Rookie Third-Round Pick Outplays Franchise QB

December 9th, 2012

One reason the Bucs are fond of saying it is all about No. 5, and wanting to get all the toys for No. 5, is to find out if Josh Freeman will be the long-term solution for the Bucs the rest of the decade.

After nearly three full years as a starter, right now Joe dosn’t know if Freeman is “the guy.”

At times, Freeman is spectacular, as he has shown in many games this year, and a few times during the 2010 season.

Then there was last season … and too many times this season, even when surrounded by Pro Bowl skill players.

Today was a shock to the system that demonstrates Freeman has quite a ways to go before his name can be spoken among the game’s elite, much less being able to lead a team to the playoffs.

Last week, Freeman got rattled by Von Miller and vanished for a good quarter of play, maybe longer, which allowed the Broncos to rally and win. Today, Freeman couldn’t hit the proverbial Tampa Bay if he fell out of a boat, one-hopping passes and generally missing targets by a disturbing margin.

On top of that, Freeman wasn’t making the smartest of decisions either. Why Freeman chose to check down to D.J. Ware who was covered like a blanket for a seven-yard loss of a reception (to be fair, Ware should have dropped the pass) rather than just throwing the ball away is a mystery.

Simply put, this shouldn’t be happening to such a talented quarterback with so many starts under his belt.

For a moment, Joe thought Josh Johnson was the Bucs quarterback, not Josh Freeman.

Then there is Nick Foles, the Eagles rookie quarterback making his fifth career start, a third-round pick from the noted quarterback factory of the University of Arizona. Foles, under pressure, delivered passes today, on the money, exactly the opposite of Freeman under pressure. In Joe’s eyes, Freeman crumbles under pressure far, far too often.

And when the Bucs offense only needed two first downs to seal the game, Freeman couldn’t get the offense to do even that. Then the ball was turned over after a punt to the Eagles and Joe is convinced, with the Bucs’ embattled secondary, every person at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway knew what was coming.

To be blunt, Joe doesn’t know what the Bucs have at quarterback other than a talented, gifted, inconsistent signal-caller that doesn’t seem to have the ability to overcome adversity consistently.

Is Freeman the long-term answer? Joe can’t answer that. Can Freeman lead the Bucs to the playoffs? He hasn’t been able to yet, even with a closet full of toys.

With games like this from Freeman, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik has more and more bargaining power when/if it’s time to extend Freeman’s contract after it expires following the 2013 season.

Barring some miracle, Bucs fans will now endure 10 years and counting without a playoff victory.

106 Responses to “Rookie Third-Round Pick Outplays Franchise QB”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Joe, can you please make it clear to Raphael that Freeman DID NOT have a good game today?

  2. RastaMon Says:


  3. ladyz Says:

    Time to give Orlinzie a chanch .

  4. Joe Says:

    Time to give Orlinzie a chanch .


  5. BucNeckid Says:

    Freeman does not have what it takes between the ears to be a good QB or a good leader of this team.
    Far too many times after an incomplete pass he has this sarcastic face on him, Half Grin / half Pissed.
    If it were one receiver that was not running the right route, maybe.
    But after EVERY incomplete it is the same face.
    It just goes to show his immaturity and lack of leadership.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Did you see how many passes Foles made under pressure? Tons of them. That’s how you do it. Someone needs to take film of this game and make Freeman watch it over and over to learn you stand in there and fearlessly deliver the ball accurately even with a fierce pass rush in your face.

    I don’t want to hear any more excuses for Freeman and how “all” QB’s struggle when faced with a good pass rush. Bullsh-t. The guys who make it to the next level know how to make plays regardless.

    We lost this game today for three reasons: 1) Josh Freeman, 2) poor CB play, 3) a head coach who sucks in managing a lead and who plays not to lose instead of playing to win.

  7. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Memo to Tom Jones: This is why your boy hasn’t gotten his extension yet, and probably won’t until next year if at all.

    I would never in a million years pay 6 years 100 Mil for THAT QB performance we saw today. Had the Eagles been any other competent defense in the NFL, Freeman would have had an even worse day by the numbers.

  8. Bricen Says:

    He did have the benefit of going up against the Bucs secondary.

