Schiano Says Meredith Return Was “Miraculous”

November 19th, 2012

The status of backup right tackle turned starting right guard Javon Meredith was very much in doubt for Sunday, as Meredith was on crutches during the week.

News flash: crutches + four days of rehab rarely equals a starting guard.

Today, Greg Schiano called Meredith’s return yesterday “miraclous” and said video of his ankle injury in practice last week was heinous and not encouraging at all.

As for Donald Penn, who was injured during the game but retunred, Schiano said Penn’s “a tough guy” and should not be slowed down.

Joe definitely had a moment of angst when Penn was on the ground in pain yesterday. That’s one of the rarest sights in Bucs history. Penn’s consecutive starts streak stands at 86 games.

12 Responses to “Schiano Says Meredith Return Was “Miraculous””

  1. Sambizle Says:

    Penn is not only tough but smart as hell. I love hearing his post game interviews.

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    Not to be the edit police, but it’s Jamon Joe. Great job by the OL, even had a Trueblood sighting in there. Hopefully the group can stay healthy the rest of the way.

  3. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    For buc fans that actually were able to watch the game yesterday, how did Meredith play with the bummy ankle?

  4. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    I guess Ian was right afterall… when you have a good HB, a QB, WRs and TEs that can make the offense move down the field, you can get by with an average o-line.

    Knowing this, we should cut some o-linemen and reinvest in another stud HB.

    Then, we need to go out and shore up the secondary and d-line some more.

  5. Sambizle Says:

    134 yards rushing how do u think he played? Just messing with ya. Larson was doing alot of the pulling to the right side so JM could just stay on his block and not have to run around too much on the sore ankle. The whole line played very well again. Especially in the 4th and OT by then we had wore them down.

  6. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    it was more amazing than Jesus feeding an entire city with a loaf of bread and a can of sardines

  7. Ian P. Says:

    This offensive line has been nothing short of miraculous and probably doesn’t get enough credit. In previous years we’ve had o-line injuries and the whole offense has fallen apart. Maybe the “skill” players are just that good. Maybe the coaching staff has everybody overachieving. Whatever it is, I hope they can keep it up.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    The OL is a dam with cracks in it, but so far we’ve been able to scoop out more water than we’re taking on. That said, we’re one more OL injury away from having a complete disaster.

    Stay healthy.

  9. Andrew Says:

    I don’t know what game you all were watching but the o line struggled for most of this game, Schiano even said as much. it was the main reason for that pick six and the reason why the offense couldn’t get into much of a rhythm the entire game. but for a group of backups their definitely playing better than what i expected, as i thought they would play horribly as backup olinemen tend to do. hopefully they will play better next game.

  10. Andrew Says:

    @ bucfanjeff

    that’s a damn good analogy. no pun intended. lol.

  11. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    imagine how good Free, V-Jax, MW 19, Dougie Fresh, and hopefully a resigned Dallas “curveball” Clark will be next year with a healthy Davin & Nicks. now we need secondary help 1st and foremost then maybe look at a HB. not going to complain at all about this team after that show of testicular fortitude yesterday! how many teams in the league would have packed it in and moved onto the next game? kudos to the NSO for not letting these guys give up!! proud of the Bucs, players and coaches!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!

  12. FlBoy84 Says:

    After running left and up the middle most of the season so far, really like the commitment to running right a lot this game. Not sure if it’s something the coaches are seeing as far as the DL’s weak spot each game or just trying to give the upcoming opponents something to think about, but I like it.

    Was really excited hearing Schiano was going to be the next Buc’s coach, but was curious about how the assistants he hired would work out. Have to say the staff as a whole has exceeded all expectations. Team really seems to have bought in and really appreciate the quality of the coaching they’re getting.