Is Mike Williams Talking Contract Extension?

January 28th, 2013

Mike Williams is a first-round talent and a top producer earning fourth-round-draft-pick money.

The Bucs drafted Williams 101st overall in 2010, and he has since been one of the NFL’s best bargains, with 193 catches and 23 touchdowns through his first three seasons while earning less than $2 million total during that time.

Williams could walk after the 2013 season as an unrestricted free agent, if the Bucs don’t lock him up first or slap a franchise tag on him worth more than $11 million for 2014. (That ain’t happening.)

A potential Josh Freeman contract extension has grabbed headlines, but one for Williams is, perhaps, more important.

Interestingly, Williams fired of a Twitter message last night that was very random, but perhaps very telling.

@MikeBuc19 – Make me a Buccaneer for life!!!!

Maybe the Bucs and Williams are talking about a contract extension. Joe doesn’t know, but surely Williams is deserving.  And the Bucs could potentially save money by getting that done now. If Williams repeats his 2012 production next season, he’ll have a long list of suitors waving bags of money at him.

Consider Mario Manningham got a two-year, $7.4 million contract in free agency last offseason. And Williams is a better receiver. Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik also guaranteed blocking icon Michael Clayton $10 million before the 2009 offseason. And certainly, Williams has accomplished more than Clayton did before that payday.

29 Responses to “Is Mike Williams Talking Contract Extension?”

  1. Rich Says:

    lock him up. the tandem of him and v jax is something tampa has never had…lets keep it going.

  2. Curmudgeon Says:

    Mike WIlliams is a keeper! Sign him long-term.

  3. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Won’t he be a restricted free agent?

    RFA’s don’t have much leverage.

  4. Nick2 Says:

    He deserves it definitely one of the most talented players we have who never gets injured and is an all around team player.

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    well . . . make him a buccaneer for life!!!!!

  6. Theodore Says:

    Bad comparison, Mike Williams doesn’t block nearly as good as Michael Clayton!

  7. Back up kicker Says:

    I’ve been waiting on this. 4 year deal 16-20 million would work just fine

  8. Mr Lucky Says:

    Dont wait on this one Dominik. Another season like last year and Williams will be getting really big $ from the Jets or KC

  9. SirustheVirus Says:

    No brainer sign him 5 year deal!!

  10. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Mike Will, Buc for life… sounds real good to me.

  11. Patrick Says:


  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    Guy has done everything we could ask of him! Been a great player. He deserves to be a “Buc for life”! Show him the money! He and VJax are quickly becoming my favorite players!

  13. Jessup Says:

    He deserves a payday. I agree 100%….I just worry how we will handle all that money. Great player, but he is a bit of a dipsh!t off the field. Fingers crossed, hope his Mama keeps him grounded.

  14. Vic Says:

    He won’t be restricted. He signed a four-year deal out of college. He’s a free man in 2014

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Something in the 5 year $30million dollar range seems about right to me.

  16. Nano Says:

    better get a move on Dominik guy is a stud

  17. JobBucsFan 1.5 Says:

    I agree, Lock him in!

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    Im with you all on this one, sign him now!

  19. 76buc76 Says:

    One of the best 2 WR should get 6 per for 5year’s.If he turn’s that down he’ll be rolling the dice.If he has an off season he might be looking at 4-5 for 2 year’s.

  20. teacherman777 Says:

    Uh oh. Not a good move taking contract talks outside the building.

    Thats what got Randy Moss sent out of NE and what destroyed Philadelphia wit Desean Jackson.

    I think Mike Williams deserves an extension. But I bet you hes aksing 7 years around 70 million. We should sign him to 7 years 50 million.


  21. upthegut Says:

    Dominick will probably wait on Williams until after he locks up Regis Benn to a 6 year, 50 million deal!

  22. Alex Says:

    It’s not like he made specific contract demands. He just stated his desire to be a buc for life

  23. Rrsrq Says:

    Get er done, he has outplayed his contract and many others drafted in front of him

  24. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    @Back up kicker

    man you gotta be crazy if you think M.Williams would accept a 4 year 16-20 mill contract,


    That is a more likely contract. I still think it will be a bit more, i’m thinking 5 year 35 Million

  25. Oahubuc Says:

    Do it. Do it now.

  26. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Sign me!!!!!!

  27. Buccin Lovin It Says:

    PAY DA MAN! as my friend the great Deon Sanders

  28. Buc'It Says:


    No you are crazy for thinking otherwise. Mike Williams is a great player who just produces and doesn’t talk but he is a very good #2. He will be paid as such with a deal around 5-6years and $18-24million. That’s still a pretty decent contract but no way Dom has a $55mil receiver, a massively paid oline, a possible franchise QB contact a and then a #30mil wr.

  29. 76buc76 Says:

    He is so dang cap friendly it would be nice if they could do a under the table deal.Something like if he get’s 1000yard’s give him 7per double didget TD’s 8per.Just a good year 6per like 55 catches for 850 yards and 4TD’s and 5 per for a bad year like 35 catches 550 yard’s and 3TD’s.If they bring in a FA #3 WR he could take catches away making William’s cheaper.But the huge contract’s bum’s like Laurent Robinson and Desean Jackson signed might mean we should sign William’s now.