Now Is The Time To Re-Sign Josh Freeman

December 24th, 2012

Look, Joe knows Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman has few friends this Christmas Eve after throwing eight picks in the past two games and melting down more and more each week right when the Bucs needed him most.

Joe had a chance to walk on the field of the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway just as the final seconds were ticking off to the ugly loss to the Rams. There were two images that struck Joe the most.

1) Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik looked like a beaten man. Normally affable and walking with a smile if not perfect posture, Dominik walked to the Bucs locker room slumped over, head down as if he had just been put through a wringer.

2) Fans’ reaction to Freeman: There were untold dozens of fans in the stands as the game ended. Unlike last year at this time when the crowd was livid if not vile at the entire Bucs team. This was different. When various Bucs players walked off the field, fans clapped for them, asked for an autograph, a towel, a wristband, et al. But when Freeman appeared, that mood quickly switched to hostile, angry. Joe heard someone yell “Freeman!” and a loud chorus of boos erupted along with fans shouting all sorts of foul things to the Bucs quarterback. It was stunning to Joe.

This town, by and large, has turned on Freeman in just a handful of days and turned on him big time.

But while Dominik looked drained and Freeman was mercilessly heckled, this is the perfect time for those two to come together in their moment of need.

Yes, this is the perfect opportunity to sign Freeman to an extention.

Right now the Bucs have massive leverage on Freeman the way he has folded in recent weeks. Currently, he has little bargaining power with Dominik.

The Bucs’ front office leader could try to re-up Freeman to a very team-friendly contract, loaded with incentive-based clauses, where if Freeman cannot turn the corner, the Bucs could wash their hands of him with limited financial repercussions.

If Freeman is able to right his ship, with a heavily-laced incentive-based contract, he makes out good and positions himself for a massive pay increase in, say, 2015, and the Bucs get to keep their quarterback.

It buys both parties time. It’s a win-win.

Joe knows Dominik doesn’t want to let Freeman walk. He is linked to Freeman as that was his first — and primary — draft pick.

It’s the smart thing to do for the Bucs, both short-term and perhaps long-term. Re-sign Freeman in the coming weeks.

97 Responses to “Now Is The Time To Re-Sign Josh Freeman”

  1. Nick2 Says:

    Joe I have to disagree with you here. Freeman has done zero to earn any kind of contract extension. I say let him play out next year and see where we are. I can think of 3 rookies right now I would rather lock up long term over Freeman and thats pretty sad. 3 terrible performances in a row when you are actually in a playoff hunt and when its your 3rd full year in the league do not warrant any kind of contract extension. Eight interceptions in two straight games is nothing I want around here again for a long long time.

  2. Macabee Says:

    I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everybody is now of the opinion that a change needs to be made at the QB position. Last week I wrote a scathing opinion about Freeman and whether given more time we would see a better Freeman. I’m convinced now more than ever that what we see is what we’re going to get. Can we win with Freeman? Yes! Can we win consistently? No! If we’re willing to put up with the ups and downs, big wins today and blowouts tomorrow, then Freeman will give us that. That opinion sounds like we should cut Freeman tomorrow, Right? Wrong!

    It’s even safer to say that there are no easy alternatives. This cannot be fixed quickly and there is no guarantee that anyone else out there will do any better. There are no RGIIIs or Andrew Lucks out there that can win now. There are lots of Blaine Gabberts out there and this is the kind of fan disillusionment that makes even Tebow look like a possibility. These are times when rational thought and good sense need to prevail.

    This is the kind of turmoil that can change administrations and Schiano knows it. Cutting Freeman loose now may be smartest move short-term but a nightmare long-term. The Broncos traded Cutler and wandered in that wilderness for years and may finally be coming out of the darkness of that decision. I’m not saying keep Freeman, I’m saying don’t make a snap judgment or a brash ill-timed decision. Thought should be given to the precise type of offense we’re going to run and take time to get the skill set that can execute it.

    You know something is really wrong because Dominik has quietly disappeared – just like he did when Morris was on the skids. He knows that a lot of money can go up in smoke either way if they don’t get this decision right. He knows that with this type of season ending and uncertain outlook, the price to get top level FAs (CBs) to come here just went way up. The risk is we have to grossly overpay or settle for the Eric Wrights of the NFL.
    Maybe Joe is right. Re-sign him now and insure against the risk. I’m not sure. But cutting or trading him now is not the answer!

  3. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Bucs will lose even more season tix holders if they re-sign him now. They make a handshake agreement to sign a new deal next August (after people are done buying season tickets).

