Watch The Rams-Bucs Game Free

December 24th, 2012

Yes, Joe knows many fans couldn’t make it to the game today against the Rams, and yes, Joe knows the game was blacked out. Joe also is aware there are many who refuse to watch the illegal, pirated feeds of the games because they are rife with malware and viruses.

So here is the answer to that., for a limited time, offers Bucs games that are blacked out free at midnight the night of the game. Here is the link to watch.

The only trick is, your IP address has to match a location within the Tampa TV market. So, for example, if your IP address shows up in, say, Oklahoma, you are out of luck. You will have to pay for the service.

Caution: The free broadcast is not available during Monday Night Football and is available free only for a scant couple of days.

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