Re-Signing No. 5 Wouldn’t Change Finances Much

February 25th, 2013

tcfreemansmileskinnyJoe’s not big on accounting mumbo-jumbo, but many pundits have speculated that the Bucs would need to protect/clear out salary cap room to potentially re-sign Josh Freeman.

So it’s interesting to read data from BSPN today that lays out a list of the biggest hits to the Bucs’ salary cap in 2013 — — unless the players are cut or their contracts are renegotiated.

Here are the Bucs that are scheduled to count $5 million or more against this year’s cap:

Gerald McCoy $10.9 million
Josh Freeman $10.3 million
Eric Wright $7.75 million
Donald Penn $6.33 million
Davin Joseph $6 million
Quincy Black $5.75 million

Freeman was drafted a couple of years before the rookie salary cap took effect following the asinine lockout of 2011. So Freeman scored what his draft position commanded back then, a five-year, $26 million deal with another $10 million and change in incentives, per

The ESPN data is noteworthy to Joe because if Freeman is counting $10.3 million against the 2013 cap, and the Bucs right now have more than $30 million to spare entering free agency, then in theory the Bucs would not endure significant impact to the financial balance of their roster if they re-signed Freeman.

Surely, there’s no way Freeman would command more than the $10.3 million annually the Bucs are allocating for 2013?

32 Responses to “Re-Signing No. 5 Wouldn’t Change Finances Much”

  1. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Penn and Joseph are the only 2 worth their money on that list in my opinion.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Freeman will get his contract extension by this time next year.
    Probably in the 10 year range. At what price is the question he will answer with his play this year.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    He is just not worth 10 million, IMHO.
    I sat draft that big Tennessee Rookie QB, and say bye bye, unless he takes a pay cut.

  4. Keith Says:

    Freeman would be absolutely nuts not to test the free agent market. He’d make a fortune.

  5. jarrett Says:

    if we could lock him up for 10 million ayear long term we should do it immediately.

  6. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @Keith said,
    Freeman would be absolutely nuts not to test the free agent market. He’d make a fortune.

    I agree. Lucky for us, he’s in his last year of his contract, and can’t go anywhere.

    If the Bucs were to put Freeman out there for a trade right now, Kansas City would back out on their deal with the 49er’s for Alex Smith to get Josh. In fact, his trade value would be better than N.E. QB Ryan Mallet.

    If we can get him extended now, we could possibly keep his salary reasonable for the future. The wait and see thing will work only if Freeman falls on his face, like many suspect. But if he has a Joe Flacco kind of year, we will be paying some big time money to keep him.

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    Keith, Jarrett and 4everBucsfan


    Freeman isn’t worth 10 million. Heck he isn’t worth 8 million. He SHOULD have given 5 million of his 2012 salary back to the Bucs for the way he played down the stretch.

    Contract extension? Hardly.

    Bring in some REAL COMPETITION – Ryan Fitzpatrick or Matt Flynn to have legit shots at the starting job and I’ll bet Freeman falls flat on his face.

    Maybe you guys think that a below 50% pass completion is worth 10 million but I sure don’t.

  8. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @Mr Lucky

    Neither one of those guys could hold Freeman’s jock strap. If Josh was available with those guys, teams would be tripping over themselves for Freeman before any one else. You need to get off the Ganja, especially for even recommending Fitz.

  9. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    #5 is in a contract year….he’ll have a career year (like most players)

  10. Mr Lucky Says:

    I just read on ESPN: “Brady agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract extension with the Patriots that cleared immediate cap room and allowed New England more flexibility to pursue free agents. Brady’s timing is impeccable, because there’s no bigger in-house free agent than Welker, who caught 118 passes from Brady for 1,354 yards and six touchdowns last season”

    So you guys are saying Josh Freema is wort more than Brady?


  11. Mr Lucky Says:


    Hey dum dum answer me this:

    Who had a higher QB rating in 2012 – Fitzpatrick or Freeman?

    Who had a higher completion ratio in 2012? Fitzpatrick or Freeman?

    Who had more INT’s in 2012? Fitzpatrick or Freeman?

  12. 4everBucsFan Says:

    ^^^^^ who’s still on a team?

  13. Piratic Says:

    I don’t like all this talk about abstaining from cannabis.

