Black’s Exit Would Have Little Impact

January 23rd, 2013

At a cost of roughly $6 million per season, Quincy Black has been one massively overpaid dude over the past two years. And Joe fully expects the Bucs to part ways with Black, or at least renegotiate his contract.

Black wasn’t missed significantly when he was lost for the season with a gruesome neck/nerve injury, which will send him to the surgeon’s table at the end of this month, so reported the Tampa Bay Times yesterday.

Angry Adam Hayward filled in admirably at strong side linebacker, though perhaps the stress of starting led to him shoving Bryan Cox on the Bucs sidelines, a heinous act that in Joe’s mind was swept under the rug faster than Joe tosses empty peanut shells at a Rays game.

Joe wishes Black well, but the good news is that ditching Black, even if he’s unable to play football in 2013, won’t cost the Bucs much and will open up even more money for them to go shopping when the free agency bell rings in March. The Times’ Stephen Holder explained.

The Bucs’ first concern is Black’s health, but eventually they might face business decisions. If Black isn’t likely to play in the foreseeable future and the Bucs release him, he would be eligible for $1 million in injury-protection pay in 2013. If his injury impacts his ability to play in 2014, the Bucs could be on the hook for $500,000 more. Those sums do not count against the salary cap.

Joe hopes Dakoda Watson can step up and fill in for Black, but Joe isn’t counting on that considering Watson couldn’t beat out Hayward last season.

14 Responses to “Black’s Exit Would Have Little Impact”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    I’ve been a big Watson fan for awhile now, but I believe he and Hayward are cut from a similar mold; good to great special teamers that also proved good depth across the unit, but neither would ever become good regular starter.

    Say goodbye to Black, and let Hayward (is he even under contract in 2013?), Watson, Goode, Cuterra (sp?) and one more draft pick this year fight it out for the starting SAM LB. I think we’re set at Will and once the SAM is addressed and figured out, we’ll see how Foster is progressing at the Mike and determine whether or not to upgrade there (in other words, Foster gets another season as a starter).

  2. RastaMon Says:

    For his own health and well being…..I hope he chooses medical exit from playing football ever again….

  3. SirustheVirus Says:

    If we can get him in the 4th round I really like Jelani Jenkins to go with Foster and David.

  4. You Go Joe Says:

    I say leave Watson for the special teams and as a rotation LB. Watson a starter only in dreams…though it would be awesome as the kid was a good LB prior to his injury a few years back.

  5. KBecks Says:

    I say we trade one of our 4th round picks for Rolando McLain.
    Raiders clearly don’t want him anymore. And he still has tons of potential. And is definitely better then any late round pick we would be able to get in this years draft

  6. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    OLB’s are 4 Rounds deep in this draft (if we don’t get a Free Agent first). Enjoy retirement Black

  7. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Black got hurt and we switched to a base 4-2-5 package for the rest of the year. His absence seemed to have had quite the impact considering they pretty much played without a Sam linebacker for the remainder of the season instead of replacing Black with Heyward or Watson.

  8. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I hope his health is ok and that he will recover fully. That being said……NO BIG LOSS. I’ve never been impressed with Black and I consider him one of Dominik’s brain fart signings. To be honest the only linebacker on this team that has impressed me is Lavonte David, he’s a beast who’s only going to get better. Hayward, Watson, Foster make me say blah!

  9. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    I would have to disagree with you Joe on Haywad filling in admirably..

  10. tcaviar Says:

    Mason Foster should move to the strong like he played in college and we should dra ft tg e linebacker from Georgia in the first round and grab a coner in the second

  11. andres Says:

    Black was coming ON man I hope he gets well sooN!

  12. SacBucs Says:

    I agree Joe..110%

    Can watson pick up the scheme or what? Its seems like he cant quite grasp a starting job due to intelligence! He’s by fair the fastest backer we have on the roster. Wassup with that Joe?

    We should have dumped hayward long ago but when your a cheap organization you keep the lowest paid contracts..

    Untalented talent evaluators!

  13. teacherman777 Says:

    Jah bless you Quincy Black. You had the best season of your career. You helped be apart of the #1 rush defense in the NFL. (1st and 2nd downs-lots of runs)

    Now, I guess isn’t the worst time to retire.

    I hope you take care of your money, invest well, and live a happy life.

    I think it is totally normal that the Bucs should pay him an injury settlement.

    See ya later Quincy.

    HELLO SALARY CAP SPACE. (so many choices!)

    I would prefer multiple talents, at multiple positions, sign our Michael Bennett, and sign his BEAST mode brother, sign Roy Miller, take care of guys who worked for it. I want to sign MANY plays rather than huge contracts for just 1 or 2 more superstars.

    I bet we are all in for a surprise!!!!

    Once again, Jah Bless Quincy and your recovery. I pray that you have zero pain from this serious injury.

    @Ian. You are still crazy for thinking he’s faking. I saw that hit. In slow mo. The side of his head was drilled in the backfield by a big back. He is not FAKING dude. Humble down.


  14. Piratic Says:

    I’m a bigger fan of #56 than most, it seems. Even if he only continues to be a special teams ace, that’s ok with me. That’s still a lot of production for a 7th round pick.
    I still believe that he can be a starter, but the talent level around him has risen, (#54 is a GENUINE pleasure to watch) and he still plays out of position, and at times, out of control. His speed is probably the main reason he’s still around, but if the proverbial “light bulb” goes on, man oh man, this guy is going to be a legitimate playmaker.