Darrelle Revis In “Final Stages” Of Rehab

April 12th, 2013

Now Joe knows there are pockets of Bucs fans that are as sick of reading about Darrelle Revis just as Joe becomes ill reading about salary cap drivel (or worse, the baseball spreadsheeters. Ugh!).

But Revis is the topic of the Bucs offseason and until hearing otherwise, no one with any authority or access has stated trade talks are off. So Joe knows there is keen interest in Revis, hence the stories.

Last night on “Total Access,” Andrea Kramer and NFL Network cameras visited a Revis workout. He is still rehabbing the knee he blew last season resulting in ACL reconstructive surgery.

Per his long-time trainer, Brett Fischer, Revis is nearing the end of his rehab.

“I am ecstatic where he is at,” Fischer said. “I have to hold him back like a thoroughbred. He is ready to go.”

Fischer noted Revis is now working on “read and react” which is critical for a cornerback, which is in “the final stages.”

Revis admitted he isn’t sure if he will play in New York or Tampa Bay this season.

“I know there is a lot of talk,” Revis said. “We’ll see what happens if I am [in New York] or if I am not. That’s the next step, That’s the next phase of my career is these next couple of weeks.”

35 Responses to “Darrelle Revis In “Final Stages” Of Rehab”

  1. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    His skills are Uncanny & Hall of Fame….tells the players & fans “We are trying to win a SuperBowl” <—————-

  2. Santos Says:

    cant lie…. I WANT THIS GUY IN RED AND PEWTER…..but not at 16 million a year… 10-12 i think i can live with that, but he needs to come back to form or better….which i think he will…so bring the island to tampa and we can set up another drinking area themed around an islan next to the ship!!!

  3. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    “Fans” COMPLAIN <—- Cheap Glazer Family…..NOW they wanna spend $$$ and YOU bitch about it??????? Go root for another team…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacko101 Says:

    Whatever the Bucs do or don’t do this offseason needs to show up on the field. There is No excuse teams are changing directions, the 49ers were horrible now they are contenders. We have been Buffalo Bills Bad long enough. The fact that we didn’t grab a CB this off season was a bad move and if for some reason we have a horrible secondary again, Dom and Schiano should be held accountable.

  5. Northend Says:

    Mike +1

  6. Terraj Says:

    Who woulda thought someone on Revis’ payroll would say something like this. Shocking.

  7. Greig Says:

    @MikeInTampa2 Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 8:19 am

    “Fans” COMPLAIN <—- Cheap Glazer Family…..NOW they wanna spend $$$ and YOU bitch about it??????? Go root for another team…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Right, because all fans have oone collective mind, there is no room for free thought in the Bucs fanbase.
    There is a massive difference between spending smartly and overspending on a select few players that put you in cap hell just a couple of seasons later.
    Ovepaying a few players can be as bad as not spending any money at all, either way you don't end up with a solid overall TEAM.

  8. 1976Buc Says:

    Don’t pay Revis what he wants. There are too many CB’s in the drafy and a ton more will be available next year through free agency. IMO we paid too much for Goldson on the heals of Barron. Move Barber back to corner and train some young guys under him. Then next year sign a couple of FA CB’s. Play for 2014.

  9. Jrock Says:

    Terraj – you hit the nail on the head my man! Of course he’s in the “final stages” and being held back “like a thoroughbred” as the draft looms ever closer. He’s worth more now than he will be at the end of April, and he knows it

  10. Dreambig Says:

    It’s starting to look like Revis is going to come back healthy, if that’s the case, it does give the Jets more leverage or at least should provide momentum for Tampa to get serious about getting him on our team. Watching the video in that link gets me fired up! I hope this happens!

  11. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    @Geig <—— Our 1st SuperBowl was worth ALL the BULLCRAP……I want another one. Get it done. Revis is Hall of Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dreambig Says:

    I am with you MikeInTampa! I am pretty none of these whiners are on the Bucs payroll to manage the teams finances. To see fans throwing out numbers as to what is acceptable to them is pretty funny! I do pay to see games and if the Bucs can land the best CB in the league and they can pay for it, then just do it already!

