Coach “Sabotaged” Raiders In 2003 Super Bowl

January 22nd, 2013

Tim Brown claims that then-Raiders coach Bill Callahan threw the Super Bowl so his friend Chucky and the Bucs would get all the glory and make NFL history.

This sports media business is getting downright crazy and Joe doesn’t know where it’s going to stop.

First, a thieving liar of a bike rider finally fesses up he’s a thieving liar, then an All-American linebacker from Notre Dame has a Facebook relationship with a chick (?) who apparently died of cancer, yet it turned out to be fake and later a Cowboys beat reporter goes on local airwaves, killed by soccertalk (!) if you can imagine such a thing, suggesting — unchallenged — that Chucky and Monte Kiffin were at odds in their final days with the Bucs and tried to make the bizarre comparison between Warren Sapp’s Hall of Fame election status to Joe Montana and Art Monk.


It’s to the point Joe just wants to lift a bottle of Bushmills and see how much of the bottle Joe can kill in one swig.

The weird sports news continued when Tim Brown, who had a legendary career with the Bucs (sarcasm!), but is more famous for his long years with the Raiders, claims that the Bucs didn’t beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl, it’s  Raiders coach Bill Callahan who Pearl Harbored the Raiders chances and, in so many words, threw the game on purpose to help out his friend, Chucky.

This is what Brown tried to pedal on SiriusXM NFL Radio over the weekend, documented by creator, curator and overall guru of, Mike Florio.

“We all called it sabotage . . . because Callahan and [Tampa Bay coach Jon] Gruden were good friends,” Brown said. “And Callahan had a big problem with the Raiders, you know, hated the Raiders. You know, only came because Gruden made him come. Literally walked off the field on us a couple of times during the season when he first got there, the first couple years. So really he had become someone who was part of the staff but we just didn’t pay him any attention. Gruden leaves, he becomes the head coach. . . . It’s hard to say that the guy sabotaged the Super Bowl. You know, can you really say that? That can be my opinion, but I can’t say for a fact that that’s what his plan was, to sabotage the Super Bowl. He hated the Raiders so much that he would sabotage the Super Bowl so his friend can win the Super Bowl. That’s hard to say, because you can’t prove it.

“But the facts are what they are, that less than 36 hours before the game we changed our game plan. And we go into that game absolutely knowing that we have no shot. That the only shot we had if Tampa Bay didn’t show up.”

Brown also claims this stunt by Callahan led Raiders starting center Barrett Robbins to go off the deep end in Mexico, leaving him unavailable for the Super Bowl.

This is no less than outrageous!

Let Joe get this straight: Callahan threw a Super Bowl — and to be forever remembered as a Super Bowl loser — all because he was buddy-buddy with Chucky?

And Callahan hated the Raiders so much he agreed to coach for Al Davis, not just one year, but for multiple years? Really?

Joe understands Brown may still be irked about losing a Super Bowl, but get a hold of yourself! Next thing you will know, Brown will try to say the Bucs should have kept one of the two McCown clowns to quarterback the team instead of Josh Freeman.

Why, this is almost enough for Joe to compare Sapp to Montana or Monk … or to hatch some story that Chucky and Kiffin got into a wrestling match in the locker room, or listen to local soccertalk on radio.

No, that’s not quite correct. Joe hasn’t grabbed the bottle of Bushmills. Yet. But Joe admits last night upon reading this story and hearing the wild stuff of local sports radio, he had to turn to his DVR recordings of 24 for solace.

38 Responses to “Coach “Sabotaged” Raiders In 2003 Super Bowl”

  1. Pete 422 Says:

    Yeah right a coach is going to throw away a once in a life time opportunity. Tim Brown=sour grapes

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    So ridiculous this should be the last article you post regarding the subject. Ever.

  3. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I heard this live as he said it. The craziest thing I’ve ever heard a player say. He was dead serious too. He’s talked himself into believing it

  4. Macabee Says:

    The NFL is going to have to step up and start providing some help for these older players who start showing signs of early onset dementia. (sarcasm not intended to demean those who truly have this problem)

  5. Justin Says:

    Tim is still upset that our defense outscored the Raiders offense in that game.

  6. Joe and Rachael's wedding planner Says:

    Tim Brown, you make no sense man. I know it hurts losing the Super Bowl but after 10 years LET IT GO! Can’t even give props to the team that beat you. Classless

  7. SacBucs Says:

    Wow Joe Great Story..

    I got a question? Brown said we all called it sabotage

    Who is we? Just Brown and Robbins?
    I hope this is false, if not my stupid ass was right! Thats for all the nerds on this site..IM GOING ON A DUMB ACID TRIP WHILE RAMBLING ON WITH MY FINGER IN A CUP OF JOE!

    I said in a earlier post that the league never wanted us to win..They literally cheated us out of all our first playoffs runs under dungy. With phantom calls to diminish drives or giving opposing teams first downs. Then when we finally make it through all there shanangans, they hit us with the Bert Emmanuel rule. Im having flashbacks its making my stomach hurt! Then the following year to rub our face in it they name it the infamous BERT EMMANUEL RULE!

