“Just Throw Like Joe”

February 27th, 2013

Bucs coaches need to fix Josh Freeman’s front-shoulder mechanics asap, writes former Bucs QB Jeff Carlson. A good start would be studying Joe Flacco.

Former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson (1990 & 1991) writes The QB Blast column here at JoeBucsFan.com. Joe loves when Carlson fires away. Carlson is often seen as a football color analyst on Bright House Sports Network, and he trains quarterbacks of all ages locally via his company, America’s Best Quarterback. Plus, he’s a really cool dude.


Joe Flacco has one more season of experience on Josh Freeman, but five more playoff seasons and now a Lombardi Trophy on the shelf and a Disney Parade, too.

He is now expected to become the highest paid QB in the league while the Buccaneers ponder what they should do about Freeman’s future with the team. Flacco isn’t a better passer than Freeman because of his team’s fabulous finish, he has been a very accurate passer over his career because of very solid passing mechanics and great balance.

His alignment is better than most in the NFL. Josh Freeman’s alignment is one of the worst.

Freeman rarely, if ever, gets his front shoulder on the line that he wants the ball to travel. That is one of the reasons he throws quite side-armed so often. He pulls his left shoulder and left hip off target earlier than he should, causing the ball to be released further back, while Flacco (as well as Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson and others) keeps himself lined up and allows himself to reach out straighter to his target, thus creating more accuracy on his throws. Inaccuracy is a key criticism of Freeman.flaccoreadytothrow

There are quite a few other things that I would like to see new Buccaneer QB Coach John McNulty clean up with Freeman’s mechanics, but improving the alignment of his shoulder and hip to his throws is probably the most impactful thing he can do for improving his accuracy all over the field.

To keep it simple, Freeman’s mantra moving forward should be, “Just throw like Joe.”

45 Responses to ““Just Throw Like Joe””

  1. Terraj Says:

    Thank you for finally putting up an article like this. So many people on this site say Freeman is just like Flacco because he’s tall and has a big arm, but Flacco knows how to throw a football correctly.

    I promise you the reason his mechanics are so bad is because he’s always physically outmatched everyone he’s always played against until he got to the NFL so coaches never bothered to correct it and Josh never cared to change it. It’s sad to say this but I dont see him correcting it anytime soon. Just like Tebow, when you’ve been throwing incorrectly for your whole life, it’s tough to change.

    We can drag this out and live with the inaccuracy/bad mechanics or we can cut the cord on this never ending project.

  2. Mavsmoney Says:

    And what has he improved upon since last year?

  3. Brad Says:

    2 years ago he completed 60% then )2% the next year. Accuracy not an issue. New system was the problem. Wake up media. Bring on FA and draft so the gossipers shut the hell up..

  4. Terraj Says:

    Wow brad…wow

    Accuracy is not an issue? You’re right, he had no one to throw it to this past season lol. Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams are practice squad guys right? lol
    Freeman threw nothing but dump offs against prevent defenses in games we were always trailing two years ago. This past season he actually had to throw it down field like a….wait for it…quarterback!

  5. SteveK Says:


    What is sad is our lack of playoffs. What is said is the 10 game losing streak suffered after a 4-2 start in 2011. What is sad, was Freeman’s encore in 2012, he took us to 6-4 and averaging 34 points per game, only to dissapear for the next 5 or so games, during in which the offense only averaged 17 points per game.

    If Freeman is inconsistent, the Bucs don’t make the playoffs.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Freeman owns his share of inconsistency, agreed, but if the defense had held up against the Giants, Redskins, Falcons, and Eagles – we would have been 11-5 and in the playoffs.

    Specifically those four games Freeman had us in the lead or came back to take the lead and the defense failed miserably.

  7. 4everBucsFan Says:

    It seems Freeman can’t fix his mechanics. Maybe we should teach him how the same way you teach a rat, through shock therapy. Maybe if he were fitted with some shocking device that would shock the crap out of him every time he made a mechanically bad throw. Shock him hard every time he bails early and throws off his back foot. Only through the proper repetitions will he get it right. When you practice the same bad habits over and over it never gets fixed. Maybe, a lot of fans have it right. Maybe Josh is stuck on stupid or he has a fear of being hit. It’s hard to teach a QB to be fearless, especially one who aspires to be like Michael Jackson.
    One more year, last year. Either get it right or step aside.

  8. Vern4499 Says:


    And he threw it down field like a Quarterback better than any other quarterback to ever wear a Bucs uniform. Jackson had a career year with Josh at quarterback as did Williams. The Bucs had the lead in multiple games even 2 touchdown leads in multiple games with Josh at quarterback. Josh was by far not the worst quarterback in the league. Our pass defense was by far the worst but you continue to blame #5. Give Josh even a top 15 pass defense this past year and the team wins 11 games and gets in the playoffs.

