Greg Schiano Seems To Like Honey Badger

February 25th, 2013

Today, Bucs coach Greg Schiano appeared on that dreadful NFL Networ show “NFL AM,” and among many other subjects, the topic of the Honey Badger himself came up — former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

(This NFL AM is a joke. The co-hosts, Nicole Zaloumis and Brian Webber, are like rejects from a low-rent game show. This Zaloumis has no business on the show. The only time she appears remotely interested is when she can talk about players’ touchdown dances and when an NFL player is on that repulsively effeminate “Dancing with the Stars” schlock, which makes Joe want to just toss all over his laptop keyboard just typing that. Today, while waiting for Schiano to appear, viewers were more likely to hear chatter about the Oscars or “Dancing with the Stars” than football talk. What the hell?! Get rid of those zombies, promote Molly Qerim and stick to football! MLB Network’s “Hot Stove,” which airs opposite “NFL AM,” blows the NFL Network’s morning programming out of the water! If Joe, and 98 percent of NFL fans, want Oscars news and “Dancing with the Stars” feces, we’d watch E! Network. We turn to the NFL Network, for, you know, football!)

Naturally, Schiano was asked about that dopey, overblown, lying-to-teammates-and-coaches linebacker that Alabama exposed in January, but then Schiano was asked about “Honey Badger” himself. A former standout cornerback from LSU, Mathieu was thrown off the team just prior to his junior season because of failing drug tests.

Having sat out a year and gone through rehab, Mathieu is ready to hit the NFL and Schiano genuinely seemed interested.

“Yeah, I have spoken to him; again, you have to weight everything out. Is there some risk? Probably, but even he’d tell you that.

“He’s got film; he’s got very impressive film. So I don’t think that is an issue. Again, it is all scales. What are you willing to risk and at what [round] do you take him?

“Well, generally [lack of size] it does [hurt], but he is a special talent so I don’t know if [Mathieu’s size] is important.”

How good of a player was Honey Badger? He was a Heisman Trophy finalist. Very few elite defenders get that honor. Honey Badger has freakish skills.

Lord knows the Bucs need corners, and yeah, he is short. If Honey Badger is there in the fourth round, Joe thinks that would be a time to grab him. Joe’s been of the mind the Bucs will draft two corners.

If Mathieu is the second of two corners drafted, not too shabby of a draft. Oh, and he is a crazy good kick returner. How many guys did Schiano run through a revolving door at kick return last year?

90 Responses to “Greg Schiano Seems To Like Honey Badger”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t deny his abilities, but I would be surprised if we drafted him.

  2. Mavsmoney Says:

    I’m starting to believe that all of the best cornerback options have issues. They’re a different breed than you and I. But I like his nickname so I’ll take him

  3. The 300's Says:


    Probably for the first time ever I am going to have to go with Peter King on this one. You’re busting that other guy’s balls for being naive, including calling him essentially a bad teamate. Why don’t you ask the “Ganja Badger’s” teamates whether they felt let down by the fact he cared more about getting high than being a team player.

    With that being said the other player is overrated.

    And drafting the ganja badger at all would be taking a risk on someone dumber than Aquib Talib. The kid is selfish and does not belong on the Bucs.

  4. Terraj Says:

    Ive been on here a few times saying I could see the bucs getting him. His off field issues arent that bad. He smoked weed, Wow, so does everyone in the nba lol and a bet a lot of football players.

    He brings good instincts to a position where it’s crucial and maybe just as important, he’s a hell of a return man. We all know the bucs could use that.

  5. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    We need to replace Roscoe Parrish for sure. Do we do that with Honey Boo Boo? Not unless we protect ourselves in his contract. Not to upset about weed usage if he is willing to quit until he retires. We never would have had Sapp if he didn’t blaze and get caught.

  6. Alex Says:

    He”l be a 3-5 round pick so his contract won’t be for much. I’ve always wanted the bucs to draft him even with his issues. If he shows that he still has the game he’d be a great pick up. Only I see him as a free safety because of his ball hawk skills or a nickle corner covering the small quick guys in the slot

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    Bravo Joe for saying what were all thinking. NFL AM SUCKS!!!!!!! any one of us could crap out a better tv show.

  8. You Go Joe Says:

    Guess we’re doing what the patriots did with Alfonzo Dennard, get a years worth of service for a 7th round. I’m not implying honey badger would be a 7th round and also be done with in a year, but the kid has some nasty skeletons in his closet. If he can keep clean and change his way then go for it, kids got skills that will pay the bills.

