Schiano Needs To “Better Understand The NFL?”

October 4th, 2012

Sports Illustrated scribe Jim Trotter talked all things NFL today on the Gary and The Commish show on 98.7 FM and went out of his way to back up the recent Yahoo! hit piece on Greg Schiano by Michael Silver.

Trotter said he knew that general managers and coaches were talking about Schiano’s heavy-handed ways long before he was in the mix for the Bucs job.  

And Trotter suggested Schiano might get help next season by possibly hiring new NFL assistants “who can help him better understand the NFL game.” Trotter said Cardinals QB coach John McNulty could be an example. (It was reported early this year that Schiano wanted to pursue McNulty to be his offensive coordinator but was denied by Arizona.)

Overall, it was worthwhile interview. You can check it out below.

14 Responses to “Schiano Needs To “Better Understand The NFL?””

  1. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    Freemans gonna turn into jason campbell if we keep gettin him new coordinations.

  2. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I don’t know if I can continue to read this website during the season. In the offseason, when there is no football, it’s great. But during the season, this is getting to be too much.

    How ironic?

  3. raphael Says:

    Good grief ! Who is Jim Trotter and why does he matter? All teams deny other teams coordinators…NOT just Greg Shiano! give me a break with this BS

  4. Macabee Says:

    The way Schiano shuffles players in and out, if we don’t significantly improve on offense, I am almost certain that Sullivan will take the hit and Schiano will bring in McNulty who was his 1st choice anyway. McNulty will be available in 2013.

    As for as all the negative press Schiano is getting lately, I’m not bothered by any of it at all. However, there’s enough of it to not totally dismiss it either. I have said this before – because he doesn’t endear himself to the media, he has got to win or it’s going to be brutal!

  5. SteveK Says:

    You think Raheem will
    Come back for the DBacks coaching job?

  6. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    After 11 long years, I don’t believe the Little General was ready for the Big East. Strange, without his leadership, Rutgers is off to a fantastic start.

  7. knucknbuc Says:

    Mcnulty? are you kidding me? So your gonna fire a first time oc with a strong pedigree. Sully is still finding his way. For mcnulty the cardinals qb coach? When’s the last time the cardinals have had a good qb? Watching this game tonight mcnulty should be fired because his qb blows and has been the last couple of games and before that. Geez.

  8. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Just win and none of this is news.

  9. BOb Says:

    Just heard rams OL yell out…” Tampa bay……Tampa bay….” just before they hiked the ball in victory formation. No shiz! Lol. Cardinals didnt blast em but I guess somebody was making sure they were ready if it were to happen. Funny at the moment for sure. U had to be there

  10. Kennedy Says:

    Wonder how many years are on Sullivan’s contract

  11. Macabee Says:


    You will have no trouble convincing me who is the better OC, Sullivan or McNulty. I’m an easy win! Your argument will be with Schiano. What I said was true. Schiano does not seem hesitant to make changes when he wants to and Mc Nulty was indeed his 1st choice for OC.

  12. SteveK Says:


    “Schiano does not seem hesitant to make changes when he wants…”

    Let’s make a change at QB if it keeps up. Freeman is the reason. We need Freeman to play up to his draft status.

  13. NJBUC Says:

    Are any of you wiedos noticing how this team is playing now versus last year. More than an OC, the Bucs need fans that understand football.

  14. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Amen NJBUC.

    Hey NJBUC, are these Buc fans rivaling the Jets sad excuse for a fan base?

    My rankings of worst fans in the NFL starts out like this:

    #1 NY Jets
    #2 TB Bucs