantageous looks in the running game. The argument was that in a single back set, with the defense stretched out a bit, Martin could really do some serious damage.

    It’s hard to argue with how Martin was utilized last season, and it’s even harder to imagine him doing even MORE damage. I’m just saying you can’t assume that a formation change like that would mean a significant philosophical change. It could just mean forcing defenses to adjust their fronts to give us better looks on running plays.

  37. Que589 Says:

    In comparison to other prospects Austin has no character issues, no injury issues, no major flaws in his game, he’s scheme diversed, great football insticts, a contributer in multple phases of the game offense & special teams, passing & run game, the most explosive and dynamic player in the draft.

    There are too many offensive possessions where we are stagnent. A player w/ the skill set of Austin would add another dimension to the offense. Adding Austin would make us one of the best offenses in the league

  38. AmbushBuc Says:

    Tavon Austin = bust. Small size, iffy hands, runs too much side to side which can work in college against inferior talent but will go nowhere in the NFL.

  39. Braheem Says:


    To be successful in the NFL a team must be able to compete in its own division! Saints and Falcons have Offenses that can overcome shotty Defense. If “Marky D” was as concerned with ALL THE HOLES ON DEFENSE he wouldnt have
    #1. Created them by not resigning starting DE & DT
    #2. Ignoring them in a depressed FA Market i.e. The unprecedented plethora of CBs and Tommy Kelly

    So all you miopic WE NEED DEFENSE people out there…..I say Derrick Brooks, and Warren Sapp are not walking through the door! The Buccaneer Tradition of Defense is DEAD! Bucs pushing their chips ALL-IN on Offense.

    Defensive HCs seem to never like their own QBs, that why the GM is there! Josh Freeman’s age and experience will make him a hot commodity. (If I were his Agent I’d advise a Contract Holdout RIGHT NOW). How would the Bucs deal with that prospect? Freeman is not on a Playoff team like Flacco was when faced playing out his contract. Freeman can force a resolution of his status NOW as well as the front office power struggle. What? He plays and BALLS-Out only to be franchised because of the Revis acquisition?? Nah Josh Force the Issue NOW!!!! Which will also define the Bucs Draft!

  40. ElioT Says:

    I’d rather have Austin in the first than a TE, as he would be Lethal as a slot WR! The three WR sets would be deadly and I am optimistic that Sully can get some use out of stocker the TEs currently on the roster (just look at NY’s revolving door at TE for proof).

    This goes back to us not getting any CB, DT or DE help in FA. The Bucs are forcing themselves to draft for need as opposed to BPA.

    It really seems like there could have been some good additions out there for little cost. I hope they get this right!

    Go Bucs!!!

  41. Jacko101 Says:

    Our Offense is way Too basic, switch to 3wr Set spread the field and watch Magic Happen.

  42. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Shut up with your stupidity. You dont know who is going to be a bust or not. Austin is a game changer in college and he can easily be one at the next level.

    For all of you (including joe) who keeps using this pathetic excuse that “we dont use 3 wide receiver sets much is and he wont get on the field is assinine. Clearly you are just being bias towards the defense. Austin can do EVERYTHING, except block. How can you NOT fit a guy like this into your system? If Sulli cant then he should be fired immediately. Besides all the stuff he can do for the offense combined with punt and kick returns that we are desperately seeking answers for… I think he is well worth the 13th pick. Much more than Eifert, though I wouldn’t complain with Eifert either.

    It’s laughable that some of you are just assuming that our great all world QB has enough weapons and will be a super star this year even though he has done absolutely nothing to show it yet except playing at his best against bad teams and horrible when it matters most.

    Yes defense needs a lot of help and there are a few guys that could really improve our defense that might be available (but im not holding my breath)… but to suggest we HAVE to go defense no matter what is how you end up being a bad franchise over the long run.

    I dont care how bad our defense is. The point of the game is to out score the other team. Our offense is nowhere near elite yet, hell… we had so many 3 and outs last year its pathetic. Our defense has MORE holes yes and in need of more changes but to just push an offensive weapon like Austin to the side for a lesser player simply because our defense needs more is the wrong answer.

    And just let me put this out there because some of you really have it twisted in your minds how good our offense really is. With an exception to that very good 5 game performance against mediocre teams, our offense was nothing to brag about. Did they have some good plays sprinkled in through out the season? of course, but there was absolutely no consistancy to speak of. The only reason upside we had for the offense is V-jax and Doug. The offense needs as much as the defense does. Not to mention the most important position on the entire team is very much still in debate, “Is Free the future?” Not to me but we’ll see.

