Fear And Loathing In Panthers Locker Room

November 19th, 2012

Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson lashed out at teammates after the Bucs overtime win Sunday.

As giddy as the Bucs were with the come-from-behind overtime lighting bolt of a win in Charlotte yesterday, the Panthers seem to be coming apart at the seams.

So unnerved was Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson, he took to Twitter and lashed out at unnamed teammates in a revealing, blunt statement.

@randywattson: Embarrassed to be apart of that last drive! Some people study and work harder than others and they get exposé in the game #saynomore

Joe is of two minds with this. First, Joe gets a kick out of how the Stinkin’ Panthers are melting down, in part, to the Bucs playing Lazarus, rising from the dead to beat them in their own crib before untold dozens of Panthers fans (did you notice the empty seats?).

Then, Joe thinks the Panthers are in meltdown mode. If the locker room is this fractured where guys call out teammates in Twitter, how many days does good-guy Ron Rivera have with the team?

16 Responses to “Fear And Loathing In Panthers Locker Room”

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Just LOOK at Doug Martin giving up his body to make that block (L. Blount would NEVER even consider that!!!!!)

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Why is Charles Johnson’s twitter name “Randy Wattson’?

  3. tylund Says:

    Carolina the only place where the Bucs have more fans than the home team

  4. Big Marlon B Says:

    i’m looking forward to watching the game on NFL Game Rewind later to try and figure out who he is talking about lol

  5. RCH Says:

    He has six more weeks.

  6. sapp'sdapp Says:

    If the panthers keep Rivera they’re brain dead. Cam Newton is easily the most disrespectful and unprofessional qb in the league. He still cant stand up straight in a press conference and answer questions in a polite manner. If Newton was at any other franchise (except maybe the jaguars) hed be cut and playing in the CFL by now

  7. kh Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    November 19th, 2012 at 1:27 pm
    Why is Charles Johnson’s twitter name “Randy Wattson’?

    Ladies and gentleman put your hands together for Mister Randy Watson, Randy Watson, Raaaanndy Watttttson everybody!

  8. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    We have lost a fw games w should have won, and now have one back that we could have lost.

  9. flmike Says:

    Randy Wattson = Sexual Chocolate
    “Coming to America”

  10. holymoly Says:

    Randy Wattson – aka – Crying Bitch Friggin’ love it . Pam newton was all smiles and pointing out first downs early in the game but when Josh hit V-Jack for the TD , Pam’s look was one of – OMG ! Reminded me of philly fans as Ronde was taking it to the house to send the Bucs to the Super Bowl . Dumbfounded !

  11. fridgebob Says:

    @ IGL&RDP,

    Martin went too low, and Johnson actually ended up deflecting that pass

  12. bucfever40 Says:

    Sapp’sdapp, I couldn’t agree more, last year Cam shoved every good play down our throats and when he scored did his self described Superman pose, this year he has NOTHING to be cocky about, and there he was after making a FIRST DOWN here and there, motioning like he just scored a Superbowl TD, I mean what a self centered moron with not an ounce of humility, I guess Steve Smith’s brazin’ ways have rubbed off on him and he feels like he’s all that when the game is clearly NOT won…..it felt SOOOOO good to see his jaw hit the ground as the REAL humble QB was throwing a heat seeking missle to VJax to score, then TIE the game, Josh Freeman is twice the QB Cam is, and all this offseason Newton had to read all the prognosticators assumption that he and his team would represent the NFC in the SB, because it looks like he thought he could ride on an opportunistic rookie campaign, and that this game was easier and came slower than he originally thought. He might want to take a page out of #5’s book and dedicate himself to the game and be humble about your God given talent, which he isn’t!!

  13. RichinNC Says:

    That was the panthers 101st “sell out”. I was looking around and it was not a full house. Even the old guy next me made a comment about the empty seats. He was a panther fan. The best part was all the panther fans leaving at around the 3 minutes left mark in the fourth quarter. The pair in front of me were happy that they were ruining Tampa’s playoff chances as they got up to leave with 2:00 left.

  14. @eric Says:

    So great to see Scam Newton failing and not being able to do his stupid superman dance like he did on the Bucs all last year.
    Rumor mill has Gruden linked to Panthers job when it opens, reported on Dan Patrick show, three other teams also named. Hope Chucky doesn’t take that job, he would look horrible in that ugly blue.

  15. Jwayne Says:

    I’m just glad we could wipe those cocky smerks off of Pam Newtons face! Its funny watching that jack ass (and smith) celebrate the way they did on 10 yard runs! Nothing is better than watching that little girl sit on the bench with a towel on his head lookin like someone stole his puppie! GO BUCS!

  16. Marlow Says:

    I was at the game and the Carolina fans were on cloud 9 in the 4th. I heard so mush trash talk after Tampa used their last TO and Carolina followed with a 1st down. Once we tied it up, you should have seen the mass exodus. A lot of those folks didn’t even stay for OT. It was like they knew it was over.