  14. Mr Lucky Says:

    Well since 4everBucsFan can’t directly answer a question I’ll help him:

    In 2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick had a higher QB rating than Josh Freeman: 83.3 vs 81.6

    In 2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick had a higher completion than Josh Freeman: 60.6% vs. 54.8%

    In 2012 Josh Freeman had 17 INT’s to Ryan’s 16 INT’s.

    Statistically Ryan Fitzpatrick is BETTER than Freeman

    Now when you consider the crap that the Bills had at WR vs. the Bucs it’s hands down Ryan Fitzpatrick would beat out Josh Freeman for a starters position.

  15. canada buc fan Says:

    Mr. Lucky-

    You cant really think the Brady example is a good one…Everyone knows that Brady is accepting an offer that is half of what he is worth so that the pats can continue to add pieces, it even acknowledges that in your example. As far as Ryan Fitz is concerned you are correct on his stats but that is about his ceiling. The bucs are committed to freeman in hopes that they can develop him into good free consistently. If they can somehow get him to preform as he did during their 4 game win streak he is worth every penny of that 10 million.

  16. Nick B Says:

    Mr. Lucky

    Who had more TD’s last year? Freeman 27 Fitz 24
    Who had a significant larger amount of passing yards?
    Who had a new offensive system last year?
    Now with that being said I would love competition for Josh. But I don’t think anybody in the NFL would take Fitzpatrick over Freeman. Especially given age, and the fact that Freeman has actually had a winning season in his career.

    And don’t forgot the defense that Freeman played with that gave up a ton of yards and points.

  17. Free's a Boob Says:

    $10.3 for The Moron!!! I just threw up again. What a waste for an idiot!. I’ve heard so much about how the defense lost the watershed Philly game in the last second. Go back and look at the tape. The Moron took all three snaps with 8 to 10 clicks on the play clock. The guy is just plain STUPID. And for his stats I saw him under throw a pass off a d backs hat that Williams turned into a huge gain.

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    It would be one of the stupidest moves Dom could make to commit to Freeman long term before he watches how his next season turns out.

    If he proves consistency and that Bad Josh is in the past than great, sign him.
    If he proves to be consistently inconsistent again move on, that simple.

    Sure he will sign a nice contract with another team who hasn’t ensured 5 years of inconsistency and he may do great but when it came to us it was never realized. We didn’t sign him to take on a 7 year project.
    5 years should be ample time to prove his worth.
    Hopefully he does well next season.

    If he does you better bet that Josh would reup with us before going elsewhere.
    He wouldn’t wanna leave an offense that’s been tailor made to his strengths.

  19. PRBucFan Says:


  20. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Here’s an interested take…wonder what you guys think. Obviously Freeman has had some good moments, but its obvious that Schiano is not completely sold on him yet. Do you think its possible that Shiano make a trade with his Buddy Bill for Mallet?

    He has been tutored under Brady and Bill for 2 years and has all the tools.

    We could get him say for a 2nd round pick and possibly trade Free for a 1st…not saying any of this is even close to likely….but its something that has crossed my mind.

    Your thoughts Joe…and everyone else

  21. Joc Says:

    I still cant believe the administrator gave Black that contract. It’s almost as crazy as when he gave Clayton 15 million guaranteed. How does this guy keep his job?

  22. White Tiger Says:

    My one pleasure is reading what the Freeman-haters write. It’s like really stupid poetry…and you think most of what you believe it is so obvious!?

    Really cracks me up – especially since they will sign Freeman to an extension soon. He’s a great young talent who has started and won NFL games. He’s a proven commodity – whereas Ryan Fitzpatrick is that rarest of all birds… A starting QB that is a free agent…and please, Matt Flynn has trouble getting a ball back to the line of scrimmage…great guy, just a terrible arm.

    Please continue though – you make for laugh-outloud-humor – mostly because you’re trying to sound intelligent!

    Keep braying donkeys!

  23. scubog Says:

    Fitzpatrick, Mallett, Smith, Flynn, instead of Josh Freeman? In the words of John McEnroe, “you can’t be serious” As the Kansas City fans will tell you, be wary of another team’s back-up.

  24. Mr Lucky Says:


    Just to clarify Fitzpatrick IS A STARTER for the Bills; a team with an even worse DEFENSE than the Bucs.

  25. jarrett Says:

    pr bucsfan 3 weeks ago you were hoping for teo to fall to us, or jarvis jones, so we will take anything u say with a grain of salt.