  13. Biff Barker Says:

    Yawn. Predictable use of the media by a savvy agent.
    The Bucs should just enjoy the free PR we are getting and trade up for Milliner or down for Rhodes.

  14. Dreambig Says:

    Oops, should have been “pretty sure”

  15. Santos Says:


    our corners were bad last year….but i must say if we get Revis, with Wright as our #2, Ronde manning the slot, Gaitor and LJ as back ups with Goldson and Barron….thats a pretty damn good secondary, and with a real DB coach (which seemed to be the issue moreso than the talent) this unit can be pretty damn good….and the only addition would be Revis. a healthy Wright is a nice piece to have covering the #2, and Revis can cover anyone in the league.

  16. jb Says:

    After watching Andrea Kramer’s video, I definitely want to see this guy on our roster.
    If we give up our first pick this year, we’ll still have our #1 next year if we need to go after a QB if Freeman continues with his maddening inconsistencies. I’d love tro get him without giving up a number 1, but I don’t see that happening.

    Either way, I see Revis as being a real positive for this team and our pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy.

  17. jb Says:

    I believe some of you don’t realize we HAVE to overspend on talent, if we want these players to come here! When was the last time we won a playoff game? Super Bowl XXXVII! These guys aren’t gonna sign here just because of the weather and the beaches. They want to win! Until we start looking more like the 1998-2003 Buccaneers, we’re gonna have to overpay. Didn’t we give up TWO #1 picks to trade for Keyshawn? That along with Gruden got us that beautiful piece of silver sitting in our trophy case @ One Buc Place!

  18. Greig Says:

    @ Mike

    That Super Bowl was worth all the stuff after but that is a different situation to where the Bucs are now, those young Bucs had made the playoffs a couple of times before starting to add players like Rice, Keyshawn, The Bull. This squad stuggles to make .500, it’s ok to go all out and overpay a couple of guys when you are a couple of guys away and have already had success but it’s franchise suicide to throw money around overpaying guys when you can’t even get the #6 seed.
    It’s madness to put yourself in cap hell just to make the playoffs when the goal is win a Super Bowl, what happens when we make the playoffs as a wildcard but struggle to get better because the cap forces us to make cuts rather additions.
    “WOW, YAY, we were one and done in the playoffs and now we have 2 more wasted years coming up to get our cap in order for another run at that 5th seed, WOOHOO!”

  19. stevek Says:


    Don’t make excuses for cheap ownership. The past is what it is, no getting it back.

    I am with Mike, get Revis. He is hall of fame.

    We need another SuperBowl.

    Playoffs in 2013, or Goodbye Pop Star GM!

  20. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    @Greig……u are assuming “Cap Hell” …..

  21. Architek Says:

    Having him is not going to get us to a Super Bowl and it hampers the future of Mike Williams and Freeman contractually. I agree its a immediate solution but long term it will have a effect on keeping other players. Freeman is not my biggest concern because I am ok with moving on from him but Mike Williams and McCoy are solid pieces.

  22. stevek Says:


    What does it matter to you what the players make.

    All we can go on is that each NFL team is alotted 120 million + towards player resources.

    We are 30 million under the cap, and who cares. I just expect me some Tampa Bay playoffs. If the Bucs are mediocre this year, under a 24-40 Mediocre Mark Dominick, and they have 30 million in the bank, then some fans will be pissed off (this guy included).

    How can anyone justify banking 30 million towards potential player resources, only to miss the playoffs.

    No more rebuild; either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  23. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I saw the piece yesterday and I gotta admit, he sure looks like he is coming along pretty well. But I still think this deal is gonna hinge on what the Jets want in compensation, not what Revis wants. If the Jets were smart, they would take the picks next season, when there is better talent at the QB position in the draft. Sanchez is horrible and the Jets did nothing to help themselves this year by brining in a veteran to push him out. If that’s what happens…let’s get Darrelle in Red and Pewter!!

  24. bucfanjeff Says:

    It’s a good video and insight. My concerns have always been about his health and ability post ACL injury. It appears he’s coming along nicely.
    That said, as a Bucs fan, I still don’t think we should mortgage the future (aka a boat load of high draft picks) to aquire him. It should be a deal within reason. I don’t have a problem with the contract, or what’s suggested, that’s for the Bucs to manage, not me.

