Bucs Won’t Miss Aqib Talib

November 1st, 2012

Joe has never before seen throngs of Bucs fans go nuts over a guy so grossly overrated, so horribly inconsistent.

Whenever Joe suggested troubled, helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, pistol-shooting (allegedly), Adderall-popping Aqib Talib’s days with the Bucs might be over, the way a good number of Bucs fans reacted, it was if the Bucs were unloading Night Train Lane or Rod Woodson.

This just in: The Bucs have a winning record when Talib is unable to play, whether by injury or suspension.

Against good quarterbacks and good receivers, Talib was seared like a porterhouse steak on a grill at a Fourth of July weekend backyard party. Calvin Johnson shamed him. Eli Manning lit him up like a roman candle, to name a few.

Talib, now that he was playing for a coach that wouldn’t coddle him and allow him to cuss out said coach in a London lobby in full view of the public after blowing off curfew, simply couldn’t deal with all the drama for such little play.

If you are a horribly inconsistent, average cornerback on a team with (at the time of his suspension) the NFL’s worst pass defense, then really how valuable can one be?

And away Talib goes. The hammer of the New Schiano Order has come down and it has come down hard.

Joe’s going to guess that Eric Wright will not sleep well tonight.

49 Responses to “Bucs Won’t Miss Aqib Talib”

  1. Teddy Says:

    Anthony Gaitor can come off the short-term IR list in three weeks. Hopefully he’ll be ready to play.

  2. holymoly Says:

    Vaya con dios

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    HALLELUJAH!!!!!! If you’re actually mad about this move, you need your head examined!

    No longer will the homers (myself included) have to defend this slime!!! What a great day in Buc history!

  4. Jordon Says:

    Sirius/XM says the trade is for the Patriots 4th round selection next year. With the extra draft pick maybe we can move up into the 1st round again like we did this year?

  5. Gus Says:

    Nana nana OH HELL YEAH! GOODBYE!

  6. Macabee Says:

    Before we get too elated with the trade, keep in mind that the Pats were in the SB last year and lost. So we gave up the 7th we got for Price and got the 31st pick in the 4th round (kinda like a 5th). Still given he’s a FA next year, a pretty good deal!

  7. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I think you nailed it on the head Joe. In the games he’s played this year its not like he was lighting up the stat sheet. Our pass defense was garbage when he was in there. He’s talented, but very overrated. Put that together with his other problems, and its good riddance. I’ll still miss that voice though.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    The draft order isn’t determined by what the Pats did last year. It’s determined by what they end up doing this year. They probably aren’t going to the Super Bowl again, so it’ll be higher than the 31st pick in the 4th round.

  9. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    Screw this article Joe. I know a bunch of us Bucs fans have wanted this guy gone for a while but this is absurd. This guy is our only corner on our team that can cover and he is a great kid. I am going to miss aqib he was the swagger of our team

  10. Gus Says:

    Talib can cover. Tell that to Nicks. He probably doesn’t even remember Talibs name. He was an embarrassment. Off and sometimes on the field

  11. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    Calvin Johnson shamed him? He caught a touchdown fade that Talib covered perfectly there is just absolutely nothing you can do about that. Then Calvin scored on an inside slant when the call was zone (not on talib). Dont let what he does off the field blind you from what he does on it. Can Eric Wright cover like Aqib? Not on his best day. Can EJ Biggers touch Talib’s cover skills, not close. Ask any QB who plays the Bucs where the ball goes, #31!. People are normally scared to throw at Talib besides Eli Manning but that was because Sheridan’s great playcalling was putting no pressure on Manning and leaving a corner alone on one of the NFLs elite receivers. This is bogus I will defend Talib till I die he has been the most talented corner back we have ever had. Period. Face it. Even Ronde Barber has admitted he can’t match Aqibs match of length and athleticism. We lost our best player on defense today, it hurts. Talib and Gerald McCoy make our defense go around and we lost one of the wheels today

  12. Macabee Says:


    You’re right. I knew that. Lost my head for a minute. The dog ate my homework! Thanks for the reminder!

  13. fridgebob Says:


    It’s Aquib’s fault that we lost one of our wheels, not today, but 3 weeks ago. And in the offseason when he took that pill. And his last suspension, and the one before that.

  14. Gus Says:

    He gets beat CONSTANTLY. He is the best corner on the team. Fact, but that’s not saying much. Could we have used him: yes. But what’s the point when you can’t trust him to be on the field.

  15. OAR Says:

    He’s good, but not great. Oh well, only his Aderall dealer will be missing him now!

  16. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Isn’t the trade deadline tonight?

    I could see Dominick getting a corner with that 4th rounder.

  17. jlynch Says:


  18. Joe Says:

    he has been the most talented corner back we have ever had. Period. Face it.

    Put the pipe down.

