Michael Smith List Released

December 30th, 2012

The Bucs released the Michael Smith list just now and, for the 15th consecutive game, the namesake of the list, heralded rookie running back Michael Smith, is inactive. Below is the full list of Bucs inactives.

CB Eric Wright

RB Michael Smith

LB Jacob Cutrera

G Roger Allen

WR Chris Owusu

DT Corvey Irvin

DT Matthew Masifilo

Curious that the Bucs activated troubled Bucs cornerback Wright yesterday but have no plans on having him suit up. Then why activate him?

The Dixie Chicks inactives are:

QB Dom. Davis, CB Christopher Owens, S William Moore, C Joe Hawley, G Phillipkeith Manley, G Harland Gunn & DT Travian Robertson.

7 Responses to “Michael Smith List Released”

  1. kevin Says:

    well we are not going to get to see michael smith AGAIN, you wonder what is going through our feerless leader is thinking. we have nothing to play for, lets see what he has.
    it’s going to be hard to get behind this team next year if we dont know what we have.

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Yea for the life of me, I don’t know why they wouldn’t give this guy a few carries. It seems that they are just to stubborn or they don’t like what they see in practice. Hopefully next year he gets a few carries.

  3. Architek Says:

    Free Mike Smith, Free Mike Smith, Free Mike Smith….x3

    No excuse why he isn’t returning kicks or something to add explosion to this offense.

  4. buccanay Says:

    Interesting with Wright being inactive. Some serious legal, contract, stuff driving this decision, IMO. Maybe a parting gift for the inappropriate tweets while his mates were being destroyed in NO.. The Smith thing make zero sense to me. If Shiano’s not gone give Blount carries, why not find out what Smith can do. The real concern for me, is that Shiano is running Martin into the ground. Shiano still doesnt seem to have a feel for how the NFL game is “managed” vs college. Hope he has someone he respects enough to point out some of his mistakes and decisions, regarding use of personel and in-game decision making.
    I do think Shiano is the man for the job, but hope he doesnt let his ego get in the way of doing what best for the team. Defiinitely think he’s learning, game to game, just hope he uses the circumstances he been put in this season, to his advantage, rather than “this is how I do it PERIOD”

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Eric Wright…that was the name I was looking for.

    Does this increase the chance we will look for another CB this next year with all the money from his premium contract? I think so. But we will see.

  6. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    FUC*ING PATHETIC, Smith inactive again? what the fu*k is Schiano thinking? WE ARE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS BUT WE DONT GIVE THIS KID A CHANCE? DIDN’T A TEAM WANT TO SEND US A 6TH ROUND PICK FOR HIM? like this makes me furious, as the season has continued I have gotten more angry at Schianos extremely stupid choices. I want to punch a hole through every wall of my house right now. Simply pathetic, Schiano has TONS to learn, what a frustrating end of the season, this is BS.

  7. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “The real concern for me, is that Shiano is running Martin into the ground. Shiano still doesnt seem to have a feel for how the NFL game is “managed” vs college.”

    Schiano is going to petition the commissioner for Mike Smith to retain his status as a redshirt freshman next year.