Pushing The Envelope

October 27th, 2012

If people weren’t paying attention to the Bucs after they had the world champions on the ropes in their home crib, before letting the champ get the last knockout punch in, then the NFL sure took notice with how the Bucs chain-whipped the Vikings on the league’s own network before the eyes of the nation.

This may be a pattern of sorts.

Friday, scone-loathing, popcorn-munching, craft beer-guzzling, Marriott-sleeping Peter King of Sports Illustrated appeared on the “Rich and Booger Show,” co-hosted by Rich Herrera and Booger McFarland, on WHFS-FM 98.7 to talk Bucs and mostly, NFL.

King was asked about how kind of dude Schiano is and King, in so many words, said Schiano is anything but a guy who coaches from the norm, guy who is willing to be unconvention if that’s what it takes to obtain a victory. He’s different. King was pressed for details and explained.

Rich Herrera: What are the whispers you hear around the National Football League about how he is bucking the system?

Peter King: Only that — I will never forget, I remember talking in the offseason with Kevin Demoff, who formerly worked with the Bucs and now is COO of the Rams. They had a coaching decision to make and Demoff talked to Schiano at one point in the coaching search. No question in my mind if they lost out on Jeff Fisher they were going to go hard after Greg Schiano.

I think people in the league right now, [Schiano] will engender a lot of criticism because of things like trying to break up the victory formation and obviously being charged with, his players being charged with, trying to verbally disrupt the simulation of a snap, a cadence, which is illegal. But I think he is going to challenge the rules and I think he will go right to the edge of the rules to do as much as he can to try to win.

That was an interesting observation from King. Schiano has never struck Joe as a guy who is willing to bend the rules. Hardly. But Joe does see where King may be coming from.

If there is a rule that may be vague, and exploited to get an edge, why not test it? It’s an interesting observation King made.

Schiano’s image is all about structure, yet his coaching style may be a bit rogue.

[Hat tip Jerry Petuck.]

9 Responses to “Pushing The Envelope”

  1. astrobuc Says:

    Shiano: Hey ref, Ahmad black says I got something in my teeth. Do you see anything?

    Ref: Nah, hes just messin with you

  2. raphael Says:

    when Mike Pereira goes on National TV and says “this is not Rutgers,this is the NFL”..I think its wrong and unprofessional.The guy is the former VP of officiating , so you know other refs are thinking the same thing…

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    This is the same guy that was dressed like a pimp on national TV. Don’t put too much stock in what he was saying.

  4. stimpy Says:

    Just Win Baby!

    This guy looks like a D*ck to me. But he has those players playin’ in a way that i havent seen in a while. So, what ever works for the players and they are obviouslyu buying into it, im all for it.

    I like the swagger, i like the toughness, i especialy like the way that he was talking to his players on Thursday night. I liked seeing the communication that was going on on the sidelines with the coaches and players on both O and D.

    I liked seeing Josh frustrated coming back from a play and his O coach asking him to just calm down. This to me is one of the thing that is making a diference this year.

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    The refs are PO’d because he’s been right on several of the calls and it makes them look bad. The Saints players actually said it best when the informed the officials that the Bucs were performing an illegal shift and to watch out for it. The shift was actually legal so here comes the cover! Ref: I thought I might have heard something like um….um… Huh or maybe it was hut or could have even been….oh I can’t remember. The actual flag was on a Saints player jumping off sides which would have pushed them out of field goal range. Since the Saints informed the refs of the shift they threw the flag not really knowing the full extent of the rule. There was no audio so Pereira would have to guess what was going on and actually said to make that conclusion. He was covering for one of his guys which has happened several times this year. I’m still P!ssed about the phantom personal foul Barron received on the tackle against RGIII!

  6. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Just because all the teams have interpreted the rules a certain way doesn’t mean it is the only interpretation. I think Schiano is doing exactly what he has preached. Be accountable. It is his job to take advantage of the rules when it favors his players and the outcome of the game. As coach it is his job to even stretch the boundaries of the rules. Rules have been re-interpreted in the past, seen in a different light given new circumstances. I say continue to test the boundaries.

  7. Tristan Berry Says:

    Maybe Coach Schiano has been oversampling Joe Maddon’s merlot, but whatever it is, I like it. I like it a lot.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    He reminds me a LOT of Bill Bellichek (sp) with just a touch of Tony Dungy…at least personality-wise.

    If he can get this team to the level of the Patriots, winning multiple SBs…I would cry tears of joy.

  9. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    He reminds me of Sgt Carter from the Gomer Pyle series with just a touch of George W Bush…at least intelligence wise.

    If this guy gets us to the same level as Rutgers, 11 years of mediocrity, I will be crying a river.