    Joe can think of three corners just in the past 15 years that were better, INCLUDING a certain guy who should be in the Hall of Fame. Somebody named “Barber.” Ever hear of him?

  19. Joe Says:

    Isn’t the trade deadline tonight?

    Passed. Was 4 p.m.

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    Chip Carter from Fox 13 said sometime this week (I thought it was yesturday) we picked up one from somewhere.

  21. Teddy Says:

    Better Bucs corners than Talib in the past 15 years:

    Ronde Barber
    Donnie Abraham
    EJ Biggers
    Brian Kelly
    Charles Mincy
    EJ Biggers
    Elbert Mack
    Torrie Cox
    EJ Biggers
    Phillip Buchanon
    Juran Bolden
    EJ Biggers
    Dwight Smith
    Ronyell Whitaker
    EJ Biggers
    Corey Ivy
    Tony Bouie
    EJ Biggers
    Frank Middleton
    Eric Vance
    EJ Biggers
    Lorenzo Neal
    Martin Gramatica
    EJ Biggers
    Trent Dilver
    Frank Odom
    EJ Biggers
    Brad Culpepper

    OK. Maybe not EJ Biggers, but I think the rest of the guys on that list were better CBs than Talib in their time with the team.

  22. Teddy Says:

    Aah, yes. How quickly we all forget the notorious Trent Dilver years.

  23. Andrew Says:

    I remember the Donnie Abraham years and know for a fact that he was a much better corner than Talib.

  24. Andrew Says:

    look Talib was going to get cut, so better sooner and receive compensation rather than later and receive nothing. How can fans not see that? he was a good corner but he could not be depended upon. period.

  25. Rican Says:

    Lol we’ll see if he’s missed or not. That’s still to be seen. My bets he will be.
    Ill go on record saying the he’ll become a pro bowler with belicheat. All Talib ever needed was a healthy season. I think he was on the right track as far as discipline goes. He’ll turn the corner with the Patsies and we’ll watch in bitterness.

  26. BucFan20 Says:

    If he was on the right track he would still be here. I think they know more than we do.

  27. Rican Says:

    This suspension was no surprise haha. Theyve known it was coming for a while. In the wake of the impending suspension Talib made a turn for the best and many commented on it. It’s the reason the Patsies sent a fourth for him and took em up and it’s the reason that if he stays healthy they have a cornerstone at CB for years to come.

  28. Buc O Deer Says:

    They were not going to resign him. So it is a good trade. LJ will do fine as his replacement.

    NSO wants guys like Martin, Freeman, David etc. Gym rats who are also clean outside of One Buc.

  29. Jwayne Says:

    I’m ok with this just would of liked one of two things to come with it. One being a higher pick(2nd for Vontae Davis) or MIKE JENKINS!!!!

  30. Teddy Says:

    Local ties aside, Mike Jenkins simply isn’t that good. Vontae Davis may not be the brightest bulb in the box (or the local Home Depot for that matter), but he doesn’t carry the off-the-field baggage that Talib does. Frankly, I think Mark Dominik did a fantastic job trading a seventh rounder for a fourth in this deal.

  31. Buc'It Says:

    This site is increasingly getting dumb. Whether its opnionated or not the way this site “bashes” its own players and practically ‘root’ for failure is absurd. I dont wanna nothing about Talib brought it on himself and we aren’t rooting for him to fall. Since Schiano stepped thru the doors Talib has been a model citizen and ya’ll crucify for popping a a LEGAL pill. You would swear he took heroin with the reactions the story recieved.

    If anything Schiano is hurting his image in the eyes of his players. You can’t praise a guy and say he is doing all things right then trade him after a small medication incident, which it was. You go from weeding out the bad apples to being a dictator in other eyes now.

    I am completely agreeing with AqiqSwagTalib on this one, he was BY FAR the best corner “physically” this team has ever seen. Yes the pass defense was worful with him in the starting line up but it wasn’t just him at fault. ACTUALLY his only bad game was against Nicks which wasnt his fault due to horrible play calling. All the rejoicers will regret this when Biggers is chancing someone into the end zone or Johnson getting murdered by Peyton, Brees, Ryan.. Outside of Revis there are NO always consistent corner in the NFL so get over yourselves, every gets burnt from time to time all that matters is how you bounce back and perform the following weeks..

  32. Joe Says:

    Gotta hit the brakes on you Buc’It:

    Since Schiano stepped thru the doors Talib has been a model citizen and ya’ll crucify for popping a a LEGAL pill.

    A whole, what, six months, seven months? A veritable Mother Theresa!

    No, it was not legal. Prescription pills are only legal if he had a prescription for it.

