Smoke Screen Or Bad Blood?

February 26th, 2013

greg schiano and josh freemanIncreasingly controversial senior NFL writer Pete Prisco is not backing off his Monday Twitter claim that Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano are not fond of each other.

Speaking yesterday on 98.7 FM to co-host and former Buccaneers defensive tackle Booger McFarland, Prisco explained that he was told of a strained relationship between head coach and quarterback from various sources at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“It’s not warm and fuzzy like they might want to portray it as. Let’s put it at that,” Prisco said. “And I’ve heard it from a bunch of different people at the combine and ran it by some others I knew and would know. Yeah, it’s not a great relationship. And, you know, there’s actually rumblings that the Bucs are looking to draft a quarterback.”

First, Joe must say up front, Why does it matter whether Freeman and Schiano like each other? It’s not like Schiano is calling plays. And there are plenty of successful coaches that had strained relationships with their QBs.

Any Bucs fan could have expected that Schiano would come to Tampa and not be married to Freeman and/or feel like he has to be close to him or baby him.

For Joe, when Schiano set up a punt against Philadelphia to put the game in the hands of his heinous secondary, that was a clear sign Schiano had issues with Freeman.

Of course, there’s also a chance that the Bucs are spreading smoke screens around the NFL to help put them in position to trade down in the draft and use the extra pick to later trade up. Then there’s always the off chance that Schiano hates Michael Jackson.

48 Responses to “Smoke Screen Or Bad Blood?”

  1. RichinNC Says:

    Schiano probably does not treat Freeman like the franchise qb he has been told he was his first three years. So that is what this bad blood is about. If it is anything at all.

  2. SteveK Says:

    The Bucs are looking to get back to “winning”.

    Bottom line, we could draft anyone, at any position. We need wins.

    I can see that Schiano is frustrated with Freeman. Schiano likes it 68 degrees with bow tie pasta, every day, and Freeman is either 100 degrees burning hot, or sub zero out on the field each game.

    The Bucs are looking to deveop into a consistent winner, it starts with a QB.

    I hope Freeman…… Yeah, we better draft a QB to be safe.

    Spend in FA, draft Tyler Bray in the 3rd or 4th, and draft Honey Badger with our second 4th. ( That is what two 4th round picks is supposed to look like, NOT LUKE STOCKER).

  3. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    If Freeman can’t respect his head coach after his implosion, record year or not, then he needs to go.

    I am tired of thugs. I never new Free was a thug with a chip on his shoulder, hating on “Da Man”.

  4. BullDog Says:

    Wouldn’t our own local parasites have sucked that one dry if it were even close to true ????

  5. SteveK Says:

    Good point Rich in NC,

    Freeman was coddled, and told he was “the guy” for his first 3 years.

    Freeman should have known, you can only change position coach, coordinator, or Head Coach so many times. Sooner or later the fingers get pointed at you.

    I am most excited to see what Freeman does this season. It is make or break, and it will be great for him to finally know that and see what he can do with the pressure applied.

    Win, or leave town. Tampa is on it’s way back.

  6. SteveK Says:


    Nope, Schiano holds his cards tightly, and he won’t let anything get out.

    I loved Dominicks quote a few days ago in Joe’s article, it was something along the lines of:

    “We need to best utilize our salary cap… Michael Bennett will not be franchised”.

    That made me so very stinking happy. I feel Dominick is getting better, the coaches are getting better, and some of the players are developing. Where are you at Freeman?

    You wanna take cool photos, shoot at the gun range, and play FIFA soccer to learn new TD dances? Why dont you take ALL of your FREE TIME and PRACTICE, watch film and work on leading your team to the super bowl. I feel like Freeman’s heart just isn’t in it. I question his competitive drive.

    When Kobe Bryant loses, he is furious and disgusted. I love that about him. When Freeman loses, he looks like he has no idea what when wrong, and starts letting the excuses fly.

    ##No excuses 2013 Buc Football##

  7. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    Peter “Pinocchio” Prisco is a New York gossip tabloid loud mouth (IMO)

  8. SteveK Says:

    Ok, I can agree about Prisco ^^^^

    We stlll need to establish a competitive and winning environment.

    Draft me a QB, not for this year, but just in case….

  9. BullDog Says:

    SteveK , I hear ya although so many at the Buc Palace have lauded his work ethics and above average non mandatory attendance.
    My point was more about hearing/seeing the “story” prior to this. Especially citing all the so called “talk” corroborating the “source” as well as the timing. With all that talk surely it would have been sniffed out by our local rumor mongering shock jock media hero’s.

  10. Pewter_Power Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. Having a qb as inconsistent as Freeman would make any head coach upset.

