Who Is Going Next Sunday?

November 5th, 2012

In his weekly take on the Bucs, veteran columnist Gary Shelton confesses he is actually looking forward to the Chargers game next week, a far cry from last year, when all people looked forward to was the end of the season  to stop the weekly misery. Share your thoughts on Shelton’s words by watching this Tampa Bay Times video.

4 Responses to “Who Is Going Next Sunday?”

  1. 941-Bucs Says:

    I’m with Shelton on this one! I can’t wait till next week. I have always stay optimistic about this team and rooted for them win or lose. I was never blind to the faults but always had hope they would just get it one day. We are loaded with some really good talent. They just needed a good teacher to help them unleash and control it. So far it seems 2 major keys have made all the difference in the world.

    A. The Draft class of 2012 was stellar. All 3 of the top picks have turned into natural studs. More importantly they bring a new mentality to this game. All play like true men and bring the wood on every play.
    I.Martin, the 31st overall pick in April out of Boise State, became the first running back since at least 1940 to score on three TD runs of at least 45 yards in one game, according to STATS LLC. Martin has down right surprised me as of late. This last game was just amazing to watch. A+
    II.Barron has played lights out since day one, all i can say is OMG I have a bro-crush on this guy. I haven’t heard pads pop like that since about a decade ago. A+
    III. Lavonte has been above average too. He is always around the ball and his speed is stunning. He was hawking Adrian Peterson down on that play where he got (blind sided) blocked. On the play where Barron and McFadden get their face masks stuck, David over pursued and ended behind him, still was able to catch him from behind. Simply put he is much faster than I thought he had. He has the ability to catch some really good RB’s from behind. A+

    B. Say what you want about Schiano’s hard nosed approach, It is paying dividend. These Boys are much more fundamentally prepared. They have a game plan and stick to it. They have been in every single game this year and never quite. Plus his off season pick ups have to be raved about. He also weeded out all the rotten tomatoes. His attention to detail has made it seem like everything just fit this year.

    I hope we continue down this path because the future looks bright (at least for tonight)

  2. Brandon Says:

    Tale of several different teams and seasons here.

    Last season they were 4-4 at this point, this year 4-4… This year has a definite different feel to it.

    After week 3 the Bucs were dead last in the league in offense. Now they’re 9th and ascending.

    The rush defense, how far has it come? #1 in the league in rush defense…. ooops, #32 in pass defense too. Still, defensively, the team is better on the defensive side of the ball than last year.

    Freeman has climbed to #8 in the league in passer rating… after 3 weeks he wsa among the worst. It’s safe to say he may continue climbing.

    Doug Martin. Last season he was a Bronco playing for Boise St. I liked him a ton leading up to the draft, I even said he was equal to Trent Richardson… Boy was I wrong, sorry for the insult, Mr. Martin. You’re quite a bit better than Richardson. Last season in college playing in Boise St’s pass happy attack, Martin only averaged 4.9 yards per carry against Boise St’s Mountain West opponent littered schedule. Now, he’s 3rd in the lNFL in rushing and carries a hefty 5.2 mark against NFL defenses.

    The deep passing attack was among the worst last season. This season it’s one of the main reasons Martin is having these huge rushing days. Next time you watch a game, count the number of defenders in the box. Rarely did I ever see the Raiders with more than 7, so they were playing cover 2 to protect deep. No worries, hand it to Dougie and he’ll burn them with a run.

    Last season, nobody tackled. This season, the front 7 is playing the run and tackling like they’re the stars of a football movie in the final climactic butt kicking sequence. All 3 LBs, including Quincy Black, are playing at Pro Bowl levels. Quincy won’t have the stats or field time to back it up, but the other two just might make it.

    If the front 7 are tackling like a football movie, that must make Barron the “Waterboy”, because Mark “Boucher” Barron has been laying the lumber on people. Remember the powerbomb against Robert Griffin?

    Yes, this team is far from perfect, but they do get better every week. Leonard Johnson is looking like a steal. EJ Biggers is playing better. Still this D is at least one good CB and one dynamic pass rusher away from being a good one.

    For now, I’ll settle for being in the thick of a playoff race.

  3. Charles Says:

    Damn, Brandon’s comment was better than the article!!!

  4. menofear2 Says:

    man!!! Great comment! Take note NFL……The Bucs is for real!