  9. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I even feel worse now than I did before.. 11 years… Man, where did the time go.

  10. holymoly Says:

    EMBARRASSING is the only word that comes to mind .

  11. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Also, I am TIRED of Freeman constantly and consistently blaming his WR’s for his terrible throws. Check almost every incompletion afterwards, when they zoom in on Josh and you’ll see him wining and crying like a child. Maturity level leaves a lot to be desired from number 5.

  12. BucNeckid Says:

    and an offense that could not sustain a drive to close out the game leaving the Defense weary when it counted

  13. BucNeckid Says:

    Maturity level = $100 million dollar extension?
    Not if i’m signing that check

  14. Have A Nice Day Says:

    It is amazing how bad the pass defense is.

  15. tj Says:

    Freeman and flacco are the same players both have talent wildly inconsistent have problems winning big games but flacco has snd has had better defense and coaching

  16. tim Says:

    Lol Is it really that shocking when any QB has a good game against this defense? Its like the Rays. When they get shutout im not really shocked. But to Freeman’s credit He did suck today and still gave us a 11 point lead with 7 or so minutes remaining. Is it that hard to ask the defense to make a stop when it counts?

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @tim – and we had good pressure on him even when rushing 4 players but time and time again guys were wide open. Wiiiiiide open.

  18. houstonbucs Says:

    Nuff said Joe.

  19. tim Says:

    I was also impressed with the pass rush. That kinda reminded me of the old days.

  20. 507 Bucs fan Says:

    This is a like getting kick in the nuts… this one hurts. We are clearly not a playoff team. Our cornerbacks clearly can’t cover, Freeman was firing balls like a machine gun from the hip. Reality check: I just want to finish with a 8-8 record

  21. ladyz Says:

    @Joe; sorry, Orlovsky. Other word chance. Sorry to have messed it up so bad.

  22. Lakeland fan Says:

    I agree with Flboy.Josh Freeman sucks.Unable to feel the rush and he cannot check down to his second or third receivers.Time to look for another franchise QB in the draft.

  23. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our first two picks need to be CBs….Everyone has a career day against our pass defense… I’m not suprised about today. Freeman would look good against our defense.
    We rushed well today and still got beat. 29 yards rushing….
    Yes, Josh had a bad day and I, too, am tired of him acting like a rout wasn’t run correctly. He seemed to stare down his targets and never found someone to dump it to.
    We have a lot of great pieces put together. I think if we solve our secondary problem & stay relatively healthy next year…we will be tough to beat.

  24. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Now the Bucs should start checking out the available FA CB’s and checking out the film on Barkley and Geno Smith. One of those QB’s will be falling down in the draft to where the Bucs are picking.

    I think the Buc’s should sign Josh for whatever the NFL minimum is for a 6th year player.

    With new CB’s, a stud QB, a new DC (Butch Davis), and a new OC (Norv Turner) the Bucs can be contenders.

    Seahawks are killing the Cardinals 31-0.

  25. Bob Says:

    Thiis game was horrible! The eagles are a weak D, we should have had a better showing . But if we where more prepared for start of season. We should have played josh every preseason game all the way though maybe we would have won some of these close games. If he is not tough enough to play that much than lets get a real back up , olansky is a joke.

  26. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “Josh Freeman sucks.”

    That’s as bad as saying Freeman is elite. People are going to so many extremes with this guy lol

  27. BucFan20 Says:

    Now we had this discussion last we and most of us caught hell for saying Freeman FOLDS under PRESSURE. Hell most of the times he was not under pressure and could still not hit the broad side of a barn. But some still want to live in a fantasy world. He has been given the tools. ALL QBs get pressure and adjust. He does not. Only this time he has been proven to be bad against an average team. (I won’t call them bad) We know he is bad against GOOD and Great Teams. Get off the age, bad O/L and other excuses. He is not and never will be the one to get us there.

  28. Jim Says:

    It sure makes me wonder if the Bucs should look at cornerback or quarterback in the early rounds…perhaps both?

  29. greg slother Says:

    bottom line several years in Freeman still has happy feet and gets greatly outplayed by a rookie. Cut the losses and draft a QB with some football smarts..Freeman was a loser at every level and still is. 53% in high school 59% in College.. NFL to date 55.9% See a trend?

