Josh Freeman Discusses Loss

December 3rd, 2012

Joe scribbled down notes from Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman’s postgame news conference in which Freeman was visibly agitated by the outcome of yesterday’s loss to the Broncos.

On his pick-six:
Vincent was running a go-route, I thought I had a window to stick it in there. That’s the type of swing, those pick-sixes, from a momentum standpoint, from a points standpoint, it is tough to overcome.

Bottom line is executing and there was a span there where we were not executing and the guys on the other side, they were rolling. We have to find a way to maintain a level of consistency to go down the field and score points throughout the game. I thought our defense did a great job today. It was tough there for a stretch. We found a way to beat ourselves.

There was no question they were aware of us taking shots down the field. That said, you are going to face that. We have to execute better.

On the rest of the season:
We have a lot of football left to be played. We are just a game out but we are focused on the next game and getting ready for the Eagles. [Monday], everyone can’t wait to get to get back in the building, watch this game, evaluate, try to learn, try to grow from it and focus our attention, everything on beating the Eagles.

On offensive penalties:
Anytime you convert on a big play on third down, or whatever it is, and you have a penalty and it backs you up, it’s tough. At the same time, if that happens, we have to find a way to convert on third down.

6 Responses to “Josh Freeman Discusses Loss”

  1. buccanay Says:

    If Freeman cannot develop the accuracy needed to play the short to intemediate passing game, we are in trouble. Teams are learning we are a 2 trick pony, run DMartin and thow deep. So far Freeman has not shown the ability to move the ball effectively throwing undeneath. His accuracy is becoming a HUGE problem, IMO. He has to be able to hit guys in stride, so they can make something happen.

  2. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    if he doesn’t STOP saying “Yeah, no……” to start off every sentence…i’m gonna FREAK OUT!!% He sounds like a DoucheBag!!!!!!!!

  3. flmike Says:

    What we need is a better slot receiver, one who doesn’t short arm balls thrown in traffic over the middle (Underwood), also, remember we are working with a frankenstein O-line, that is holding together but is not up to the task of stopping what looked like to me a Super Bowl ready front 7 or Denver, that team can go far, their weakness is the running game, everything else is in place for them to make noise in the playoffs. We’re a good draft away from challenging Atl/NO for the South, take this season for what it is, an evaluation of weaknesses and a learning to win season. Freeman is doing fine, not everything is clicking for him, but thats what OTAs and offseason workouts are for, I’d look for his short to middle throw accuracy to improve next season, listen he’s never going to be a 70% completion guy, it’s just not the game the Bucs play, our passing game is high risk/high reward it’s not dink and dunk and hope for a breakaway.

  4. terry4505 Says:

    Josh wasn’t great yesterday, but as Joe noted earlier, Tiquan Underwood didn’t do him any favors.

    The loss to ATL doesn’t come down to one play, but if Underwood pulls in that 3rd and 7, the Bucs might have won the game.

    The way the game was going yesterday, the thing the Bucs did in the first half that they didn’t do in the 3rd quarter was extend drive. You cannot extend drives without 3rd down completions, and you can’t do that without Dallas Clark and Underwood, because Mike Williams and V-Jax are drawing the coverage.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Well said FlMike…

  6. Drew Says:

    In Threeman I do not trust.