“Mort” Talks To Joe

March 7th, 2013


For the first time Joe can remember, famed NFL insider and all around good guy Chris Mortensen of ESPN took a few moments to talk football and the Bucs with Joe at the NFL Scouting combine.

JoeBucsFan: Last year the Bucs went, in a manner of speaking, from worst to first. A year ago they had the worst rush defense and in the first year of the New Schiano Order had the best rush defense, really only adding one player, Lavonte David. Was the turnaround in the rush defense just a sign that the new coaches had a clue to what they were doing?

Chris Mortensen: Yeah, I mean, it was also another year for a lot of those guys. Obviously David is a pretty good player. Listen, it is guys maturing, guys understanding what the league is all about and coaches developing those players. We’ve always said part of the draft is you evaluate a player, you select a player and then you develop that player. So, they were in the middle of that process. I don’t know if that is on the previous coaching staff or that it really was better coaching this year in terms of technique and schematically. Obviously, in the pass defense, it has to get better.

Joe: To your point about players getting another season under their belt, Gerald McCoy, his third year in the league and finally a full season healthy, showed why Mark Dominik drafted him third overall.

Mortensen: Oh, yeah. Gerald was one of the great revelations this year. OK, now we know what you were talking about so much a couple of years ago here in fact. Here was the guy we saw and projected and if you remember the argument was, ‘who was the best defensive lineman, Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy?’ I think Suh had the most underrated year…

Joe: Oh, really?

Mortensen: … Yeah, Suh actually had an outstanding year, an All-Pro kind of year, but we didn’t recognize that because of all the controversy swirling around him. But we know Gerald McCoy stepped up his game.

Joe: About the pass defense, not so much about the Bucs but about the NFL as a whole. Have offenses really leapfrogged defenses that much of late that there are so many teams so desperate for that shutdown cornerback? Or is it just the fact that kids down in high school would rather be receivers than cornerbacks so the pool of decent cornerbacks in the college ranks is already thin to begin with?

Mortensen: Corners are just wide receivers who couldn’t catch the ball (laughs). No, listen, the spread offenses, you are having to cover three and four receivers now. And now, most tight ends are really just big wide receivers. That’s why this draft, being a safety draft [with guys] who can cover tight ends is pretty good. The other thing is, the fact the corners are at a disadvantage because of the rules and the application of the rules. It is designed for offenses to thrive. The league wants the ball in the air. That is why the Super Bowl ended on a controversial play because they didn’t throw a flag. They are throwing flags in the regular season.

Joe: About Greg Schiano, would you consider his first year a success? Because for the longest time, a college coach going to the NFL was taboo.

Mortensen: To me it me it has always been about, did the guy have some NFL experience? Greg had been in the NFL, sure, limited experience but he had been exposed to the NFL. So I would say that is one thing you look at. When you look at Greg Schiano, did he rub some people the wrong way? Yeah. Does he care? No! And he shouldn’t care. He has to run his program his way. It is a way a lot of guys have been successful with. The Belichick way. The Tom Coughlin way. The Parcells way you might say. He has an idea what he wants and what he demands. I think he proved for the most part he was pretty competitive and you expect the Bucs to get better. So Greg is a smart guy and, listen, it is funny. I mentioned this league is set up for the offense to have so much success but he still understands it is a physical game. The Bucs teams under Greg Schiano will be physical.

7 Responses to ““Mort” Talks To Joe”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is true, the rules favor the offense. I read recently that Chan Gailey feels there will come a time when the QB and running back will be one guy.

  2. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    Did Mortimer watch EVERY Bucs & Lions game and focus on the D-Line????? C’mon Man!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You Go Joe Says:

    “When you look at Greg Schiano, did he rub some people the wrong way? Yeah. Does he care? No!” Ah i remember this moment, rushing on a kneel. Did stir up a controversy. I still stood up by the buccs decision…even though they had a .000000000000001% of working lol. I love it that Schiano came in and made a statement that the buccs are here and we want to play football.

  4. Jbeachbuc Says:

    I don’t now about Morts “underrated” take btwn Dini and Suh…
    #1 vs #16 rush defenses?? Hmmm doesn’t seem to support that claim.

  5. 76buc76 Says:

    McCoy had a good year.But also very inconsistant.Giant’s game invisible,Cowboy’s game he was a monster,Redskin’s back to invisible.Suh is the more consistant of the two.

  6. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Who cares about Suh. Who cares if Dini will ever morph into what is Suh, cause Suh will never be the “MAN” McCoy is.

  7. Yar Says:

    Players are expected to be great their first year now. People forget or never saw that players like Ronde, lynch, QB’s etc. didn’t start their first or even second years. Big money rookie contracts have had a lot to do with needing a rookie to be great or was a bust. Maybe the rookie wage scale will allow teams to let players develop and not have to be great or a bust in their first year. Didn’t used to be that way.