Not The D-Line’s Day

November 25th, 2012

Joe knows the Bucs do some bizarre stuff along the defensive line. Bucs coaches don’t seem comfortable turning loose the front four consistently to straight-on rush quarterbacks.

The Bucs pull  run all kinds of stunts and drop linemen in coverage in head-scratching ways. Today the Falcons had a 3rd-and-3 on their 32 yard line trailing 7-3 early in the second quarter. The Bucs only rushed two linemen, dropped the others in coverage, and Matt Ryan was comfy-cozy and tossed a 20-yard toss for a first down.

Joe can’t hang that on the D-line, but the bottom line is the line didn’t get much done when it did get to battle straight-up rushing four. And the run defense, while very solid statistically, did have its hands full with speedy Jaquizz Rodgers, who hadn’t been having a strong season.

Joe has no doubt the Bucs are going to keep blitzing and stunting and doing what they do. Clearly, it’s been enough to win games. But in all the defensive line has to improve.

8 Responses to “Not The D-Line’s Day”

  1. houstonbucs Says:

    I know this will ruffle a few feathers but, I the pass rush is no better than last year. I know the loss of Adrian was tough but GMC has not been effective at all. Roy miller is a solid depth guy at besT. obviously the run defense is another story but the pass is very….

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I thought the pass rush was decent. Ryan just gets rid of the ball really quickly.

  3. BucFan20 Says:

    Anyway you look at it you have to put this on the offense. As much as everyone knew the birds could put up points on anyone just as the Saints can. But the defense held Matty Ice to 24. If the defense was that bad it could have been 31,42 ???? One bomb that LJ just missed but he was there.But twice the offense was given the chance by the defense to Ice Matty Ice and his gang and they blew it.
    Now they have played Both the Birds and Aints. So they should know how to beat them next time.

  4. BigSombrero Says:

    My god Joe I’m glad you saw that. I was shocked on that play. Just stupid and no excuse for it. 2 man pressures? I can even begin to understand the thought process. Just dumb.

    Now I’m not down on the team. They didn’t play bad or good but the defensive play calling has been a major complaint of mine all year. If this is Sheridans doing then they need to take a hard look at him at seasons end.

    I mean 2 man rush? Holy crap.

  5. kansasBuc Says:

    Tampa has one of worst LOCAL fan bases ever.

    The Browns do nothing but lose each season and they still have a great fan base.

    People in Tampa just don’t care about their home team.

    I believe if we make it into the playoffs the Buccaneers still wouldn’t be able to sale out games.

    I think they should relocate to place city/state where they can be appreciated.


  6. ladyz Says:

    Let McCoy and the others just turn loose and go straight ahead. Thought they had learned that a few games back.

  7. drbinshore Says:

    “houstonbucs” says……….GMC hasn’t been effective at all and Roy Miller is a solid depth guy at best.

    The entire coaching staff and all of the players on this team and the teams they’ve played thus far would disagree with that.

    I still don’t understand what this fanbase expects a nose tackle to do? they are #1 in the league against the run- That stat ALONE means Roy Miller is playing very well- if he wasn’t…..the linebackers WOULD NOT be making plays in the back field at all. WATCH FOOTBALL MUCH?

  8. Bebe Says:

    I was thinking the go rush was decent. Ryan just eliminates the ball very quickly. My 2 cents 🙂