Dallas Clark Is The “Curveball”

November 19th, 2012

In the world of Greg Schiano’s common baseball analogies, it seems Vincent Jackson is the overpowering fastball, Mike Williams is the nasty cut fastball, and Dallas Clark is the back-breaking slow curve. 

This afternoon the leader of the New Schiano Order explained to media that in working to build the Bucs with rockstar general manager Mark Dominik that the GM was dialed on what the coach was trying to accomplish on the field in order to snatch players that could produce in those parameters.

One of those was Dallas Clark, Schiano said, a bit of an X-factor among the Bucs’ weaponry.

“That one curveball that’s hard to defend,” Schiano said of Clark. “It’s that extra component.”

Schiano was enamored by the wheel route and catch by Clark to win the game in overtime. Hell, every Bucs fan was jacked up by it, and the catch highlighted Clark’s biggest day as a Buccaneer.

How exactly does a defense prepare to stop the Bucs? Joe’s glad that’s not his job.

11 Responses to “Dallas Clark Is The “Curveball””

  1. sapp'sdapp Says:

    Did anyone catch in the post game interviews where Clark said “its always a good thing when the linebacker covering you swears when you turn up field” about the ot play? luke kuchly(sp) never stood a chance

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    Hope the team signs him for an additional couple of years, as he’s currently on a 1-year deal. Since Tony Gonzalez is still chuggin’ along at the ripe football age of 36, hope Dallas can keep going for a few more as well. If the team can convince Clark and Barber to come back for another year or two, it’d definitely be a plus for this young Buc team.

  3. Snook Says:

    “How exactly does a defense prepare to stop the Bucs?”

    Wow. Never thought I would read that sentence in my lifetime.

  4. Sambizle Says:


    luke wasn’t covering him, 58 Thomas was

  5. sapp'sdapp Says:

    @sambizle i stand corrected

  6. Sambizle Says:

    He was in the vicinity though i’ll give you that. We got a bad ass rookie LB!!!! Now if Mason Foster can get deeper drops on pass plays are D will be a whole lot better.

  7. Sambizle Says:


  8. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I loved what happened. Halftime came, and the shift to Clark was awesome.

  9. 76buc76 Says:

    He caught the game winning TD but he also should get some credit for Freeman’s pick 6.Free had to double clutch because Clark decided not to cut the route short.Instead he ran to the defender rounded out his route.coupled with the duck Free threw up while being hit.Boom pick 6 but it happen’s the the best of em.Freeman is playing great they got into to much dink and dunk again thou in the first half.Ironic how yet again when they push the ball down the field and everything open’s up.

  10. Sambizle Says:


    I thought they went down the field but like coach said the wind took the ball a couple times. Free shouldn’t have put so much air underneath the ball on the sideline routes but he threw the ball out of bounds at least 2 times in the 1st qtr., and the Wideouts had steps on the D.

    Free still needs to tighten up.

    Skins game was his worst game of the year (he threw 2 horrible throws right to the CBs in 1st half gave skins 14 points).
    Every game he throws a couple dumb balls.

    A couple weeks ago when he had a good game, VJ I believe in the 3rd qtr., took a sure INT away and made it a simultaneously catch.

    If Free can stay away from those 3-4 dumb throws a game our O can become a Brady/Manning w/a running game, top 5 O in the league for years to come.

  11. ben Says:

    im actually glad clark is not tearing it up every week. teams arent accounting for him and though he hasnt put up huge numbers they exploit this for plays at clutch moments.