  9. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    He had the worst bench press @ NFL Combine…4 Reps so he better be able to shadow them without making contact

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If he falls deep in the draft, I say yes, but I would not draft him at a high position.

  11. Bb Says:

    He would be a great buccaner man, late round pick just for return skills

  12. Northend Says:

    Who cares about his bench,plus he is a young kid who is growing up,made some mistakes and is working back.usually that is a good combo.he wont be on the board after 4.We should scoop him up with first of our 4th rounders.dude can play.he is basically rondes size

  13. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Hell No!! …to Honey Badger. …He’s too little, brittle, and a suspension waiting to happen. His upside is minute compared to his downside. 7th rounder maybe.

  14. Bucs or gtfo Says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about the NFL AM. Lol

  15. MadMax Says:

    Test (my posts arent posting)

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Northend

    I agree with you that the bench press doesn’t matter, but the guy routinely gets into trouble. Haven’t we had enough of guys in our secondary, like Talib and Tanard Jackson, getting arrested? you said he is working his way back, but he couldn’t even work his way back onto the LSU football team after he was kicked off the team for possession because he got arrested again for possession while he was kicked off the team. The guy is a talented criminal who will never learn. I say pass. Just my opinion

  17. Mr Lucky Says:

    So the massess say that weed is, “…no big deal?”


    Didn’t the Bucs get hurt last year with the Adderall twins – Talib and Wright?

    Yes kids make mistakes but




  18. teacherman777 Says:

    Schiano has changed many young men’s lives.

    He is a rock solid Teacher and Father figure.

    I would love to see coach work his magic with Tyranne.

    I mean, can you guys possibly tell me that he wouldnt be a solid 3rd round pick?

    Immediate Impact on our defense!

    Solid starter or nickle plus punt returns!

    You guys know that Teacherman has been calling for this for months!

    We missed last year on Vontaze Burfict in the 7th like I kept saying.

    This year? Guaranteed 3rd round starter?

    Tyranne Mathieu!

  19. RastaMon Says:

    1st of the 4th

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think it’s ridiculous and disgraceful that you continuously take cheap shots at Te’o. First of all, your facts are wrong. He didn’t lie to his coaches and teammates. You obviously don’t know the facts of what happened, probably because you think you are too cool to watch Katie Couric (which is fine). The guy does more work in the community than any college kid I’ve ever seen. He made a mistake. Pretty sure we all have.

    As for being exposed against Alabama, yes he had a bad game. Even the best have had bad games. Just because he had one bad game doesn’t take away from l he did throughout his career. Just because he didn’t put up big numbers at the Combine doesn’t mean he can’t play. I do know this : if you’ve seen him play more than one game, you would know he is a tremendous player. It is yet to be determined how that will translate to the NFL. But the name calling is out of line, and you should be embarrassed.

  21. canada buc fan Says:

    I would be ok with the Honey Badger in the 4th round or later as many have stated even if it is just for his return ability. Someone that intrigues me that I have not heard linked to us is Logan Ryan. First off he played at Rutgers so Schiano already knows him and that seems to be a pre-rec to becoming a buc these days. He is a big dude listed at 6 feet and 190 pounds and they left him out on an island all the time at Rutgers so he fits the mould of what Schiano wants to do on defence. He is projected to be a 2nd round pick. Would be interesting if the picked BPA at 13 then took this kid in the 2nd and came back to grab Tyrann in the 4th. Of course this is all meaningless before free agency.

  22. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Yeah OK? I’m the GM and I’m going to put my career on the line to draft an undersized, fragile, head-case in the third round. Fans already think a GM is only as good as his past drafts. So those of you advocating to draft Mathieu with our 3rd or 4th pick will be the first to call for Dominik’s job if Mathieu never makes it to the field. There are better options, if he’s there at the end, then take a flyer on him, but he’s not worth better than a late rounder.

  23. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    I agree with you. I think me and you are one of the few people who think he was a great LB in college and will be a great LB in the pros. If people would just go back and watch some of his games, especially that Oklahoma game, I think they would feel the same way. yes he had a bad game but so did the rest of the ND team. also, I dont think Joe is going to let up on the name calling, he can be stubborn when it comes to things like these.