  4. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Absolutely the right strategy and the right time. There is no way to know how the Bucs or Freeman will do next year. If he does well then, he will cost a lot more. If not, we probably still have the same situation as we do now.
    The only wild card could be Schiano. But, I think even he would be on board for a deal that would permit us to cut Freeman loose without a heavy cost.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Now is the time to package him with Blount and some DB’s we need to get rid of, and try to trade all for the #1 pick. We’re never going to have a chance if we stick with Freeman. Ive already collected $10 off of two $5 bets yesterday predicting two of his interceptions while in play. Its more entertaining to do that rather than watch him and try to pull for him….its sad really, I shouldnt be doing that 🙁

  6. John Campa Jr Says:

    I disagree. Freeman is lost out there. We were at the game and my girlfriend called the second, third, and fourth picks right before he threw them and she doesn’t know anything about footall. Miscommunication my behind. Dominitwit better not throw another dime at the second coming of Dilfer. Bring in a vet next camp and let Pickman know that the QB job is up for grabs. If we wins it and does well, franchise him and make him do it two seasons in a row. If he doesn’t, cut the turd loose. And you are dreaming if you think his agent would go for the deal you hypothesized. Give a raise to whomever our O-line coach is instead, that guy made something out of nothing for most of the year. Wish our DB coach could have done the same.

  7. Mark Grant Says:

    Idiot….he’s not a pro quarterback. I won’t purchase anything rotten, whether it’s cheap or not.

  8. Rajah Says:

    The fans, the hearts of BucNation have spoken loud and clear. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE PATHETIC, POROUS, REMEDIAL AND ASININE PERFORMANCES FROM THIS LOSER CHICK OF A QB. She must go and I don’t care how but she has got to be eradicated from our lives ASAP!

    BTW if she is signed to a contract ext. I might just blow my head off. I wont really but god dammit I would be ticked!

  9. MadMax Says:

    lol Rajah, well said.

  10. MaxBux Says:

    Joe, I think u have had to much Yule time cheer. Dom needs to be canned, this is his fourth season and he has not compiled the talent to compete….period. Let new G.M. Come in and decide along with Shiano what to do with Freeman and some of the other misfits. I have been a season ticket holder since day1 and I will have a hard time renewing my tix if Dom is still here in2013. They have to sell tix and folks r getting tired of Freeman And Dom

  11. Snook Says:

    Freeman deserves the boos. He’s a horrible QB. I’m glad the fans there booed him as he left. That’s what fans would do in any other town that wants their team to win.

  12. free's a boob Says:

    Joe..are you drinkng this early? What an insane thought!

  13. Brandon Says:

    Aaron Rodgers hadn’t started his first game, Drew Brees was being booed in San Diego, the fans wanted Brett Favre to hit the bench, Rich Gannon couldn’t even come close to locking up a starting job, Kurt Warner was bagging groceries, Warren Moon was throwing the ball in Canada, so were Jeff Garcia and Joe Theismann, and Steve Young hadn’t even been shipped off to San Francisco for a song, Tony Romo was a 3rd stringer, Roger Staubach was a member of the US Navy, Brad Johnson was playing in NFL Europe… that is what these QBs were doing when they were 24.

    And you guys are sooooo convinced that he’s terrible, yet he’s light years ahead of the other guys (many current or future hall-of-famers). Nobody said developing a young QB would happy overnight even if it has happened more frequently now than ever. This is not an easy offense to learn. The playcalling has been absolute crap at times, and the game-time coaching strategies have not left much room for error. Developing a QB is a process, especially when trying to develop that QB in a system not friendly for developing QBs.

    I agree whole-heartedly with Joe. Now is the time to strike an extension while the iron is hot, and the failure is fresh. We wait until next season and Freeman has entire offseason in the new offense and he comes back next season and breaks the bank…or at the very least we have to franchise him for a few seasons. It’s not sound logic.

    As for worrying about re-signing him and how it would .affect season ticket sales… who the EFF freaking cares? You Tampa Buc fans are finicky anyways. I spent nearly $300 to watch one game in Carolina this season, and two years ago. With that money if I had lived in the Tampa area I could’ve had season tickets… and would have too

  14. Raphael Says:

    Buc fans are horrendous…..they should be ashamed of themselves,no football acumen whatsoever….

    It’s okay though,they tried to run Eli Manning out of town and now 2superbowls later,the fans look silly.

  15. MadMax Says:

    And Josh, if still playing somewhere at 30, will still be the loser QB he is now. His elevator only goes so high buddy, and you cant work on it while its stuck on stupid.

  16. Jlynch Says:

    Season ticket sales were a big factor on Raheems termination thats what resighing Freemans affect will be. Bucs fans have short memories 3 years of Morris finally got him gone How many for Freeman he sucks

  17. Marknlutz Says:

    I don’t think Freeman will ever gain the vision to make it in the NFL. He simply doesn’t see the field the way the good ones do. But I cannot disagree with your point Joe. You make sense.

