Donald Penn Giddy Over Doug Martin

November 4th, 2012

Joe is going to touch on this a bit more first thing in the morning, but it is mind-boggling how Doug Martin is getting better and better when, from a rational, objective viewpoint, the offensive line is getting worse.

Earlier in the year, All-Pro guard Carl Nicks confessed to Joe that all the lineup juggling on the right side of the line was indirectly affecting the left side of the line because the line as a whole had to play on one page, had to be cohesive.

Well, since, Doug Martin has gotten better and better every week and saved his best for today when the offensive line was in a complete shambles after losing Nicks for the season.

No problem for Martin who went all Gayle Sayers on the Raiders today.

Bucs left tackle Donald Penn, the lone member of the Bucs’ offensive line to be starting at his normal position, was and is blown away by Martin’s skills, as he detailed on the Bucs radio network.

“We must be doing something right; that’s two weeks in a row. We started out rusty but finished the game,” Penn said. “I think that dude is getting better and better every week. He is getting a better feel for our blocks and we are getting a better feel for him. Only a running back like Doug Martin can do that. He is pushing this offense for us and making Josh’s job easy.

“We have to keep building, can’t get complacent, keep building, keep working. We are at .500 now but we have to keep working.”

22 Responses to “Donald Penn Giddy Over Doug Martin”

  1. BucfaninMi Says:

    I like Blount, but damn Martin is freakin awesome, I was wrong about him. Guess that’s why I’m not a GM. Still think letting Blount go would be a mistake. It’s weird because the Bucs have pretty sweet offense!!!?? Shiano has done a hell of job so far!! GO BUCS!!!

  2. Sneedy16 Says:

    Trent Richardson has 2 less carries with 222 less yards. Go Doug! Doug probably won’t win ROY (typical QB award) but Doug is doing amazing this year and is 3rd in the league is rushing.

  3. Orlando bucs fan Says:

    I agree he prob won’t win ROY because of the hype around RGIII and Luck but damn do I think he deserves it so far. I don’t think Blount stays on the tea past this year.

  4. Sneedy16 Says:

    Blount will sign with the packers next year.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I still like Blount…but I like Martin a bit more. He’s now earned it with consistency.

    Anyone else notice he ALREADY has 1039 total yards??? Only 206 from 1k rushing.

  6. FlBoy84 Says:

    Mighty Mite strikes again! Kid’s a beast that only seems to get stronger as the game goes on.

  7. Macabee Says:

    Penn isn’t by himself, I like Doug too! He is the total package and is the spark for the offense.

    Joe should do a piece on his straight arm. This little package of tnt summarily dispenses of 300lb linemen like they’re ragdolls.

    Since he does not like the hampster handle from now on I’m calling him DMX for Doug Martin extraordinaire!

  8. Biglebowski Says:

    Oh please. Blount has done jack and crap this year. He’s necessary as a backup, but only until next years draft. I know only one person pimping him out..l

  9. Biglebowski Says:

    Btw, anybody else as impressed with Lorig as I am? The dude is coming into his own….

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Speaking of Lorig…when they showed a close of him lining up…it actually reminded me of Mike. Dude is big! His playing isn’t up to par yet…but he is improving by leaps and bounds.

    I still think we need another FB…a monster lead blocker like Neal. Lorig is not bad though. Bet there are a few people eating crow right now.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Lorig played phenomenal today, no doubt. I’ve never been a big fan of him, but I am very happy to be wrong. Not bad for a 7th round pick, converted from a DE.

  12. 1976Buc Says:

    Martin has had a couple of those historical games. They don’t come every week but boy is it sweet when they happen. I hope the fans aren’t quick to dump him when he returns to earth. I too still think Blount is a tremendous athlete and will do well at his next home…hopefully not in our division.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Are you kidding? If he runs for less than 150 next week, there will people on this board wanting him cut.

  14. andres Says:

    Damn straight Hawaiian Lorig sprung Martin on 2 of those runs today.

  15. Ian's Gay Lisp Says:

    haven’t felt that great while in amazement since watching Michael Jordan play basketball

  16. Papawill13 Says:

    I said in the preseason this was the Greatest Offense in Bucs History. But what has surprised me is how Physical this team is, they are flat out kicking the crap out of the other teams Defense. I thought we would get dominated at the Line today, and after a half it was us who was Dominating.

    I was already gearing to 2012 (if for no other reason than Injuries), but this team can do damage this year. Though we do have to go 3-0 in our next 3 games to really have a legit chance at a playoff spot.

  17. BucfanBF Says:

    Martin is the real deal. Confraternity on a career day and leading the bucs to victory. Kudos to the patched up line and lorig as well. Has anyone noticed that Sullivan is calling some great games lately? He is mixing it up and seems to be getting into a groove.

  18. BucfanBF Says:

    Meant congratulations, darned autocorrect

  19. Mike J Says:

    Doug’s excellent vision and ability to find the cutback lanes have helped a great deal. Line blocked very well, though.

  20. OAR Says:

    He’s my favorite Martin!
    An Aston Martin combines three important elements: power, beauty and soul. Aston Martins are truly special – they always have been and always will be.

  21. OAR Says:

    And yes, Lorig and the O-line did a great job too!
    I always said this team had talent, just horrible coaching from the Raheem the Dream era or the Raheem reign-of-terror.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    OAR…I’m partial to Dean Martin a bit more…but, well, you know…

    As to the oline, I think it was good that the shuffled line debuted against a weaker defense. The true test will come against a tougher one.

    I still saw reasons for concern (Freeman got hit a LOT), but hopefully they are correctable things. Larsen did very well at center, which surprised me after he was away from the position so long. The left G kept collapsing as well.

    Martin made the line look better than it actually was….but they still did well considering it was their first outing.