  24. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Same thing goes for T’eo, I have him ranked as 9th best LB at the combine. The only reason the guy is popular is because of all the media attention. He did not impress me at the combine one bit, he’s slightly above average at best amongst his peers. In the biggest game to end his college career, he was schooled badly.

  25. dmatt Says:

    10/11/11, 8/10/12, and 10/25/12, drugs, drugs, and more drugs, w/o having a six figure salary. Too close for comfort. This guy will say exactly what his agent advises him to say. I love his Skills and not the Drugs. From a business perspective, he can have One or the Other, but not Both. IF he can inhale mature, remorseful, self assured, discipline, and sincere, then he will exhale “Redemption”. If he’s given (you can rest assure he will be) the opportunity to be drafted in the NFL, then the only game he should be playing is, “Football” and not “Mind Games”. Every young man should be given the benefit of the doubt, especially regarding marijuana, unless he’s committed some gruesome or senseless crime. The folks throwing stones at this young man have probably, smoked, drinked, indulged in some illegal act (haven’t gotten caught) or closet contains C & S, Clothes & Skeletons. For the record,the clause in Tyrann Mathieu’s contract should read “ZERO TOLERANCE For DRUGS” IMO

  26. Stevek Says:

    EJ Biggers

  27. Stevek Says:

    Myron Lewis

  28. Stevek Says:

    Danny Gorrer

  29. Andrew 1 Says:

    ^^^^^ Aqib Talib

  30. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Why are so many of you gravitating towards these guys? (Mathieu , Te’o) They both have questionable off the field issues and character. Isn’t this the same red flags we’re trying to avoid?

  31. Andrew 1 Says:

    Tanard Jackson

  32. Andrew 1 Says:

    soon to be cut Eric Wright

  33. Aldo Says:

    Hawaian Buc, thanks for that post, i was looking for the way to say the same thing, im really tired of people justyfying the honey badger but bashing Te’o its ok for all…

  34. Capt. Tim Says:

    Nah- we’ve wasted enough picks and time on druggies and bad attitude/ low intellect players.

    There are plenty of talented, hard working CBs that will improve with practice and experience- not get worse every season due to lack of commitment/ stupidity( see the Taliban/T Jackson files)

    I realize there are people here who don’t Learn from mistakes- and probably repeat them over and over intheir own unsuccessful lives

    Hope Dom isn’t one of them

    Teacher man- WHAT?? Shiano had no impact on Talibum or Wright. He gave them his “Buccaneer man” speech- they shot him a bird, and continued being a disgusting burden to society( Talibum) or doing Dope! Clueless

  35. teacherman777 Says:

    @Captain Tim

    Im talking about his decade at Rutgers!


    Watch ur words.

    Ray Rice would say what I said.

    So you,

    are clueless sir.

  36. teacherman777 Says:

    @Hawaiin Buc

    I am totally with you.

    This guy Joe does NOT seem like a kind man.

    He should be embarassed.

    But hes not that empathetic yet.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Exactly what off the field and character issues does Te’o have? Doing too much community service? Being too religious? If you think he can’t play, that’s fine (your opinion). The guy won damn near every award possible, but if you think he can’t play because of one game and underwear Olympics, that’s your right. I’d bet my house you’ve never seen him play more than once. But go ahead and deny it. But comparing him getting duped to the freaking Honey Badger is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  38. Miracle Says:

    excited about when we draft Te’o

  39. hamilton Says:

    4 rd is a good round.

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m in the 5-7 round crowd on the Badger. He’s small and I’d have to ask him if he can cover Megatron or VJax. Then I’d want to see it because it takes serious freakish skills to stop a freak that is a lot taller than him. I know Ronde and some others are short but I’d like to CBs that are 6’+.

  41. Tampa2 Says:

    Bench press doesn’t matter? WTF?! Obviously film and overall ability is most important, but being STRONG is damn important. Or you get killed simple as that. My god, being strong and explosive is just about the most essential things to have. In this day in age starting at the high school level, if you ever want to see the field you better be in the weight room.

    To make an exaggerated analogy here – If you are some puny or overweight dude that never hits the gym, you cant bench Jack crap, and you’re asked to take down a dude that squats 450 and is chiseled out. You aren’t gonna feel too confident or up to the task now are you? Even if you were you’d get murdered..Conversely if you were strong yourself, and were asked to tackle a RB, your odds of getting hurt are INFINITELY less and the chances of you taking him down infinitely rises. Being strong is important. Dont kid yourself

  42. Capt. Tim Says:

    Teacherman- Sooo, you’re saying that Shiano’s inability to change Talibum and wrights behavior last year wasn’t relevant.and thats not the standard to judge him by. But10 years ago at A tiny college, that also had students expelled and drop out for drugs- that was when he proved he was this great molder of men.