  18. Rajah Says:

    Freewoman reminds me of a prostitute. While she is capable of giving you cheap trills, she will ultimately let u down whether it be for money, catching a STD or to save her own arse.

    My point being is that she it is not entirely trustworthy. And this who Gosh Freewoman is a nasty, dishonest wh0re of a QB. She looks appealing with her play sometimes but deep down she is a low down, dirty, rotten human being who will do whatever for the dollar.

  19. Brandon Says:


    After all the studies and opinions that were out on why Bucs couldn’t sell out games, you apparently, know why… even though the Bucs had to buy up seats during the latter years of the Gruden era so games wouldn’t be blacked out. But apparently you know the reason why finicky and notoriously cheap and whiny Buc fans won’t go to games while the Cleveland Browns manage to sell out every home game despite having no hope any year. Factory of sadness anyone?

    In a way, I hope the short-sighted Buc fans get what they want and Freeman is run out of town… and perhaps the Bucs draft a far worse QB and wait only 2-3 years to develop before pulling the plug on him too… and then when attendance is at all-time worsts… they move the team… and I’m nnot rooting for the London Buccaneers… or LA Bucs… or whatever. And I’ll be a free agent football fan and I can finally escape from this cursed team with the worst, least loyal, and least knowledgeable fan base in sports. T-5 years and counting.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Rajah, you are what is wrong with the Buc fans in Tampa. You’re more interested in spending your money in strip clubs and prostitutes than supporting your team.

  21. Eric Says:

    I see where you are going with that joe, and it makes sense if such a contract could be had. And if they could have a good plan B in place.

    But I doubt Freeman and his agent will look at it that way. He fancies himself a top tier guy. He’s got a big ego like most QBs.

    Plus the Glazers are staring down blackouts. And even though they talk a good rebuilding show, they haven’t been known to be particularly patient. Ask Sam, Tony, Jon and Bruce. And three of those guys had winning records!

    The odds of free not being under center next year are nearing 50%.

  22. Rajah Says:

    @Brandon WTF are u talking about me in strip club lol

    @*ck off dude and stop defending this little girl QB.

    Hahahahahaha! A laugh riot u are cuz!

  23. lurker Says:


    you are not bucnation…lmao. you are some loser misogynist.

  24. Macabee Says:

    In Freeman’s defense, somebody care to explain what causes a QB to throw all of 8 INTs for 13 games and all of a sudden throw 8 INTs in the last 2 games (still less than Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers)?

    There is no Haley’s Comet, no obvious synaptic meltdown, no root woman from Haiti that has placed a Santeria hex on him that explains why this has happened.

    Could it be that DCs have figured out how to defend this briefly potent offense and is loading the box at the LOS clogging running lanes on their way to the QB? Is it a coincidence that the running game went away at approximately the same time that the INTs went up? Has our 2nd string O-Line finally been exposed?

    Something has happened and it may be a toxic soup of failures and not only Josh Freeman. All questions that need to be answered before we perform an ill-fated exorcism that we may live to regret!

  25. Brandon Says:

    Oh, and in defense of this horrible QB of ours, he has already set the all-time Buc record for passing yards in a season and is less than 200 yards away from the team’s first ever 4000 yard season. He’s also tied for the most TDs ever thrown in a season.

    As for Buc historians that wish we could have another Brad Johnson, Freeman’s Buc career rating is almost identical to Brad Johnson’s, despite the fact that Freeman came in as a rookie, and Johnson played in NFL Europe and spent years as a backup and THEN took his lumps with the Vikings.

    Freeman is also tied for the Buc all-time lead in TD passes thrown (77 along with Testaverde, though Freeman has thrown 50 LESS INTs).

  26. MadMax Says:

    @Brandon, you have now lost all credibility. So you hope we draft a QB, he fails, and the team moves to another town? Dude, dont even try to criticize Rajah after that diatribe of yours. You’re not even a fan. Why the FK are you even on this forum??

    I’ll be ignoring your posts just like Ive been ignoring your sidekick ralph’s posts.

  27. Brandon Says:

    Rajah Says:

    December 24th, 2012 at 9:23 am
    @Brandon WTF are u talking about me in strip club lol

    @*ck off dude and stop defending this little girl QB.


    I honestly have nothing to say in my defense because your moronic post spews more about your overall lack of intelligence and weak moral fiber than anything I could ever say.

  28. tim Says:

    Well Im not sure if it the right time to sign him or not. Money wise it probably is. But if he has another so so year next year then maybe its time to start looking around. Maybe we do need to start looking in another direction like some of you have said. But one thing most of you dont say is what direction we should go in. There arent many Payton Mannings sitting out there. And I see that some want to go after Flynn. who i think has played 1 maybe 2 games? I just dont think its a chance this team should take.