  43. Brain Says:

    Ignorant as always Joe…

    1) If the Bucs draft Austin it’s because they’re moving to a base 3-WR package. I don’t support such a move because it would hinder Doug Martin (arguably the team’s best offensive player), but at least it would negate our weakness at the TE position, where Stocker and Crabtree fit more as blocking types.

    2) This is almost assuredly a smokescreen. Dominik always seems to manipulate the media to confuse other teams, and this would fit that pattern because Austin (strictly a slot) and Rhodes (liability in off-man) aren’t great fits. If we really loved Rhodes and Austin we’d be playing down that perception.

    This leads me to believe that we’ll draft Des Trufant, Tyler Eifert or a DL (Sheldon Richardson perhaps).

  44. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Bucs will draft defense with the first 3 picks of the draft. Count on it.

    No thugs named Tavon or TEs in round 1.

    Joe is 1,000 % correct. Also, we have signed more WRs in free agency than any other position. Pay attention people.

    Defense will be the targets in the draft.

    Stevek you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Stop making fun of yourself already.

  45. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Oh, the goof balls who wanted Honey Badger… “I stopped counting after failing 10 drug tests…”


  46. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^What a goddamn racist. I’m 100% white for reference. There is nothing wrong with the name Tavon and you’re a complete idiot for not draftin a player based on his name, which is a common name in the black community.

    He isn’t a thug he hasn’t had a single incident ever to say anything about him like that. Blatant racism.

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah seriously Joe, you don’t think perhaps Sullivan might use more 3 WR sets if we had Austin? Even if he didn’t, you make as if you have to draft someone based upon how many snaps they take versus their impact on the game. Austin is one of those players that can impact the game more with just a few snaps than most players can playing every snap. You are probably right that we won’t end up getting him, but the confidence and reasoning with which you use are severely flawed. Did you have any idea we would pick Barron last year? I don’t give a damn if Dominik himself told you we aren’t drafting him, you never know until the pick is in.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Truly a horribly ignorant statement you just made. Unbelievable that you could actually say something so stupid and classless, and not be ashamed of yourself. with

  49. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    What was the horrible statement? That honey badger failed 10+ drug tests?

  50. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    No thugs named Tavon or TEs in round 1.


    I believe that is what they are referring to. I, myself thought it was pretty racist of you.

    Unless, you have some sort of knowledge about the guy that I havent heard anything about yet that would make him a “thug”.

  51. dcommand Says:

    You can be a run first team in a three wide set. Its called spreading them out.

  52. dcommand Says:

    Doesn’t New York run three wide. With a salsa dance afterwards! There still a power run team.

  53. Ed Kerber Says:

    I’m all for Tavon. Bucs have tried to have a great defense. Heck they even had a world-class defense. All you need to do is score one more point than the other team. I’m sick of losing to the Falcons and Saints by 4 0r 7 points. Lets’s embrace new Football with final score of 84-83! (And if we start losing games 83-84, we can worry about fixing the defense.)

  54. MadMax Says:

    Ace Sanders

    A cheaper version of Austin.

  55. MadMax Says:

    Ahhhg it didnt post…Ace Sanders

  56. MadMax Says:

    this one is better

  57. chris bell Says:

    @ joebucsfan Past couple drafts we’ve gone defense mccoy, clayborn, mark barron, bowers. Hey if we haven’t built I good D yet.. my question to you is when do you expect us to. This draft is loaded with CBs and Dline talent. Just because we pick 13th doesn’t mean we have to go defense. Honestly I think our scouting dept is suspect. Seattle found there starting cbs in sherman-4th round browner in 5th. So if our scouting dept does their homework we should be able to find quality cbs in 2-4th rounds. Tavon Austin or tyler eifert would tremendously help Freeman. We need that 3rd option if we expect to go to playoffs
    . You can make it without elite Defense

  58. Andrew 2 Says:

    @mad max


    We already have Page signed, he’s got 3 times the rec. yards of Sanders and 4 times the ST yards and a ton more touchdowns

  59. MadMax Says:

    No offense Andrew2, but Eric played for the Toledo Rockets…..Ace is SEC talent. But I hope Eric pans out for us.

  60. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^^SEC Garbage, he did nothing. Hes not a good reciever and is return skills are middle of the road for college.

    Eric Page is a 1st team concensus all american…they don’t grow on trees

    I’m glad you hope he pans out though, shows a real fan. Im not trying to sell him on anybody. I think his game and numbers do it for themselves if people give him a real look.

    As I mentioned before, we tried to sign him as an UDFA last year, he ended up in Denver and because of an injury missed last season. The fact that they waited a year and went after him again says they really like him. Its the old actions speak louder than words thing.