    Dude- you aren’t just clueless, you are really naive and um . . . Um . .

    I don’t know how to say dumb politely

    I like Shiano. A lot. But no one will change these losers from drug users to model citizens. You trying to bestow sainthood on a football coach is rediculous.

    We need to draft decent people-not gangsta wannabes.

  43. Camby Says:

    Q: Is he a captain?

    If no, there’s no point in discussing. Rock Roadie Marky Dom-N-ik won’t draft him.

  44. MadMax Says:

    mayock trying to rap during the combine.

  45. 1976Buc Says:

    The 4 presses is probably more of an attitude issue with Mathieu. He quit IMO. If we take him we better get him at a level we can cut him after the first failed test. You can’t even compare his mistakes with Te’o. I have more issues with his size, speed and lackluster performance against Alabama. I don’t like to put all the eggs in that one basket but other Notre Dame opponents are as lackluster as his performance in the Championship Game.
    Navy (7-4), Purdue (6-6), Michigan State (6-6), Michigan (8-4), Miami (7-5), Stanford (10-2), BYU (7-5), Oklahoma (9-2) & USC (7-5).

  46. MadMax Says:


  47. MadMax Says:

    made my ears hurt (guess I cant spell out b l e e d)

  48. Dave Says:

    Honey Badger: I heard Schiano talking about him and my first reaction was, I would take him in the 4th or 5th because he is a fantastic CB but doesn’t have the size to be the top guy IMHO. Add in him as a returner… I would go 4th round
    Rd 1: DE (unless Dee is there)
    Rd 2: CB or TE
    Rd 3: CB or TE
    Rd 4-5: Badger for CB and return game

    As for Te’o NO. BUST. Yes he had a good year, but if you REALLY watch him, his D-Line was good and he got EVERY single big play with no one blocking him.
    That does not happen in the NFl (ask Ruud). You have to be able to shed blockers and make a play and he does not. If a blocker got on him, he was out of the play.

    That speels out barely average at the NFL level.

  49. MadMax Says:

    im dropping nfl network after the draft….they get on my nerves. Like you said, they wont focus on football.

  50. Dave Says:

    Capt Tim, I agree but there are ALOT of good guys on the team and the leaders are emerging. They can absorb a risk hat wold be an exellent nickel and return guy.
    Especially if it is the 4th or 5th round… it will cost them nothing

    Besides, from everything I have seen and read, H Badger seems very humbled and ready to prove people wrong
    At the price we are talking about, worth the risk

  51. PRBucFan Says:

    If its just weed violations, and nothing else than I would say its worth it.

    Afterall some of the best picks made have been “risk” pics.

    Of course it would be easy to contractually avoid any problem if indeed they do arise by simple clauses and because of his history a requirement for him to pass a more than average amount of drug tests throughout the season.

    TJ and Talib were on the road to failure in the NFL way before Schiano came into the picture and I don’t think it’s fair to point them out and claim Schiano failed to impact them.

    The Honey Badger is a much more of an empty canvas for Schiano to place his mark on.

    I would not be surprised if that is something Schiano takes on because he seems to me the man that thrives off of this kind of challenge. Moulding young men is a passion of his and for him reaping the reward of changing a young man’s life far outweighs the chance that he may fail in this said challenge.
    I’m willing to say he would bet on himself succeeding.

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Besides, from everything I have seen and read, H Badger seems very humbled and ready to prove people wrong”


    Are you serious? You are more naive than Manti Teo if you believe that. He was arrested four fricking months ago!!!!!!!!!!! And this was right after getting kicked off the team for guess what – multiple failed drug tests. So because he’s been coached to say he’s learned his lesson, you believe him? Wow is all I have to say about that. Yes, he may end up being a great player. But I ask you this: how are you going to feel when he gets arrested for marijuana the night before a big game? How are you going to feel when he gets suspended, leaving us without both a CB and a kick returner? How happy are you going to be when we miss the playoffs because he wanted to get high? Will it have been worth it then? Do you not remember a guy named Tanard Jackson? Would you go back in time and still make that pick? I’d rather not even make the pick away than poison our team with this guy. Use that pick to trade up, use it on a punter, use it on Leon Sandcastle, use it on a grilled cheese sandwich, but don’t use it on no damn honey badger.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Look at it this way: let’s say honey badger ends up being better than Eric Wright. That’s a pretty safe assumption based off of talent. How did we do last year once Wright got suspended? So what’s going to happen when a much better player gets suspended? You are underestimating what losing a player does to the team from a psychological standpoint. Not to mention what it does on the field. They can say next man up all they want, but if the next man up can’t cover Julio Jones or return punts for TD’s, then we will suffer.