  11. loweredexpectations Says:

    hahaha. yeah right… and he panned out so well under the tutelage of his best friend, raheem.

    these are grown men. i couldn’t be more happy that schiano is treating this like the business that it is.


  12. Rob Says:

    Schiano hates losing, not Gosh Freeman. Schiano will not allow his legacy as an NFL coach to be tied with an inaccurate, excuse making qb. Watch for Schiano to make contingency plans for if/when Freeman implodes once again. Go Bucs!

  13. Rob Says:

    Schiano hates losing, not Gosh Freeman. Schiano will not allow his legacy as an NFL coach to be tied with an inaccurate, excuse making qb. Watch for Schiano to make contingency plans for if/when Freeman implodes once again. Go Bucs!

  14. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    when did Freeman become a bad guy? Last time I checked he was inconsistent yes but otherwise a hard working kid with a great work ethic. In other words a Buccaneer man.

    I find it hilarious that people seemingly want him to fail. Be careful what you wish for, if Freeman isn’t the QB for this team in 2014 then we have effectively hit the reset button and Shaun King will be right because we’ve done nothing but waste time since 2009.

  15. the_buc_realist Says:


    so, are the Bucs supposed to sign Freeman and waste another 5 years??? you either have a Franchise QB or you are looking for one.

  16. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    did you even read what I said? Be careful what you wish for because IF Freeman fails then the Bucs have wasted 5 years on developing a franchise QB, the Rockstar gets fired, we draft another “franchise QB” to start the process all over again and if the next GM isn’t a Schiano guy, he gets a year and shown the door as well.

    Raheem wasn’t right about a lot of things but one thing he nailed: “it’s all about 5”

    If Freeman fails we are screwed

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Eli Manning has been in the league for 8yrs. And half of those years, his passing percentage has been below 60%. Half of those 8yrs; New York Media & Fans have pleading for the organization to move in a different direction without Eli.

    The Giants have won Not 1 but 2 Super Bowls with a monster pass rush. You ask the causal Giants fan; name the starting defensive backs on those teams. You will get S*#t I don’t know. Now Ask them about that pass rush(aka Tree Trunks per Brady). They will quickly spit out Osi ,Tuck, JPP, and Kiwi. That’s because, pass rush will neutralize the best of QB’s and yes wins Championships!!!

  18. robert Says:

    Freeman=Sanchez both have been given enough rope. Last year I bitched and moaned about Freeman because of what others have said. When he messes up he’s like gosh jolly, deer in the headlights look. Thats not the mark of passion. He has never been able to go through progressions or stop staring down a reciever-that’s not exusable. I actually bought into gosh freeman for about a 4 game streak last year………and then look what happened. These days rookies are lighting it up and seeing the field better than freeman. Tough decision on Schiano…glad it’s not mine to make. Given his business approach, I don’t see him cutting free ANY slack and expect for him to not only bring in competition, but someone who could take frees job….as he should

    Hell I would have pulled free from @ least 4 games last year and put in Orlovsky. He definitely looked better than free in preseason, but it was preseason.

  19. Blind Melon Says:

    @ Ian – for most of the I want it now crowd, I’d say week 15 of the 2012 season.

    Free has to prove he can be consistent this year. Otherwise we will be starting over at the position…

    As for the original question – it’s flaming nonsense outta Prisco.

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:




  21. SirustheVirus Says:

    First off it’s team game so loses don’t just fall on Freeman. Also for Schiano’s first year to have a 9th ranked offense he should be happy because there not a finished product. Schiano should know first hand success isn’t over night. It took him a whie to get Rutgers going. He’s pushing Freeman because he knows Freeman can get better by being consistent. To think we should draft a QB this year your stupid. You guys are thinking there’s so many QB out there that are hidden gems. You know what makes a good QB a good consistent coach. Alex Smtih Big Bust………. untill Harbaugh coached him up and put him in position to succeed. Bet you guys would have been jumping all over Flynn and Kolb also untill they went to another team and sucked. You guys that want a new QB. Why not wait. Let him play out. If he completely sucks. Then go get someone. This years QB’s are full of Freeman types without his work ethic. Freeman may not be Elite, but he’s good enough to win. He probably wins us more games then he loses for the team. If the Jets can get to the AFC Championship twice with Sanchez I got faith in Freeman. You guys forget how long it took Steve Young, Both Mannings, and Brees to win a Superbowl. Hell people like Marino and Kelly never even won a superbowl were guys like B.Johnson and T.Dilfer won. It’s a Team sport and we need to be good on both sides not just one. Eli was hating on for years till he won a Superbowl. Doed anyone believe he’s better than Brady? NO!!! But his team overall was better. Rivers and Romo are good QB’s also and they can’t even get into the playoffs, but there teams don’t replace them. If it was so easy to get an Elite consistent QB every team would have won. Not saying we shouldn’t want better, but we should be happy with what we have right now because there are 23 other teams that have a worse offense than us. Fix the defense and we will be in the playoffs next year gauranteed.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  23. SirustheVirus Says:

    @ Robert

    Besides that Saints blowout we lost every game by what 1 score or less. I’m sorry we scored 30 something points in the Giants game and still lost. Damn you Freeman why could you score 50 points. Damn you Freeman for giving Eli 500 and something yards passing.Damn you Freeman for letting Nick Foles come back and score with 2 seconds on the clock. Damn you Freeman for not covering Maclin when he scored the TD. Damn you Freeman for not making the pass rush better and sacking the QB. Damn you Freeman for not being an elite CB to cover WR’s. Damn you Freeman for letting Ware run on 3rd and 15( seriously damn you Freeman you should have changed the play at the line to a passing play)

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    I do hope Freeman dislikes Schiano. He ain’t your buddy, best friend, mama or daddy. If this is an issue for Freeman then he needs to grow up and be a man. When Josh can completely pull his head out and play up to his potential, Coach will be happy with him. It’s all about winning and everything else doesn’t matter. Great leaders are often hated before they are loved

  25. bucfanjeff Says:

    There is nothing to this Schiano and Freeman report…nothing.
    Prisco is a hack.

    Bucs in great position to get Milliner, Rhodes, Trufant or Banks.

  26. SirustheVirus Says:


    Your wrong its Freeman’s fault!!

  27. Dan Says:

    Trade the pick in the 2nd round for Nick Foles

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  29. PRBucFan Says:

    It we have wasted 5 years so what? Nothing to do about it but move on.

    It’s the NFL it happens ALL THE TIME

    We’ve established a great core of men and if the QB doesn’t work out its life move on and find a QB that can take advantage of all these neat toys we have here for him.

  30. jarrett Says:

    sirus good post,to many uninformed people actng like they know.

  31. BucSnob Says:

    Well put Sirus. I don’t really understand the hatred for the yes inconsistent, but best QB we’ve ever had. I keep hearing Alex Smith, I’d take Freeman any day over Alex Smith. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And for that one idiot, when did Freeman become a thug? I look forward to hearing from you all throughout next season when Freeman is lighting it up!

  32. Walter Says:

    Man, people really love to hate Freeman. I guess when the Bucs win the NFC South this year, maybe then the fans will respect him.

  33. Dan Says:

    LOL @ Walter, Bucs win the South? Hilarious Man, that made me really laugh out loud

  34. BullDog Says:

    Right on Walter. Gag on it Dan Gag !!! GO BUCS !!!

  35. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If Freeman can somehow find a way to be consistant, the Bucs winning the south isnt so laughable.

  36. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    That’s what everyone is waiting for WALTER. Heck, I’ll even take a wild card, 3rd place division finish.

    Just get us to the playoffs Freeman!

    And if you start a war with the HC then you ARE a thug brah.

  37. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    but who said that Freeman started a war with Schiano? Prisco started a rumor to get some attention and now all of a sudden Freeman is a thug? Nothing he’s done in the past would indicate any of this “report” is true

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    Freeman may be a lot of things but “Thug”isn’t one of them. I’ve seen 1 or 2 thugs in my life. Josh is a good kid, but he is young. Many times Joe and others have said he needs a sports psychologist. The Rays players say they benefit from this tool. Josh of 2010 how he was referred was awesome. He’s fought back and maybe in 2013 he’ll get there, like Flacco. This should be Freeman’s last shot but as a fan I have to believe the Bucs can do it. I’m really happy with the team since Dominick took over. Raheem was 1 bad pass interference call from the playoffs in 2010′. This team now is better than that team in 2010′ and the coaching is better.

    I’ll go along with those above saying we can win the NFC South with Josh Freeman in 2013′. The defense has to carry their load or doesn’t matter who plays QB.

  39. Mr Lucky Says:

    All the Freeman love on ths site won’t cure his biggest problem:


    You all talk about his ‘work ethic’??? REALLY???

    I don’t think Peyton Manning or Tom Brady was playing make up for ESPN while their team was losing 4 in a row and blowing a shot at the playoffs.

    No don’t waste a draft pick on a QB this year – use those to shore up the defense. Freeman isn’t TERRIBLE, but as MJ sang he’s ‘bad’.

    Pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick when the Bill release him. You want Freeman to learn what a work ethic is, then spend a 7th round pick on Tebow.

    Freemans had enough opportnities to thrive he hasn’t. This is the NFL boys.