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @BucFan #238,
    I don’t know what’s worse: you saying it, or not knowing what you said, Clearly you aren’t apologetic, because when told what you said, you still don’t acknowledge it. Sad, very sad.

  62. stevek Says:

    Buc Fan #238,

    What are you talking about? You are sounding more whiny then my pregnant wife.

    Your perception on this is a joke, “1,000%”.

    “In all seriousness”, “Stop making fun of yourself”.

    Please try to make more sense, you are coming across poorly, and I feel bad for your words. It’s not their fault.

  63. stevek Says:

    “With the 13th selection of the 2013 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take WVU WR Tavon Austin”

    (Buc fan #238 has a “Dude, we gotta go… I sharted..” moment, and sh!ts his pants, as Austin gets his million dollar hug from Goodell)

    🙂 Sorry, again, what was your point? You were too blatantly irrational, and overall poorly represented by your words.

    You are the reason the 1st amendment gets weaker and weaker all the time.

  64. MadMax Says:

    what the?…uggg….test post!

  65. MadMax Says:

    so i cant post a response to andrew2 …even though it doesnt contain any curse words?

  66. MadMax Says:

    test 2

  67. MadMax Says:

    andrew, thats your opinion…but calling Ace garbage who has done nothin is a very uneducated assumption!

  68. MadMax Says:

    Whats up with your site Joe? I had no curse words in my post and tried twice, but it wouldnt go through.

  69. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Would be hilarious to watch Tim Tebow take Josh Freemans job.

    That would be classic. Right stevekay? You did say you wanted tebow to come in and start at QB.

  70. Andrew 2 Says:

    @mad max the stats are there, he did what he did….his numbers wont shoot up at the next level

    his career rec. yards are less than what a lot of WRs in this draft, including in the sec, did this season…his career numbers are any given year of Page’s.

    he can’t return kicks, he’s a mediocre punt returner as shown by his numbers.

    He should of returned to school…Id be surprised if he makes a 53 in the NFL this year…prob a practice squad guy or something

  71. Fish Says:

    How has nobody noticed the one important aspect of this entire post? Here’s a hint: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TAVON AUSTIN.

    We’re not drafting him. No chance. It doesn’t make any sense. Move on.

    Also, McShay is a moron. I regularly ignore his opinion and perspective.

    HOWEVER, there’s probably a good chance he is well connected and if he quotes “they love Rhodes,” there’ probably a damn good chance he’s not just making it up.


    That’s what we should be focusing on. McShay doesn’t even focus on this. Just because McShay’s ego is too big for him to get over doesn’t mean we can’t… Just because Rhodes isn’t “considered a 1st round draft pick” doesn’t mean he isn’t one. These mockers don’t know what the hell they’re doing half the time, anyway.

    Rhodes has a damn good chance of being a buc in 2 weeks.

  72. MadMax Says:

    Man you’re on something, maybe he’ll last until the 7th round then andrew….thats a lot of value for him there, lol. Lets see what happens and discuss this about him 1 year from now.
    Screen capture 🙂

  73. Rob Says:

    How many teams in the NFL use the 3 WR set as their base offense. Having Mike Williams, VJax and Austin on the field at the same time would cause D coordinators to have a heart attack. Take a TE off the field and you take a LB off the field. I’m pretty sure that Sullivan would devise some great schemes to use with those 3 and Doug Martin on the field. Talk about a match up nightmare. Todays game is all about mismatches. How would you defend that formation? You dont think you can run the football when the defense is in nickel and dime formations the entire game?

  74. stevek Says:

    @ Buc Fan #238,

    Dan Orlovskey could be taking the snaps for all I care. I said I expect playoffs in 2013 for the Bucs. Whomever is playing will be rooted for: Dan, Josh, and even Tebow.

    I am not convinced Tebow is an answer, but I believe he deserves a chance to start. His performances are not pretty, but they have won in limited exposure. If Freeman hits another 4-5 game funk, after starting out like an All-Pro, then we may need another QB option to see if we can win some more games.

    Playoffs in 2013 is the answer. BPA in the draft is a way to get there.

  75. stevek Says:

    Austin, Jackson and Williams would be a nightmare. Put Mike and Jackson on the outside, and let Austin do his work underneath. He creates space for others because of the coverage needed to contain him.

    Doug Martin is a great pass catcher too, so we can do 1 back sets, and rotate in a TE and FB to block.

  76. Andrew 2 Says:

    ^^Jackson Williams and Eifert would be a nightmare too.

    Imagine our base set with out OLine, Josh, Doug, Lorig, Eifert, Jackson and Williams

    very tough

    dont have to be Eifert just a TE in rounds 1-3

    prob. could even trade back a couple spots and get eifert…maybe 16-18 or something