  54. 4everBucsFan Says:

    This is the BIG LEAGUES …the COACH ain’t here to be nobody’s DADDY. This cool playa was kicked off the football team because he couldn’t abide by the rules. Not just once, but several times. The school did the right thing.

    Now the NFL, a different story. He will be drafted somewhere in seven rounds regardless of his behavior in college, which also takes a way a spot for a player who followed the rules. Another Leonard Johnson. Ask the players that are not drafted, if it was fair?

    That’s right, let’s reward, and give a million dollars to a kid who couldn’t play by the rules. That’s a life lesson never learned. Now another high character, hard working, under the radar, Leonard Johnson type, has to be invited to a work-out just to be noticed, and has a lesser chance of making the team. In the mean time, we’re giving bad behavior a million dollars and expecting them to automatically change their ways and be a model citizen. No to Mathieu. After all that went down last year, this would send the wrong message to the team, the organization and to the fans. I don’t want to sign him only to have to release him for any off the field issues or failed drug test.

  55. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Well, if we do draft him, Dom needs to have Attorney Brett Metcalf, who advertises here, on permanent retainer. That way, if he gets caught with some weed (God Forbid) he will have a great criminal defense attorney!

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    No one ever said for him to be his daddy, you are very naive if you think the coach still doesn’t serve an important role as a mentor to the younger players and even to the older players lol. Take a chill pill, “change his ways”, “model citizen” smoking weed does not make the guy the spawn of satan lol nor is it something that is not easy to stop. Very easy actually.

    And what if your wrong? Your throwing all these scenarios out there as if you know for certain they are going to happen, which you don’t.

    At the end of the day, I trust Coach way more than what anyone else has to say about it.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Of course I could be wrong. However, when you are talking about investing money into a player, you have to be smart with it. As an analogy: Let’s say you are looking to buy a new house. You have house #1 in a very nice area, with no problems. It may not have everything you want, but you would still be very happy with it. Then you have house #2 in a crime-infested area, but it has a nice hot tub and pool in it, and you really want a hot tub and pool. Which would you buy? Hell, maybe they will clean up the neighborhood and you won’t get robbed or murdered. Would you take your chances? Would you be okay with the rest of your family being around that?

    It’s real easy for us to sit on our keyboard and say take a chance on a guy. It’s not our money. We don’t have to deal with him every day. Our job isn’t on the line. If he were to get suspended, you would probably be one of the ones screaming for Dominik’s head for making a bad pick. It’s all reward for you, but that’s not reality. You can say “it’s only a 4th round pick”, but what if we threw away a 4th round pick in last years draft? We wouldn’t have our Pro Bowl RB.

  58. 4everBucsFan Says:

    “At the end of the day, I trust Coach way more than what anyone else has to say about it.”

    Now that, I absolutely agree with.

    As far as Mathieu goes, he may be a good athlete, he may actually be a great guy. But my point is, in lieu of last years house cleaning, and the commitment to build a program on character from this point forward, why in the world would Dom draft a player with baggage to start with.

    I thought we were looking for tomorrows leaders “Buccaneer Man” not some wild longshot that goes against everything our team is supposed to stand for.

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I trust Schiano and Dominik too. If they draft him, I will fully support him and hope for the best, as I will do for everybody we draft. I just think it sends the wrong message, and it is an unbelievable risky pick. The guy obviously can’t put the joint down. We’ve been down that road before. I would prefer to not go down it again.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Just curious, if it’s “easy” to stop smoking weed, why didn’t the honey badger stop? Don’t you think the fact that he was suspended from school and has a dicey future in the NFL would be pretty good motivation to quit? It’s not like he got caught years later, and it’s not like it was the first time. (Did you forget to tell Tanard Jackson that it’s easy to stop smoking weed?) If it really is easy to stop, then that says even more about the honey badger as a man than anything. I certainly don’t want someone who “could very easily stop”, yet makes the conscious effort to not stop. You would trust someone like that to be a dedicated player in the NFL? You would trust him to decide to watch film over party, especially when he starts making big money? What exactly would lead you to believe that? Not sure if you are aware, but NFL players like to party. They are young, rich, and have access to anything they want. This guy couldn’t even put it down in college, but I’m sure he’s going to turn into Tim Tebow because he is now an NFL player.