  30. BucFan20 Says:


  31. Andrew Says:

    Freeman will be our QB for awhile, and I back him 100%. get used to it or get out.

  32. Andrew Says:

    @ Have a nice day

    your exactly right.

  33. FloridaGirl Says:

    And Casper shows up again in the first half to lead the offense. Put that guy’s face on the side of a milk carton. I do not understand how they suck colon so much in the first half and then come out in the second and look like a decent offense. Yeah the secondary got burned again but that’s to be expected – we all know they suck, the opposing offense knows they suck, and all they can do is hope the offense scores enough points to put them over the top. The offense cannot go missing in the first half. This failure rests squarely on the offense and it’s fearless leader, Casper the GHost

  34. tim Says:

    Some people act like drafting a good top Level QB is easy. More times than not drafting a top Collage Qb doesnt workout. Luck and RG3 have made it look easy this year. But if that were the case every year no team would have a bad Qb. I still think Freeman is our best chance to do anything for awhile.

  35. BucFan20 Says:

    Also today was the perfect example of what I said last year and part of this. Everything is all the receivers fault never Freeman. Well during the game it was brought up he does it! That is not a leader.

  36. Patrick Says:

    @Andrew……No. There’s no excuse. Freeman played like Sh!t against a god awful secondary today. You can thank one of his TD’s for a muffed punt catch.

  37. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    You are all crazy if you think we should or are going to draft a QB in the first round this year. No chance. Yes Free has been wildly inconsistant but he will be given his final year to see if he can fix his problems. We need to fix this our pass defense and worry about a QB next year if thats the route we decide to go.

  38. Mr Lucky Says:

    So Joe you’re finally beginning to realize what I’ve said about Freeman since…wel…2009!

    Only call Freeman a franchise QB IF you want to have a losing franchise – so yeah maybe Freeman is the right non-productive player for the Bucs

  39. canadianbuc Says:

    Trade Freeman to Arizona for Patrick Peterson…………..Thats a joke would never happen and i havent given up on freeman

  40. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    Joe you are putting way too much blame on Josh Freeman and your blaming him for a loss that shouldn’t be blamed on Josh. Yes he had his troubles with accuracy but that is in due part with the system he is in. You say Josh couldn’t get two first downs to finish the game but is it Josh Freeman’s fault that they ran the ball every play on that last drive? Is it Josh’s fault for the holding call that put them in 2 and 17 that last drive which is difficult to convert running twice in a row? Is it Josh’s fault for a 30 yard punt to put the eagles in good field position? Is it Josh’s fault for the Bucs having THE WORSE secondary in the history of the NFL statistically? Is it Josh’s fault for the dropped INT by #36 that would have ended the game? I don’t know about you guys but I don’t drink and I watched the game sober so maybe you should too that way you know who too blame.

    Josh Freeman did what he had to do get the win but the defense let him down and this is a team win and if you want to point the blame for this loss or other close losses this season point it to the pass defense not Josh Freeman. That 3 round pick is versing a pass defense that just shouldn’t be on the field and is a disgrace. Josh Freeman is doing great so far for a play in his first year in a new offensive system and his stats back it up and he is only going to improve and it would be stupid to give up on him. He is still only 24 years old.

  41. Theodore Says:

    Two words. Te. Bow.

  42. raphael Says:

    @ joe why not write a story on Shiano playing not to lose…and putting the defense on the board…haters will hate but I saw the media run Steve young and Testaverde out of town……Freeman is a keeper!

  43. Andrew Says:

    @ Patrick

    I didnt get to see most of the because I had to take my dog to the animal hospital so I cant comment on specifics, but I have enough faith in Freeman to know that he will be just fine. If you dont then thats your opinion but like it or not Freeman is not going anywhere.

  44. Adam L. Says:

    Freeman’s a skirt-wearing PANSY

  45. Andrew Says:

    The same people who said Freeman was great during our winning streak are same people want him gone right now. bucs fans are just so damn wishi washi.

