Bennett, Bowers And The Defensive End Slot

February 27th, 2013

Yes, when Bucs defensive end Da’Quan Bowers got collared in New York for packing heat in LaGuardia Airport, one of the worst places in the nation to be pinched with a loaded rod, many Bucs fans believed the arrest and possible incarceration of Bowers would force Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s hand to make moves at the defensive end position.

A like-minded Bucs fan raised this subject in a recent BSPN NFC South chat.

MJ (Palm Beach, FL)

Pat,With the unfortunate circumstances of Bowers mistake, does it now almost guarantee Bennett will be a Buc whether it be the franchise tag or a long-term deal? Also, does this scenario help us create a brotherly family reunion in Tampa?

Pat Yasinskas

I think they already had planned to make a hard push to re-sign Bennett. And, yes, it could help put his brother in Tampa Bay.

Now Dominik is on record as saying it would be naive to think Bowers’ arrest wouldn’t have the Bucs performing a second review of their draft plans. Joe thinks there’s no need to make a rash decision when one doesn’t need to be made (yet).

There is little to no evidence to suggest Bowers will miss any time in the 2013 season, unless it’s at the hands of the NFL’s long arm of the law, warden commissioner Roger Goodell. Like Goodell did with cabbie-slugging, helmet-wielding, pistol-whipping Aqib Talib, Goodell likely will wait to decide Bowers’ suspension fate until after Bowers goes to trial, if he goes to trial. It’s unlikely Bowers would have his fate sealed by a jury before 2014..

It is still unknown how this charge will shake out. Bowers may not have to serve any sentence in a New York cage. Only time will tell.

Besides, Joe has gone on record many, many times saying Dominik likely will pull the trigger — pun unintended — with the 13th overall draft pick on a defensive end, if he’s one the Bucs think can make an immediate impact.

If there is a winner in all of this, it may be Bennett, though Joe is confident Dominik won’t spend much more cash on the free agent than is already budgeted.

13 Responses to “Bennett, Bowers And The Defensive End Slot”

  1. Terraj Says:

    Bennett is very good, not elite. Dont forget before this past season he was an average def end. Lets hope he is paid accordingly, unlike mr average eric wright getting ten times what he’s worth….Joe any idea of when the Bucs will release Wrig

  2. SteveK Says:

    Mike Bennett was in the TOP 50 in sacks last year in the NFL.

    That is just not worth the franchise tag, or a dollar more than 8,000,000.00

    I hope we can retain his services, for the right price.

  3. big007hed Says:

    DE Bennett is a great DE for our defense b/c he plays so well against the run and can get to the QB and if by resigning him gets the Bucs his brother than that would upgrade the offensive side of the ball as well.

  4. flmike Says:

    @Joe, you really think the Rock Star would take a DE if Rhodes(CB) or Vaccaro(S) were sitting there at 13?

  5. Terraj Says:

    @ flmike

    No chance Rhodes goes that early in the draft. Hes been questioned to even be able to play corner in the nfl. Some consider him not to be shifty enough and would be better fit for safety…Vaccaro is a nice pick but I cant imagine the bucs using a first round pick on a safety two years in a row.

  6. Jacko101 Says:

    @Terraj I wish we would get Vacarro or Ogletree

  7. Terraj Says:

    @ jacko101

    I agree. Either one of those would be a great addition. Lets hope Dominik can pull off some more first and second round magic like last year so we end of with 2 or 3 solid starters for years to come.

  8. Macabee Says:


    Put 2 and 2 together. The Dolphins are looking at FA WRs like Mike Wallace. They are not going to tag Sean Smith and is not making any headway in re-signing him. The Bucs are rumored (RotoWorld) to be in the hunt for Smith.

    If the Dolphins get a WR in FA and loose Smith, they will almost surely take Rhodes at #12. If not, they may take Corradelle Patterson WR/Tenn. That may be the only way he gets to #13.

    It would be nice to see Smith on one side and Rhodes on the other with Barron deep. Intimidating!

  9. Terraj Says:

    @ Macabee

    Id love to see Smith on the Bucs. A solid proven corner…when you’re talking about Rhodes, I think you’re assuming that teams have him ranked that high when that might not be the case. Millner is the #1 corner in this draft. There’s a drop after him. That’s why a lot of experts think there’s more depth rather than first round talent at the corner position. Teams aren’t going to reach when there’s a lot more first round ability on o-line and d-line

  10. Macabee Says:


    Everything you said is true except for Miami, who picks at #12. You should take a look at some post-combine mocks.

  11. Terraj Says:

    lol there’s going to be a million mocks between now and the draft. Half the teams in the league need cornerbacks. It comes down to value.

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    Sean Smithis overated.

    He ranked in the bottom of the NFL.

    Dont get fooled by his size.

    He gets beat all the time.

    Imagine getting Banks in the second, and trading back into the 2nd to get Tyranne Mathieu?

    Boom. Two capable starters.

  13. teacherman777 Says:

    First round?

    Give me a beast of a DT or DE.

    They are just so valuable!

    In this day and age

    You need 3 good DE’s and 3 good DT’s.

    D-lineman are big. They get tired easy.

    Rotations are so important.

    As is depth.

    So we must get the BPA.


    He is NOT worth it #13. Hea too slow.

    Do you know who I hope drops?

    Jarvis Jones! Perfect 3rd down specialist!

    Keep him fresh on the sideline. Bring him in on 3rd?

    Boom! No QB will be safe from him!

    Especially in e 3rd quarter.

    We must consider fatigue and the importance of pressuring the QB.