    I think give Josh 1 more year. Lets fix the real problem on this team. The defense. They are the real reason we arent in the playoff hunt right now. But lets try to get in some new good Dbs to fix this pass defense. If we can get a good defense next year. And Josh still has his problems then is probably time to look at something different. If we get rid of him now and bring in some other untested guy we will just be setting this team back even further.

  29. J 2.0 Says:

    @ raphael I am starting to agree with you. Bucs fans embarass me at times.

    Teams who would currently turn head over heels for Freeman: Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Cardinals, Dolphins, Eagles, Titans, Vikings, Chiefs, Rams (yes I saw what happened yesterday, but Bradford isn’t better than Freeman), Raiders, Browns, Bears…

    Freeman has had a bad couple of games, but all QB’s do. He’s only 24. His upside is huge. Freeman can’t play defense. Sometimes a defense has to pick up a struggling offense. Hasn’t happened this year. You don’t ever give up an 80 yard TD to a TE. Ever. Especially on the 1st play of the 2nd half.

  30. Architek Says:

    Very short term move (business) – horrible personnel move. The risks and backlash would bottom out this franchise like in 2007.

    Weigh the risks and with ticket sales still below average resigning him would possibly be a death blow to this enstranged organization.

  31. Brandon Says:


    That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you’ve pushed the magical ignore button on the page that doesn’t exist. So what exactly does losing credibility with an ignoramus mean? Considering you obviously have no football insight and lack any kind of football knowledge, losing credibility with you is probably a good thing.

    The good news is that you and Rajah can spend much more of your time trolling strip clubs together and seeing if you can get a tandem lap dance discount. Have fun, boys!

  32. Mr Lucky Says:

    Eric is most likely correct in his assessment of Freeman.

    Joe your analysis about getting Freeman locked up to an extension with favorable terms for the Bucs is spot on – from a business point of view. However there are many other aspects to consider:

    1. Freeman’s ego – see Eric’s post

    2. Schiano’s ability to coach – if Freeman get’s an extension then basically the owners have handcuffed the head coach into using Freeman whether he wants to or not.

    3. Owners will be looking at ticket sales – lets face it the Glazers aren’t stupid. They’ve managed to turn a profit on the Bucs these past few years with lower salaries and losing teams. In 2012 they opened their checkbook and what did it get them?

    4. The play of rookie QB’s in 2012 makes you wonder why a 4th year player like freeman is performing so poorly.

    5. Tebow is all but ensured NOT to be in NY next season. Sure people ‘think’ he’ll return to Jacksonville but don’t you think that the Jets would take a Freeman for Tebow trade straight up? I do. Bitch and moan about Tebow but even if the Bucs record didn’t improve I guarentee you that ticket sales would increase so from an owners point of view….

  33. Rajah Says:

    @Madmax thx bro but u didnt even need to do that dude. Cause this woman we have as QB for us continues to prove she is absolutely terrible. Her play speaks for itself. And as for @Brandon and @lurker, sounds like they might be some of Freewomans lesbian groupies lol. Remember she loves clubbing and taking pics with wh0res. LMFAO!

  34. Eric Says:

    The rock is 23-40. Working on 23-41 if Atlanta doesn’t lay down.

    I wonder if he has one of those incentive based contracts?

    The smarter solution would be for the team to “wash their hands” of him and bring in someone who knows pro football to make this critical decision on Free.

    Until that happens all this is academic.

  35. MadMax Says:

    Its not a magical ignore button brandon, u stuck on stupid too? I’ll just move on past any post by the name brandon. As far as trolling strip clubs, you sound experienced. I did that a few times when I turned 21, but havent since….and that was 20 yrs ago.

  36. Rajah Says:

    @Brandon what is this sh!t about us and strip clubs dude lol?
    Where is this crap coming from? You are making sh!t up as u go?! Like Madmax said get the f-ck outta here dude you aint no real fan. BucNation says f-ck you guy lol. What a asre clown you are! LMFAO!

  37. Brandon Says:


    I thought you were ignoring me. Thanks for proving to everybody that you are not only stupid, but a liar. And yes, I have been to a strip club once but never went back. I was scared off by the old overweight whale of a stripper that turned out to be… nah, I won’t go there.


    Nice job adding there, buddy. But Freeman is 23-32.

  38. Brandon Says:


    I’m deeply sorry. Judging from your last post I was obviously wrong about you. You are a man of substance and class. Your vocabulary is clearly that of a gentleman and a scholar.

  39. Brandon Says:


    Thanks for pointing out there’s not a magical ignore button. If you hadn’t denied its existence I would have continued believing there was one on here. Thank you for clearing that up. Clearly, like Rajah, you are a man of great intellect. My condolences to your family.

  40. Rajah Says:

    @MadMax screw that stupid guy Brandon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is a chick who is screwing Freewoman lol. I’m with you MadMax need to start ignoring the asinine comments of the over zealous lover of Gosh Freewoman.