  46. raphael Says:

    adam say that to his face ……

  47. raphael Says:

    andrew agreed that alot are but not all…..some of us remember Steve young and Testaverde getting run out of town by the Stupid media and fans

  48. Adam L. Says:

    I will!!! And he’d probably hit me with his purse. The god damn Pu$$y.

  49. Mr Lucky Says:


    You have some good points and I agree with you that the ultimate blame goes to the defense
    There have been too many times when Josh can’t rise to the moment and let’s the team down.

    Freeman is not someone that this team rally’s around.

    Freeman is basically a Joe Flacko – usable but not elite.

  50. Jose Says:

    I could not agree more with Joe. This one is on the offence,for all the poeple that are putting the blame on the defence they are wrong. The D gave Freeman and the offence every chance to put this game away and they failed badly. Freeman was horrible, if they hade scored at some point in the firt half it would have been a diferent game. Take back proclaming M.Sully the next up and comming head coach, him and this offence have a ways to go, this one is on the O!

  51. Mr Lucky Says:

    If Peyton Manning were in Tampa this team would be 10-3 instead of 6-7.

  52. Patrick Says:

    @raphael……..why are you mad that Testeverde left Tampa?? He sucked horribly throughout his whole 20 year career.

  53. Patrick Says:

    @Mr. Lucky…….

    Freeman would be a perfect quarterback if we had the defense we had from 1997-November 2008.

  54. raphael Says:

    @ lucky…Freemans 10 4th qtr comebacks disagree with you….lmao

  55. raphael Says:

    Jets don’t think so

  56. raphael Says:

    testaverde was a probowl qb with the jets ..patrick

    Young was a pro bowl qb with SF

  57. Jose Says:

    The Eagles are a team that folds once a team scores on them early,the offence couldnt do it so they gave them hope and it cost them. The defence was on the field way to long and Freeman looked confused about what team he was playing for, some of the passes he was throwing the defenders had a better chence of making a play that the reciever did. Like I said on my other comment this one is on the offence.

  58. djjustfrank Says:

    Stop saying “it’s the system”. Even when the Playaction is working he is missing wide open targets. Stop making excuses for freeman. He’s a 7 million dollar QB. Not the 15+ people are thinking we should pay him.

    Go back and look at the tape. There are wide open guys pretty much every play. He’s just not a top tier QB. And his body language when something doesn’t go his way his horrible. He looks like a whiny brat. See above picture.

  59. Joe Says:


    @ lucky…Freemans 10 4th qtr comebacks disagree with you….lmao

    Could have used one of those today… or last week… or the week prior.

  60. tim Says:

    Great points made by Bucfan4life. Kinda sums up my thoughts. And now we’re putting Freeman up against one of the best Qbs ever? Im sure our record would be better with Manning. But we could very easily be 10-3 this year with Freeman if our defense could just make a damn stop every once in a while. I dont think Freeman is a Great Qb. And he is very inconsistent. But everyone seems to forget he had us in the lead with 7 minutes to play. Up by 2 scores. When a team is up by 2 scores like that I will never put the loss on the QB unless he throws picks.

  61. Adam L. Says:

    Let’s go get Joe Flacco in the off season. Who says you have to develop a QB. Did NO?

  62. djjustfrank Says:

    We should have been up by 4 scores. This is a crappy defensive Eagle team with just 3 wins.

    No excuse.

  63. Patrick Says:

    @raphael……read my comment again, I said i clearly understood your frustration with S. young leaving Tampa.

  64. Dreambig Says:

    Great article Joe! I think you described where we are with Freeman perfectly. Can’t say yet that he is not the guy but I think time is beginning to run out. Freeman has played poorly in more games this year than he has played well. Combine that with last season and a history is being created that is not so flattering for Josh. I think its time he had some competition. I would love to believe he is the guy but he is just not showing it.

  65. Patrick Says:

    Freeman should’ve carved up the Eagles secondary today.

  66. raphael Says:

    @ joe if coach didn’t run on 3rd and 8 Freeman would of had a chance…..

  67. raphael Says:

    Patrick……..Testaverde was a probowl Qb twice and a All Pro in ’98

  68. Jose Says:

    Thanks!! djjustfrank – That’s exactly what I wanted to say.