  9. Terraj Says:

    @ vern

    Do you wanna post that comment a few more times? lol..I love the “He’s the best qb the bucs ever had” argument. Name ONE good qb in the bucs history. There has never been a qb play well in tampa, ever. So dont act like Freeman has made a major accomplishment. He reads the field like a high school quarterback and doesnt have much accuracy.
    Stats are fun but often misleading. They become even less important when talking about the qb position. What matters is finding a way to win. The past couple years the packers and patriots had terrible defenses and still won. I agree the bucs def needs major work but im tired of hearing that as an excuse for josh.

  10. Vern4499 Says:


    My two year old got my phone. Don’t know how he did that.

    Is Josh perfect? Not at all. But to blame him for every loss is not fair. Now as for New England they have arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. The year Green Bay win it all they had a top 5 defense. As for what Joe wrote I now live 35 miles away from Baltimore. Ravens fans were very torn on Flacco up until after the Broncos game this year. They were saying the same things as some of the Bucs fans say about Josh. Hell the national media said the same
    things about Flacco. The ravens lost four of their last five games in the regular season. Now we want to talk about Flacco as a top-five quarterback? Now I agree Josh can’t throw 4 picks in a game two weeks in a row that’s just unacceptable. But there are multiple positions that need upgraded before our quarterback.

  11. SteveK Says:

    Freeman needs to finish with his team, in the top 12 next year, or he is a goner.

    12 teams make the plaoyffs, time to have us at Top 6 in the NFC.

    Now or never, atleast with Freeman at the helm.

  12. SteveK Says:


    We need consistency at the QB position. Freeman need to establish consistency, no more roller coastering the season with epic highs and stupid, annoying, and head scratchling lows.

    We need a consistent guy throwing the ball, and running the offense.

    Right now, Josh Freeman is as good as a coin flip.

  13. Vern4499 Says:


    I agree with you 100%. My point is there were multiple losses from this past year that you cannot blame on number 5 alone. Some of them you can’t blame on him at all.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    @Jeff Carlson,
    Again, nice report. It would be nice if Josh could spend some time with you. I hope McNulty can fix him. Can Freeman’s mechanics be fixed and how much longer do you stick with him as the #1 QB?

    Did you watch Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville last season and what are your thoughts on him? I only saw him one time, destroy the Gators in the bowl game, but was very impressed.

  15. tye Says:

    If the Bucs want to keep Freeman the starting QB AND win they need to get 2 more RBs just like Doug Martin and strengthen up the OL so JF can be used to do what he does best (his only true talent), Handing the ball off!

  16. jarrett Says:

    flacco is a 60% passer in his career, has never had 4000 yds passing, never had more than 25 tds in a season, just last year people were talking about flaccos inconsistencies on the road. Last year flacco had 7 games with less than an 80 qbr. So lets stop with this flacco is consistent crap. While i agree his mechanics are better Josh is a career 58.5 passer, he has had 4000 yds passing and two years with more than 25 tds. Josh is 3 yrs younger and played 1 year less than flacco. I agree josh needs to clean up mechanics, but if u think flacco is all of a sudden elite and accurate, and consistent then you are wrong. He does have a good team though unlike josh.

  17. jarrett Says:

    Terraj once again thank you for changing your name to the backwards spelling, i would hate for anyone to mistake your clueless opinions for mine.

  18. SteveK Says:


    You correct in mentioning Joe Flacco’s pedestrian (CONSISTENT) stats.

    I don’t want my QB to come out and light the world on fire for 3-5 games, looking damn near unstoppable, only to have them come out the next 4-6 games looking like Ryan Leaf’s backup. Freeman should be the Player Rep for the USPS- as he telegraphs everything.

    We had a 4-2 start in 2011, only to watch Freeman lead the way of horrendous play by losing out our final 10 games.

    In 2012 we were 6-4, thinking the world of Freeman, only to be snake bit again by Freeman and a 5 game losing streak.

    Freeman needs to hone it in.

    Look at his numbers last year, and compare them to Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton gets less love than Freeman, but he fumbled 50% less, and comleted 30 more passes in 25 less throws.

    We need a QB that can get the ball to the open receiver, look off a DB, and move the chains on a consistent basis.

    Freeman has not established himslef as a viable NFL option, to this point, and we should definitely be interested in brining in competition. If a drafted QB doesn’t light a fire under our: gun ranging, Michael Jackson dressing, “misscommuncation” having, FIFA Soccer video game playing Quart Back, than I have no clue what will?