  26. mvermulm Says:

    Many of you guys are failing to think about the fact that Freeman also only turned 25 a month ago. I realize that there are some players coming into the league and performing well, but how many guys come into the league each year and do nothing? Not to mention, Wilson and RGIII were given systems made around their game. Four systems in four years didn’t help Freeman at all, so this season will be the true test of how he is progressing as a player. There was a stretch of 5 or 6 games last season where no one on this team would’ve traded Free for anyone outside of the top few QBs, and now people are talking about wanting Fitzpatrick and Flynn over him? Everyone just relax and let this season play out before trying to give the reigns to two guys who have done nothing to show they can be franchise QBs. Free recently got new agents too, so perhaps that will help the negotiating process.

  27. BrianW Says:

    Freeman haters… you are wrong on so many counts. I won’t bother defending his talent, youth, or performance so far in his career, others have that covered. I will note that if you think he’s overpaid or not worth $10mil a year, then you must not follow the NFL overall, or other teams besides the Bucs. Backup QB’s with starting potential that are signed to compete, are worth $7-8mil (FLYNN). Starters are worth $12-$22 depending on talent, age ect. STOP complaining about players being overpaid!!!!! Are you writing the checks? Are we over the cap or $40mil under? Duh.

    Brady’s extension, I don’t know all the facts, hidden $$ or incentives may increase that $9per year, maybe not. BUT, he is in his late 30’s!!! He has probably banked $150 million+ in salary already, plus endorsements!! Money is not his only priority at this point.

    Fitzpatrick is not terrible, I like him actually,and the Bills are not good. BUT his stats are misleading. They are always behind and he only throws dumpoffs well. Watch a game he starts and you’ll be begging for Freeman to come back and play left-handed. If he was really any god, would the Bills cut him, or let him walk? C’mon!

    The jury is out on Flynn, I’m rooting for him, but he doesn’t have Freeman’s talent or experience.

    Finally, IF Fitz, or Flynn were on an awesome, Superbowl talented team, they could take them to the playoffs at best. Of course Freeman would too, so logic says to stick with his higher up-side. That’s by the book and the way it will happen. So stop scheming up other scenarios and worry about signing Bennett, CB’s and a TE!

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    Your right I was high on Teo and I was wrong. It was before everything came out on Teo and before I really had a good grasp of his skillset which IMO now lacks for the speed of the NFL. I bought into the hype of “Teo” I was wrong, plain and simple. As far as Jarvis Jones goes, I don’t recall ever speaking about him but meh is he not predicted to be a beast in the NFL?

    Now to address you,
    You clearly are holding a little vendetta against me and I will go ahead and say I am sorry for offending you whenever I did. I know in the past I have been rather rash in some of my posts, that is my bad. But after this post if it continues it will no longer be my problem and I won’t bother to acknowledge it again. Please move on from it, again I do apologize.

  29. jarrett Says:

    prbucsfan: You have been rash to me, before the teo is gay, fake girlfriend thing i said that he and jarvis jones were extremely overrated and would fall past us, i believe you called me mayock jr, an idiot, and u said you would mark that down so you could prove me wrong. You just said that you didnt have grasp of his skillset yet, well i did, but you still thought you knew enough to chastize someone else. You are also completely uninformed when i tcomes to josh freeman and nfl qbs. Cassel got 11 million a season 3 years ago, so josh at 10 is a bargain. I APPRECIATE THE APOLOGY, and i will not attack you unless it is warranted.I do know what i am talking about.

    Mr lucky Brady got a 30 million dollar signing bonus, so go look at what nfl qbs make and dont come back until u are informed.

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    I admit I was wrong on Teo.

    I do remember the Mayock Jr remark remark cause It just came off as if you were so adamant to come down on me for sharing what I thought about the guy at the time. That’s just how I felt. I don’t remember calling you an idiot but if you say I did again my bad.

    I have never mentioned contract numbers just that he doesn’t deserve one not would it be smart until we see him play. I will stand by my opinion about Free.
    We will agree to disagree there.

    Thanks for the response.

  31. jarrett Says:

    smart people disagree all the time, It takes a big man to admit he was wrong, and to apologize. I respect you a whole lot right now,and i am also sorry if i offended you in the past.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Means alot brotherman and likewise, all is good apology accepted 🙂
    Thanks and thanks for the way you handled it aswell.