  69. Pete 422 Says:

    This is typical Tampa Bay sports fans (Joe, you qualify). When “we” win, the talk is about playoffs, championships and a bright future. When “we” lose, the sky is falling.

    Calm down everybody, the future is bright. Disappointing loss, yes, but HUGE upside going forward (The CBs need to be upgraded).

    BTW, I remember a Jim Kelly led Bills lose to a Todd Marinovich led Raiders. Calm down people.

  70. BigMacAttack Says:

    How disappointing. We suck. Coach should not play so conservative. Playing not to lose.

    Need a new DC, Monti Kiffen????

  71. BigMacAttack Says:

    Freeman is the same as he was in college. Brilliant at times, horrible at others, inconsistent as hell. If Freeman doesn’t pull it together we are screwed for years.

  72. Adam L. Says:

    Go get Flacco

  73. Saskbuco Says:

    Hmmm over 3000 yards, 6th in NFL with 23 TDS and 8 Ints and 24 yrs old? Yeah we should draft a 22 yr old rookie and ship FREE out. Pro Bowl “toys” has freeman to VJAX been disappointing? It’s amazing the hate for him on here, we WON 4 games last year, new HC, new OC, new system. No excuse it’s a game bucs shouldn’t of and couldn’t lose but they did. He had a bad half, he was inconsistent no question and yes Foles hit a lot of wide open recievers because we have the worst secondary play in the history of the NFL. There are 4th string and practise squad guys starting. I’m so sick of all the negative bucs fans, were not a playoff team yet but were getting close. Also CAR beat ATL today and Ryan has been “inconsistent” except against the bucs, ATL is probably not backing Ryan and for sure looking to draft a QB so maybe we should look at him or Joes man crush Cutler, did he throw another pick 6 today?? Freeman needs time in this system with the stating OL and a secondary that can make a stop, then judge his play. Not one real bucs fan can in any way be disappointed in 5s play, look at the improvement in one yr he has made. Please bucs let him prove himself to you in last 3 games and yr 2 of the new system, keep the faith, Freeman can take this team all the way to a championship, I believe in him and can’t wait until he proves it!!

  74. Architek Says:

    I never posted anything while Freeman was being the good side of his inconsistent self. Look, stop being nieve and evaluate Freeman for what he is, super inconsistent. People like Raphael are purposefully ignorant with homerism so arguing with that clown is pointless. We are what our record says we 6-7 below average. We will be better but between this QB and CBs we can’t hold any lead.

    I wouldn’t pay him.

  75. Pelbuc Says:

    For the life of me , I will never understand how Bucs fans after 3 and 1/2 years cannot figure out Freeman is not the franchise QB we had hoped. He folds under pressure, is wildly inconsistent ,inaccurate,
    gets rattled and plays with no passion. All this with a stud RB and 2 excellent receivers. I wish the Bucs could find their Russell Wilson in the draft. In today’s NFL, QBs need to produce ASAP. Just ask the Colts, Redskins, Seahawks and 49ers. We need a QB that plays with a chip on his shoulder and Freeman doesn’t have that chip. Wake up Dominik and let’s see how he plays in the last year of his contract.

  76. MTM Says:

    The offense gets 75% of the blame for not scoring in the first half. The defense has let numerous teams score in the final minutes and cost the Bucs the games all year long. The defense has been the Bucs biggest issue all year long. No pressure up front consistently. Please stop the Flaco talk.

  77. Weber_7 Says:

    Wow guys, these comments want to make me puke! If you think Free is our problem you should be checked by a doctor. If we had a decent D we would be sitting pretty. Yes, Freeman looked ugly in the first half, but sh*+ 21 unanswerd points and a 2 possesion lead with 5 minutes left! I am so over the wishy washy fan base

  78. Weber_7 Says:

    Just think if our O could play our D every week, 5 would be a HOFer

  79. Pewter_Power Says:

    Why is everybody so over reactionary in Tampa? Sheesh, you guys need to get a damn grip.

  80. Mr Lucky Says:

    Flaco is no better than Freeman – the ONLY reasons the Ravens win is because of their great defense. Freeman is a middle tier QB who will look great at times and piss poor at other times.

    My BIGGEST complaint about Josh is his inconsistency.

