Knock Off The Ray Rice Talk

October 27th, 2012

If there has been one constant since the Bucs drafted Doug Martin, the Muscle Hamster from Boise State, it is the seemingly non-stop comparisons to Ray Rice of the Baltimore Crows.

Hell, Martin is compared to Rice so often, Joe almost thinks the Bucs actually drafted Rice.

Then, during the thrashing of the Vikings Thursday night, Mike Mayock even dropped the name “Emmitt Smith” in comparison to Martin.

These comparison have eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune worked up. Appearing on the “Rich and Booger Show” Friday on 98.7 FM, Kaufman scolded people who would compare Martin to others because Martin is talented enough to make a name for himself.

Booger McFarland: If you look at what Doug Martin did last night, if you look at the Bucs running backs since the Super Bowl, a complete back, Doug Martin has to be the best running back that we have seen in a very, very long time.

eye-RAH! Kaufman: I think he runs faster than he looks. I don’t see many catching him from behind. The blocking on that screen pass was sensational. Have to give Jeremy Zuttah some props. Martin is the real deal. When he was struggling the first few weeks and we were all wondering what was all the hoopla in trading up to get this guy in the first round to get him, [Bucs coach Greg] Schiano never blinked. Schiano told us privately and publicly that this kid was going to be outstanding. Now I don’t like the comparisons to Ray Rice and I certainly don’t want to hear the Emmitt Smith name mentioned as I am sure Booger doesn’t want to either. You are talking about maybe the greatest goal line runner in history, Emmitt Smith. He has records everybody is shooting for and that is not fair to Doug Martin.

No, it is not fair to Martin and Joe completely agrees with Kaufman.

The interesting thing about Martin’s development is the Bucs pass offense has exploded during the past three weeks while Martin has turned the corner as an NFL running back.

Not one bit of coincidence there. Not at all.

16 Responses to “Knock Off The Ray Rice Talk”

  1. stimpy Says:

    That Thursday night game was a blast to watch. I think it was our most complete game yet.

    As for the comparisons; i dont think there is anything wrogn with it. He has certain gifts that other successful RB’s have had.

    I would like for them to find a way to incorporate Blount into the mix a little to give Martin some needed rest.

  2. 1976Buc Says:

    I have to admit that I have been one of the reluctant ones that said we reached to much for Martin. If he can produce more games like this we did great. The comparison to Smith and Rice for this game is true. Marting reminded me of Smith’s running style. The difference is Smith did it week after week after week his entire career. I really have concerns about him playing a 20 game schedule at this pace. The brick wall you hit towards the end of the season hurts.

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    Not to be a wet blanket but didn’t people say things like that about Cadillac Williams in his first season?

    What about last year and Blount?

    It’s GREAT when you RB has a great game and they are doing well but let’s face it here today and tommorrow – poof. I just want Martin to stay healthy.

    Lets stop comparing rookies to veterans ok?

  4. OB Says:

    Joe, why don’t you lead the charge for a new name for Doug Martin? He said he doesn’t like the present nickname, Muscle Hamster.

    I’ll start with the “Cannon”

  5. Andrew Says:

    idk i need to see more before im calling him Emmitt Smith, but he has been impressive. the only other problem I see is that I hope we dont run him into the ground like we did with Cadillac. we need to try and keep him fresh.

  6. Fear The Glow Says:

    Muscle Hamster turned into the Monster Hamster in that game. It leaves me wondering what kind of season he could have had if Davin was healthy.

    Also is it just me or is Ira one of the best in the business in the local media? I generally look down on our local sports reporters but I can’t really think of anything Ira has said or done in recent years that makes it easy for me to hate him.

    Seems like a good guy who (right or wrong) always has a reasonable opinion. Pretty much exactly I want in a sports reporter. (this is why Joe is my go to source for Bucs news/opinions these days)

  7. bucswin Says:

    The comparisons are appropriate for now. I have no problem with them.

  8. FlBoy84 Says:

    Love how all these articles out there are saying how Schiano likes to compare him to Rice. Coach is the last guy that wants to make that comparison. It’s the reporters that bring that comparison up and Schiano admits there are some physical similarities, but goes out of his way to say that they’re two different guys as well.

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    Emmitt Smith was a great running back and I’m not trying to take away from his accomplishments. The fact is that Pee Wee Herman could have run behind that Pro Bowl Offensive line that they had there for years. Smith in his later years struggled without those guys! Doug Martin reminds me more of a Pit Bull. Wouldn’t be a bad nick name! Small in stature, but strong; tough as nails; and determined to win any battle.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Doug Martin=Pit Bull

  11. raphael Says:

    Just from a size comparison Doug and Emmitt are the exact same size when Emmitt was playing…Ray Rice is 1 inch shorter and 10 pounds lighter…But yeah the comparisons are not really fair right now…Doug actually to me has more of a Barry Sanders running style,more shifty than I thought and then BAM he hits the hole.

  12. raphael Says:

    BTW, I remember wishing the Bucs would get Emmitt and then didn’t…THANKS Ray Perkins !

  13. Mike J Says:

    raphael, I remember that draft. I thought Jimmy was crazy to deal up to take Smith. Shows how much I know.

  14. AtlBucsFan Says:

    I say let’s stop with the comparisons. Let’s help keep Doug grounded in reality. He’s talented, had a great game, has potential for more to come and wish him well. We can enjoy the effects of a fantastic career and it’s impact on the Buccaneers if and when it happens. Go Bucs!

  15. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I think Dougie is a lot faster than Emmett.

    I believe when Sullivan opened up the playbook, holes started opening for Martin.

  16. Jessup Says:

    While we are talking about Emmit Smith, he said in an interview prior to the draft that he thought Martin was the best RB in the draft. Just thought I’d throw that out there.