    Shawn Burger King fat ass was about to take us to the Bowl!

    So heres something for you shelterd homers to think about..

    That Phantom call in the SB on Matt Hasselcrack, when he thru a interception and popped Polamalu. He got flagged for goin below the knees when he’s a defender. C’mon man! That changed momentum! Mike Holmgren was fined later for saying” I didnt know we had to play the refs too” stop me when Im lying nerds!

    My point: It better not be no fudging conspiracy!

    Is that the reason why only the Steelers, 49ers, Dallas,Giants Greenbay, Pats and Denver get all the shine. All the other SB winners in between never make it back to the post season!

    post attackers heres some bait..Get off my nutSac!

  8. Richard Says:

    First of all, if Callahan wanted to sabotage the Raiders, why coach them to the #1 offense in football, the #1 seed in the AFC, and all the way through the playoffs to the Super Bowl? Why not make them go 2-12?

    Second, as Golic pointed out on Mike and Mike, it’s not like the Raiders never ran a pass play before the Super Bowl. Deciding to go to a passing attack on Friday wouldn’t have required them to learn an entirely new offense in two days. They only had the #1 passing offense in the league; it shouldn’t have been that much of a shock for them to go to a pass-heavy gameplan. In fact, they were 18th in rushing that year, so you could argue they got where they were BECAUSE of the pass. In their two playoff games leading to the Super Bowl, the Raiders passed 71 times for 558 yards and ran 47 time for 209 yards. Going with a passing attack should have been absolutely zero shock to them.

    Finally, the Raiders were down 20-3 at halftime, and 34-9 after three quarters. Of course they were going to throw a lot. So arguing that the number of pass attempts vs. the number of rushes proves some kind of sabotage is ludicrous.

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    Conspiracy theorists show up in the damndest places. I’d be more interested in finding out who sets these Vegas lines. Those guys are good!

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Speaking of theories; I guess Defense still plays a big part in the NFL. Now all these pass happy teams are out and two of the top defenses are playing for a Super Bowl ring. You could say the Ravens only ranked 16th, but with Ray Lewis in the game they are a top 5 just like the 49er’s.

  11. JobBucsFan 1.5 slim Says:

    There is no honor among thieves anymore. With the wide world of blogging it seems misinformation is read and believed by huge segments of the population without verification. If someone tells you something and you say to them that can’t be true, where did you hear that? Oh, I got it off the internet, like it’s the absolute gospel and people believe it, because it was on the internet or someone else said so. The sad thing is it will only get worse. I think Tim Brown read a Raider fans disgruntled blog about losing the Superbowl and Tim actually believed it because he wanted it to be true.

  12. SacBucs Says:

    To add to my post if Eli gets sacked and doesnt spin out to lob a pass to David Tyree or the Manning to Manningham. The Patriots would have 5 rings!

    The Giant 86 both wr’s after winning! Lol

    I just took a adderal! Im so focused on being stupid!

  13. Snook Says:

    Does Brown realize Gruden was coaching the Bucs? The reason the Raiders lost that game was because our defense was already great. And throw in inside knowledge of the Raiders offense? And you get a blowout.

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Tim Brown was the best fair-catcher in Bucs history!

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    It’s sad to see a HOFer embarrass himself like that on national media. I’m guessing it was simply a matter of too many hits to the helmet.

  16. LJS IV Says:

    From my seat at the Superbowl surrounded by loud mouthed Raider Fans (at first) I saw the best defense in the NFL put an a$$ whipping on the best offense in the NFL. It really helped to quiet all the Raider fans. The Raiders tried to run the ball several times, but got no yards and passed the ball and dropped it as well. It was just the Bucs time!!! Tim Brown is really losing it to even say that Callahan “sabatoged” the game!!! I saw the Bucs defense just kick the snot out of them. It was the best weekend of my life ( we also found out my wife was pregnant as her doctor called on the way to the airport to go to the Super Bowl…Tim Brown had nothing to do with that) seeing the Bucs win the SuperBowl!!! So Tim Brown when several Bucs go into the Hall of Fame before you…who do you think sabataged that??

  17. JonBuc Says:

    True….he isn’t a Hall of Famer yet…and this probably won’t help his cause whatsoever.

  18. OAR Says:

    In the soft quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again?

  19. blackmagic00 Says:

    Living in so. Ca. I hope none of the raider bafoons see this. Bad enough I have to deal with SF morons. But at least charger girls are quiet for now. Have a feeling I’m going to be arguing with raider punks though. Sorry it looks like a 5 year old wrote this I’m using a phone.

  20. TrueBlue Says:

    Sorry JonBuc but you took the bait. Tim Brown is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. Just having a little fun.

    In any case, it’s sad for someone of his stature of football fame to say such stupid crap.