    How can he make some great throws at times then bounce a pass to Martin when there is no pressure? I’m sorry but Josh just doesn’t get it.

    How many years until Johnny Football enters the draft?

  81. REDDMAN Says:

    Freeman had another bad game, mainly the first half but he isn’t going anywhere. He cost himself some money today, but he will get a new contract. If the Ravens can win a Super Bowl with T. Dilfer and the Bucs can win one with B. Johnson then J. Freeman is certainly capable of winning one. He’s no D. Brees or T. Brady and most likely never will be, but he’s in the top 10 to 15 qb’s in the league and they just need to keep building the team around him. Losing today SUCKED but it’s not the end of the world. This team is finally headed in the right direction. GO BUCS! Play 60 min. of football.

  82. Drew Says:

    Alex Smith may be available next year.

  83. Pelbuc Says:

    Saskbucco, look at Freeman’ s body of work over the time he’s been a starting QB and tell me how many signature wins he has. Learning a new offensive system doesn’t mean squat if you you miss wide open receivers, twice (cost us the ATL game) and throw bounce passes (today). He’s been outplayed by all his QB counterparts this year.

  84. Jlynch Says:

    To many of you homers look at his stats and think he is great . He is average in the short game has a big arm and usually comes up with the big one down field. watch him holds the ball stares guys down innacurate over and under thows happy feet doesnt like to be hit and plays poorly once he gets popped a few times franchise tender him for one year no extension… tired of new OC every year you either can play or not

  85. Bucfever40 Says:

    You people take the cake, I was so angry after the game, I pitched my radio against the counter and watched it explode into a hundred pieces, nobody feels worse about this game more than me, and I was more than pissed to see Freeman fail like that, but when we had to punt it away for the last time, I knew exactly what was to happen. Before the game started, I said not to be surprised to see this rookie QB come in and pull the game out in the final seconds……this is not by any means because I question freeman’s ability, quite the opposite, It’s the defensive backfield! People around here do not appreciate what they have in this young man of only 24 years, who has never had the same OC for 2 years in a row, here he is sitting at 25 td’s with only 8 interceptions (and 3 more games left), far better than ANYONE has ever done in a Buc uniform, and you want to start over in looking for another franchise QB like it’s so easy? Have we not learned by letting go QB’s prematurely in years past? Get real people, and Joe I can see the fans being unhappy and saying things out of anger that either they don’t mean or are simply not that schooled in judging what talent is, but for you to voice your opinion on Freeman in print like that just blows me away. This defense, while stoudt against the run was horrific last year (1 year ago people!), I mean unprecedentedly bad of record per portions, worse than the 76, 77 and 86 Bucs defenses, and to think that this is NOT the MAIN problem here is plain short sighted, ignorant or just dense! We cannot stop teams on 3rd down, and apparently on 4th down either! Josh Freeman is not the problem on this team and if the Bucs fail to retain him, we will know what “regret” really feels like -the same way we let Doug Williams go, who didn’t have near the numbers that Josh does. To say that he is a whiner is laughable, the guy is as humble a guy as you’ll ever see, and so what if he makes gestures because the wide-outs ran the wrong routes, you people must not remember how bad this team was last year, and in year’s past, every QB in this league has bad games and we’ve seen Josh pull out some gems when all was lost, shoot, he did it just this year! We are home again for the playoffs, but before the season started, all the experts said we wouldn’t win more than 4 games…. Joe, we DO have a franchise QB and I’m sticking with him the whole way because I believe he has the “it” factor, but if we’re not careful, someone else will be giving him the key to their city!

  86. Drew Says:

    Inaccuracy and inconsistency are not related to anything other than being inadequate.

  87. Red86 Says:

    Nice post Saskbuco.

    I agree Freeman had a bad game. Yet He threw two touchdown and Martin ran for one. Making it 21-10. It’s the touchdown and turnover that matter. Yes Free got close to throwning some picks, but almost never count. It never has nor ever will.

    Freeman can fix his accuracy problems. But you can’t blame him for drive that get cut short with personal foul, holding, and holding and still get sacked.

    Folks talk about still making completion despite pressure. If my memories is correct that Nnamdi and Cromartie are solid corners. Throwing the ball earlier than anticipated leads to picks. Heck when the Freeman hater new love Foles had pressure he over threw the ball and also nearly got picked off himself.