  41. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe, that is a spot on idea.

    Unfortunately, most of the posters here know very little about football. Anyone with any brains can see the problem is the schemes, not the players.

    Let me guess- you boneheads think Freeman forgot how to pass, at the same time Doug Martin suddenly forgets how to run, and starts racking up 16 yard games and 1 yard averages

    The problem is that the league has figured out Schiano’s system. They know what he does, and when. They are out scheming him on every play- and he has shown no ability to adjust.

    If any of you( don’t expect it) can replay the game- watch the defenses the last 4 weeks. Before a running play- both safeties move into the box. Before a pass play- both safeties drop in coverage. This happened on about 90% of the plays yesterday! BEFORE the final set or snap!! They knew what was coming. And I only saw 3 or 4 audibles to try and change the play.

    That is how a productive offense suddenly goes to hell. It’s not the Qb and RB suddenly having some kind of simultaneous nervous breakdown!!! It’s the league catching on to a coach who played .500 ball at a tiny Big 10 school. I like Schiano, but he seems to have no clue on how to adjust his schemes.

    This ain’t Western Virgina Tech out there!

    But you guys just keep hating the QB. Next is Martin, then Williams, then Jackson.

    The NFL is a lot more complicated than most of you could ever imagine. Everyone in this league is talented enough to win. They just need the right system and right talent around them.

    Players are losing faith in Schiano, faster than . . Than idiots turn on their QB!!! Lol

  42. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m here to take my Freeman Medicine like a man! I guess I’ll support him as long as he’s a Buccaneer, but maybe it’s time to bring in at least some competition. You would think after last week the game plan would also be dialed down a notch and get the RB’s back heavily involved. There are only a handful of QB’s who can throw the ball 50 times a game and win. Freeman is not one of them.

  43. Eric Says:


    I was referring to the record of Mr. Dominik.

    Some of you guys are not in the Holiday spirit!

  44. Capt. Tim Says:

    Quit hiring DB coaches, and tiny college coaches!!!! Get a real damn NFL coach in that lockeroom! Then this team can compete- and maybe people will start buying tickets! We have talent!!! Get a real coach!!!

  45. MadMax Says:

    Stop obsessing over me brandon…..please.

  46. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Bucnjim

    I agree with you. I do like Freeman and would like to keep him long term, but I agree a viable QB competition would improve his play. You can’t bring in Tebow unless you plan to make him your starter and build an offense around him.

    @ CaptTim

    Schiano doesn’t call plays on defense or offense. This is the product of a 1st year coodinator hitting the rookie wall. Also we have a lot of backups who are starting at key positions hitting the rookie/backup wall. Especially on OL.

  47. MadMax Says:

    And Bucnjim is coming to the light 🙂

  48. Capt. Tim Says:

    Eric- lmao! Holiday cheer is getting hard to come by!

  49. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m not the type to run and hide……Thanks

  50. Bucnjim Says:

    We hardly agree an everything, but Merry Christmas to all my fellow HARD CORE Bucs fans!

  51. MadMax Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Bucnjim….hardcore fans stick thru it thick and thin. Ive been on board since 95, a late arrival, I know, but at least Im here.

  52. Rob Says:

    You are effing crazy to resign Gosh. Pathetic strong armed doofus qb

  53. Capt. Tim Says:

    J 2.0- ok, I’ll buy into some of that. But a coach implements HIS system, and the options/ audibles to plays.

    That’s where the problem is. They know what’s coming

  54. MadMax Says:

    So, is packaging him and Blount with some DB’s and maybe a draft pick or two to kansas for their #1 possible? We need Geno Smith!

    Look at his stats if you havent already. Get him and then CB’s for the rest of the draft.

  55. espo Says:

    Most QBs don’t come into their own until their late 20s or early 30s. Josh isn’t Tom Brady. Deal with it. His timeline still beats drafting all over again, and premiere QBs rarely hit the FA market.

    Be patient, and above all else, quit whining.

  56. FloridaGirl Says:

    Sign him to a one year extension, trade picks for an available QB (Alex Smith?) to make him compete for the job, draft some CBs in the early rounds and perhaps take a late round QB later in the draft. Gives Josh another off-season in Sully’s offense without making him too expensive, brings in competition at the QB slot, and helps do something with the back half of the defense. If he doesn’t win the QB postion, he can hold a clip board and then trade him.

  57. MadMax Says:

    Ok espo, say we stick with him, and we draft CB’s and a Safety and maybe another TE or RG. We’re still left with an inconsistent, inaccurate QB who also cant manage a game.

    So maybe next season, use our 1st pick on a QB instead of this season? Well, Im just not for that. Like Ive said before, look at the QB’s coming out of college who are shining examples….and we have all of the weapons for a shining new QB coming out of college RIGHT NOW.

