Playoff Dreams Up In Smoke

December 9th, 2012

Put away your calculators and your hopes. The Bucs’ shot at the playoffs is gone.

Dallas, Washington and Minnesota all rose to the occasion today and won to move their records to 7-6, while the Bucs fell to 6-7. Dallas and Washington both have the key head-to-head tiebreaker edge on the Bucs and better conference records, also a potential critical tiebreaker. And they play each other later this season.

The Rams at 6-6-1 even leapfrogged the Bucs, and at the time of this post, Seattle is clobbering Arizona.

The Bucs need an absolute miracle to get in to the playoffs with a 9-7 record. But that would mean running the table in New Orleans, home for St. Louis and at Atlanta — and that would be a bigger miracle at this point.

27 Responses to “Playoff Dreams Up In Smoke”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Honestly 6-10 is far more likely than 9-7. In fact if given a choice between only those two outcomes my money would be on six wins. Sad.

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I would have never expected to be in the talks for a playoff spot before the year. The fact the we were ever in contention shows how far this team has come from last year.

  3. Pruritis Ani Says:

    “The Rams at 6-6-1 even leapfrogged the Bucs, and at the time of this post, Seattle is clobbering Arizona.”

    That’s friggin disgraceful

  4. BucNeckid Says:

    Just saw Elbert Mack Pick six 70+ yards
    Sure would have liked him on the team instead of Danny Gorer at the end

  5. ladyz Says:

    This loss is strictly on the shoulders of Freeman. It is time for management to realize he was the problem last year and this year. No more saleouts while he is at QB. I’m so hurt !

  6. BucNeckid Says:

    Elbert Freakin Mack?!?!?

  7. Have A Nice Day Says:

    The heck? Why is my name in red all of a sudden? Did I do something wrong lol

  8. wideout1881 Says:

    just tired of it all. Sick of getting my hopes up.

  9. Rob Says:

    Picking in the top 10 in the upcoming draft will help. Please draft cornerbacks my gosh that was torture. Go Bucs!

  10. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Hey, Joe! Why is my name in red now? Is there a way to go back to black?

  11. Patrick Says:

    Guys, the Bucs have not won a playoff game since January 26, 2003. We haven’t appeared in once since January 6, 2008. That is inexcusable. A season without playoffs is a failure. I’m sorry, but it is. It seems like it’s always “maybe next year” now.

  12. Have A Nice Day Says:

    lol Elbert Mack with the pick six. Why couldn’t he do that with us lol…. wait, I think he did once.

  13. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Why are playoffs the measure of success and failure? If you are gonna go there, why not make it a Superbowl win?

  14. BucNeckid Says:

    Every season should be seen as a failure if you do not win the Super Bowl.
    Just varying degrees of failure.

  15. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Nice Day

    Yes making the playoffs is the ONLY measure of success in the NFL – OBVIOUSLY the Bucs aren’t successful; yet.

  16. Andrew Says:

    @ Have a nice day.

    your right again. we look a hellalot better than last year. progress is what im looking for.

  17. FloridaGirl Says:

    We have never been in contention and the talk was just that – wishful thinking by the media who get paid to talk and the folks with the rose colored glasses on. Yeah they’re a better team than last year, and yeah they’re more competitive, but the Bucs have yet to demonstrate they can win against a top tier QB and they can’t win the games they”re supposed to.

  18. lurker Says:

    crap, is joe suicidal, or just crying into his beer?

  19. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @Mr Lucky – My point is that losing in the playoffs still means you don’t win a Superbowl, so why are the playoffs the measure of success?

  20. canadianbuc Says:

    Joe nice pic that guy can’t cover for his life im doubting his talent but right now he’s definitely not looking like a 7th overall pick don’t no but theres a lot of rookies who look better and were picked later

  21. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Never mind, Joe. I figured it out. I had the word “it” in the ‘website’ column and it messed with my name color. I erased it and I’m back in black. Yay!

  22. tim Says:

    I agree with what a few of you guys are saying. If you would have asked me 3-4 months ago I would have been fine with them being 6-7. Hell most people didnt expect them to win more than 5 game. Of course as the year plays out and they go 6-4 your expectations go up. But im still happy with the progress Iv seen. As bad as we were last year I dont think you can fix it all in one off season. On the bright side this off season i think we can focus on 1-2 of our biggest issues. Instead of 4-5 big issues that we had last year.

  23. Andrew Says:

    I blame Gruden.

  24. Patrick Says:

    Because making the playoffs at least sets you apart from the other 20 NFL teams who don’t make it. It makes your season look even better and the fans have something to be excited about.

  25. Adam L. Says:

    I called it in April. The Bucs needed a CB not a S. I was mad as help at that pick. A mid round safety could have given the Bucs the same results as Barron. They needed a cB. DESPERATELY.

  26. Eric Says:

    Let’s have low expectations for next year, so when we meet them we can all be happy again.

    Goodness knows we’re not capable of eaking out a wild card game.

  27. lurker Says:

    wtf is eak?