  21. Gus Says:

    Poking holes in Tim Brown’s story:

    1. This was the last Super Bowl played with only one-week between Championship Games and SB. Chucky and the staff stayed in Tampa and came out later than the team. Game plans going in later than usual not atypical in this kind of schedule.

    2. Gruden then immitated Gannon in the Bucs practice on Thursday or Friday; this fact surely got back to the Raiders, so changing game plans late in the week when the other coach knows what you are doing not so unusual.

    3. Gannon was MVP; to not feature him would seem silly.

    4. The center went on a bender to Tijuana and never came back. To blame that on a changed game plan seems odd.

    5. Game plans are just plans — they are always subject to change based on how the game is going. To look backward at 9 rushes and say that proves my point — he changed the gameplan — ignores the game flow, and the Bucs early leads.

    All that said, I do remember a particularly bad defeat in Oakland under Dungy where they ran the ball down the throats of the Bucs. I am sure among Raiders players that is a gameplan they were thinking would work.

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    This is what happens, when people aren’t held accountable for what they say. Years ago, reporters had the balls to call someone out for such outlandish B.S.

    Now, it’s not only allowed to stand- its printed and discussed, as if it somehow is credible!

    Only one thing could make a decorated athlete say such rediculious and outlandish statements!

    Racism, right Doc.

  23. mike Says:

    as we all know… this is total BS.
    2 other facts… if any changes were made to the gameplan, they were because of al davis or al davis approved the changes.
    also, if callahan loved gruden so much, why did he take other jobs with nebraska and the jets when gruden tried to hire him as oc, rb , and ol coach?
    running the ball would have made more sence but we went up 20-3 before half and rich gannon was the mvp. That was our only weekness on D.
    Total BS to think any HC not trying to win any game ever
    That was the last super bowl with no bye week, and that odviously helped the underdog (3.5) Bucs.
    Tough decade since… 0 playoff wins.

  24. SacBucs Says:

    There is always somebody trying to hide the truth with reverse propaganda..Believe what you want until you find out you was living a lie.

    Jon Richie just added his take on the matter.
    Smart A$$e$ FirstTake!

  25. Lakeland fan Says:

    There was also more than one shooter in the grassy knoll.

  26. mike Says:

    I thought the deal was if Tim Brown sabatoged the Super Bowl then gruden would sign him in Tampa 7 years after he should have retired.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    I know they grow some good $h!t in Cali, but whatever Tim is smoking, I definitely want some of that. To have flashbacks of hallucinations 10 years after the fact is incredible. High Times needs to get a line on this $h!t. I’m stoked!!!

    This guy needs to have his brain examined for black holes. What little may be left is being sucked into oblivion.

  28. OB Says:

    Joe, since I am not a follower of Tim Brown or his career (?), I have no idea how long he has been or even if he is out of football. So I don’t know if he is off the very deep end or is just seeking publicity since he is out of football and no one cares. He could be getting free food and drinks at some estabishments in the Raider Nation with this, assuming he is around the area.

    Wait, I just Googled him and see that he is a graduate of Notre Dame, he must of drank the same stuff that Manti T’eo has been drinking before, during and after the BCS Game. Joe you should be all over this and see what they are drinking, could be a Pulitzer Prize in it for you.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    What little respect I ever had for Tim Brown is now gone forever. This actually makes our championship a little sweeter. Nothing like beating the piss out of another team, and still having them cry about it 10 years later.

  30. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Maybe, little Timmy is correct. The Raiders had a full year to change the audibles, yet they didn’t.

  31. John Says:

    what a crazy dude he is becoming.

  32. OAR Says:

    There’s medicine for depressed lesbians, it’s called Trycoxagan.

  33. Meh Says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read (Tim Brown’s stuff not Joe’s). Nobody, anywhere, throws a superbowl.

  34. 76buc76 Says:

    This story is totally true.Callanan hired two smoking chick’s to get me wasted in Mexico.I’m a butterfly watch me fly.He knew without me we can’t run the ball.I like cupcakes.signed Barrett Robbin’s

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    “Brown also claims this stunt by Callahan led Raiders starting center Barrett Robbins to go off the deep end in Mexico, leaving him unavailable for the Super Bowl.”

    On Mike & Mike they brought Zack Crocket on and and he said it was the other way around that the gameplay was changed because Robbins dissapreared.

    I had alot of respect for Tim, I didn’t think he was like this. He’s just spitting poison.

  36. Adam Says:

    Let’s also remember: Tim Brown dropped the first pass targeted at him in that game. Watch the tape. It’s true.

    He was just as much to blame as anyone.

  37. MTM Says:

    The Bucs did to the Raiders what they did to the rest of the league that year. The defense put up points. This coupled with Grudens inside knowledge of the Raiders offense just made it worse. Callahan actually kept the same verbage on offense that Gruden used. Brown believes what he is saying but at the end the day the Raiders ran into a buzz saw on that day. That was a good day.

  38. Adam Says:

    If there was any concern about the Bucs knowing the Raiders game plan, would you think changing the game plan was a smart move?