    I want for the Bucs to be a good football team again. Freeman has had 55 starts to show us all something. To this point, his good performances are nothing more than a mirage, as they are erased from memory from the instant “bad” Josh rears his fugly head.

  19. Vern4499 Says:

    @ Jarrett

    Wonderfully Said sir!!!

  20. Keith Says:

    Why would the Bucs hire Carlson. He actually played quarterback and knows mechanics. 😉

  21. jarrett Says:

    flacco had 7 bad games last year, he is no model of consistency,So joshs first 11 good games are a mirage and his next bad 4 are all that matters. You sir are dumb, Andy dalton also as inconsistent as josh, the big difference he has a good defense behind him and plays in afc, where he played easier schedule. maybe you should actually watch some tape, then you would realize the grass is not greener. THERE IS 4 ELITE QBS, 5-15 THERE IS REALLY NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE. yOU CANNOT WIN UNLESS YOU HAVE A TOP 15 QB. WE DO, BUT IF YOU HAVE A 5-15 GUY YOU BETTER HAVE A D AND A RUNNING GAME. ONLY ELITE GUYS CAN WIN WITHOUT THOSE THINGS, THEY DO NOT GROW ON TREES. WITH JOSH WE WON 7 GAMES, WITHOUT JOSH WE ARE THE CARDINALS OR CHIEFS.

  22. Terraj Says:

    @ jarrett

    I think you’ve used the same completion % stat in every comment uve ever made…I like that you added the bucs have a bad team around freeman. You’re so right lol. Vincent and Mike Williams at wideout, an elite young running back, and one of the best o-lines. hahahaha ur an idiot. What else can we put around boyfriend josh to make him the great qb you think he is? Leave this conversation to the football fans, son.

  23. jarrett Says:

    TERRAJ, I USE THE STAT BECAUSE IT SHOWS JOSH AND FLACCO ARE COMPARABLE WHEN IT COMES TO ACCURACY. When morons like you say josh is inaccurate but flacco is god, it comes in handy, it should especially help people like you that dont watch football. Last year was first year josh had any weapons, we had a top ten offense. Yet you act like thats not good. What else could we put around josh you ask, how bout a defense in the top 25 that would be helpful. Leave this conversation for people who actually know and watch football. clearly u must be new to this game

  24. Reezy Says:

    Hey Joe what do you think of the Bucs trading a 2nd rounder for Ryan Mallet to back up Josh Freeman.

  25. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Tampa has furnished Freeman with top tier receivers, who make him look better then he really is.
    I want to like Josh, because our future depends on it. But it looks like he will never be more then an average QB. That is not good enough to make the playoffs, in the NF today.

  26. Mr Lucky Says:

    If you like AVERAGE and INCOSISTENT then yeah Freeman is your dude. Maybe its fitting that you dolts consider Josh a Franchise QB because for many years Tampa Bay Bucs have been a trash team, just pretenders not contenders.

    Frankly I demand more from my team. Simply put the NEED to be in the playoffs year in and year out. You can’t win a SuperBowl if you’re sitting on the coach in January or posing for ESPN magazine in December

    Freeman is AVERAGE, let’s face it. He should NEVER have been a first round pick – NEVER.

    Jeff pointed out the obvious in his mechanics and 4 years into his NFL career do you really think Freeman is going to change? Hell no. The only thing that Freeman has learned to do is lose and like it.

    If we wanted a QB with crappy mechanics lets just give the Jets a Round 7 pick and get Tebow on the team. At least Tebow has lead his team to the playoffs and actually won a playoff game.

    Freeman….the only playoff game I see Freeman playing in in Madden 2013 or the CFL

  27. jarrett Says:

    once again mr lucky you prove your dumbness, once you say tebow your whole arguement gets thrown out window. just dumb. We won a superbowl with a worse qb, lets get are d within maybe the top 25, vince young has a record of 30 -16, sanchez went to two afc championships, bringing up tebow just shows how cluless you are, so stop posting on the topic of qb all together because clearly you have no clue what your talking about. By your stupid arguement sanchez is great because he has one 4 playoffs games. Jet fans would die to have freeman, you do not have a clue.

  28. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Jarrett, fine with me, trade Freeman to the Jets for Reeves and Tebow and the Bucs would come out on top.

    If you read and COMPREHEND what I had previously written I NEVER said to replace Freeman with Tebow. What I did write and still advocate is picking up Tim Tebow for the betterment of the team in general.

    Tebow has a leadership character that brings out the best in the people he works with. Freeman couldn’t inspire anyone the last 2 seasons. Josh is what he is and I for one and not satisfied with someone who doesn’t know or like to win.

