East-West Prospect Profile: Nick Moody

January 25th, 2013

Joe spoke with five prospects last week at the East-West Shrine practices and game that could be targets of the Bucs, three cornerbacks, one safety and one linebacker. The Bucs have a pattern for prospects: multiple years as a starter, played for a big-time program or conference, and served as a team captain. The Bucs rarely deviate from this pattern. Some have met all three qualifications for a Bucs draftee; some have not.

Name: Nick Moody
School: Florida State
Position: Linebacker
Size: 6-2, 237
Started: Three years
Captain: Yes.
Have Bucs representatives spoken to him?: Yes.
Background: A versatile player who is built like a Roman gladiator, Moody was a three-year starter who appeared in every game for the Seminoles as a redshirt freshman. Moody was a safety and this past year moved to outside linebacker. At safety, he was sort of a John Lynch-type player in that he made opposing ballcarriers pay with punishing hits. That may have been why the Seminoles tried him out at linebacker his senior year with modest success. But it is that versatility that raises the eyebrows of NFL scouts, including the Bucs who have talked to Moody. His sophomore season was his best mainly because he was injury-free and had 44 solo tackles. In the last four games of the 2010 season against Maryland, Florida, Virginia Tech and South Carolina Moody racked up 40 tackles.
Sales pitch to Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik: “I bring a lot of athleticism to the position, I am physical and I am willing to learn and I love playing the game. Linebacker or safety, I don’t care. I can play either one. I just want to be in the NFL.”
Profile: Though from Pennsylvania, Moody grew up a Bucs fan and if he were granted a wish, it would be the Bucs who draft him. “I would love it. There is a tradition of FSU linebackers here but on top of that, I love the Tampa Bay Bucs. I would be proud to be a Buc.” Moody is an absolute rock of a physical specimen; chiseled. It is that blend of physicality and speed which makes NFL scouts take notice. It is his ability to be able to play linebacker and safety that Moody claims would be perfect for the NFL game. “Versatility is important. When you look at tight ends, they do so many multiple things. They can go wide, they can run receiver routes and you see a lot of that as the game has become more of a passing game now.”

Below is a clip of how Moody laid wood to people when he was a sophomore.

13 Responses to “East-West Prospect Profile: Nick Moody”

  1. @eric Says:

    Would be a great one / two punch with Moody and Barron

  2. JobBucsFan 1.5 Says:

    With his sophomore season being his best season I hope he’s not in decline already. I watched a lot of Nole games and it seemed he somewhat disappeared this year. Maybe he was trying to stay healthy for a shot at the Bigs. He does have an Adonis sculpted body, but it will be interesting to see his Combine numbers. He could be a steal in the later rounds.

  3. JobBucsFan 1.5 Says:

    I just found out the Jets want a 1st and 2nd round pick in this years draft for Revis.

    Forget it!

  4. toneman850 Says:

    Moody is a beast. Watched him a lot the past few years going to FSU games. He would make a great Buc.

    @JoeBucsFan 1.5
    Moody was moved from Free Safety to Linebacker this year because of his size, speed and was quick to adapt to the position. He did just fine as a outside linebacker, nothing spectacular but he did his job well for switching.

  5. PRBucFan Says:

    @ JBF

    I’m sure they’ll take the best they can get and I don’t think anyone will offer that.

    Either that or they get nothing lol

  6. Brandon Says:

    Moody is also at the Senior Bowl now as well as an injury replacement. I was particularly impressed as on one play during 11 on 11’s in practice when he absolutely laid out an OG in same fashion as he did Demps in the video.

    Mayock and compandy feel, however, that he is more of a 2 down run stuffer type in the NFL. Considering his body type and position switch, I’m surprised he isn’t more adept in coverage.

  7. BucNasty!! Says:

    First time posting long time reader I just wanted to thank you Joe for havin me. Grab revis for Blount,Benn, a 3rd rd an both 4th the jets are gonna want the best deal an there’s gonna b a couple teams knocking on there door. But that seams fair for both parties….provided he agrees to resign long term with the clause to opt out if his regain his health and or maintain it.

  8. BucNasty!! Says:

    Am I posting correctly Joe I don’t see it?

  9. SirustheVirus Says:

    Moody is very intelligence to the game and I like him alot. Needs 10 to 15 more pounds on him as a linebacker. That would be a pretty nasty trio with Foster and David.

  10. teacherman777 Says:

    Lavonte David is a hybrid SS/LB in reality, and so is Barron and so were Lynch and Brooks.

    In football, you must think outside of the box.

    With the read-option, pistol style offense emerging and tearing up NFL defenses, it is clear that defenses must adjust to this. As Aaron Rodgers stated.

    This adjustment will only be possible by having more versatile LB/S hybrid players. Who can hit, make tackles, shed blockers, AND sprint downfield to cover receivers, cut the edge, and stop speedy QB’s.

    Thats why I really hope we draft Khaseeme Green and other versatile players like Moody. (Khaseeme was also a safety before being converted to LB.)

    I love having FSU speed on our roster. Dekoda Watson was a 7th round pick. He just isnt a great LB, but he is a great athlete. I saw him run down Julio Jones once! And he was flying! Remember him OVERSHOOTING the line and missing an easy punt block? He can fly man. Anyway, i want more late round FLORIDA speed on our roster. Late round picks should be used for special teams, depth, and potential. Including players like MOODY. And also on RISKY picks-Mathieu, Denard Robinson, Michael Dyer, Lattimore, and others.

    Last year we missed Vontaze Burfict while iI was SCREAMING for us to take him. And he led the Bengals in tackles.

    The Teacher knows!

  11. Pat Says:

    He has balls if he wore number 10 at FSU

  12. Pat Says:

    The number 10 should be retired

  13. toneman850 Says:

    They did retire #10 at FSU. Moody had already been issued that number in his freshman year.

    Brooks OK’d Moody to wear the number 10 till he graduates or leaves FSU for the NFL. He will be the last player to wear the 10 Jersey.