Davin Joseph Returns

March 29th, 2013

The Buccaneers support the community in all kinds of cool ways, some of which Joe has written about, but this latest one is way up there on the wow meter.

Davin Joseph recently returned from an eight-day NFL-USO tour in the Middle East with all kinds of cool stories and experiences. Buccaneers.com pumped out a two-part Q&A with Joseph, who relayed a take on danger he encountered, as well as finding plenty of pewter lovers.

Buccaneers.com: You said one of the first servicemen you met was a Buccaneers fan. How many others did you meet overseas?

Joseph: “I didn’t even get in half of the pictures of all of the Bucs fans that I met there.  A lot of people were either at one time based here in Tampa, were from Tampa or were just Buccaneers fans.  You saw so many people that were happy to see a Buccaneer and it was an awesome feeling to know that we have so many fans there and so much support there.  It was like no other feeling and I really didn’t expect it, but it was a pleasant surprise to meet new Bucs fans.”

Kudos to Joseph for giving his time and representing all things Bucs so well. You can read the full Q&A via the above link.

4 Responses to “Davin Joseph Returns”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    I second that Kudos. keep up the good work Davin. It makes me proud to know Im rooting for someone like him.

  2. Capt. Tim Says:

    God Bless, Mr. Joseph! Thank you for representing both yourself and our community with such Class and dignity.

    You will always have my support, Sir!

    Players Like Mr.Joseph and Mr. V. Jackson are the reason you always want this team to succeed. They exemplify what roles models should aspire to be- great both on and off the field!!

    Mr. Leroy Selmon established this Standard. Glad to see others are striving to continue this Tradition!

    Thank you Gentlemen!

  3. MadMax Says:

    Big Man Davin! Big Heart Too!

  4. Cmurda Says:

    What Capt Tim said. I second it.