  58. Jlynch Says:

    Brandon they make big bucks on tv money but you still have to have a product to put on tv. you still need a fan base. remember stats are for losers and Freeman is a losing qb the reason cheap wnining fans dont go is because its hard to root for a losing team a lot of people go to games to tailgate.

  59. Greig Says:

    Reward him with an extension for being useless. what a great idea.
    That just adds to the problem with Josh, NOBODY holds him accountable. Not Schiano, not Sullivan, not the wideouts, not even Josh himself which is the worst part.
    It’s all excuses, sorry “reasons” why he is playing garbage.

    Whatever happened to the TBA that Schiano preached so much at the start?
    The only thing I Trust and Believe is that Josh won’t be held Accountable for his poor play.
    Where is the benching after he throws his 4th pick for the 2nd straight game, they don’t even seem to get in his face or try to coach him up when he comes off the field, they let him just sit there and pout because “everyone but Josh is the problem.” EVERY single other team always seems to have shots of their QBs pouring over pages and pages of game stills with their coach looking for something to exploit, not the Bucs & Josh.

    Take whatever we can get for him in a trade while he still has some teams fooled into thinking he has potential just because he has all of the much overhyped physical tools (but none of the mental ones). We hear so much about his work ethic which is great but what is the point, it’s like a blind person sitting infront of a silent movie, try as they might they simply aren’t going to get it.
    Lets not act like this is new, he’s not going to change, there has been zero sign of that happening. The same exact problems were there coming out of college, most people knew he was a likely bust, only picked at that spot because of his ties to Morris, but we (yes I include myself) tried to convince ourselves he could be “the guy.”

  60. raphael Says:

    Brandon…keep posting the truth and keep loling at the retarded Freeman hate group…

  61. raphael Says:

    The NY fans tried to run Eli Manning out of town too….lmao . Freeman is not going anywhere.

  62. MadMax Says:

    awww….the irrelevant has succumbed to begging for backup… sad

  63. raphael Says:

    where did your dumb punk lover Rajjeh or whatever go….lmao

  64. Big Rob Says:

    Geno Smith smells of bust.

    Joe is write, lock Freeman now with tons of incentives and clauses that make it easy to unload him. He WILL be the Bucs starting QB next year.

    @Brandon – thank you for being one of the few intelligent voices here. I agree there are some very ignorant Bucs fans. There is a lot to playing QB and they just don’t get it. There is a reason QBs get run out of here and play better elsewhere.*COUGH* Steve Young *COUGH*

    @Capt Tim – you make some great points. I agree though with what @J 2.0 says about Sullivan hitting a rookie coordinator wall. This is his first time ever calling plays and it does appear that defenses have figured him out.

  65. MadMax Says:

    You’re a trip ralph. I once worked in a home for mentally handicapped adults with behavior problems…..had to handle them with kid gloves.

  66. raphael Says:

    so you were self employed then…huh

  67. MadMax Says:

    na, worked for the state.

  68. flmutley Says:

    The Bucs need a new quarterback and secondary positions. Nuff said…its time for Tampa to have a winning team consistantly….then the ticket sales will increase…and there will be on blackouts….until then…its the same ole same ole. Spend some real money owners…..

  69. Tomcin Says:

    How about trading Freeman for Kirk Couzins or Freeman for someones 1st or 2nd round pick. Just a thought.

  70. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Capt Tim,

    If you are correct in your assessment that other teams are figuring out the Bucs offensive play’s then it makes Josh look even worse. If Freeman sees the Rams moving 8 into the box then call an audible and hit the hot receiver – oh I forgot that Josh only makes 50% of his passes to Bucs receivers!

    But wait lately Josh’s pass completion has increased from 50 to 60%; if you include the 10% he completes to the other team!

    If the Bucs don’t let Freeman audible, which I doubt, then what good is he? This is his 3rd year in the league you’d think by now he’d get it don’t you? What really makes it worse is his play deteriorates as the year progresses. If Freeman played this poorly in his first 4 games then improved I’d be more sympathetic but he’s demonstrating a lack of understanding and improving beyond what he’s learned in traing camp.

    I’ve said it again and again – Freeman is nothing more than a younger version of Bryon Leftwich.

  71. Mr Lucky Says:


    What team in their right mind would give up a 1st or 2nd round pick for Freeman?

    SERIOUSLY DUDE???? Lay off the eggnog

  72. T in Orlando Says:

    Here’s a question, why would Freeman want to sign a deal like that? While I’m sure the incentives could be nice, I doubt they would escalate to put him in that 2nd Tier QB money, which is likely what he would have been looking for when the season started, definitely would have been looking for when then Bucs were 6-4, and probably thinks he could get if he has a good season next year. Why take a contract with minimal guarantees, when if he plays well next year (and if he doesn’t think he can, then I don’t want him signed to anything) he can break the bank. Why sign something that gives the team all the power/benefits for at least the next 2-3 years.

