Xavier Nixon And The Bucs

February 23rd, 2013

xavier nixonIn the spirit of fairness, Joe will write about a Gators prospect the Bucs may desire.

Joe wouldn’t be shocked if the Bucs drafted an offensive tackle in either of the first two days of the draft. At best, Demar Dotson is starting caliber. He is good on pass blocking but run blocking is not a strength and we all know Greg Schiano likes to run the ball with Doug Martin. Also, Donald Penn isn’t getting any younger.

Now Gators offensive tackle Xavier Nixon is not expected to be drafted in the first day and maybe not the second day. But Nixon believes he is versatile, which always intrigues a general manager.

“My preference is tackle, either one,” Nixon said to reporters Friday. “But I can swing inside if need be, I’m willing to play wherever the team needs me to play.”

Nixon comes from a solid family base, a good guy. His father recently retired from the Army and his mother is stationed in Louisiana. He believes thediscipline he learned from his parents is a good chunk of the reason he is at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“All the values I learned coming up, integrity honesty and hard work, it transfers into football and into life,” Nixon said. “It’s always good to have those traits.”

Again, Nixon has all the tools and talents to be a decent lineman, but he must be more consistent. As Joe stated yesterday about Ricky Wagner, Joe trusts Bucs offensive line coach Bob Bostad to turn a guy like Nixon into a valued player.

5 Responses to “Xavier Nixon And The Bucs”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    not an elite tackle, but he is solid in pass and run blocking. might be worth a later round pick.

  2. Macabee Says:

    If the Bucs think that Lane Johnson is the heir apparent to Penn at LOT and he can play ROT in the interim until that change needs to be made, then they may consider OT in the 1st round.

    However, If they’re just looking for a solid ROT, then there are lots of mid-round picks that are quite capable of filling that order. Menelik Watson/FSU, Brennan Williams/NC, Terron Armstead/ArkPB, who looked impressive at the combine today, as well as Ricky Wagner or Xavier Nixon in the later rounds.

    Then too, our own Demar Dotson is still a work-in-progress and don’t forget that Jamon Meredith who subbed at OG, will be back at OT with more experience. Not to worry, The Bucs have lots of options to replace Trueblood!

  3. Mike J Says:

    Has Dom ever drafted an O-lineman in the first ? But on second thought, won’t Schiano be making the actual selection decisions this year (not sure about last)?? I love linemen but I still think the club has to go defense rd. 1.

  4. Mr Lucky Says:

    I’d like to see the Bucs use the 4th round pick that we got from the Patriots on an OT. With all the suffling the Bucs did last year it was very appearent we need more depth on the O-Line and versatility is a MUST.

  5. Saskbuco Says:

    Great post Macabee as always showing your great insight, I agree with you Lane Johnson comment 100%. If would really like to see the bucs draft an OT and let them play RT and replace Penn in 1-2 yrs. I am also in the minority when I said to draft Chance Warmack if available or a trade down for Cooper, I just worry about Nicks and Joseph’s long term health and cap hit, like I’ve said many times Davin is one of my all-time favourite bucs as a player and even more as a classy person. I’ve posted about if possible to trade down and grab a true slot WR, Tavon Austin but after a 4.25 40 today at the combine the bucs can probably forget about that. I just don’t feel any CB is worth the pick at 13, so my thought is best pass rusher, or OT or a slot WR. I would be pumped if at 13 the bucs had pick of L.Johnson OT, S.Floyd DT and T.Austin WR. Any of these 3 would be great picks, it’s a solid draft from 5-20 almost same players. What does bucsnation think OT,DT or WR?? Also Austin would solve all special teams problems, go bucs!!!