  29. Mr Lucky Says:

    And Jarrettt a person doesn’t prove their ‘dumbness’ because you don’t agree with their position.

    You on the other hand have DISPLAYED your lack of intolerance and small mindedness when you dismiss another person’s opinion based upon your ‘feelings’ and not FACTS.

    You make a nice Obama flunky

  30. Andrew 1 Says:

    wow, Carlson did a good job of giving us a visual. I can see exactly what he is talking about just by picturing Freeman throw a pass. I guess after 4 years of seeing Freeman pass it can give you an accurate depiction of what he looks like as a QB.

  31. Andrew 1 Says:

    1 more year Freeman. You better make the most of it.

  32. 4everBucsFan Says:

    How is it the 49ers come an eyelash away from winning the Super Bowl, are at the top of the salary cap, have 15 draft picks? Now they are leading the charge to get Revis from NY by offering up some of those picks. Same thing goes for Atlanta, they are supposedly salary strapped but some how they’re making offers for Revis. Some how New Orleans is pulling fistfuls of dollars out of their ass now. Is there more we can do to increase our bounty? Other teams seem to find ways to increase their cap space without dumping their best players, in fact, they somehow find ways to sign more players. I bet if we really restructured some of our contracts we could probably have $60 million to spend. Atlanta better not land Revis, especially without Tampa being involved. That would be a travesty.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Chalk one up to Mr Lucky.

  34. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Well this is obviously a concern. I just wonder how it is so easy for Carlson to see this and NONE of Freeman’s QB coach’s or OC’s have noticed this or attempted to fix it. Does Carlson have insider knowledge about playing QB that most NFL coaches don’t have access to?

    Im not doubting Carlson. I am just legitimately concerned that this has never been fixed. It either means they have tried and failed to fix it or they are simply unaware of this flaw.

    Is this something that Carlson thinks is actually correctable? Has Freeman made this a part of him that there is no changing it? I would like to know if the Bucs QB just has no chance to improve?

    SO many questions….

  35. 4everBucsFan Says:


    Former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson (1990 & 1991) writes The QB Blast column here at JoeBucsFan.com.

  36. Free's a Boob Says:

    Just get a QB with a brain

  37. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree with Mr Lucky that Tebow is a leader of Men. I just am not seeing this out of Freeman, lately.

  38. jarrett Says:

    Mr. lucky Dumbness does not come from disagreeing with me thats fine, dumbness comes from thinking tebow is better than freeman. dumb

  39. Nick B Says:

    Yes Tim Tebow the same leader of men that was on that train wreck of NY Jets team. But he will make a difference. Keep telling yourselves that. Oh yeah he couldn’t beat out Mark Sanchez either.

  40. jarrett Says:

    Mr lucky It is also dumb when you cant even come close to spelling the last name of one of the best corners in the game. Its revis. Bigmacattack you must of been keeping score of dumb statements in that case chalk 4 up for mr. lucky

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I just get excited when people take pot shots at The Traitor in Chief. It lets me know there is one less dummy in the World.

  42. Mr Lucky Says:


    Wow score two Obama points for you – first you ignore my argument because you dislike Tebow and now you ignore my repost because I mis-spelled a players last name.

    Yeah, let’s not look at stats, let’s not give any supporting evidence to reinforce your position.


    1. Ignore the other poster’s main point
    2. Don’t attack the poster’s argument (because you know you’re wrong) so you make personal attacks on the poster.

    I give the world evidence that O’Bama is indeed a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, hiding behind the moniker of jarrett…..

    PS – I wouldn’t bring REVIS to the Bucs for two reasons:

    1. You don’t know how his knee is really going to do
    2. High priced FA’s with diva attitude are usually disruptive to a teams chemistry and rarely does it work out (evidence the 2011 Philly Eagles)

  43. jarrett Says:

    mr. Lucky I just reread all of your posts, there is not a single stat or smart comment in any of them. I cant even argue your points, because you have yet to make one.Any comment regarding tebow over josh should be ignored, and should result in immediate ban. The next smart thing you post will be your first. I love how you go from trade for reeves and tebow,to i dont want revis, we dont know how is knee will do. I cant believe i have to write this but, i am not really the president. I am a ron paul supporter. Now that is the last political anything i will write on this FOOTBALL SITE. Still waiting on anything smart at all.

  44. mcBuc Says:

    Why do you guys act like carlson is the second coming and bash king? I feel they both know more about football than any if us, but you guys always bash king on his nfl career. King had a better career than jeff…just saying

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t know, but Carlson trains young QB’s and King trains cheeseburgers, when he isn’t spouting Buc hate.