    He’s young enough, that injury should not be a huge enough concern to sign a low value deal. If I were his agent, I would not recommend signing such a deal, because even if he doesn’t play well next year, he could likely get the same deal (minimal guarantees, incentive laden), either with the Bucs or another team, after the 2013 season.

  73. raphael Says:

    Lucky…Leftwich was here and Josh beat him out easily…Freeman is an awesome QB… just takes time.

  74. BIG SIR Says:

    My God. I hope Dominik doesn’t have these same thoughts. I’m already teetering between renewing my tickets or using the money on something else. I’m so tired of losing and resigning Freeman will ensure we will lose for the foreseeable future.

  75. raphael Says:

    resigning Freeman means we will have a chance to play in the SB…for real..

  76. Theodore Says:

    Using this same logic, the Bucs should re-sgn Arrelious Benn.

  77. Adam Says:

    I think we can honestly say that Dominik has been a complete failure as a GM. This was supposed to be his crown-jewel pick. I say wash your hands with him and MOVE ON. We have seen the best we’re EVER going to see out of him. He’s played in over 50 games. If it hasn’t “clicked” it’s not going to.

    And to anyone who’s going to preach to me, “Well these things take time!” I am going to ask, “How MUCH time?” Give me a number. Tell me how many games do you thing it takes to ADEQUATELY evaluate a quarterback and we won’t bother you with opinions. I think 50 starts in this league is PLENTY. I think a bad game is forgivable, but you damn sure better come back and show me some improvement the next time Sunday rolls around and Freeman is getting worse every single week.

    The only problem is there are no viable options out there. I’m upset, sure. But I’m of the opinion that I’m DONE with this “developing” a QB crap. Let’s pull a New Orleans and steal someone else’s.

  78. MadMax Says:

    haha, we had our SB already. Im convinced the owners and management are happy with that. Unless they are settling for the mediocre same ole same ole, they REALLY need to focus on just trying to make a damn playoff appearance. SuperBowl shouldnt even be thought about right now.

  79. lurker Says:

    look at raj crying about someone making stuff up, and yet that is all he does!

    some tween with a keyboard gonna tell us all how it is. cuz, bro, dude, cuz.

  80. Mark Says:

    I think his agent would actually advise him to not sign a contract with the hopes that he plays better. Even if he tanks next year he probably commands a decent price in the FA market. Instead the Bucs should invest in a game-ready back up and go into camp with the notion that its Freeman’s job to lose. We need competition. I think Freeman will play better. I think Schiano needs to let him leave the pocket and get over the whole protect the QB bit. Let him check down and run. Freeman doesn’t have much of a football IQ but he is athletic.

  81. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Why in the world would you want to extend Freeman after yet another pathetic season where he seems to be getting worse and worse. He has shown nothing that would indicate he’s a reliable QB let alone a franchise QB. I don’t care if they could sign him now for much less money than they would maybe next year. Why would you want to be commited to this guy at this point in his career when he can’t do a dam thing other than throw the ball far and hope our receivers come down with it? That’s crazy talk and a major mistake.

  82. bucrightoff Says:

    Freeman has to go. Sorry but his regression is unacceptable when rookies are coming in and looking more poised and confident than Freeman ever has. The 2010 season looks like a fluke and an outlier, not the norm. This season is the norm: Great play sometimes, worst QB in the league play other times. If the Bucs had steady QB play this season they’d be a playoff team, instead the future looks even bleaker than last year. All that was said was wait until Freeman has some weapons. He was given weapons any “good” QB would take to the playoffs. Go after Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, because I’ll take 20 Tds, and 6ints with 3,000 yards over 30 TDs, 18 Ints and 4,000 yards.

  83. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Joe you just posted an article a day or two ago on how Schiano is still evaluating our players and “weeding out the weeds”. Then you come out with this? Doesn’t make much sense how someone can play so awful and you endorse us extending him. I, and I think most fans with any common sense at this point, can say Freeman is among the weeds on this team. Hard worker, great kid but not an NFL QB. Extending him after this debacle is senseless. If theres nothing better in FA (which we already know there wont be) and you cant draft his replacement give him next year to see what he can do before extending him. Anything before that is insane.

  84. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Why would Gosh sign a contract of say $8 million over 5 years even if there were incentives added when all he has to do is show up next year and receive $8.3 million?

    Gosh and his agent are looking for a 7 year $150 million deal and he’ll probable get it. In KC.

    Raphael, you suck. Mindless enthusiasm is tolerable and even to be admired (Bucobruce) but your ignorant one liners and name calling are getting old.