  61. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    For some people weed is easy to stop, but for others it is a tough task. It just depends on the person because everyone is different. there is no physical dependency like alcohol, its all psychological with weed. obviously he has a tough time putting down the grass, therefore I wouldn’t even consider signing the guy unless there is a clause in his contract for it. That being said I highly doubt we draft the honey badger, or Teo for that matter. not because Teo is a bad player or person its just that we really dont need a MLB at this time. we have more important needs that need to be addressed and MLB is not one of them.

  62. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Andrew 1

    Makes sense. And I’m with you that I don’t think we draft Te’o. Certainly not going to happen in the first round.

  63. Andrew 1 Says:

    Though I wish we did draft Teo because I think he is one hell of a person and football player, and for me you could never have enough LBs because its my favorite position. heck I would love it if we drafted a LB every year. lol. I also believe you were right when you said the team, community, and fans would embrace him. o well, one can dream right.

  64. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Andrew 1,

    It’s funny to me how people who know absolutely nothing about Te’o’s character can question his character and call him names. If only people would learn to use google and find out what this guy does off the field. Aside from Tim Tebow, I can’t think of anyone that does more to help people or has stronger character. The guy is absolutely beloved by EVERYONE in South Bend. The day the story came out, Notre Dame immediately came to his defense. That right there shows you what he means to them. The AD broke down in tears defending him! Ever seen that happen before? I don’t recall LSU’s AD crying when honey badger got kicked off.

    Again, I don’t really mind people that think he won’t be a good pro. Only time will tell who is right. I’ve been wrong on guys I’ve liked before, so I don’t claim to be an NFL GM. But the ridicule this guy has gotten is ridiculous, and I’m completely disgusted that Joe would (twice now) resort to calling him names and giving false facts. And I know he’s never going to give in and apologize, but instead he’s probably going to continue to do it. That’s sad.

  65. Andrew 1 Says:

    your right people can be very cruel, and Judge him when they should be looking at themselves in the mirror. no one is perfect therefore no one should judge him, which is the way the world should work, but sadly it doesn’t. I too watched that interview and was moved that another person could love someone that much and not have them as a family member. and don’t worry about Joe because I know if we drafted him tomorrow his perception of him would do a complete 180.

  66. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Speaking of LBs ….I really like Georgia’s Cornelius Washington

  67. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ 4everBucsFans

    yea theres some pretty good LBs in this drafting that could be had in the later rounds including Washington. theres Bostic, Moody, Green, Moore, Ogletree, and a couple others. those guys are some darn good football players.

  68. PRBucFan Says:

    Simply put he didn’t put it down because at that point in time he wasn’t serious enough about it. There comes a point and time where everybody hits rockbottom and everyone’s looks different. Often times its not till they feel what that’s like that they realize how low they are, spurring a new desire to want more for themselves.

    Not saying he has or he hasn’t, just saying most of the times it’s necessary.

    I tell you what though, this league of full of stars past and present that made the most out of that “second chance.” Sometimes even more than that haha. 🙂

    Cheers, and Gnight

  69. Capt. Tim Says:

    In the right circumstances, I’m all about second chances.
    If this was an established , playoff caliber team- you can roll the dice on this kid.

    That’s not where we are

    We are (re)building our secondary from nothing. The reason for that is- we tried building the secondary on an unstable foundation-the
    Idiots Talibum and TJax. We drafted them to anchor our secondary. All they did was waste years that could have been used developing players that weren’t idiots. We absolutely crippled this team, by building on an unstable foundation

    Now some of want to waste another 3 or 4 years, on another potential idiot.
    It just amazes me

    Instead of repeating a stupid strategy- that has cost this team a couple years from being competitive- why don’t we draft one of the good kids out there- who has improved every year, and will continue to do so as a pro!

    Not trying to build a team full of self centered idiots! What a concept.

    We tried building one with scumbags! Which is why we haven’t been to the playoffs in 10 years, and you are all whining and crying about why this team is bad

    But you wanna make same mistake again.

