2012 = 2011

December 24th, 2012

Mired in a losing streak as the season nears an end, the Bucs remind veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton of the trainwreck in 2011. Shelton offers his thoughts on the loss to the Rams Sunday in this Tampa Bay Times video.

6 Responses to “2012 = 2011”

  1. Patrick Says:

    This team is going nowhere. The current squad is the same as the one that lost 10 straight last year. The only aspects that have improved are our rush defense and run game. That’s it. We have a good record; but then the team falls flat on their faces and has a miserable meltdown collapse to end the season.

  2. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I watched the game again on Short Cuts. It didn’t look as bad at a faster pace. Kind of like ripping off a band aid quickly. Maybe next year if they don’t make the right moves I”ll watch all the Buc games this way but I’ll miss the Homers on the live thread.

    Freeman should have had 6 picks but the Rams gorrered the ball twice. Another Ram intercepted one out of bounds that if it was thrown a little better it would have been picked in the end zone.

  3. lurker Says:

    hopefully miguel, you will be gone from this thread and haunting wherever chip “the dip” kelley goes. enjoy your last days.

  4. lurker Says:

    ps let me be the first to say goodbye!

  5. Rajah Says:

    A quote from ladyz from another piece on here:

    “I love this team and the players but my guts have been ripped out of me by spoiled brats, substance abusers, lazy players and those who are just ungrateful money grobbers.”

    Sums up the last 2 years of this team. We as funs should run Gosh Freeman outta town ASAP. This nightmare will never end unless we take action. He is a pile horse sh!t to say the least. Oh let me add drunkerd, adulter and sex addict to that list as well ladyz. Add Gosh falls under all 3 catagories too.

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    Rajah, man there is NO reason to get so personal against Freeman; especially when those innuendo’s can’t be backed up.

    Simply put Freeman is just a young version of Bryon Leftwich or a larger Charlie Batch.

    It’s time to cut ties with Freeman now so Schiano can move forward with his own QB and doesn’t lete Josh cost him his job.