  40. RustyRhino Says:

    Freeman is a thug? And here thought he was a Thriller!!!! Wow. Ya, miss a few days and look what happens.

    I am Rooting for Freeman to be successful. If he is Great, if he is not It is time to move on. Vjax And the rest of the team get older and more wear on the treads every season.

    @Sirus I would have loved B Johnson to have the arm Freeman has. B Johnson was very accurate short to medium not so much deep.. He took what the defense gave him. Move the chains.

  41. Walter Says:

    Ryan Fitzpatrick? Really? XD

    No, seriously: Ryan Fitzpatrick??? He is in no way better than Freeman.

  42. Walter Says:


    How is that laughable?? Please explain.

    You think Atlanta is that much better than us? We almost beat them TWICE last year, with the 2nd worst secondary in NFL history. Besides, they are currently falling apart at the seams as we speak. They have no cap room, Ryan’s security blanket retired, they have no running game, they are losing Sam Baker, Brent Grimes and possibly Dunta Robinson in free agency, so their secondary is screwed, they already can’t stop the run, their O-Line is weak sauce…. need I say more?

    As for the Aints, they NEVER play good defense, they can’t run the ball worth a damn either, suddenly Drew Brees likes to throw INT’s like his life depends on it, they also lack cap space to address team needs and fill holes.

    The Kitties? Their QB is even worse than you guys think Freeman is. Steve Smith is aging, they have no solid #2 receiver, their running game is not nearly as potent as it used to be, we shut them down both times last season.

    Meanwhile, the Bucs have $30+ million in cap space, so our secondary is going to be revamped, both in the draft and free agency, our offense is coming off of it’s best season EVER, we have one of the best front seven’s in football, our O-Line is solid, except for maybe the RT position, but Dotson is serviceable, we have a beast runningback in Doug Martin, two awesome WR’s, and a QB coming off a 4,000yd season with 27td’s (both franchise records) and it’ll be our second year with the same system on offense AND defense, so expect production to go UP.

    Laugh if you want, but I expect huge things from our team this coming season. I think we can win the South. We are a more complete team than any of the other three in our division, and we have money to burn and upgrade our one weakness, the secondary. All of a sudden, we’ll be able to actually cover receivers for more than three seconds, and with a healthy Clayborn and Bowers on the line next to Miller and McCoy, they will be able to put a lot more pressure on Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton. And when all is said and done, if Freeman can’t lead this team to the playoffs next year, it really is time for him to go, and I’m fine with that. I like the guy, I see the talent he has, and I think if he doesn’t succeed here, he will find success elsewhere. I understand why other fans are upset with him, I just don’t see the point of bitching and moaning about it every single day as if Greg Schiano is going to read my comments and answer my prayers. Instead, I choose to let the season play out, and to support my Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    GO BUCS!

  43. tidalguy Says:

    Now Freeman is a thug. Some people will buy anything.

  44. White Tiger Says:

    Nice talk “…draft me a QB..”

    Which round? If you goof offs hadn’t noticed, it’s a bad QB draft, and we have a late round pick. You want to waste a late 1st round pick on a a guy who should have gone in the 2nd round? You want to waste a 2nd rounder on a guy that should have gone in the 3rd or 4th?

    By all means get some competition in the later rounds…while your at it…why not just get a real starter and quit fooling around. It’s about time we won another Super Bowl too, so why don’t you find one that can get THAT done every year.

    You guys are like a bad Monte Pythin skit…at least in the end, they knew they were just pretending.

    Your worst nightmare is alive – a coach who doesn’t talk to the media, or listen to fans, and who is negotiating in public with his QB of the future.


  45. Mr Lucky Says:

    Walter, nice coherant post. I’m amazed that you can write something like that AND smoke weed atthe same time.

  46. jarrett Says:

    mr lucky you brought up the names ryan fitzpatrick and tim tebow to be brought in, That tells me all i need to know about your lack of football knowledge. Maybe you should try weed, it not as bad as the crack u have been smoking. Anyone who says word tebow, should immediately be kicked off this site, joe get this done.

  47. Walter Says:

    @Mr Lucky

    You’re one of the people that bitches the most on this site, so I don’t feel like talking to you. You’re nothing but a troll, so in the future, when you feel the need to try and insult me, save yourself some time and don’t even bother thinking of anything to say, because you won’t get another response from me. I only talk to real Bucs fans, not hormonal teenage girls that cry everyday. Have a nice life.

  48. One Trick Pony Says:

    Freeman ought to change his name to Mr Indicision and hit the road.
    It dont matter if you lose by one point or not… lost.
    Freeman will never take you anywhere even with all his stats as he just stands there holding onto the ball with the deer look in his eyes