  85. espo Says:

    Eli Manning looks like he survived an abortion attempt. You can just tell there’s something wrong with that guy. He makes some of the worst possible decisions sometimes. Yet, he has 2 rings. He is surrounded by great players and a great staff. Our problem is not Freeman. He is our scapegoat.

  86. PRBucFan Says:

    #1 Free Free would never ever sign a contract like that
    #2 So let me get this straight, so until you are 24 no matter the length of time you’ve played(started) in this league you are not to be taken serious whatsoever because of your age? That’s preposterous lol, the term rookie is coined for the first year you have spent in the league and only that year regardless of your age hence players aren’t rookies from 20-24 and vets from 25 on. According to y’all it would make sense to assume a player that enters the league much older somehow deserves more liability for his actions or is somehow automatically more experienced than the player that enter younger. BS lol they will be evaluated on their experience on the field of play within this league not by their age. End of story. Or does drafting a younger QB automatically assume you’ll have to wait 6-8 yrs before you see even the most marginal improvements? There are basic skills a QB must have down before even entering the league that Free struggles with NOW. If you want to sit here with blinders on and pull for Free at all costs that’s fine but don’t act like he’s a child that doesn’t deserve any accountability for his actions. He’s a professional, he gets paid like one, he deserves to be held accountable like one.
    #3 has he suddenly forgot how to throw? It seems so, your seeing his performance the same as I am. We shouldn’t have to say much there. This game is as much mental as it is anything else so it is definitely possible for a QB to regress as Free has based on that alone. There is something off about Free when it comes to his mentality and as a QB in this league you need to be mentally prepared for defenses adjusting to your play.
    #4 How many QB’s out there do you see being successful in well known systems where defenses know exactly what they intend to do being able to read and react to defenses as they are reacting to them?

  87. espo Says:

    Let’s see how he does with a healthy line. Let’s see how he does with playcalling that makes sense. Let’s see how he does without playing from behind because our corners can’t cover my grandmother.

    Let’s see how he does without fan pressure. He’s an NFL QB, and it comes with the territory, but let’s cut him some slack. He’s ours, like it or not, so might as well make it easier on him. Its almost as if some of you wish him to play poorly so changes might be made.

  88. bucrightoff Says:

    I don’t think anyone wants Josh to fail. But you also have to analyze a guy fairly. It’s also unfortunate for him that this season Luck, RGIII and RWIII have come in and will lead their teams right to the playoffs, all with inferior offensive weapons than Josh. His mistakes aren’t just bad (but correctable) like throwing into double coverage, they’re total head scratchers that make you wonder what he could possibly be thinking. Ryan Lindley-esque throws. Think of that for a second: The best rookie comparision for Freeman isn’t Luck, or RGII or RWIII…it’s Ryan Lindley. That should say it all right there.

  89. PRBucFan Says:

    Lets see if he can actually read and react for once???
    Let’s see if he can complete a 5 yard screen?
    Lets see that he lives in a perfect utopia before he learns that part of being a man is being held accountable for YOUR actions.
    Do I WANT him to play poorly?!?!?!
    NO!!!!! I am damn tired of the embarassment
    He IS playing poorly!!!

  90. Brandon Says:

    James Laurenaitis himself said that he and the coaching staff saw some valuable “tells” when watching tape. Obviously, the players and formations are tipping plays, and that goes back to coaching. Schiano has changed the culture in Tampa, but as game day strategists and playcallers, the entire Buc staff is culpable.

  91. PRBucFan Says:

    Again, not a one-sided game
    Plenty of the successful QB’s in this league are in offenses where the defense knows exactly what they are going to do. However those QB’s do their job and adjust to the defenses adjusting to them. It’s not an excuse

  92. Jimmy Says:

    Josh Freeman = Neil Lomax

  93. Architek Says:

    Josh Freeman is in dangerous company. The last person to be this scrutinized (Ruud) career was never the same.

    Hope he has his retirement plan prepared.

  94. lurker Says:

    miquel el payasito said:

    “raphael … but your ignorant one liners and name calling are getting old.”

    lmao pot meet kettle! you and raj crying about namecalling and yet that is all you are doing with the bucs.

  95. Rajah Says:

    Gosh should eviscerate herself and save us the trouble. She is a pathetic loser and will eventually will be ran outta town by BucNation! WE DO NOT WANT HER HERE! Who would want a retard PMS’ing chick as a QB?

  96. PRBucFan Says:

    I hear you lurker but that guy the Miguel mentioned should really realy
    honeatly already be long gone banned from this board for the way he carries himself through his interactions with other posters. Quite literally nothing but personal attacks just spew out of his mouth the moment he feels like your threatening his boi Free.

    SUGGESTION: abe relavent about football,
    Stick to Football
    You can disagree, however it has to be in a polite way where .

  97. PRBucFan Says:

    Exactly what I’m saying