    I’m surprised you don’t drown in the rain

  70. Northend Says:

    @Hawaiian,I know you are a big Te’o guy and he he seems like a nice, although sheltered young man,but he has bust written all over him.He may have shined for the domers but if he were in the sec hed be middle of road.kuekly he is not.

  71. Mr Lucky Says:

    Instead of using a 4th round pick on Honey Badger and his lack of team skills why not use a Round 7th pick to the Jets for Tim Tebow?

    Honey Badger will continue to smoke and get suspended

    Tebow will help sell tickets and push Freeman in the off season.

  72. buccanay Says:


  73. SteveK Says:

    Give Honey Badger a look, our roster space at CB is pathetic.

    All, and I mean every single one of you, naysayers, why not? Were every single one of you against drafting Warren Sapp? Same crap, new player, new time. Give the Badger a shot.

    It’s not like our roster is screaming with talent.

    And to all those, “Is he a team captian?” remarks; what the heck? You can’t right the ship with a complete roster full of “team captains”. There can’t be 53 “leaders”, you need followers, and every now and then a guy with this talent is worth a mid round pick.

    We have wasted, and Dom has wasted, a 3rd round pick on worse.

  74. SteveK Says:

    Captain Tim,

    Rebuilding, ay?

    I thought we have been rebuilding for 5 or 6 years now?

    Have we not been rebuilding since Monte Kiffin, publically, announced his retirement?

    I am all for rolling the dice, anything to raise or chances to finally get back to the playoffs.

    We need to get back to the playoffs, it is so depressing watching our Bucs go out there and suck it up, only to say, “We’ll gettem next year!”, When is it next year?

  75. Dave Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seem to have a lot of anger. Relax.
    A kid in college, in my opinion, deserves another chance. CHalk it up to being young and dumb. I would love to see what most of you would do in the same circumstances. I know I would have made mistakes at 21 yrs old with the world at my fingertips and coeds throwing themelves at me.

    A man in the NFL does not deseve many chances at all. Big difference

    We are not talking about a 1st – 3rd rounder that is expected to play A LOT on this team. We are talking about one of the two 4th rounders or a 5th round pick.
    These guys rarely last 3 years anyway. A guy who is a capable starting CB and a fantastic return guy is worth the risk at that spot.

    It is all about value.

  76. PRBucFan Says:

    Well said Dave,

    It seems that most of you think that if we draft the Honey Badger it means that he’ll be our starter right away or that we won’t have any depth at the position to deal with IF he doesn’t work out.

    I think that’s a pretty bad assumption, I believe that IF we drafted him it would be as a “project player” and those players normally don’t have a crucial dependance placed on them at first. I believe that IF it happens we’ll have plenty of depth through FA and from the draft to deal with whatever happens.

  77. teacherman777 Says:

    @Captain Tim

    Dude. Its spelled “ridiculous”

    And yes, HUNDREDS of youg men accredit Coach Schiano with

    CHANGING their lives!

    Coach has class. You are just some moron redneck.

    I am not naive, I am enlightened. And Coach Schiano is a saintly man.

    And again I repeat,

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Go look at what he did at Rutgers, then talk.

    Coach can transform young men.

    Its a fact.

    And thats why he was gracious when speaking of Tyranne.

    Because Coach has class.

    While you are just a ignorant fool.

  78. teacherman777 Says:

    @Captain Tim

    Moreover, Talib and Wright are not “young men” they are “grown men” and they were not a part of Schiano’s program for long enough to judge his impact on them.

    Tyranne is still just a kid. Looking for guidance, leadership, and help.

    Coach Schiano could provide that stability. I am sure.


    Do your research, a majority of players this week at the combine will ADMIT to smoking weed!

    Oregon has the best conditioned team in college football.

    And most of their team smokes weed!

    Herb is not a PED, but it also doesnt hurt performance.

    The evidence is in.

    Herb smokers are NOT “druggies” bro.

    Alcohol is wayyyyyy worse for athletes.


    Legalize it! Hahna

    We could fix the Florida economy!

  79. 4everBucsFan Says:

    ^^^^ if you’re really a teacher ….GOD forgive us…

  80. PRBucFan Says:


    Also I resent your assumption that if we drafted TM I would be one of the ones calling for Dom’s head. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I do my best to respect you in my responses, do me the decency of the same please. I’m not that fickle of a person. If he didn’t work out I would admit that I was wrong but at the same time IMO it wouldn’t really be the end of the world. I have supported Dom avidly actually, and to turn on him now over a “project pick” would be silly.