    Joe’s going to guess that Talib just didn’t walk into CVS and order an Adderall as if it was a Diet Coke or a bag of M&Ms. This is not to mention that it is a banned substance by the NFL — unless he has one of those tricky prescriptions.

    if Talib didn’t put himself into stupid positions every year (if not more), this would be chuckled about. Instead — in your words — the Hall of Fame candidate cost his teammates and his team four games (which they weathered the storm quite nicely given what a severe disadvantage not having the modern day Dick “Nighttrain” Lane available).

  33. Joe Says:


    Local ties aside, Mike Jenkins simply isn’t that good.

    Joe never understood how some Bucs fans had one of those two-hour erections you hear about in boner commercials over this guy.

  34. Jwayne Says:

    Well the fact that Jenkins played at south east high school then played his college ball at usf people kind pull for the hometown kid( kinda like Leonard Johnson)! And i don’t think it’s so much just that. He seems like the best available corner for trade this season with his disputes with Dallas etc. It doesn’t take a genius to notice our pass D isn’t that good and he would be an instant improvement. I would take him over Wright anyday

  35. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Talib will make the Bucs regret this trade, I also agree with Swag Talib and Buc It. Easy to dwell on one bad game against the Giants, but I love how you convienetly forget holding Greg Jennings to two catches for six yards, keep Roddy in check year after year, and dominating Steve Smith.

    Hands down Talib was the best corner we’ve had, you are freaking crazy to say Elbert Mack, Brian Kelly, Corey Ivy, and Torrie Cox were better corners. Regardless since you think Talib is such a garbage corner, I actually can’t wait to see Myron Lewis take his place.

    Talib will be staring in the playoffs earning the love and respect of Tom Brady while we will be lucky to sniff .500

  36. Buc'It Says:


    I picked and chose my words very carefully and the words hall of fame never left my mouth. What I said was he was the best corner we have ever had ‘PHYSICALLY’ talent wise. And yes Adderall is perfectly legal, Talib just didn’t have a prescription/waiver to take it…Big whoop. Lock him up now.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Tampa has real fans and not just ppl who like the color pewter and hope for a players downfall. Case in point Wright has a great INT return against Eli and you all lovew him. He gives up a few catches and its throw him into ther fire. The guy is now lightyears the best CB on the team and his contrct has him going nowhere. Like I said before all you “fans” who are happy that Talib is gone is gonna be eating your words but you all will never admit it when the likes of Steve Smith, Julio jones, Roddy White, Demaryius Thomas, Desean Jackson, Lance Moore/Colston make their way into our Sundays…

    The winner of this trade is Talibhonestly. He gets away from a fan base that is worst than the ppl who performed the crucifiction. He will laugh at us from afar as he goes deep into the playsoffs and forms one of the best tandems with Devin McCourty.

    Best of luck, Talib!

  37. DeepPewterC Says:

    Welp, I guess we can kiss the two upcoming Atlanta games goodbye. I agree with some of the other posters in that Talib brought intensity, and his fiery approach was contagious throughout the secondary. The only reason Eli Manning kept burning him was because of pathetic defensive play-calling.

    So who have we beat since he’s been on suspension? Brady Quinn and Christian Ponder (Whoop-dee-freaking-doo)… Meanwhile, a decrepit New Orleans team gasping with their last breath ate the secondary alive BECAUSE THEY HAVE A REAL QB.

    Talib’s physical ability and confidence alone would have at least helped to neutralize the likes Matt Ryan. Now we’ll have to watch in agony while Roddy White and Julio Jones force EJ Biggers to wear their jock straps on his head up and down the field for 60 minutes.

    I still had high hopes that we could possibly pull things together and contend for a wildcard spot, but now we won’t even be in the running. I feel we should have kept him until at least the end of the season but whatever…

    Rhonde might be a future HOF’er and Barron is definitely a promising talent, but we just lost the heart and soul of the secondary…

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    There’s a lot of crazy talk on both sides here. First of all, Aqib Talib is better than many of those corners on his worst day. Elbert Mack, really? But to say he’s the best corner we’ve ever had is equally as stupid. So he’s better than future hall of famer Ronde Barber? Whatever you are smoking, put it down and immediately check yourself in to the nearest mental hospital. You, my friend, have problems.

    I actually like Talib, and I’m not that crazy about this transaction. I think he’s the best corner we’ve got on the roster now, and I think he was due to come up with some big plays in the second half of the season. Even the Aderall doesn’t bother me as much as it does others, nor does the gun incident in Texas. All that being said, I completely understand why this happened. I also completely understand why so many fans wanted to see him gone. I’m pretty lenient with these kind of things, especially if I think he can help us win games (not saying that’s correct, just the way I feel). But with all of those incidents combined, it’s pretty hard to defend him anymore and I can see why the organization is sick of his shenanigans. If I were on the inside, I probably would be too.