    If the QB and Wrs aren’t on the same page during pressure that a recipe for disaster if the QB throw the ball ahead of time. Normal when you throw ahead of time it’s often a lame duck being thrown or a ball with a little heat on the ball. The safeties and corner (good one) are ready to jump the route the moment the Qb throw ahead of time. The moment the qb turn then head and start the throwing motion, the safeties and corner are trying to attack the route.

    I rather for the qb to take a sack than give up a pick six or pick.

  88. Eric Says:

    We got the best GM in history but can’t come up with a wild card appearance, in his 4th year.

    College coach McKay had us in NFC championship game year four, from scratch, no free agency.

    Plus Bucs won the NFC south in 05 and 07 so it’s unfair to lump that regime in with the current fiasco….

  89. PRBucFan Says:

    Hahaha to you Free homers lol, amen Joe couldn’t of said it better

  90. Jimmy Says:

    Josh Freeman = Shawn King with big hands.

  91. crazy Says:

    Maybe 5 spent too much time partying this week as was rumored earlier this year. Not much else explains his wild inconsistency from week to week.

  92. Eric Says:

    Freeman needs to go! Stats don’t lie and neither does film. I knew he would suck in 09″ and here we are in 12″ and we still cant win against below average opponents. For those who are protecting him please look at the First half of the game and tell me he doesn’t suck. Gradkowski could have won today. I am fully aware that our corners are very bad but this is a Quaterback driven league and when you see him missing a pass or almost every pass in this game he NEVER takes responsibility for his mistakes.
    A true leader takes a team on his back and wins the tough battles instead our’s points the finger elsewhere and cries. QB should be our #1 priority then corner. Rememeber you can’t get a franchise QB unless your the Saints or Draft them in the 1st round. Josh would have fell to the 2nd or 3rd round if Dominick’s foolish self didn’t pull the trigger.

  93. Red86 Says:

    I’m sorry Eric but does Freeman have Corner back skills? If he does then that would be great. If not then he did his part to turn the game around to win with 2, TWO, DOS Touchdowns in a low scoring game.

    Heck Payton Manning struggle last week and came back in the 2nd quarter. What the difference when Freeman did the same thing except his team didn’t win? Yes Freeman was off today but having the highest score on the scoreboard win the game, not completion % and QB Rating. Freeman was part responsible for 14 point being put on the scoreboard. He did his best to help the team win the game despite playing bad. It’s funny how the same people complain about lack of effort last year and Freeman tried to turn it around and was a defensive stop away for another 4th quarter comeback. To many Hypocritic if you ask me.

    Heck You can have a QB in the Superbowl Throw a 80% completion and a 1,000 yard passing but they won’t get Lambardi for losing.

  94. tim Says:

    Ok Eric. I agree he sucked really bad in the first half. But even the best Qbs have bad games and halfs of football. But he brought us back. 21 unanswered points. 2 possession lead with 7 minutes left. Its not his fault our defense cant stop anyone. And its also not his fault they ran the ball at the end of the game. IMO he did what a good QB is supposed to do after playing bad. He got his team the lead. I guess im one of those Freeman lovers everyone talks about if you support him.

    Iv read Joe Bucs fans for quite a while now. But todays the first day that Iv really got into reading all the comments. And the first time Iv really commented as well. It just seems like there is a group of fans waiting for Freeman to screw up so they can bash him.

  95. Pelbuc Says:

    What the Freeman supporters believie is that the defense is hurting Josh. But Freeman’s role is to lead the offense. If Bucs score just a field goal in the first half, we win. I’ve never seen a sence of urgency in the kid and as A life long Bucs fan since their creation, we’ve only had game managers as QB (except Doug Williams). When you know your defense cannot hold a lead and win the game, then you need a QB that can and Freeman is not up to the task. Apparently, Schiano knew this when they ran on 3rd and 8. I say let him play out his final contract year and draft a QB in the 3rd round to see if a fire lights under him. All the injuries on defense are NOT an excuse for his poor play.

