Catch The Ball, Tiquan

December 2nd, 2012

Joe was Tiquan Underwood’s biggest cheerleader during training camp; everything stuck to the guy’s hands in practice and in preseason games, yet the Bucs ditched him with the final September roster cuts.

Luckily, the Bucs pulled him back off the street and he’s got 20 receptions, but it’s two games in a row now that Underwood has dropped passes. Joe’s got to go back to today’s game film, but it might have been two drops today in Denver.

Joe knows this can’t continue. The New Schiano Order is obsessive about ball security and won’t tolerate it. For the sake of the team and his career, Underwood needs to solve the dropsies fast over the Bucs’ final four games.

Joe also senses that Underwood’s strength is not as a slot receiver. Obviously, the Bucs can be very creative with him in that role, but he’s hardly the prototype. His production and usage is definitely something to monitor the rest of the way.

15 Responses to “Catch The Ball, Tiquan”

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    Tiquan is not a good slot guy. We’re better off moving him outside and playing VJ in the slot. VJ is actually very dangerous in the slot.

  2. canadianbuc Says:

    Joe i totally agree last week he dropped the ball on key third down late in the game. I like him but if it continues hes replaceable in the offseason but i hope we keep him because with defenses watching Mike and vjax so close Tiquan squeaks through the holes and tends to be open a lot.

  3. Bricen Says:

    He also gave up on a play that was almost a Champ Bailey interception.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    2 drops????!!!! Cut him!!!!


  5. Macabee Says:

    Where is the receiver that supposed to stretch the field?

  6. Brooks2055 Says:

    Roscoe parrish is more slot material and i havent seen him play on offense all year. He would be dangerous in between williams and jackson

  7. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Shame that our rock star GM Marcell Dominick missed on both of our second rounders in 2011. Benn is officially entering BUST material and Brian Price was a huge waste of resources after drafting GMC earlier that draft. Sure wish we would’ve taken Geno Atkins over Myron Lewis but Rockstars only draft team captains.

  8. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Tiquan has been slacking-off ever since Arrelious Benn has been outta the picture

  9. Hunter Says:

    It’s very simple why he’s dropping the ball: he’s scared to get hit. He’s dropped 6 or 7 passes now because he’s stopped his route with a defender coming to tackle. Inexcusable.

  10. dp4life22 Says:

    I was saying the samething yesterday, “this dude keeps droping short crossing routes” . give roscoe parish a chance he was dangerous with buffalo and he has that South Florida speed. perfect size for slot receiver (welker)

  11. Chris Says:

    Hunter –

    Thank you. That’s what I was going to write. He’s had alligator arms lately and ESPECIALLY yesterday.

  12. BucFan20 Says:

    Let’s go little babies. Cry because you saw a couple missed passes. Let’s get rid of him or replace him. How about our scatter gun QB who could not hit the broad side of a barn with a cannon when he is under pressure? Some he let go early some late and off target. Let’s get rid of all receivers everytime they drop a ball or 2. Want to bring up BS?? How about a game VJ cost us getting run down. How about Freeman and his BS excuse for his pick 6. Jackson and Williams have both dropped balls this year too. If I remember one would have had to be a one handed catch it was so far off. Of course let’s go with what was said on Radio. Freeman expected him to go “Full Speed and he did not” How the Hell do you know what was known between Freeman and Underwood? I forgot. Everyone is in the huddle, knows the play and knows if it was a mix up, a rush throw, or Underwoods fault.

  13. robert Says:

    Hunter is right. He made that big catch @ the end of the pansies game and got lit up like a x mas tree.

    he has been gun shy ever since. it’s in his head real bad @ this point…I saw him drop @ least 2 last night that were catchable…but he was clearly more worried about the hit that was coming. next man up if he does it again.

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    God…I have NEVER seen so many whiners in my life…and my wife once taught pre school.

    Name me a superstar WR who doesn’t have AT LEAST 1-2 drops a game. Just one. You can’t.

    Obviously, Underwood is not a Superstar WR, so why is everyone expecting him to play better than one?

    The way I see it, you people have no place to complain over the last game, because not one of you expected a win yesterday anyway…not even Joe (although he can complain since its his site).

    You should look at the silver lining…even though the team fell rapidly because of our depleted and lacking defense, the offense STILL fought till the end and brought it to within a touchdown.

    You should think about the onside kick that, had it gone the other way, could have had us winning the game if we scored with a 2 pt conversion.

    You should think about those things instead of pointing out 2 dropped passes against a defense that is among the best or instead of complaining about how the HC complimented Payton Manning and wasted 2 whole seconds doing it.

  15. TB_Rob12 Says:

    It’s not the fact that he dropped some passes, all receivers have drops. It’s his hesitation to catch in traffic and cutting his routes short that are a problem. Very fortunate none were picked off.