  81. jarrett Says:

    the fact that there are 76 comments for the Honey Badger pretty much ensures he was destined to wear a bucs uniform…

    BTW he’s doing well today at the combine… probably raised his stock to 3rd Round now.

  82. PRBucFan Says:

    “I would be one of the ones calling for Dom’s head If he got suspended”

    – Fixed that first part lol

  83. SteveK Says:

    We NEED CB talent, if the Honey Badger is there at round 4, then SOLD.

    We are simply in a place of need, and why not give a guy a second chance.

    Ray Lewis did pretty well with his 2nd chance, and he does a heckuva job with mentoring youngy players coming into the league.

    Also, have all of you forgotten Tony Dungy? Dungy brought Sapp to Tampa, and “straightened” him out to be a 1st ballot HOF.

    The point is, we NEED to give this guy a chance.

    Since when are we too proud to give a guy a chance? Give Honey Badger a chance is all I am saying, if not, someone else surely will.

    Would you all like for the Falcons to get the Honey Badger? THat would be a nightmare.

  84. SteveK Says:

    We have been playoff dormant for 6 years, drafting team captians doesnt necessarily lead to wins.

    Tampa needs to win, Honey Badger is a winner, simple as that.

  85. Capt. Tim Says:

    The guy benched 4 times


    As a coach at the combine stated” it showed that he hasn’t been working out”.
    After all of his problems, he still didn’t bother to put in time in the weight room, then it tells you he hasn’t changed. He’s just being a puppet for his agent, hoping to fool some moron in to signing him to a contract, before this guy screws up again.

    Again, some of you act like some silly girl with a “bad boy” crush.

    Grow the real world, these drug guys don’t care about anyone but themselves and their next high

  86. Capt. Tim Says:

    Every time there is some obvious low character/ intelligence guy mentioned- there always seems to be a bunch of posters here who immediately start whining to sign him

    What’s wrong with you people?

    Do you want this team to suck forever??

  87. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes it’s clear that you are right in every statement you make. I wasn’t aware that you knew him so personally or that you could tell how the future turns out.

    Yes, he’s going to be a failure!!!!! Is that better for you?

  88. PRBucFan Says:

    And no, no one is whining to sign him.

    We are merely mentioning that we don’t see a prob with giving the guy a shot on a “risk” pick. You’re sniping the opposing view at us like somehow you speak the word of God??? Look dude you don’t like him, I get it but we’ve all been in positions in our lives where we haven’t deserved another chance and I for one and happy I got it.

    Again, there have been numerous STARS in the NFL past and present that have been in situations that they absolutely did not deserve another shot but they took advantage of their “rockbottom” and never looked back.

    I’m not saying he will succeed or he won’t, I’m saying I would be totally supportive and understanding and even excited if our team did.

  89. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Some of the comparisons oy guys are making are ridiculous. Warren Sapp? Really? Do some research before you make yourself look stupid. Mr. Badger has failed multiple drug tests. We know for sure he’s failed 3, but probably lot more. This guy was a headache for LSU from day one. Do you know how bad you have to be to get kicked out at LSU?

    A lot of you think you roll the dice because it may only cost us a late pick. Wouldn’t you rather us use that pick to trade up and get another hight draft pick? Wouldn’t you rather use that pick on a guy that deserves it? If we want to bring him in as an un drafted free agent, that’s fine. But this guy doesn’t deserve to have his name called on draft day. If Lagarette Blount doesn’t get drafted because he punched somebody, the why should this guy get drafted? Earn your way into the league. He’s had plenty of chances, it’s time to feel the consequences of his selfishness.

  90. Capt. Tim Says:

    Ok, I’ll concede this.
    We sign a quality CB in free agency
    We draft a quality CB in one of the first couple rounds

    Then, you wanna risk wasting a 5 round pick on this guy- when we have two starters already aboard- it wouldn’t be a move I would scream about
    Potential > risk at that point

    But why? We still lack starting talent, and have no depth at any position

    Why waste it on a kid that didn’t even bother to hit the weight room prior to the biggest day of his career- when he had so much to prove

    It seems now that men feel they have to be sympathic to every damn loser, are be branded an oppressor!

    Screw this guy- draft young men that have worked for this.