    He’s a talented player very similar to the way Dez Bryant is a talented player. Neither will probably ever tap into half of their talent, and most likely they both will go down as players that were more trouble then what they were worth. Sad, but true. Talib has been in the league for 5 seasons now, and hasn’t had one complete season Pro Bowl worthy. That is a fact. He’s not going to become Darrelle Revis. If he were, it would have happened already. No team is going to put their faith in him, ever. He’s too much of a risk, and before you know it, he will be just be past his prime and no one will want him.

  39. Teddy Says:

    HawaiianBuc, which would you rather have:

    A. Athletically-gifted but enigmatic player who you don’t know which version will show up on any given Sunday
    B. Self-made player (a euphemism for a guy who isn’t as talented) who devotes his time to his craft and puts every ounce of effort giving his team all he has every Sunday

    Aqib Talib was definitely a category A player. Guys like Leonard Johnson fall into category B. At the end of the day, a team will almost always be more successful long-term with the category B guys, who will give everything they have every time out, guys on whom teammates can put their trust.

  40. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    @FreemanBomb5 and @Buc’It thank you. I said Aqib is the best corner we have had and I mean that physically as well. I am the biggest Ronde Barber fan in the world, hes a first ballot hall of famer, but even Ronde would admit him and Talib are different animals. Talib’s combination of ball skills, leaping, and length with his swagger make him “physically” the best freak of nature corner we have ever seen.

    Also @Hawaiian Buc Aqib has had a Pro Bowl worthy season, 2010 he would have been in line to make the pro bowl had he not suffered a season ending injury at the end of the year. Did everyone forget the game he had agaisnt Washington when he had 3 great picks. What about Arizona when he shut down Larry Fitzgerald and left the game with 2 ints.

    Does everyone realize how much of a problem for other teams Roddy White is, but when he plays the Bucs he only records a catch when #31 is trying to cover him (which never works out well).

    As a fan base I am very dissapointed with the Bucs, we jump ship on our guys way too quickly, and let opinions blind us from seeing the truth on the field.

  41. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    I hate to go here but every single Bucs fan now is happy Raheem Morris is gone and calls him every bad name in the book. People blame him and his lack of discipline for our ridiculous loosing streak.

    But how do you go from second place in voting for Coach of the Year one year, and the next year you are gone. After all we got for him in free agency was a PUNTER.

    Give Morris some players like Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson, and Eric Wright our record may be sitting a little higher.

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all Aqib, you are confusing talent with actual performance. As for performance on the field, comparing the two is so stupid that I won’t get into a back and forth with you. You won’t find one person with any football credentials to agree with you that Aqib is better than Ronde. Maybe he’s better in the underwear Olympics, but last I checked they play with pads on. Just stop it, because you will never win any argument saying nonsense like that.

    You must also have trouble reading, because I said “complete season”. When you get hurt and only play 10 full games, that’s not a full season. You can play the “what if” game all you want, but it didn’t happen. What about his other 4 seasons, was he headed to the Pro Bowl in any of those? You go ahead and think he’s elite, while the rest of us with brains realize that you don’t get elite CB’s for a fourth round pick.

  43. Rican Says:

    Talib IF he stays healthy AND doesnt get into anymore trouble this season WILL cure the Pats secondary woes and WILL help them get another SB victory. Thats all they were missing.
    @Hawaiian the pats took a chance on him.

    Two big IFS. If those ifs are met he is most definitely an elite back

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Elite backs don’t get torched as much as Talib does, and I’m not just talking about the Giants game. Elite corners can go seasons without getting beat for TD’s (Champ Bailey, Revis, Nnamdi pre-Philly). Talib gambles far too often, doesn’t have make up speed, doesn’t have great technique, and isn’t a great tackler. But other than that, he’s exceptional.

    Perhaps your definition of elite differs from what it really means. Again, I think he’s a good CB and I wish we kept him, but he is not even in the neighborhood of elite. Find me one person with football credentials that has ever said he’s elite. Go ahead, I’ll check back. I’ve got all day.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    …….I’m still waiting.

  46. SacBucs Says:

    Talib is the best corner the bucs has ever had period..wat are you smoking

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Don’t all you guys speak at once!

  48. SacBucs Says:

    No disrespect to rhode at all love the future hof..he was a undersized cb told he couldnt getit done.Im new to the site but not the bucs by far..I dont speak perfect english either so dont getta correcting me you teachers..i have seen every buc game since 96 and i got tired of herman moore randy moss antinio freeman dogging are corners every year..im still mad ay brian kelly for letting ricky proehl out jump him in the nfc championship..real buc fans stand up. Monte mad e rhonde into a hall of famer from sneaking him on the blitz and the tampa 2. Talib best corners bucs everhad holla at me joe..we use to be the punching bag for the whole league til we got some heart on the team and stopped getting punked every sunday any giving monday!!

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ^^^^ Who can argue with logic like that? It’s especially hard when it’s written in code.