  96. Weber_7 Says:

    @ pelbuc did you just say that the Defense is NOT hurting Josh and this football team??!! You sir are dilusional! 4th ranked offense in the NFL and close to dead LAST in Defense. You guys ripping Free,must not watch the games

  97. Saskbuco Says:

    Pelbuc I agree with your assessment of his accuracy it’s not consistent enough. As far as come back win 8 of his first 14 games were 4th quarter comebacks and this yr look at the SD and CAR games, I mean you can argue his accuracy but his knack for the comeback and winning games late can not be disputed.

  98. tim Says:

    I dont think the defense is hurting Josh. In the first half our defense played great. Besides the last couple minutes of that half. But It seems like the Freeman haters dont look at the fact he gave the team the lead late in the 4th. I see the argument the Josh isnt as good as some think. And that hes not consistent enough. But the fact is we had the lead. And the Defense gave it up once again. If you wanna blame him for sucking in the first half. Well I agree 100% with you.

  99. Red86 Says:

    I’m not speaking for everyone. I’m saying where was these gripe earlier? Where was the complain when thing going good? Where was the let’s get rid of Freeman during the winning streak?

    I’m saying there is too much over reaction going on. I said in all my post today that Freeman had a bad first quarter, but he did put 2 scoring touchdown on the board. I can see he didn’t throw a td at all then I would be very concern. But, that’s not the case. He had the team in position to win when it matter most. The Team I cheer and and get mad over is call the “Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” Folk acting like this team is called the “Tampa Bay Josh Freeman.” They didn’t play good as a team the whole game. The Defense kept us close in the first 3 quarter and collapse in the fourth. The Offense wasn’t that good the first half, but put up points in the 2nd half that was enough to win the game.

    This is the same qb that everyone was saying wow he’s breaking alot of our franchise record on offense. The same offense that folks saying this the best offense ever in it history. Just look at the number and you see he’s having a very good season.

  100. Tye Says:

    Continuing to hold out for Freeman is holdong the Bucs franchise back…. Several games this year the Bucs would have won IF they just had a better, certainly more consistant QB!

  101. Jlynch Says:

    Most of the Freeman fans like Blount too !!!

  102. RichinNC Says:

    Hard to believe that Foles was sacked six times and still won the game for his team. Last week the excuse for Freeman was he got rattled because of pressure and having to move.

    Freeman is just not consistent. Going into this game everyone KNEW we had to score points. The secondary sucks. We did not score enough points. That is offense and that falls on the leader of the offense. Foles found a way to win and Freeman did not.

  103. Brooks2055 Says:

    Everybody read Bucsfan4lifes comment. I have josh freemans back till the day he retires. He will break our career touchdown passing record next week.

  104. Red86 Says:

    What’s funny is that Zuttah blame the holding and not being consistent and maintaining drive. (Freeman and the O Line ill time penalties.)

    Ronde Barber in so little words said, We didn’t make plays when we need it. We had some lapse in coverage.We are not good enough… Especailly on the back end. (Cornerback need to step up!!!)

    Both are basically saying what I and other rational people been saying. Yes Freeman didn’t play well the first half. He threww two TDs despite the bad start. What ronde said that we had a two score lead and couldn’t protect that lead. End of Story. It’s game which both side could’ve played better. The pass defense has been horrible all season. It’s a clear weakness and more of a weakness than Freeman. Everyone Like the TBA that Schiano talked about, but want to blame him for not holding on to the lead. SMH.

  105. Snakeman Says:

    Yesterday was a major downer. I have been saying they will be 8-8 up until that game concluded. 6-10 seems where we are going. Drew Brees, Sam Bradford and whoever the Falcons backup is in that last game will shred this pass defense. The Draft is coming. So lets shore up that defense or use that higher pick to get a new QB. I like Josh as a person. But it depends which Josh shows up on gameday that has us all commenting today. Wright is the new problem child. They should send him packing. Talents vs. problems. They should cut their losses. All I know is my season tickets get paid monthly and I’ll keep paying to see this. I have seen worse in the past 40 years. I really would have been thrilled with 8-8.

  106. BigMacAttack Says:

    Well at least we will get a good draft pick, maybe even top 10 the way things are going. We have 3 tough games and 6-10 looks very realistic with a new DC in 2013′.