  25. DougMartin22 Says:

    Get dis boy asap…

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I agree, Architek.

    I support the team, so if the Bucs trade for him I’ll throw my support behind him and hope for the best. I’m not one of these people who will hope for failure just to be able to say “See?! I was right!”

    But he isn’t here at this point, and I am against him coming. We’ve seen years put into gathering quality players, and they are now starting to come up for new contracts.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t sign anyone, but 15 mill for a CB is way over the line, hall of famer or not. The maximum CBs are getting now is $5-6 million, and that’s very few.

    Now if the Bucs got him for $6-7 million…I suppose that would be acceptable, but then the following year he would want more.

    I don’t know where we stand with the cap after the Wright things working out, but I know we have the space this year for Revis. The problem is next year, when the number increases. And the year after. Revis is not a team first guy. He will not be willing to renegotiate to less money later.

  27. stevek Says:

    Everyone and their excuses and concerns, HA!

    Are we any good without Revis?

    Are we a playoff team?

    Do we have the cap to make this realistic?

    Do you all want to be in the playoffs again, or would you rather always be “a year or two away” from contending.

    Is it time to take a leap of faith and trade for a future hall of fame CB?

    Obviously, some are satisfied with the current state of affairs with the Bucs: Youngry, losing, no playoffs.

    Something has to change, why not get Revis? Best CB in the game, future hall of famer, and would fill our grand canyon size crater at CB.

    I am sure we will all have our “concerns” (excuses) on why we don’t want to be a better team.

  28. stevek Says:


    I agree, but GMC is not worth all the dough.

    Revis or GMC, give me Revis.

    GMC is a 9m per year player. He disrrupts with the best of them and is only getting better, but he is not the bext DT in football by a wide arse margin.

    Revis is the best, and will get paid the best. I just hope the Buc’s Brass know what is best, and make the decision.

  29. MTM Says:

    Don’t all players in a contract year coming off an injury claim to be 100% healthy. What is he suppose to say? “Yeah I don’t think I can make those cuts anymore”. “The knee is just a mess”.

  30. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The Bucs are clearing out a ton of cap room for something. Just sayin’….

  31. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    Bruce Allen NOW has the Redskins in CAP HELL (none of our worries now)……

  32. deminion Says:

    im with stevek with this one i want to win, gotta take risks

  33. Greig Says:

    To those that ask “What does it matter to you what the players make?”
    Are you idiots?
    No really, I’m not insulting you, it’s a legit question.
    Any fan should care what players are making due to how they hit the cap now AND down the road, I’m not interested in going all in for 2013 and just making the playoffs if it means 2014 & 2015 suffer.
    It’s great for you Madden/Fantasy Football players to just look and say “I want that one!” but real football doesn’t work that way, you use the draft to build a team that can contend and then use FA to add strategic pieces to put the team over the top for the Super Bowl.
    You only have to look at the vast majority of Super Bowl winners to know that throwing money at FAs to build a team just to contend is not the way to go. If I remember correctly the Packers didn’t sign a single outside free agent for over 2 years. The Ravens are built through the draft for the most part. Then just look at the teams that make a splash in FA/big trades and what they’ve actually done.

  34. TrueBlue Says:

    Getting Revis in a Bucs uniform would be great – at the right price. $16mil is a lot of cap space. A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft is a lot of trade value. Is this fair value? How about $20 mil, or $25, and two 1sts and two 2nds? How about throwing in Lavonte David and Doug Martin too? Crazy? Too much? Who cares so long as Revis is in wearing Pewter for the next few years. And never mind his knee. His agent and trainer says he’s fine. Just take their word for it.

    There is a lot at stake and a lot to consider. All this squawking and casting aspersions at management when there is so much to be done, and so little is yet known, to get a good read on what fair compensation is is ridiculous. This has to play out some more. It’s not time to go blindly into a deal that the same people who are clamoring to pull the trigger on, will be the first to complain about if blows up.

    Stay calm.

  35. RustyRhino Says:

    That is legions of bucs fans joe not pockets of fans. We all want to win but at what cost down the road..